How the First Big Bang Atom Evolved to Fuel the Cosmos



Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.
And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness. (Genesis 1:3)


The question first posed by Paul Dirac 1937, “Have the laws of nature remained the same since the Big Bang some 13.5 billion years ago?”

He attempted to link the strength of gravity with various constant and numbers that characterize the small scale properties of the universe. In doing so, he claimed that one of the constants of nature, the strength of gravity, should change time. The fine–structure constant of (alpha) is a measure of strength of the electromagnetic interaction and there are reasons why (alpha) and other dimensionless constants might vary with time. Theoretical physics aims to find a single unifying theory that describes four fundamental forces not yet discovered:

(1) gravity; (2) electromagnetism; (3) strong; and (4) weak forces.

If such a theory is not found, a great deal of the elegance and beauty of fundamental physics will be lost.

After 75 years science still does not have a good story unifying those forces. Instead it has given us tons of invented fairy tales that are just opinions never proven.

Perhaps science uses the wrong method like smashing atoms in linear accelerators or cyclotrons will never find out what makes an atom tick. It is like when you take a raw egg and go in an old-fashioned blacksmith shop place the egg on the anvil and take the biggest hammer with the longest handle and smash the egg with all your might.

The egg is gone now scraped off some residue mixed with dirt contamination stuck on the Nebelkammer -wall, like manure on a dairy barn. The scraped off material advertised as a new discovery needs a novel name to write about in books one way another it still looks like ordinary junk but horrendously expensive.

An ignorant government is paying hundreds of billions of dollars every year, footing the money. Therefore, books postulating a theory from an atheistic perspective end up only in the university sanctioned by a priesthood who resells it to the comatose students who borrowed the money financed from the government printing money from thin air to be educated discussing what is an atom egg - mostly guessing what the residue under a microscope is and wondering, not living on a farm.

This line in logic too can be tested in reality seeing the world from a different perspective and could give you the answer.

…why (alpha) and other dimensionless constants might vary with time…

That will be my story next, but from a metaphysical perspective if we turn our vision 360°, which will assure a much wider horizon perspective not allowed in universities and forbidden in open forum.

But before I tell you my story some fundamentals is needed to understand physics based on metaphysics unknown even to theologians and not allowed to be mentioned anymore since the atheistic Supreme Court took over and made laws only to teach an atheistic third point Hegel-Marxist-capitalistic religion dovetailing to a New World Order which promised a higher living standard and prosperity to the proletariat globally continued read my introduction again.

The Bible, the 6000-year history of mankind is still the best seller available at every corner except in the halls of higher education in conflict with the establishment as it explains science how nature works on two levels Physics and Metaphysics.

This can be compared to the ancient Hebrew code (HANS) where letters have meaning and a numerical value like we categorize elements in the periodic table with letters and numbers. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) is a mystery code that can be applied to science and mathematics for better understanding nature.

A three and half thousand year old ancient Jewish star the symbol of Israel nation is a combination  of two triangles one is upside down and reflects the metaphysical Heh dimension and when the base is converging into the top like a pyramid means perfect manifestation on the Daleth dimension.

A triangle means perfect manifestation and two triangle interlaced together symbolizes two Dimensions explaining physics joint together with the metaphysics creating a cosmos. The Hebrew hand rule like one thumb 90° to the four fingers tells us the math rules applying to nature.

5 = 1 + 4

The Heh = 5 crystallized out of four forces:

  1. Gravity;

  2. Electromagnetism;

  3. Strong; and

  4. Weak forces.

In addition, the equation needs a driver, which is the ∞mind intelligence. I call it the Alpha(+One) MIND as it must be present and radiates into every atom making up a universe.  Its analog is definitely recognized in my physical body in a miniature version as the human mind, which is the control center of our being. The mind presides over a complex DNA system surrounded by multifaceted immune codes linked to a metaphysical feedback loop to the big Alpha(+One) force.

If one of those five building blocks is missing or interrupted, we are history. An interlaced triangle indicates a physical and metaphysical body conforming to dual entropy laws intertwined like another math symbol ∞. All replicate the laws of nature we are trying to understand. 

Applying the Hebrew perfect triangle method to nature the first entropy on the metaphysics Heh dimension side is the Infinite Light Force giving birth the second entropy gravity, and it too gives birth to grandchildren electromagnetism - now three sides of a triangle.

But the other pyramid triangle is a reflection interlaced with Daleth physical side crystallizing out from the gravity source giving birth on the second entropy level visible light, which comes with a time dimension in a teeter-totter relationship. Again, three sides of a triangle.

Without magnetism we have no electricity and without time we would not be mortals. Grandchildren are needed in a family, but both are interrelated in a teeter-totter to the two triangles. All forces belonging to the second entropy domain must be subject to the Time Dimension, which creates the Daleth dimension.

The fifth, Heh dimension, is the starting point for mortals. It reveals the Alpha(+One) Mind, which gives birth to intelligence embedded in both rails, the Infinite light energy force (∞E²) linked to gravity. The intelligence is called in our body Mind and on the Bible higher level Elohim-LOGOS.

I put it together into a concept to explain where all started and call it Alpha(+One)force. I think it may help atheists to follow my trail without being offended. We cannot deny that a certain intelligent force exists and is the control center for humans in physics linked to our mortality, which comes with a calendar and the metaphysical side, too.

It is in charge of the cosmos commanding order as opposed to randomness. Embedded in light, we find information on elements existing in space through Fraunhofer analysis, which returns to complex intelligence. Any investigation of how each atom is controlled by forces on the inside will prove that the process is definitely not random.   

Seeing the evidence in physics from the metaphysical perspective, I am persuaded that the infinite ∞ light crystallizes into polarized gravity refueling every single atom with energy forming elements or becoming a bio-cell, yet it is still a mystery. There is a teeter-totter relationship to the other rail of infinite light energy with embedded complex intelligence of the Alpha(+One) mind.  

The natural world must be fueled with energy, but the fuel needs direction. Therefore, it must be embedded with intelligence codes like a gigantic computer to control the functioning management of the cosmos. This DNA code scales down to exist as a complex clock system inside every atom. I liken it to the Internet intelligence linking computers in a total knowledge library of global governments, science technology, multiple language dictionaries, history, etc. The list goes on in incredible complexity linked together to energize our 21st century civilization. 

We have an example scientist cannot deny just started to understand the complexity how DNA works by not smashing its atoms with cyclotrons, but beginning to discover its secrets behaving no different then inside every element atom spooning with other atoms now recognized and seen in the structure of DNA.

The teeter-totter relationship of these two forces can now be better understood investigating the interaction each DNA strand linked together like a railroad system, which we all have seen on TV, because each strand is a separate channel for energy to flow through.

One rail designed to fuel or recharge atoms and the other function to control the formation and maintenance of life cross-linked with a bipolar intelligence embedded rail supervising only recently discovered building blocks of genes adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine cross-linking the two DNA rails.

Check out electricity the same laws apply, needs two wires, one wire is energized cross-linked with thousand gadgets creating a modern civilization but require a matching return wire back to the source which tells that the fuel was used according to the three finger electrical rule watched by thousand intelligence eyes looking at instruments.

A mind multiplied and concentrated into one to make sure the systems work and consumers are happy. Anything gone wrong will burn a fuse shutting down the system. It will be detected by a collective mind trained in science and make a correction. It may end up paying a fine if some laws are violated like an apocalypse of God’s Wrath poured out. Metaphysics conforms to Newton’s laws.

Therefore, all is fuelled from the same ∞ energy source embedded with a Time Dimension, and ends crystallizing out as Gestalt (solid-liquid-vapor) or biological cells (plant-animal-fleshly DNA). Thus the energy fuel rail runs separately to the intelligence light rail like parallel DNA strand channels [A-C-G-T] to surge on two independent cosmos circles which is crossed over in a ∞ DOT. Those self-governing loops are illustrated in an ancient Tzolkin clock I used as an example later because a time dimension is embedded still my story expanding.

Investigating and applying those two energy forces in Genesis points out the sun may not be the energy source driving a bio-synthetic system growing vegetation or food, but was designed to give us light only our mortal eyes respond to it because the cosmos is dark and therefore needed something to keep us warm sheltered from Kelvin cold.

Notice in the Bible it is demonstrated that the ∞light that is mentioned specifically on the third day is the beginning of life brought forth by His Word, the LOGOS, expressing His will, as explained earlier. The sunlight came after the fourth day, which is in conflict with what we teach in our schools and seems a paradox.

Therefore, visible light from the second entropy level cannot produce elements seen in Fraunhofer spectral lines and may only pass on intelligence but needs another rail to fuel and grow atoms converted to mass to end up as a cell forming bio-mass becoming a vegetable. A new atom theory is needed if you want to link it to living cells ending on your table eating food.

Before we smash atoms with CERN to total junk scraped of the Nebelkammer barn like manure packaged with fancy names to impress the gullible, we should investigate the functional Intelligence audit trail. What is the mystery what makes an atom tick?

An atom is not dead but on the inside has gears running like a clock. NASA uses an atomic clock that globally measures time; therefore, it ticks. What ticks must have fuel to wind up that clock to exist.

I start with embedded infinite light coming from the cosmos. Cosmologists are mortal and can only get the answer from the metaphysics revealed in the Bible. It explains the process of birthing the cosmos fuelled by energy cascading on a lower level along two tracks. Thus, it needs a schedule with a time dimension for the fuel to flow, which ends up known in physics as gravity.

The first entropy force ∞light (∞E²) is linked to the second entropy force of gravity. Both forces are related in a teeter-totter relationship but cannot function without the embedded microcode intelligence of the Alpha(+one) Mind. It is like the Internet being controlled by its own mind, or tell me the name of the inventor?

The Alpha(+One) mind intelligence has embedded information guiding the fuel on two rails to create mass inside every atom. It directs the gravity force like a diesel engine in front of a railroad train or a horse in front of a carriage controlled we call “mind” embedded with intelligence.

Without those dual mysterious polarized gravitational force controlled by intelligence the driver of the train, there would be no Big Bang possible and could never find the end station Taw indicating a time dimension.

Scientists postulate four forces controlling all of physics typical of the Daleth dimension: Gravity- electromagnetism, Strong and Weak forces similar to DNA’s four building blocks.

Presently science does not have a theory interlinking those forces.  But looking at the metaphysics and applied to the Bible, a new theory is revealed that will surprise us if we become familiar with the metaphysics rejected by the establishment rather believing in fairy tales of opinionated high salaried people enforcing their club religion.

My complex atom system can explain how those four forces connect and function. It is also an opinion, but based on logic linked to factual science checked against the metaphysics. It is not like scholars brainwashed in an atheistic evolution religion denying entropy laws and a lot more.

Complex nuclear intelligence inside atoms needs the metaphysical perspective to explain how its works. It starts with a Mind as the center of intelligence, but it must also be linked to the first Alpha(+One) Force. Any invention must first be formulated with a sound mind using existing laws before it becomes reality. Then energy (like money) creates what the mind desired using the tools that already exist.

The Bible in Genesis tells us the preexisting energy source [Infinite∞E²light] separating a Heh dimension into a Daleth dimension. When we apply tools combined with work, it is creating SOMETHING previously not yet on the shelf in the store. In Genesis, the Alpha (+One) mind decided to have a world created with purpose.

It was born but needed the second entropy to become visible to our mortal eyes. Light of the second entropy level from the sun, and magnetism like the Strong versus the Weak force, are just different names of building blocks converted to mass to make the invention function and have Gestalt.

My first Babushka book gives you an introduction of the Hebrew hand rule to understand it more fully applying simple math but here only mention some will fit the application to defining what is the original atom to cause the Big Bang to spawn a universe. We understand nature better if we use that simple math illustration of a simple Hebrew hand rule:

1 + 4 = 5.

Your hand has a thumb (1) and at 90° are (4) fingers. This represents a concept. Like DNA, atoms replicate galaxies depending on the same laws of physics.

Number One is Aleph, or Alpha. It is linked to the LOGOS that is the beginning force before anything was invented; therefore, physics was not yet born. But when we combine the (4) finger hand rule with the thumb stated in physics linked to what Paul Dirac postulated: (1) gravity; (2) electromagnetism; (3) strong; and (4) weak forces, the result is (5) the Heh dimension, which means “the other side” or link to metaphysics.

Those four building blocks overlay from the metaphysical perspective with a Hebrew letter [Daleth=4] and means “in this world–in this time”. A world is three-dimensional space [AxBxC] but added with a time dimension measured by clocks and calendars totals 4. But must be embedded inside every atom otherwise it does not exist in Daleth physical dimension we as mortal live within that system.

This Part 3 will describe the elegance of those four fundamental building block forces because science has not defined it yet as I will be the first one to explain it from both perspectives unknown in universities.

It’s time we should go back to the Bible so much good science is embedded otherwise keep messing around in the mud creating more confusing opinions will never know the beauty how God created his universe and the biggest marvel our earth very unique to the cosmos the only place where life is embedded.

Please listen to some Bible exposition and watch the science TV programs by Chuck Missler’s teaching physics on the Daleth dimension on the Christian TV channel would widen a horizon if you want to get an education in true physics forgotten in most universities allowing only replacement fairy tales to be taught to our students.

However, what you read here is a supplement on top of physics seeing our world from an eternal metaphysical Heh perspective, we need both because Bereshyth (In the beginning) and Bara (created) are the first words in Genesis, and both start with the Hebrew letter Beth. Remember the first Hebrew letter in the Bible “B” means “house” or Gestalt and “duality”.

God created the universe with two energy forces, which must be dual according to the two entropy Thermodynamic laws, which makes four building blocks for the cosmos because of its polarity.

Daleth is controlled by four building block DNA genes A>C>G>T, and needs the 5th thumb representing intelligence which has embedded a microcode for control. Even the thumb intelligence matches the pattern with four basic operations AND> OR> NAND> NOR. Our body is based on physics with (4) laws linked to four solstice seasons, the human race has four colors and the metaphysical Bible has four Gospels. Many more four pairs could be added that always represent the two entropy laws and duality in Physics = 4, which will give you the purpose of creation=5. The first entropy gives birth to the second entropy lets find out how it works together.

This time dimension booklet postulates that the metaphysical Alpha(+One) Force used Infinite light ∞E² giving birth to a second entropy gravity force identical the other rail converted inside the sun creating  visible light 186,000 miles/second according to the laws of the second entropy. It can be illustrated in an electrical transformer system. One side has the extreme high potential flowing through the system, not physically connected but transformed to a lower level useful for the consumer. Everything is based on the same denominator like the 110 volt time dimension.  Energy is only useful when it flows. Invisible electricity waits for a switch to be activated to show it exists and become visible.

To expand our vision, both second entropy levels have children related to a teeter-totter relationship strong-weak force like magnetism to a Time Dimension in a wholesome theory for the first time postulated. Maybe fundamental physics can be restored seeing the cosmos from two perspectives Daleth-Heh ending in Jod when the Time dimension Taw is replaced with Kaf in a teeter-totter relationship.

How the Heh Dimension Cosmos is Fueled

Time Equation



Still studying the opening paragraph of the third verse in Genesis, we are being introduced two energy forces directed toward heaven & earth on a dual entropy track. The Alpha(+One) Force and Infinite light [=∞E²] appear in parallel linked to Elohim-God, the energy source, but discharged from HIS COMOS MIND as the 2nd entropy, which is not a phantom concept, but very reactive.

Mathematics tried to capture it in a theory, which can be linked to activating the next circle of entropy laws. Between the word bara = create, we have embedded an infinite symbol ∞ linked to Elohim which comes from the source and cascades from there into multiple layers that are replicated.

If you put two loop circles next to each other we have created a symbol ∞ as each loop represents a separate force but is now connected by a DOT like a bridge which allows one loop force to cross over to the other loop in varying energy potential to balance out the forces. One loop is the energy force to fuel every single atom in the universe including earth and our body, the other loop has embedded the intelligence roadmap micro code to tell the fuel where to go and do some work.

When work is performed, a time dimension appears as SOMETHING is the result. It is analogue like your car designed with the laws of physics needs fuel and a driver with metaphysical intelligence linked to your mind; both combinations will get you to a destination planned in a certain time. Or a railroad designed with stations spaced apart and comes with schedule and has an embedded time dimension purposely designed which can be projected to end somewhere if you have a metaphysical schedule to be managed as a system according to the railroad design.

The laws of metaphysics from the source cascading into the natural physics of our visible world are guided similar to parallel energy rails linked with crossties like our railroads for stability or seen in a DNA structure two DNA strands. According to the teeter-totter principle the force is balanced and running on either rail, but is interlinked crisscrossing expressed in the second law of entropy multiplying thereby actuating so many principles like magnetism or spooning with atoms defined in physics. Each specialty is likened unto the many laws of Newton. One law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Therefore before this strange polarized neutrino energy ever gets to us, it has gone through hundreds of obstruction like in a horse jumping contest field to entertain us. The pinball island game box designed for my kids illustrates the principle brightly showing light when the galaxy island is hit with neutrino steel balls if you understand my previous analogy Part 1.

Pregnant galaxies will end some times in the final stage of a plethora of atoms condenses into creation, forming mass and growing into new molten galaxies, creating a universe eventually shaping a unique cold planet our earth embedded with living ecosystems, because it was appointed to maintain life linked to two architectural plans: one is restoration the other redemption. We can investigate this because it is defined in physics embedded in the Bible explained in Part 2.

The basis of all entropy compositions is always dual in nature and shared by either one, by being linked to the metaphysical Heh or physical Daleth dimension, where the energy side flows from the source in the form of invisible, polarized neutrinos.

To give a modern analogy: it is like electricity running on the inside of a high tension transmission wire since energy must come from somewhere or another analogy a perfect cosmos transformer one side is the high potential the other side scaled down energy according to the second entropy level adjusted perfectly for our bio-world to grow food for mortals with reduced intensity power a little slower. The light from the sun is not infinite because it has a time dimension embedded according to the second entropy calculated with mathematics.

In my Donut Atom Nuclear Story, I postulate how life is transferred from one rail and embedded inside the atom which receives neutrinos, as the energy source with two polarities (+/-) from the Heh dimension, which converts to protons and ends in the Daleth dimension as atoms. Depending upon which polarity twist is leading, making a right or left turn inside the donut atom, it becomes the proton carriage containing the life force like a (+ force) or it becomes dead atoms, without life. Light polarization was seen in mantis shrimp spinning light waves to have sex, a good story.

To better understand the two energy loops each designed for a special purpose only work together as a whole never taught in universities still a mystery. The Bible can help first looking from a metaphysical perspective that explains the other rail in physics to make more sense.

Let’s find out the relationship mentioned in the first verse of Genesis and compare it with true physics which makes it obvious what are fairy tales as it may point out some favored opinions declared without fact witnesses as some do not even match the laws of physics. To encipher ancient clock and link it to our science understanding is fun and will widen our horizon may even discover something new embedded in the infinite ∞ symbol from ancient times in the center of create = Bara ∞ Elohim.

The Tzolkin Diagram Clock

Tzolkin Table







I discovered two autonomous circles with a DOT lock in a Tzolkin clock diagram, which simulated the two energy channels to fuel a cosmos. A clock either tells time or is a calendar. This picture of a Tzolkin clock is a calendar and tells the relationship of an earth axis wobble parallel to other clocks copied in the beginning of this booklet.

They all started on the same date of 5 February 2287 when the earth was hit by an asteroid. The impact created a wobble (measured by many ancient calendars) that fizzled out over 1716 years (18+13+1+1 = 33x52 = 1716), which equates to 1716 years in the Aztec-Genesis clock. The extra cycle for each loop is linked inside the lock matching the 14 Aztec cycles (13+1); therefore, it is multiplied by 52, derived from the original earth spin before the asteroid strike.

In an exponentially declining wobble, the original earth axis got smaller and will finally disappear. The other will get bigger ending finally at 23.5°, at rest according to Newton’s law. The ancient clocks, like the Tzolkin clock dial measures solstice one turn around the sun like we do today. However, in ancient times the solstice was also shorter caused by a backwards wobble.

The (18-13) gear position would indicate about Moses’ time and will fizz out about the time of Julius Caesar as the inside circle theoretically was gone. Julius Caesar adjusted the calendar by adding 62 days, as his generals complained we need a better calendar causing the food for his army arriving usually late as nobody had the same calendar, since it had been screwed up by a declining earth wobble.

However the spin axis kept going needed another correction in the Middle Age a monk told the Pope Gregory there should be another change of 14 days because the axis still moved since Caesar’s time a little slower needed better instrument to measure it. But the orthodox catholic division in the East rejected that calendar thinking believed it was meant only to get additional taxes still celebrating Christmas a little late.

We still have two calendars combined by NASA as we have GRACE satellite in space and can measure it now with computers. At that time the known world accepted BC/AD linked to Jesus Christ who is the reason for a time dimension.

The gear rings really demonstrate a continued chain like a twisted figure eight ∞ laid sideways. The lock in the center squeeze three gear loops together and when the big 20 gear [equal to the ancient 360 days orbiting around the sun (20x18=360)] moves, the 18 gear loop gets bigger and causes the inside 13 loop to become smaller linked together by a crossover. It is connected in a ∞-loop, as the previous spin axis of our earth will disappear (Figure A-diagram) and the other will grow exponential to rest on the 21 December 2012 according to the Aztec calendar its neighbor.

Figure A Each section of the 20 gears represents 18° on the big procession of the equinox circle as the wobble axis of our earth is pointing to 5x72° stars constellation check the Aztec clock 25,625 cycles. It is obvious this clock stopped when it was found perfectly indicates Abraham’s time (18/13=1.38) - Figure A). One wobble section of 18° has 4 quadrants (72/18=4°) which points the earth axis to a zodiac Thuban star position as there is only one remaining wobble leftover before a full stop at the Solaris star @ 21 December 2012 AD.

This ancient world calendar needs adjusting every 284 years one day added to the 360 day/year cycle ending with solstice 365.24 days our time (72° @ 5125/18° = 284). Remember since Moses time the wobble stops at .833333 needs now adding 5.24 days to the ancient 360 calendar counting system every year.

Julius Caesar added 62 days that accumulated since 1420 BC (284x5 = 1420). The fraction ¼ day leftover was corrected 1500 years later by Pope Gregory in the Middle Ages. The exponential earth wobbles still moving very slow to fizz out 21 December 2012.

Tzolkin ClockThat Tzolkin clock matches with the Aztec five pyramids on top of each other in Mexico City outdoor museum. Deduct 867 years (5 pyramids) from 2287 BC we get Moses’ time 1420 BC (5x284 = 1420) as the Aztec high priest changed their method by counting with 105 stone-skull-heads the size of a bowling balls, which is a calendar calculator stacked up on the wall.

It replaced an accounting technique building pyramids on top of each other numerous times exchanged with a new high tech practice a little cheaper. Plan a visit in Mexico City and go to the center outdoor museum but take my clock Babushka book along it will be a better tourist guide.

The Tzolkin Clock Heh Dimension Perspective

Examining nature I first like to envision if a pattern can be discovered transposed to the metaphysical perspective to expand a common viewpoint to learn more. Seeing an infinite ∞ symbol in an ancient clock captured my metaphysical imagination of a dynamic Hebrew three-dimensional overlay.

Let’s have a little diversion and follow a strange line of reasoning explaining the science Daleth application later for a full rounded 360° perspective. We will understand better the complete meaning what the Tzolkin clock represents, which was never postulated in the halls of higher learning, as we overlay cosmic laws from the metaphysical to explain what really happens on the physic side. The metaphysic overlay to me always alerted me to have a closer look in physics.

First, we start from the metaphysical, meant for Christians who believe in creation but further on revealing a new discovery, which is documented for scientists to consider which nobody ever thought possible. It will surprise you as it has really stirred me up to discover that my Donut Atom book written two years ago no longer will cause scientists to snicker. A totally new theory usually, like Galileo experienced, will have opposition but eventually it emerges as acceptable science by everyone.

HANS Table The Hebrew HANS code logic is a good tool to understand the metaphysics linked to the physical world became visible because of the 2nd entropy laws we investigate still connected to a time dimension my story.

In HANS overlay (20) means Kaf “a reaching hand” which is one notch higher elevated level of Jod (10) = “resting hand”.

The Kaf reaching hand means “redemption” which follows to the next higher extended level Mem (40) “purpose”. These three expressions are resting, reaching toward a purposed redemption, which is symbolized in three dimensions; Daleth - Heh and ending with a higher Jod Dimension, with interlocked gears like in a clock, since they ultimately represent three different people. Each have a certain range embedded with cycles in a closed system representing historic events within a Time Dimension calendar which totaled 7000 years in Hebrew traditions. The gears are held together by a lock similar to a zipper on your jacket.

The 13 inside cycle loops signify Daleth, which is designed for mortals and is linked to the 7000 year Hebrew cycles (12x490); and needed to add one more 490 cycles cycle to include the Aztec calendar linked to the serpent (Lucifer) as a second witness to give us a totaled Time Dimension range of 13 cycles designed for mortals [4488 BC-3018 AD].

The other Heh=18 gear cycles, which belongs to the Angel domain with Satan; 5 cycles (Heh Dimension) are spliced out, which is indicated on the Cuckoo clock diagram on (page 12). With the added Hebrew number 13, which means “confusion-judgment”, it identifies the Apocalypse and the birthing of God’s Kingdom on earth.

The Kaf side cycle loop (20) is the main driver and the reason for the other gears existing, which indicates God’s Plan for Mankind and represents the Saints, and is linked to billions of redeemed mortals which became butterflies given a new nature, if you understand my previous analogy.

Each one has a different color and size meshed within the 7000 years of human history gear and decorated by a kaleidoscope of very diverse cultures of people. The mortal Daleth side starts with the caterpillar stage and evolves, passing through the cocoon to emerge in full splendor on the other side as a totally different creature, each according to its kind, as God the Creator doesn’t like copies.

You my friend, embody a total new being genetically never duplicated in all of the six thousand years of mortal history appearing on this planet, never to be replicated. You will even be given a special name recorded in the Book of Life, which will be opened at the end of time=Taw.

Because you and I are very precious to a holy God, to the point where once he was unapproachable and invisible, but He became visible and even stepped into the lower human Daleth level. Just like us, He felt the pain, suffering, being horribly scourged and even nailed on a cross to make me righteous, to inherit the Jod dimension cosmos, which is our future home. That opened the gate of Eternal Life to flow through me and elevate my mortality to the highest life form being called the born-one child of the Elohim-Logos, depending on our choice if you want to be a guest in his house and like his rules.

Once more, take notice that the Tzolkin diagram calendar has two wobble axis gears (18-13) driven by a closed unchangeable 20 gear one solstice 360 days around the sun cycle, all three ancient wobble axis connected to a DOT-lock. That is an illustration of our metaphysical human life level consisting of Daleth=13 and the other spiritual loop Heh dimension=18.

Accordingly, the Plan for Mankind (20–Kaf) comes embedded with a time dimension that is measured by an ancient clock. However, it shows that it is declining like an earth axis wobble, symbolizing that our natural Daleth life axis existence is aging, declining and getting smaller in size, but the other inner Mensch spirit cycle side correspondingly will increase. It is all driven with the same 20 gear Kaf expanded Jod dimension linked to ∞ energy life embedded if you are a true Christian.

As mortals, we were destined to become a “SAINT” with one axis side shrinking; the other growing like that clock shows. When the inside loop becomes Zero-DOT (our personal BC/AD calendar cocoon dot), the other will get larger exceeding 20 Kaf described as a New Heaven –New Earth in Revelation the last chapter.

Translated from the HANS equation, from a higher [resting hand] Jod dimension elevated to a [reaching hand] Kaf 20+12 expanding a dimension that is embedded with Twelve (12), which means perfection to a fully developed Saint-butterfly stage, which is linked to the new created heaven, the 20 Jod-Kaf dimension, which is not static. Notice the 18 gear will increase and grow larger to 32 when the 13 gear inside the 20 gear disappeared (18+1+13=32).

Prophecy embedded in the 7000 year Hebrew calendar (Daleth 13 gear) projects the earth to end [3018AD]. At that time the 20 gear can no longer be moved when the inside gear has vanished therefore the whole world calendar stopped, too. That means the Heh dimension stopped as well.

Every mortal previously destined to live in the Daleth time dimension (13-gear) period that in HANS means judgment, trial and learning the lessons of good and evil in Satan’s school. The evil bacteria experience (lessons learned) in our life wrestling with good and evil is converted to an immune system within the butterfly stage preventing future rebellion and corruption in the Jod Dimension. This concept is explained with more detail in the first Babushka book.

The cosmos life once more is balanced again for every created being as redemption and restoration will be past as a “time dimension” will no longer exist. That new world promised in the last pages of the Bible reveals that no more clocks exist with a new body being forever young enjoying a fuller life. 

Get acquainted with the Elohim who became visible in Jesus Christ. He is waiting for you at the door. You cannot have it any better than being invited in by the boss. 

The Tzolkin Clock Linked to the Hourglass Nebula

Daleth Dimension Perspective

When you read what I postulate, many scientists will judge that old fellow in California just stirs up a lot of rubbish. And that it does not make sense to mix up science with religious speculation. Nobody in any university will give any credibility to his theories – especially with no degree from the establishment.  

In my defense I am fighting against a Goliath giant denigrating the God of Israel, Elohim. The Bible comes from God, but his oracles have been thrown out of every school and courtroom. I am just a little lad like David compared to a monster atheistic education system cartel fueled by billion dollar grants every year from the many atheistic governments no longer teaching real physics.  Instead, they teach fairy tales based on stupid evolution monkey religion void of logic. I try to present facts following the laws of nature in a nutshell. I consider the dilemma of a new World Order emerging and growing in the direction of total destruction of mankind.

When we deny that intelligence is controlling everything in nature, we will never understand what makes an atom tick. We will never understand how the cosmos came into existence. Everything is connected by an energy force. Without it, you cannot drive your car; no business can flourish without power driven by one kind or another.  

Bigotry has not changed since mankind has been on this planet. Jesus confronted the intellectual religious establishment married to foreign Roman power elite that denied his message. He described as being like an expensive graveside edifice, white washed on the outside but inside full of dead bones.

I discovered an important principle that I wish to share in an analogy. Our minds have embedded intelligence like a massive computer. They are the center of our very being. The human mind has not yet been defined by science and can only be explained from a metaphysical perspective.

See it as a room filled with objects like inside a Pharaoh’s tomb filled with all the treasures of Egypt: furniture, gold and precious stones exhibited in many museums. But the treasures will be hidden if it is surrounded with darkness for thousands of years. That is like our mind.

When we deny the Creator who gave us the gift of his breath to live for a while, it irritates him when we do not believe his oracles. It insults him to maintain that he does not exist. There are consequences: God just turns the lights off in the mind. Only darkness fills it. Consequently, all the treasures just lie there invisible.

Our atheistic science establishment struggles to explain atoms. It is still smashing them after 40 years. They now use bigger machines not connected to those looking in the sky to try to figure out galaxies. In between are the theorists examining DNA. Others play around with genetic modification screwing up our food chain.

Everywhere we see the environment collapsing. Extinction spreads on a massive scale. It all comes from fractured, disconnected, so-called science camouflaged with an atheistic evolution fairy tale mindset perspective enforcing unproven opinions proclaimed as truth.

No wonder many politicians pay for what no longer makes sense. They are confused by universities falsifying data just to get another grant. The political and education establishments are disconnected from logic believing an evolution religion not based on true science. They turn out high technology to a faster speed just catching up with one disaster after another.

I feel I have become the last Mohican of a tribe still trying to shine light with a flashlight to highlight what has become a rigid atheistic mindset bathed in total darkness unable to comprehend the treasures of a forgotten past.

Why have our universities returned to the Dark Middle Age mindset Galileo experienced? We are controlled by a modern inquisition. Therefore, why not ask the Elohim to turn the lights on in our minds to see realty that existed for thousands of years for others. The Bible explains science and nature, so I rest my case.           

Back to earthy Daleth reality using my flashlight highlighting physics from a metaphysic perspective. The math symbol > ∞ < Daleth-Heh Dimension (Tzolkin count 13-18) is just another example of how nature functioned embedded with cosmic laws active on earth on two independent closed loop energy circles.

I will describe a little what is the difference of the infinite light [∞E] power cascading to a gravity force controlled by a Alpha(+One) Mind-headquarters, which has embedded the intelligence to direct the fuel where to go.

Let’s examine two examples, one in the sky a galaxy the other an ancient clock in museum illustrating an overlay of how God created the cosmos. Then, I will compare them with the first verse in Genesis and evaluate some common ideas to shed some light on the mystery puzzle of creation through illustrations we can relate to.

I introduced some new concepts described in my Donut atom book about how the cosmos came into being. In it I explained the fundamental laws directing two energy forces to act on every atom, externally or internally, in our bodies and extended to all of creation.

When energy flows on two rails directed by two entropy laws will duplicate by embedded intelligence and multiply generating mass by examining the many pictures from the Hubble telescope we can see the same process forming galaxies like this beautiful hourglass galaxy selected from the others. But investigating nature needs two perspective since we are limited by our mortality one is true physics the other metaphysics put together will give us a better puzzle picture what we perceive looking around from a 360° perspective.

When developing my new atom theory, I discovered the same laws apply in the universe in the Hubble-space-telescope photographs. They perfectly visualize the Genesis creation report of the LOGOS the Alpha(+One) force which can be compared to the crossover zipper DOT of the Tzolkin clock connecting two circle loops showing the path of the infinite light energy source.

But Intelligence must precede the creation of forming mass radiating out from its center, one to Daleth the other Heh dimension, which at the crossover juncture is Zero time. Zero time in a teeter-totter energy equation is ∞E, and hopefully by now we will understand how it works mathematically along with the teeter-totter laws of entropy replicated on the Daleth side. The time Dimension for us mortals is divided into two active entropy laws and embedded in whatever we investigate. When energy flows, it is always expressed as the second entropy law cascading below 100%.

A moving ∞ energy force is directional and can only be noticed in an exponentially declining or increasing finite time relationship, demonstrated on a graph printed on the front-page table of this booklet. It is picturing a time-light-gravity curve extracted from the gear design of the ancient clocks and is better explained in my new Donut Atom theory, which is free on the Internet.

Searching for more answers, I usually apply the laws metaphysics and compare it to what was recorded in ancient times. The Bible is very handy. Most everybody has one around.

I found in the first verse in Genesis a parallel where God Elohim reveals how the universe is structured, borrowing laws from the other side (20 gear circle) or the driver’s side seen in the ancient Tzolkin clock.

Contrasting how that Tzolkin clock works in physics, which is linked to Genesis metaphysics, will expand our viewpoint and prove that the outside gear (18) is linked to the inside (13) gear. This arrangement is similar to a new heaven/earth created cosmos system running like a clock. It was expressed in Fraunhofer spectral lines first and appeared later crystallized as elements seen in the first stage looking like the Hourglass Nebula.

Our two examples link together in an hourglass, which shows two open three-dimensional cups connected by a DOT in the center, which is the same in the Tzolkin clock.  The DOT-LOCK holds it all together. It will be dual in nature and have a separate existence, as shown with two separate circles that are driven by a central energy wheel seen invisible like a black hole reduced to a DOT because time is no more; therefore, energy is infinite.

The same fundamentals of the first verse in Genesis of the Bible are found in the Tzolkin clock directing energy forces. The outside (18) gear represents a looped energy system coming from the cosmos source (Heh Dimension) linked through the center DOT to the inside gear (13), another looped energy system (the Daleth-Dimension) like the infinite math symbol ∞ illustrates.

In parallel, the same concept is expressed graphically in the beautiful hourglass nebula picture. A force comes on one side squeezing infinite light energy through a black hole DOT getting faster. It bursts out on the other side creating the Daleth Dimension. On the inside, it is a system expressed like the (13 gear) wheel.

The Tzolkin diagram demonstrates the transformation of two entropy laws from the (20) wheel, which is the Alpha (+One) intelligence emanating from Elohim, to directs the creation energy force on two rails, hence dual in nature. One is infinite light (18 gear) giving birth to the second, gravity (13 gear), but it is on the inside of the Alpha (+One) force - 20 gear expressed in two energy loops, or symbolized with ∞. The driver gear is in the middle turning both energy wheels independently but still connected an important paradox in nature.

In the Genesis creation report, the first day cycle tells us that God divided the infinite light into two. It became a new creation controlled by two entropy laws ending in a structured DARKNESS, SOMETHING bathed in the time dimension now, which appeared as evening–to morning as described in the first creation day-cycle.

Both independent energy circles exist side-by-side (day-night) being connected by a DOT where time is zero. The same DOT is found at the center of the ∞ eternity symbol. Have a closer look of the Tzolkin clock.

If time emerged from what is infinite, it is the first SOMETHING created, which must follow now entropy laws. Nature crystallizes out as the next SOMETHING until it has Gestalt, matter, atoms, including Herbert living in California so many thousands of years later.  This all demonstrated that time exists proven by the dates on my future tombstone. Everything is enclosed in a double looped ∞ system: 18-[Alpha(+One) MIND dot]-13.

We see an invisible force becoming visible energy in the hourglass picture. It swirls around in a vortex exponentially shorter cycles becoming more intense and eventually pushing through and disappearing in a black hole, through it gravity energy flows from one side to the other. The black hole is like a transformer with a high energy side reduced to the lower energy of the second entropy to create atoms crystallized in Fraunhofer spectral frequencies turned into mass. Analyzing the light from that nebula will prove what I postulate.

From the infinite energy DOT perspective, energy goes into two directions. Genesis first verse divides the cosmos into heaven-earth or Heh dimension - Daleth dimension. What eventually crystallized out belongs to the second entropy we can see with our mortal eyes., something familiar, by Fraunhofer spectral lines condensing into elements. Only finite light can be measured with our science instruments invented on the Daleth Dimension transformer side.

The 20-gear loop [Alpha (+One) MIND] is the driver side. When passing through the middle DOT black hole, it activates an energy force forming every atom found in the cosmos as explained in A Donut Atom Nuclear Story. When energy is moving in a double loop on either side, it needs fuel. I postulate that it is infinite light and gravity energized by the big circle of an indefinable intelligence wheel called MIND. When the 20-gear driver moves, it directs two forces in parallel where to go with embedded intelligence, slow or fast forming.

When energy moves, it produces work as expressed in mass forming atoms arranged by embedded intelligence. A DNA fabric forms our body ending to express life full circle loop around to the Alpha(+One)MIND where it started as the same 20-gear going around full circle.

Comparing the Tzolkin clock with Genesis 1:1 at that precise moment revealed that Mem, which is wrongly translated as waters, (the two circling energy cups of the hourglass) is now divided because of entropy appearing as the night cycle, similar some scientists postulate as dark energy looking in space the cosmos Heh dimension side. The universe is dark but what you see is bathed in light emerging from the black hole with different colors indicating different elements crystallizing.

Please read the opening statement of the first verses in any Bible once more in order to follow my logic. These Bible concepts are never preached in church because most theologians are scantily educated in science and are still stuck in the Middle Ages theology.

Let’s not assume that the first creation day, where light appeared, is the light from the second entropy sun conversion because waters, mentioned in the Bible verse for the separation, was mistranslated and should have been Mem emerging from the DOT. We need a closer look at what the ancient scrolls recorded and compare it to the logic of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS).

To understand two kinds of light, follow the creation trail to the fourth formation cycle. The sun and moon shows up a little later to tell that this light from the sun is different from the first day light appearing. Day four is dissimilar in nature as the later light appearing is linked to the time dimension controlling the future of mortals with a calendar and clocks that measure years. Our mortal lives are scheduled right down to a day recorded on your tombstone.

But this light on the second entropy level from the sun is converted from infinite light, the first entropy; therefore, infinite light is the fuel for the sun. What comes out in that nuclear conversion is heat to counter Kelvin cold of space, and light to banish darkness. All is needed for life to exist on this planet, the only place where life could flourish and exist.

Another misconception preached by ignorant theologians is to measure time as if the one-day creation cycle is 24 hours compared to our clocks. Do not assume the Genesis creation reports one day. The evening-morning is not a full day. The daytime is not mentioned. Why?

It was mistranslated, not understanding HANS, and means cycles, which could be anything like the oldest system of math invented by ancient Sumerians, which are rooted on the base-60 math. The 7000-year Hebrew Calendar overlaid with the Aztec clock ending on 21 December 2012. Their fourth cycle shows that perhaps one day in creation was converted from maybe 70 Gregorian years. But only measured against the present fixed earth axis.

After 2012, the earth axis will finally be at rest and could give us a constant year calendar, which was different in ancient times. Even with computers, adjusting a backwards earth axis wobble, as the Tzolkin clock shows, will not guarantee it. The Aztec clock shows a horizontal position of the earth axis going around 7 times in one sun orbit.  Read my third Babushka clock book to widen horizons never even mentioned in universities. Why?

That hourglass nebula picture from the Hubble telescope gives us a perfect instructive example, showing us how the same ancient clock design logic is demonstrating existing laws inside every atom. For my kids needs a vivid analogy and use a TV movie everybody has seen gladiators circling with a number of horse and carriages around a Roman coliseum a good analogy explaining what goes on inside every atom.

Professional scientists have a problem with this analogy needs a little logic no longer available anymore rejecting entropy laws which is denied in their evolution monkey religion. The horse is the energy-(neutrino) side which is linked to the carriage (protons), a certain mass racing inside the nucleus, going back and forth with the speed of light running in an unending circle that looks like the miniature infinite symbol we use in mathematics (∞). It is an ancient symbol that means: never ending immeasurable; timeless; infinite SOMETHING. It started the Big Bang for our existence and surroundings but needed the intelligence rail most scientists are ignorant about.

Its function is likened to when you peel an apple with an apple slicer, which peels and slices an apple into one unending curl, yet still holds together when removing the skin and the apple core. The peeled apple that has the skin and core removed looks like a fat naked Donut Atom. However, when you pull the curled slices slightly apart, they are still connected, just like the infinite math sign ∞ with two circles.

I use this as an illustration, with the horse and carriage like the neutrino-energy force pulls the proton-mass carriage running along the curled slices inside the atom in a pendulum motion, moving back and forth and crossing over, reversing direction around the poles and creating independent circles. The crossover produces Fraunhofer spectral lines, as positive charged protons do not want to be colliding with positive protons crossing over the loop, avoiding a crash with squeezed out energy sideways, creating a magnetism of 90° to the flow of protons creating electricity glowing with light, according to the electrical three finger rule.

Now we can understand why galaxies have the lights on in a vacuum. Have fun reading a different perspective explaining science with analogies only my kid can understand that you cannot find in a university environment, as it ruffles a lot of feathers by upsetting some pet theories that do not match their evolution religion.

What happens inside every atom is a mirror reflection following the same laws of physics as the intelligence embedded rail combined with the energy fuel rail circulating in a duplex loop to energize a cosmos and needs fuel too. But the intelligence embedded light rail is needed to tell the energy neutrinos fuel where to go embedded with a blueprint we now categorized it in the periodic table and DNA genes (A-C-G-T). Your intelligence is first needed to transfer gasoline in your tank which controls a certain range of a space-time dimension ending where you wanted to go and having fun but is limited by the second entropy like a flywheel runs out of energy as the same laws apply. An empty gasoline tank is the proof.

Analyzing the trail of your gasoline in your car is converted from infinitely tiny massive polarized neutrinos loaded with invisible infinite energy that cannot be measured with our instruments. It originally started from the Heh dimension source gliding over an energized gravity cosmos blanket highway, much like the steel ball in the pinball machine.

On its way overcoming magnetic frequency obstructions is slowed down and becomes the 2nd entropy rail track loop; converting into protons and becoming eventually mass forming atoms, which is now explained within a newly defined nuclear ‘Donut Atom’ design. This is in my last ‘Babushka concept’ book, which is a little different from what is taught in schools.

It is always a continual reflection on the metaphysical side, within the spiritual consciousness that is linked to the source, the ∞ mind of Elohim, the all-encompassing intelligent life force, which is a mystery that cannot be defined by science. It controls a time dimension expressed in entropy, where God’s power brings forth blessings or curses, or His wrath is poured out; something we are well acquainted with.

The overriding, embedded intelligence becomes the action followed by reaction; according to the law of physics which Newton defined as only 50% of his life-work is allowed to be available for the public consumption. His Christian metaphysic perspective, which had priority in his life, is suppressed in our universities, as only what is linked to physics on the Daleth side level has become common knowledge.

The result of suppressing truth on the mortal level turns into sinful rebellion usually ends up in failures, which will have eternal consequences as well, due to the fact that the energy came from the other side (Heh), the eternal [God’s breath, the ∞ life force in us], which closes the circle and must be accounted for. Your electric bill proves that energy is not free either.

To expound upon it once again; there is a progression of energy transfer from the energy Alpha(+One) Force as in a teeter-totter fashion linked to the second law, which crystallizes into mass, but must be controlled by Infinite invisible light [∞E] energy, which reins in the teeter-totter second entropy law mass appearing with the embedded life connection. As mortals, we are mostly interested in that which belongs to our earth linked to our life helpful to understand the laws governing our world.

Following the trail of infinite light intelligence of the first verse in Genesis using Adam for an example, whose life started when God the Logos breathed His essence into a newly formed dead body which pass on that energy blueprint, with complex intelligence imprinted in every atom like an embedded railroad stations connecting to the next generation, which again passes on the same imprint genetically energized to multiply for many generations. It is duplicated and embedded inside every human egg at 50% and splits the intelligence information with the sperm 50%.

It needs two matching halves, like Daleth-Heh loop which still contains the exact intelligence embedded in A-C-G-T genes and has reassembled the original imprint of the infinite intelligence energy force.  The [∞E] energy is still the main fuel growing our food in our time. It has not changed from the original Alpha (+One) intelligence footprint cascading to a static gravity energy force we are familiar with in true science.

But every atom must be linked to that fuel to prevent it from collapsing back to a big bang DOT. It should be better utilized as a green clean energy source for the benefit of mankind. Unfortunately, an energy cartel sells fossil fuel oil and deadly nuclear energy for huge profits, so it is not interested using a free gravity energy gift available from nature. Check my Babushkas book website under A PERPETUAL GRAVITY MOTION ELECTRICAL GENERATOR.     

Science has learned in the meantime that a dual DNA strand replicated on one rail must precisely fit the other rail cross-linked with only four building blocks maintaining the many life-embedded atom combinations like adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine all replicating the blueprint of the original Alpha (+One) intelligence footprint.

An evolution religion is grossly lying by saying that a monkey can be cross-bred for humans to evolve not understanding DNA, but this is not yet possible if you are educated in genetics controlled by complex embedded intelligence. According to the evolution religion I am still waiting for a monkey to evolve to become the president of the USA. I hope it will happen in my time to convince me I am wrong. 

However, what I see happening today is that criminal atheistic scientists, who work for a global Monsanto’s cartel, were mixing-matching and screwing up every possible food gene without understanding the original nature system. They are brain-dead to be messing around in genetics like a bull in a china store, now seen on a widening massive scale. It is totally destroying our original food in this generation God said thoroughly evil, and will accelerate the prophesied apocalypse violating again God’s contract with mankind.

God revealed a date for correction now scheduled to stop this genetic madness that is destroying the earth once more. GMOs demolish God’s foundation like the Atlantis civilization did incurring God’s wrath around 2287 BC. That age was destroyed in ancient times with an asteroid on the 5th February Aztec clock, which is 17 September on our clock.

Our uncontrolled atheistic science, like the Atlantis civilization, is challenging God by tearing down and mixing up the genetic blueprint of creation. We will perish also. Watch 17 September 2015 AD, calculated with modern sun orbit math guaranteed. Civilization on this planet will have ended by then, if you are an atheist denying the obvious, you will be included for sure. 

In addition to an asteroid already waiting, read about the Second Woe in Revelation 9:13-21. The apocalypse will end with four Death Angels that have been kept chained in the underworld since the beginning of Satan’s rebellion. They are scheduled to be released to repeat history. They will pass over an evil political world system enslaving mankind in lies and oppression destroying genetically Gods creation.

That will cause a repeat of what happened to Israel’s ancient enemy. That small nation is today surrounded with millions of Muslims that hate Jews without reason. History should be a warning to them to choose peace or be totally wiped out from this planet.

A Pharaoh decreed to kill all first born of ancient Israel. In so doing, he told the Elohim what the tenth plague would be for his people hating the Jewish God. That is God’s justice system come full circle back on your own head. It will take seven months to collect their dead bones to clean the ancient land promised to Abraham, a possession for Israel forever.

Israel will once more be proclaimed holy and separated from all nations for a new global residence of the King of Kings, Jesus. He will sit on his throne located in a rebuilt Jerusalem, a city of peace directing a New-World-Order. Satan’ will not interfere any more. He will be chained in the underworld prison and executed later at the last JUDGMENT DAY 3018 AD.  

Connect the dots. The coming Four Death Angels repeat what happened to Pharaoh and his army 3500 years ago. This is a story every Jewish person can tell you about, celebrating Passover ever since. That is a long time never forgotten, but prophecy recurs once more when God’s Wrath is poured out.

The birthing of the new civilization will be painful, but the baby - God's Kingdom born on earth - will usher in a new time of prosperity of untold blessings. A 1000 years of peace, such as never experienced by mortals since Adam’s time, is promised by the Elohim-Logos.  

Is Life Fueled by Light or Gravity?

Investigating the laws governing light according to the teeter-totter principle, if light slows down, gravity energy increases, just as seen in the galaxies, or when light accelerates or decelerates just a little, it becomes an invisible frequency. Therefore it disappears from our mortal eyesight like inside the black hole of a galaxy, where there is the highest bunched concentration of gravity. Perhaps now, this explains it a little clearer when seeing photographs of the Hubble telescope like the hourglass nebula.

This tells us that gravity is recognized in the universe as a major invisible force forming galaxies and creating black holes, according to entropy; yet have you also noticed that on earth, we are all held to the ground with gravity? Also, gravity runs my cuckoo clock in smaller increments. No kidding; it is the same force. It is still a mystery that is not yet defined by science.

Looking further inside the donut atom, (which I now have postulated), we see that gravity is converted to the Fraunhofer spectral lines according to the electrical three finger rule to crystallize into matter or elements. It was only recently discovered that this is controlled with embedded intelligence and needs a primary source to sort itself out into the elements. That fact is not known by evolution religion, which is based on an atheistic unscientific perspective.

In ignorance, they go about smashing atoms, spending billions of dollars on cyclotrons so as to find out what that mystery force really is. They are still searching since SLAG was invented in Palo Alto 40 years ago and never learned what makes an atom tick. They can only build bigger A-bombs but do not know the intelligence behind it or where the energy comes from.

Let’s do a better investigation into the entropy of atoms crystallizing into millions of DNA strings and growing food energized by a mystery force, using the biblical perspective once again. For an expanded insight let’s look at the first two verses in Genesis once more, which are the oldest, at 4000 years old.

The oracles mention two dimensions, Heaven and Earth, giving birth to an embedded, invisible time dimension, which is like a bridge joining two opposing sides together into a whole, a full circle. We need to take a closer look to see why a gap exists that divides the circle in the Heh and Daleth dimensions. In that first moment, they are still jointed together, since time has not crystallized yet, in accordance to the entropy laws.

Still looking at the Genesis opening sentence, God begins His lesson initially with the next verse, explaining this concept with the introduction of the first day of creation, the beginning of the seven-day cycle. What is the uniting factor that holds all the dimensions together into one connected universe?

It begins with the first day of creation infinite light energy < ∞ E >, which will later be divided into two foundation. One keystone is mass = m reinforced with visible light = C, swirling in two time directions like a circle, according to the 2nd law of entropy. Have another look at the hourglass galaxy.

Or to translate this, we can say that God called the invisible light energy ∞C² = day compared to the NOTHING “night” condensed later as m=mass. There was ‘evening and morning’, half a day, yet invisibly embedded into the darkness energy creation formula is a time dimension to create SOMETHING later planed. We can express it mathematically, in an expanded formula: (+∞C/–∞C)².

The invisible light energy (∞C²) in a teeter-totter relationship to gravity becomes the First entropy and was responsible for creating a cosmos with billions of galaxies that is the same force for growing our Bio-world vegetation exclusively appearing on our earth not replicated in space.

The oracles of God tell us the infinite light-gravity energy loop caused the empty earth to flourish and grow prolific prehistoric shrubs on the third night-day cycle, three times bigger antediluvian trees (check out amber resin?), billions of plants suddenly to materialize not even yet classified due to the many complex varieties. All vegetation with life appearing into full view on the third creation day that was and still is the primary force fuelling the cosmos. It has not changed!

Pay attention we are mistakenly think that the sun light is the primary energy source which came later [fourth creation day] growing our food but the sun even today needs the infinite fuel (∞C²) for its existence to keep burning to give us light and protects us from Kelvin absolute cold steady for 6500 years.

The logic behind the creation sequence fuelling our biosynthetic system, growing vegetation before the earth was placed in an orbit around the sun, points out that even today the light from the sun therefore may not be the primary energy source for growing our food. I postulate it is gravity explained next which an energy force superimposed within the infinite invisible (∞C²) light which has embedded the intelligence information on how to form atoms.

The fuel for the cosmos surrounded inside every atom originates from the source of God’s Throne in the form of a river cascading polarized neutrinos and flows directly to the Heh-Daleth Dimension to penetrate every atom in two loops like the  symbols ∞ that shows and is seen embedded graphically in the Tzolkin clock. One loop is the fiber optic light to transfer intelligence in a digital 7:5 ratio far more complex than our binary zero-one ratio. The other is the fuel rail like parallel DNA railroads that need two rails for balance as Newton’s law teach us.

For example, the light used in a windowless room illegally growing marijuana or in the greenhouse growing tomatoes is produced with electricity and is not the same light coming from the sun. How come plants and vegetables grow? Therefore we should not assume that life is dependent on either light. In physics, for example, some prisoners kept in total darkness for a long time still lived, and mushrooms grow in darkness not dependent on light do exist?

Even in deep subterranean caves we see hundreds of complex life forms in total darkness. Deep below the ocean in total darkness some creatures produce their own light to attract a mate or food. Read Science News Magazine’s article, “Love Code, at twist of light only mantis shrimp can see,” by David Castelvecchi.

What light is that, and how is it converted from what energy?

I always believed that all vegetation plants fight for light, but is it proven? Why are all marine life and their reproductive cycles even humans oriented toward moon? That could point to gravity as a source of energy. It could be argued just the same plants reaching out toward more open space to get more of the infinite light force converted to the second entropy gravity fuel rather than sunlight.

We know for sure gravity is everywhere affecting the smallest particle down to an atom. Even in space station floating around earth still is subject to the same force what grows inside is still bathed in gravity and may not be linked to the sun. The sun is moving too linked to the gravity center of the Milky Way. Keep going seeing billions of galaxies gravity centers.

Therefore I question that the energy necessary for life to exist, and historically believed coming from the sun may not be the force converting a bio conversion system transformed in every green leave reacting with atoms combining forming DNA but could be another invisible energy form? The third creation day would indicate that.

Could it be that my new atom theory two years ago is right after all, describing how every atom is fueled by a hidden gravity force which could also be the cause for manifold complex vegetation to exist rather light from the sun postulated in our schools? It stands to reason for atoms to evolve bigger needs energy like illustrated in your body, a perfect atom model, but has embedded an intelligent mind controlling all of its inherent complex functions although needs to continuously add fuel to grow.

Why has my new donut atom theory caused discomfort among my friends who respond, “Now Herbert we know for sure you have flipped? Why has an unscientific evolution religion replaced the Bible with much less commotion?“

But let’s follow first the logic trail from the metaphysics side as information of any change in your and my life is recorded in books travelling back in a ∞ infinite crossed-over loop which is the same loop energy travels on. Investigating further the cosmos loop rail sending a prayer traveling across millions of miles and getting a response sometimes within minutes? Check the story of Daniel reported in ancient oracles.

On the physics side, seven years ago, NASA sent a camera billions of miles into space and it is still sending pictures in a total vacuum when arriving on earth on an invisible rail? Only my new theory can explain the mechanism, which is better postulated in the 6th Babushka egg concept book, describing a different perspective of a new Donut Atom theory free on the Internet.

It was stated that the fuel which allows every atom to exist is gravity, which means your body too, but it seems that intelligence information may be transferred along on the second light energyrail running in parallel. This is proven by what I buy in Wal-Mart stores in a gismo for my kid, where light pulsed in a photo-diode used in DVD or CD recording information within an embedded intelligence code which must already be implanted before we ever hear any sound.

But it needs to be aligned with a superimposed frequency matching infinite light resonating analogue like a piano key hit hard can hear a resonance one octave higher. Nothing without electricity works. Do you know where the electrical energy comes from? Do not tell me that when we pass a magnet through a copper wire loop magically produces all the trillion Kilowatts energy needed to fuel our civilization to flourish.

Even scientists are puzzled, as mentioned earlier by Chuck Missler, as they shatter Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, describing an energy force since it depends in part on the speed of light being constant and unbreachable. Where does the energy come from seeing an atom bomb the size of your garbage can exploding high up miles into the stratosphere in a gigantic mushroom? A nice opinion; it only needed more witnesses to explain it.

…One interpretation of the Princeton experiment suggests that light arrived at its destination almost before it has started its journey: In effect, it appeared to be leaping forward in time. One of the possibilities is that if light could travel forward in time, it could carry information. This would breach one of the basic principles in physics-causality, which says that a cause must come before an effect.

Only when light is infinite can it travel forward from visible light. Scientists playing around with measuring instruments do not realize that light from the second entropy will always be slower emerging transformed from a higher energy side. Remember the transformer principle.

For gravity to convert into useful energy-forming matter there needs to be a second rail for the information from the other side of the transformer according to a blue print in order to become this or that atom. It is all aligned into a preset system that is controlled by intelligence, which must travel ahead and be in place when the signal is given to combine into complex structures according to a higher mind. That channel could be invisible infinite light. Having two legs is better for balance. DNA or electric wire requires two. Why? Analyzing light is like an iceberg only 10% is over water therefore it needs a closer look below.

The cosmos as a Hyper-Hologram... the (light) particles stopped behaving like individuals and started behaving as if they were part of a larger and interconnected whole. Moving to Princeton University in 1947, there too he continued his work in the behavior of oceans of particles, noting their highly organized overall effects and their behaving as if they knew what each of the untold trillions of individual particles were doing.

To me that means embedded Intelligence, where does it come from?

…One of the implications of Bohm's view has to do with the nature of location. Bohm's interpretation of quantum physics indicated that at the sub-quantum level location ceased to exist. All points in space become equal to all other points in space and it was meaningless to speak of anything as being separate from anything else. Physicists call this property "non-locality."

An infinite loop on two rails much better explains the Bell Inequality:

...The experiment was a success. Just as quantum theory predicted, each photon was still able to correlate its angle of polarization with that of its twin. This meant that either Einstein's ban against faster-than-light communications was being violated, or the two photons were non-locally connected.

This experiment demonstrated that the web of subatomic particles which comprise our physical universe - the very fabric of "reality" itself - may possess what appears to be a "holographic" property.

To sum it up read it again “Upheavals in Physics” which unraveled questionable experiments needs the metaphysics, as the infinite symbol > ∞ < has two closed loops interconnected linked to the energy source like the Tzolkin clock shows.

Therefore the light frequency force (Genesis 1:3) has embedded the intelligence information (like my DVD or CD played back with oscillating diode lights controlled by a microcode). It is linked to the other force gravity works like electricity which is the fuel for the cosmos (check my cuckoo clock) both are needed to get the whole enchilada hot in the microwave-oven (the universe) with the lights turned on photographing galaxies. But it requires a time to be set by extraterrestrial intelligence, which is purposed to have Gestalt for existence to warm up my dinner plate with invisible micro energy converting what is food for me to exist to extend my mortality.

Pay attention! It is never postulated. This is all the result of two entropy laws governed by [>∞<] intelligence = embedded in the light rail loop coming from the [>∞<] Alpha (+ONE) MIND sending energy back in the gravity rail loop combined directed to fuel a cosmos shining with billions of galaxies which also energizes the entire bio-conversion system on earth, maintaining complex life to fuel my body, too.

Everything is embedded with a replicated intelligence of the Elohim MIND. According to the second entropy, the MIND of God appears in part as a mortal mind on our level spelled in smaller letters. Try to understand your mind and tell me how you see it from your perspective, but use logic not fairy tales!

My mind writes this story and your mind understands it if capable to think logical a function of the mind. If the invisible intelligence immune system in our body is corrupted usually ends in the hospital to fix it. You only get healthy again by helping nature’s intelligence embedded in your body every medical doctor knows. Both energy loops controls my cuckoo clock, which tells us Time is Up - no more evolution fairy tales.

It is even proven by a wooden intelligent cuckoo bird invented by someone with a mind reminding us of two entropy laws which needs my intelligence to wind up this clock for another cycle and use the invisible gravity force coming from the Heh source to tell time over and over again like a ∞ loop.

Once more, if you are a Christian or a scientist, you are hopefully filled with extra mind energy like the Holy Spirit or at least think logical; therefore, could have a better understanding how nature works most atheists will have a problem with. A concept is now revealed for the first time and is signified in the ∞ symbol like the Tzolkin clock that is illustrated.

It is linked together with a DOT representing the starting point of creation, functioning on two rails like DNA or on two (2) independent circle loops coming together in the center defined as the [LOGOS∞E²] the source emerging from a ∞DOT. That makes possible for the Big Bang to become SOMETHING better explained by two entropy laws running along a closed loop.

A concept is now revealed for the first time and is signified in the ∞ symbol like the Tzolkin clock that is even illustrated in progression of many galaxy pictures now seen on TV from the Hubble telescope.

All is linked together to a time dimension DOT representing the starting point of creation, functioning on two rails like DNA or on two (2) independent circle loops coming together in the center defined as the [LOGOS∞E²] the source emerging from a ∞DOT. That makes possible for the Big Bang to become SOMETHING better explained by two entropy laws running along a closed loop.

Additional following the direction of the circle, it radiates out into empty space on one gravity loop which is the energy carrier starting from the Alpha (+ONE) MIND to fuel the cosmos down to every single atoms, like electricity runs on two wire rails connected to everything to energize our civilization to make it visible in Gestalt.

But the electrical wire must return in a loop to the source to have energy flowing. At the same time it must be controlled by intelligence like on the human level with a thousand eyes watching instruments from the power generation source to the consumer like an embedded supplementary intelligence loop. Follow the other rail returning to the source similar again our two electricity wire systems need one wire to return to the source to make your appliance work.

The two wires are color coded to indentify the plus–minus, which tells the direction of the current flow. If you mix-up the coding, expect havoc. Something smells burned, and the Fire Marshall makes a lot of noise on your door a reaction according to Newton’s law.

The demonstrated laws of physics functioned like a fiber-optic light conduit [∞E²] embedded with ∞-intelligence to operate the cosmos computer guided by an electricity channel which has implanted micro-codes light pulses like your DVD. The whole system only works together in a specialized digitized binary code system (+/-) like a computer, or expressed in the metaphysical HANS 7:5 ratio complex color code.

Expanding our vision by reading my Donut Atom Babushka egg concept book, which articulated, that an intelligence loop returning to the source like prayer will piggy back embedded every thought of our mind and therefore forever is recorded as spend energy is never lost. That includes every book collected across the 7000 year history of mankind is all summed up and compared to the standard blueprint of the Bible – God’s oracles stored in a massive cosmos Heh dimension computer.

Whatever mankind assembled either in pictures, printed books, all the knowledge categorized, every law of physics formulated from the beginning of time (4488 BC) to the 21st Civilization across the total time spectrum, like a gigantic cosmos WEB internetwork system linked to every computer in the world but still connected to each is part and condensed right down to every single atom.

All is controlled by a ∞MIND cosmos computer centered around the Elohim DOT where time is zero, which is the cosmos generator of intelligence and energy transmitted on dual rails, like DNA or a railroad with two rails for balance or it needs two wires for electricity to flow.

Nothing can escape or is forgotten, which is similar to our global big, blue IBM computer linked to the Internet coupled to your visa card transacting with other banking systems to the manufacture billions of new products globally distributed for people to buy.   

This is an illustration how the cosmos is connected to each and every atom linked to a system controlled by intelligence in every station guiding redirecting with feedback to verify information on two rails - infinite light and gravity two separate rails circling around in a ∞ pattern demonstrated in our math hieroglyph symbol. 

Even our computer does not work without two wires connected to the internet computer intelligence source either and always ends up on the control board in a PowerStation where the energy is produced watched by intelligence linked to our eyes, a complex designed impute gate to be coupled to a multifaceted mind we take for granted that the system works.

In physics we learn that every modified information or energy must return continuously in a loop to recharge, update and compared everything to an original blueprint to check out the system to make sure it keeps working.

Our technically complex electrical generation system works the same way adjusting the current shutting down or starting an additional generator according to energy use that needs a feedback loop of thousand employed intelligence eyes watching a wall of instruments to make the whole electrical system work.

On the metaphysical there is the same loop in a teeter-totter relationship every single action or word said from every individual mortal who ever lived in this earth and changing the system either for good or evil.

These must be noted and will be corrected as needed. Good deeds done helpful to the system is rewarded; evil is thrown into outer darkness. Jesus said those not worthy to receive the free gift of light and life made the wrong choice following Satan who brainwashed his atheistic followers with lies. 

The Bible declares that information generated in the mind of every individual is recorded in books and cross-referenced with the Book of LIFE; again a dual storage system like we do in our court of law organization. According to the law, one will return home as a free man, while the other will go to a place of horror.

Such complexity is now made visible in a binary cosmos code expressed in just two polarities or two entropy laws (+/-) = Daleth interlinked with (+∞/-∞) = Heh inter-connected with a cosmic computer center DOT. The infinite symbol ∞ has much more embedded like an iceberg only 10% visible.

It is not possible for mortals to be disconnected from the [Elohim ∞ MIND] because our earthly [mortal = mind] spelled in small letters, is the mirror image of the driving force which invents, controls, creates a civilization bathed in a Time Dimension to exist. All is brought forth by the invisible Elohim speaking what he wants linked to the LOGOS who became visible like mortals subject to the second entropy to make the invisible cosmos visible to our [finite=mind] because of one supreme cosmic law:

Let us make man in our image.

That law decreed with absolute authority spelled out the purpose for our existence, which has embedded a roadmap which comes with a schedule for Restitution (Heh) linked to Redemption (Daleth) based in the Time Dimension illustrated in a cosmic triangle symbol that graphically demonstrated perfect manifestation.

Please consider this paragraph again as it reflects metaphysical realities which will take some time to understand it! Look once more at what the ∞ symbol represents and read the whole Tzolkin clock theory over again, which is the very heartbeat of our existence.

The cosmos was designed with two energy loops. One loop provides the gravity fuel for atoms, which has embedded the microcode from the Alpha (+One) POWER BASE for every atom to exist, and it needs the other rail to transfer intelligence to direct the energy force to create more atoms. They come together somewhere in the time dimension to eventually emerge as me or you, a perfect single creation model never duplicated. This is a paradox, embedded with the original mind image of the Elohim only in a smaller version, but still replicated in design like a Russian toy egg getting smaller on the inside.

Please get it. You are not a monkey relative but born into royalty of the highest King of kings, the Logos who was in the beginnings of the cosmos stated in John’s Gospel, a witness to truth.

The Elohim invited you and me to be guests in his Beth house fully lit surrounded with light like a brightest galaxy star. But to get there, he gave us a caterpillar body, like a new individualized wedding dress because the infinite light environment is too hot and requires a butterfly body with angel’s wings, much more beautiful and able to travel billions of miles through the cosmos.

It will then be possible to visit other occupied planets. It will be an EXPANDED vision of the ancient Garden of Eden story - a billion times over. God is escalating the prehistoric 6000-year old invention of Adam and Eve to manage a much grander French Garden multiplied. Every Saint will own his or her planet kingdom somewhere in the universe, an unending gift from the Elohim of applying the principle of a ∞MIND.  

It will be great fun. We will have wonderful parties to travel around to see the universe from different perspectives and visit our friends.  We will look at each other’s new development in a replay of a bio-world growing on other planets within an expanding universe like our earth. It is like a seed transferred from this old earth to a different planet where it grows into a big tree with thousand seeds every season. Eventually, one tree becomes a huge primordial forest.  It will get bigger being fueled with infinite ∞ light energy not changed for eons as stated in Genesis first verse, but with the difference that the time dimension is no more. Get it?    

Back to earth, we are still in the mortal caterpillar stage reading my story linked to the other rail of the infinite light (∞E²) channel. Here intelligence is transmitted to maintain creation controlled by a center DOT, a timeless event in the teeter-totter relationship. For a system to function properly, it needs to be recharged continually on both loops with two polarized energy force invisible to our human eyes.

For both entities, intelligence is linked and fuelled with energy, which needs to be transferred on a sustained basis unless God, the owner-inventor of the cosmos energy source, changes his mind.

A Closer Look at the Infinite Light Intelligence Rail (∞E)

Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness. (Genesis 1:3)

The nature of light fills many library books that will not be discussed here because of two thermodynamic laws we have two types of light. That caused great confusion not knowing anything about the metaphysic domain, which would point out errors embedded in a faulty evolution belief system.

But some observation is worth to notice that both types of light was designed like a flexible rubber band adjusting to various environments but still becomes a solid carrier for intelligence information. It must adapt, store, expand, shrink and any time be ready to interface and transmit intelligence information and must squeeze inside ever atom to give it Gestalt, existence and life. Gravity with embedded light intelligence is needed to fuel a cosmos to run its course.

 Even your expensive car needs gasoline fuel original was formed from the first entropy light converted from fossil fuel on the third creation day and needs intelligence like the SOMETHING embedded in your MIND the second rail to drive it.

The intelligence controlling every atom or growing our food, even the life embedded in our body is connected to the source, The Throne in Heaven the Elohim, which functions like a gigantic cosmos computer and energy provider. The management does not run its business without a plan and needs communication combining the past and future in a two looped system very detailed executed. We are part of the loop the main reason for the whole system to exist. That is my story to help you to find a save harbor for life to continue if you so chose.

What is the Nature of ∞Light?

∞E = m (+∞C /–∞C)²

Atheists do not believe that the first entropy of ∞light exist so they came up with a definition never proven, but instead assumed that light, as measured with our instruments, did not happen for nearly half a billion years after the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. That is how long the universe took to expand enough to allow photons (light particles) to travel freely, they say. Fabricated fairy tales do not have to be verified in an evolution religion.

However, physics deals with two thermodynamic laws even light must be subjected to; and since the First Thermodynamic law defining light is ignored by scientists; therefore, they can only use the light coming from the sun and do not realize it is from the second entropy level. If looking at 50% nature information, atheistic science will never understand it, as the other 50% of metaphysical is needed for a full rounded vision.

That can be proven investigating the electromagnetic frequency spectrum which starts from zero to infinite, as right in the middle our human eyes is calibrated the smallest infinitesimal spectrum DOT, a very narrow bandwidth frequency sliver less than one-ten billionth in range only mortals can see it which is defined in physics with seven rainbow colors. On either side it becomes invisible to our eyes with consequence in technology. Below infrared, all frequencies (TV, telephone and government) are friendly to life, but higher up the scale, the ultraviolet spectrum side will kill all life like X-ray, gamma or beta rays, the highest frequency we can measure with science instruments.

Why is life the nameless division marker in the physical world? Since life defines or mortality, why is everybody’s dream linked to immortality mystery?

Even atheists need a religion to justify their existence, an inborn inclination, which has its roots when Adam received God’s breath. The crux of our existence will get at the end what we believe. Atheist say when we are dead will remain dead, but Christians believe in eternal life therefore will end in the Jod dimension according to the one who created Life. Even God will not violate our desire and gives us what we wantas he designed mankind with a free choice.

If I have on one hand one dollar the other 1000 and let you choose which hand would you pick, like one dollar worth of fairy tales, or the Bible assuring eternal life? But the death of an unrighteous is extended for a time because we live in a Time Dimension and must first pay for the evil committed as the cosmos is balanced. Only when the time dimension ends, mortally will end too, like seeds will no longer sprout or like the cosmos flywheel has run out of energy unless recharged by a resurrection event of (∞E) we have become familiar with.

In going higher on that frequency scale, science instruments can no longer measure beyond gamma rays therefore infinite is the most outer range that starts the First thermodynamic entropy, never static watching life, cascading down hill according to the laws of Second Entropy. Gamma rays seem to be at the end of the mortal frequency scale cannot therefore be the First Entropy because it has a time dimension embedded as a frequency. Only when time is zero in teeter-totter relationship, is energy an Infinite frequency.

But the tiny center frequency range we call light only defined by mortals is linked directly to our mind which functions like a fantastic intelligence computer. That is a great miracle and mystery never realized that our eyes are calibrated right in the middle of the total frequency scale from sound to radio waves to gamma rays which can be measured with the help of instruments.

Yet, the light that is mentioned in the Bible in the first Genesis verse is different and originates from the meta-physical first entropy level, which is linked to an infinite higher energy source which can no longer be measured with instruments because time is zero and therefore is beyond the frequency spectrum of gamma rays and pointing to outer space, the Heh dimension. That concept you will not find in the best university believing in evolution religion fairy tales not conforming to physics ignoring entropy laws.

Where does it Start?

Galaxies function as energy transformers usually very hot as an oven and needs Kelvin cold for light to balance and shine brightly. Galaxies burn in different colors and act like filters for the universe, absorbing horrendous gravity energy, directed by an Alpha (+One) MIND in a teeter-totter relationship to infinite light (∞E²).

What finally comes to earth is on a much lower intense level, since energy is used up on the way passing through thousands of galaxies operating on a second entropy level. The light from there is on a lower speed we can measure from earth analyzing the spectral lines Fraunhofer discovered. 

Check out our galaxy where our earth-solar system is located on the outer edge pretty far from the center photographing the Milky Way and imagine that gravity combining with ∞light is either disappearing but could also come out from the black hole. That is only an open opinion never proven as modern scientists still do not know what the nature of light is. Even though gamma rays exist, which is on a higher frequency spectrum than visible light, they can only subsist with an embedded time dimension expressed in the structure of frequency. Any frequency crystallizing elements seen in Fraunhofer spectral line can only exist with an implanted “Time Dimension”. If time can no longer be measured, therefore would demonstrate logically must be closer to a higher energy level at the beginning of the First laws of entropy level.

When logic is applied and identified an implanted time factor it must therefore follow the result of the second law of entropy to become Gestalt or existence and must consequently included the energy conversion equation ∞E = m (+∞C /–∞C)². But ∞Energy is beyond the end of our frequency spectrum and cannot be measured with our science instruments, but that is not to say that there isn’t anything existing beyond that point.

I question the nuclear sun energy converted to visible light (186,000 mi/sec) in a vacuum and ask is it the same light created from a lit candle in a bedroom, or how about the electrical light turned on in the kitchen produced from a different source? How do we know what the speed of light was around in BC/AD or is it the same in distant galaxies? 

When I investigate the ancient Antikythera clock with embedded gravity measurements could calculate the speed of light in ancient times using the teeter-totter math formula. Notice light produced by deep sea creatures, firefly, and chemical reaction Hydrogen combined with oxygen, nuclear uranium bomb explosion or a match is not connected to the sun therefore must have another energy source. The sun is just another bigger match or firefly subject to the same fuel but needs intelligence to direct the atoms what to do.

Can Visible Light Change?

Let’s look at science a little further. How is the effect of sunlight measured when it goes through a media? In essence, for an example it will bend and slow down like in the dense matrix of a transparent diamond demonstrated. Shining light through a diamond it slowed down measured at 77,500 miles per second. Where did the rest of light energy go as the diamond has not changed looking back at the 2nd entropy railroad?

I should ask the question did the diamond get hot as that is the next conversion stage of visible light become invisible again but can be sensed as infrared, which increases the temperature of atoms.

Newton tells us about friction inside the Donut atoms the result of energy conversion. More examples exist like eyeglasses can correct vision because light changes speed when it passes from air through glass or plastic lenses causing the rays to bend. We use color filters of various frequencies in the Hubble Telescope to see more of the inner structure of galaxies.

But infinite ∞light energy now postulated will travel towards us from the source unhindered and will pass through various densities of mass particles billions of galaxies surrounded by gravity, magnetic and electromagnetic frequencies, not losing speed being transparent to the many laws in physics.

Only light from the second entropy will lose energy in the Kelvin cold, being absorbed and obstructed during various stages of forming atoms. We must delineate between the two types of light. Atheist universities are not familiar with this concept due to believing evolution religion.

Therefore, when energy eventually crystallizes out as elements we should notice Fraunhofer spectral lines indicating atoms with different molecular weight. All is depending how many neutrinos are converted producing protons, shaped, stored and controlled by intelligence, the glue. Only then can it grow and expand into a nucleus of various sizes and weight, which is summed up in the periodic table.

Think logically. If light slows down going through a denser diamond medium, then light coming from the medium of the universe is slowed down too and must be higher on the front end to match our perception of physics, which is governed by entropy. Even our sunlight must pass a gravity filter and our air atmosphere, before it can be measured on earth.

Therefore, you may want to examine my story a little closer, using logic. That logic did not get past Einstein unnoticed either, who said that light is slowed down over gravity or electromagnetic obstructions as other Princeton university scientists notice it can go faster too stated in the beginning of my little book.

Hence, an important deduction is made. When infinite light arrives at infinite speed through various space filters, it enters an atomic nucleus unhindered but converted to second entropy as radiated in galaxies that shine with different colors. It means when the galaxy lights shine, they react to a variation of electrical energy converted by neutrinos adding protons to a nuclear cell now become visible. 

We detect them as filtered out Fraunhofer spectral lines in the visible light spectrum range of seven rainbow colors band showing different elements crystallized with different atomic weights. Conversely, visible light energy is not hot enough to keep forming elements. It requires a higher energy level thereafter degraded on its way according to entropy laws to create matter.

Can Light be Stored?

Every atom and bio-system DNA cell is a transformer that stores a certain energy that changes into a teeter-totter type of relationship with gravity, like a capacitor storing energy. That would explain why hydrogen converts to helium in the sun, but not yet changed to heavier atoms like uranium.

Because uranium has a much heavier nucleus and exists only under the direction of the Alpha(+One) MIND, stored information conforming to a designed road map formed bigger atoms or combinations like bio-cells. The equation that makes the difference is ∞ intelligence transferred inside the conductor ∞light rail system in accordance with entropy laws.

That same intelligence prevents an expeditious nuclear reaction from the sun, keeping it from exploding in seconds like an atomic bomb with brilliant light as intelligence modifies a reaction. My cuckoo clock intelligence doles out gravity in very small amounts a very good example applying it to the sun. In my schooldays making water combining Hydrogen with Oxygen to have some fun comes with a noisy light reaction too very short but demonstrates stored energy.

Does Light have a Memory?

Infinite light has embedded a micro-code memory which is going back to the opening paragraph in Genesis, where the creation plan for mortals is introduced with the Alpha(+One) MIND announcing on the first day cycle the basis for a new creation invented and spliced out from infinite ∞ light. Looking at the metaphysical, heaven or the Heh dimension, we see all the galaxies and wonder how where they formed?

Yet, according to the Plan for Mankind, the [∞ Intelligence MIND] willed, as well as redirected, a secondary energy path, modeling a Daleth dimension, which ends like a 2nd entropy with (the Logos). God’s Divine Spirit floated over a vast expanse of water (Mem-Ausdehnung), closing the circle of many of the teeter-totter type entropy laws.

The opening verses of Genesis thereby initiated the grand plan of restitution and redemption, which created the existence of great masses (heaven and earth) for mortals. This was planned with 14 time dimension cycles, which are embedded in a 7000 year old Hebraic calendar, encompassing all forms of life, which are described in the seven days of creation night-day cycles. Thus the total blueprint for the cosmos is focused only on one purpose God's Plan for Mankind. What God willed is frozen and embedded in millions of laws generated, all dovetail to one DOT again a timeless event.

We can picture it as the Big Bang started from a nucleus DOT in total Kelvin cold bathed in NOTHING, as darkness new creation still bathed in ∞light radiating outwardly and expanded into a ∞ empty universe. It started with a single Donut Atom which has embedded in a microcode the total blueprint design replicated and multiplied into millions of galaxies. That is a miracle now seen clearly with electron microscopes using special filters to reveal the structure of atoms.

Eventually, science will discover the original complex embedded Donut Atom design now forming a cosmos creation controlled by a parabolic exponential Time Dimension laid out according to a higher MIND, which has a roadmap implemented in the time dimension until all the Saints will stand before God’s Throne, which is the end product now finalized what the ELOHIM∞MIND wanted.

Does Light have a Roadmap Schedule?

Divine Intelligence is reflected invisibly throughout all creation, which later crystallizes out into the purpose for mankind, whereby it is linked with the blueprint of God’s plan for a universe.

It was designed on two levels, both the Heh and the Daleth dimensions; giving birth to a time dimension and thereby effectively separating the two dimensions. You will note that the words which I highlighted all match the HANS philosophy (Hebrew Alphabet Number System), which reveal four (4) = Daleth and has embedded concepts that the creation act consummated: “in this world” <must conform> “in this time”, as God’s house.

This is articulated in the first two Genesis verses that have sheltered all the laws needed for a cosmos to be made ready, so as to receive life in the next remaining (5) five creation days, out of the full cycle of the seven; which again matches with the Hebrew system. Checking out the HANS system reveals 7000 years of human history.

The plan for mankind was designed like a railroad system balance on two rails (Heh-Daleth) with intermittent 14 stations and comes with a time schedule. Every mortal is linked to time schedule embedded 6000 years ago with a micro-code now surfaced invisible inside your and my mind being conscious made visible like analogue Fraunhofer spectral lines.

Every tombstone is engraved with a name and two birthdates, permanently recorded that someone existed within sliver of a time dimension referenced to Jesus Christ BC/AD world calendar, which is centered with a crossover finite time DOT to indicate the past & future with consequences on the butterfly side my favored analogy.

Is Light Affecting the Laws of Physics?

In (Part#1) of this story, I tried to focus on why a time dimension is vitally important for us as mortals. Entropy works only if the NOTHING becomes SOMETHING, which must be linked to intelligence rail. Therefore, in order for anything to come into existence, something must always give birth, with a time dimension resulting as a consequence. For mortals, living in the Daleth dimension, as well as time itself will cease to exist. However, being technically inclined as an engineer, I discovered some unusual concepts that are linked to the Bible, but this is not taught in any university.

Without a time dimension nothing can exist.

Think about that concept. I begin with what scientists presently believe, but I elaborate further so that they can see the fuller 360° panoramic view and not just the horizon, because they need to turn their thinking around so they can understand and experience an extended metaphysical revelation. That is the logic I use throughout my writings, coupled with the Bible.

Time is linked to the speed of light in the teeter-totter connection to gravity. If one changes, the other one changes also.

The proof we have is in the standard kilogram (IPK), which changed after 135 years. Therefore, the speed of light changed, which gravity is linked with. One of the biggest problems scientists have is in accepting the fact that light, which is connected to the first creation act in the Bible, is Infinite. I have endeavored to explain it with new discoveries from ancient clocks, which need some time to be completely understood.

If we want to expand our vision to comprehend the very first Bible verses, we need to first filter out some wrong concepts that have been taught by an atheistic, 21st century, politically correct third point worldview. Lacking a science education, theologians mired in Middle Ages theology never progress in learning what the Bible teaches. When the muddied waters become clear, it is drinkable.

How is Information Embedded in Light?

To establish an understanding of what time is and how it is linked to the speed of light, I will share some scientific viewpoints that I remember from years ago. If we imagine that the size of an atom to be as the size of a cherry, then imagine that its first surrounding electron orbit is three miles away. The next layer of electron orbit is even further.

However, scientists cannot explain the mystery of how each electron is still connected and communicates to the center of its nucleus with much faster speed than the speed of visible light. This demands instant access, or perhaps even zero time, if bathed in infinite energy as defined in my new donut atom theory.

Yet, when it is modified by encounters or obstructions like magnetic or gravitational obstacles, which could influence the nucleus, a time dimension is born, as that would delay a reaction. The phenomenon about something being faster than the speed of light is not generally acceptable in most science circles. Is it only noticeable in an obscure atom theory? The outer electrons functioning as a bridge for spooning with other atoms must be connected to infinite light intelligence passing on information of liking or rejecting a marriage of other atoms.

The element Gold for example will not marry with a sister, oxygen. But if ever let some Hydrogen boy’s get mixed up with a bunch of Oxygen sisters you have a loud noisy party ending with a big bang Knallgas exploding with left over drinks (H²O) accompanied with lights flashing. Where does the light come from, is it the same from the sun? Go back to school and try it out in the laboratory we always liked it.

Does Light Change in Space?

I saw another movie years ago, in the National Science Museum in Washington. The movie showed the infinite space of our visible universe and how much space in between the galaxies was reduced. In a series of pictures, they showed space scaled down and becoming smaller in rapid successions.

Eventually, the empty space was compressed between atoms. I remember the last statement vividly. If we take out all the empty space between the galaxies right down to the atom level, as in my example of the electrons orbit being three miles to the next atom’s center, the whole universe could fit inside a one pound coffee can.

This science story, which was taught years ago, is far superior to the present day teaching, but students today are being kept uninformed for the most part and are forced to believe in the unscientific evolution religion that not only violates the laws of entropy, but have no facts to back it up. Ask the question, how did the Big Bang, if it happened, get the idea to expand? It could have gone the other way – imploding, fizzed out like an invention not working.

If the laws of physics causing explosion or implosion demonstrating a moving energy, it stands to reason that the visible light is part of the same system could therefore not be constant now proven recently by Princeton Research Center. Check it out.

Is Light Connected to Metaphysics?

Expounding further on the faster than light concept, we could visualize something we all share. Thoughts that are formed by brainwaves of our innermost being knows no boundary nor can we measure its velocity with instruments, just as prayers directed toward heaven bridging millions of metaphysical miles?

We have an example recorded for us in the official records of the Babylonian-Medes-Persian Empire, documented in 515 BC by Daniel, a prophet and high administrator. Daniel’s prayers bridged a gap of a timeless dimension to arrive at God’s Throne in the Heh dimension, yet it is written that an angel appeared before him, stating that while he was still praying, God heard Daniel’s petition and sent an answer, before Daniel had even finished with his request.

Is Light or Gravity a Highway in Space?

I pondered deeply when NASA had launched a spacecraft voyager with a camera into space 7 years ago, which is still working. The camera sends pictures back from the outermost regions of the cosmos 3.7 billion of miles away, and yet, they come back to us and take about 5.5 hrs for each 60 images. Looking back the earth was only a pixel dot in the picture but seen in a special light spectrum created excitement around people watching the computer.

In space, we have a vacuum that seems to be nothing, but what is really the media bridge for electromagnetic fields passing through a vacuum channeling frequencies reassembled in order to transmit pictures that are seen on my TV. The very nature of how a frequency carries information and is transferred over a vast distance is still a mystery.

We should think about the space example of an atom linked to the connecting electrons orbiting three miles distance from its nuclear center I mentioned earlier, yet they are able to pass on information faster than the speed of light. Go back to the report by Chuck Missler that one interpretation of the Princeton experiment suggest that light arrived at the destination before it has started its journey. Quote: “In effect, it appeared to be leaping forward in time. One of the possibilities is that if light could travel forward in time, it could carry information”.

We have learned hopefully that ∞ intelligence preceded the flow on energy the Princeton experiment puzzled over. Sun-light energy radiating on the second entropy level cannot form Fraunhofer spectral lines and needs a faster light intelligence to convert into SOMETHING as a time dimension appears a little later in a teeter-totter relationship.

An observation leaping forward in time does screw up a basis in physics-causality which postulates that a cause must come before an effect. But laws of physics to the metaphysic are in a teeter-totter relationship Princeton should learn about.

My new Donut atom is the only theory that explains a lot of nuclear phenomena’s science has no answers. It is not possible to form elements from the lower second entropy light. The sun is proof of infinite energy being converted from hydrogen to lower level helium, shedding excess energy not needed resulting in light on the second entropy level. Hydrogen combining with oxygen combining into water H²O sheds light energy too. Where does the extra stored energy come from?

Is Light Bathed in Electricity?

Science has not answered or explained where the electrical energy comes from when a magnet is pushed through a copper wire loop? The faster you do it, the higher the pulse is and that is how we produce a million volts of electricity. If you use a different metal it does not work.

Watch the consequences of an electric furnace melting liquid iron and it demonstrates the fact that tremendous heat is released. Or look at the cities below at night from the window of an airplane. Do you ever wonder how energy is produced from copper coils turning inside a magnet or vice versa? It is still not explained in science. We only know that it works, but that energy is infinitely vast. 

Therefore, it must have a beginning, but where does it come from? What is the nature of that energy? Can it be defined or measured, or could it be linked to the infinity in metaphysics, which cannot be measured with instruments?

Electricity is a converted force from gravity embedded in every atom forming and even seen in galaxies but must be controlled by intelligence like we do in electric power stations ultimately comes from the Heh dimension source therefore ∞light is the other rail like DNA string balancing the cosmos system down to the smallest atom fuelling the nucleus linked to gravity and mirror imaged in a galaxy.

Electricity in a vacuum turns to light with different colors depending how much mass it represents made up of different atoms seeing Fraunhofer spectral lines adding or losing energy converted to mass depending on which perspective you are viewing from.

∞Light Travels in a Cosmic Loop?

Let me give you an example. A friend gave me a CD of The Messiah by George Frederick Handel, and as I listened to it, a thought occurred to me and I wondered how it was possible to listen to this man who lived hundreds of years ago. His music is now embedded in a digital language, where light is oscillated by a microcode through a pickup head, produced an electrical current, linked to the invisible electrical energy synchronized by magnets pushed through a copper coils, in an electrical power station thousands of miles away, linked to the infinite energy source - all that causes us to hear the music.

Once more, electricity is still connected with thousands of transformers, gadgets, switches and the many items in-between, which have all been invented and controlled by a built-in intelligence. It is linked to water collected above a dam to produce electricity. However, the dam as an energy reservoir collected rainwater that comes from the sky condensed down a river and in the process, electricity comes forth.

It is altogether connected much like an endless chain that points to the sun which controls the weather but even the sun receives energy from the other side like an energy transformer, crossing over via gravity, where the metaphysical begins with the first entropy law, which is the source of all infinite energy.

Only to recharge Handel’s music with an added divine flavor as seen in the ∞ picture to be rerouted on the next circle loop coming back, crossing over the ∞DOT of the infinite energy center where time is zero returning to the earth with the added embedded infinite light energy intelligence.

Handel’s music package is now modified and recharged and enters the atoms of my body picked up like an antenna which are linked to my inner spiritual mind like prayer travels on the same channel connected to the metaphysical entropy. It follows the energy transfer path being divinely designed with embedded intelligence experienced as life which cannot be measured with instruments; that makes me feel alive and able to function according to physics as one unit.

That returned energy from the Heh department now modified with Handel’s music is amplified to my inner spiritual ear and eyes –Ayin embedded in my body, as I listen to Handel’s music superimposed on a higher frequency module fully enjoying it, being linked at that moment to God my creator, as I drift peacefully in the waters of relaxation Mem, temporarily forgetting where I am – all of this was designed in an double enclosed ∞ circle now postulated? That happens simultaneously in seconds as a time dimension does not exist when energy is infinite which cannot be measured with hi-tech instruments.

∞Light intelligence Controls Every Atom

My Donut Atom, peeled apple model explains how the inside of an atom works from the metaphysic nuclear perspective. The invisible ∞E light energy flows into every atom like life is embedded in your and my body which cannot be explained solely in physics but it also exists to fuel the cosmos as galaxies can only be seen with our eyes when the lights are on and made visible in Fraunhofer spectral line colors all based on the second entropy.

I came to realize how precious Life is, (only a DOT in the time dimension), when I just recently received the sad news that my friend, a brilliant, young accordion player that I had played music together with, had travelled and climbed the mountains in Austria with, had just suddenly died. His life is gone. Now I only have a memory of him stored in the computer of my brain.

Does the universe make sense when we understand that the physical side (physics) crosses over into the metaphysical side (metaphysics), yet still is linked to so much pain that it sometimes seems random or without purpose? So it seems, if you are scientifically inclined.

My pinball machine analogy explains that the ∞intelligence, Elohim, is the One who invented the system and created a gravity highway, a pavement designed for energy-neutrinos to travel over to fuel a cosmos. But also it needs a special highway feedback track closing the loop to link prayers the spiritual energy to travel over. 

But if that same force hits the many moving proton-carriages decelerated at the speed of light 186,000 mil/sec inside the atom, it causes the 2nd entropy to appear, therefore passes on energy without killing or exploding the vehicle.

But if that same force hits the many moving proton-carriages decelerated at the speed of light 186,000 mil/sec inside the atom, it causes the 2nd entropy to appear, therefore passes on energy without killing or exploding the vehicle.

Since neutrinos are invisible to our eyes we must investigate the effect, or the trail they leave behind is SOMETHING existing in a time dimension that must also have a source, controlled by purpose. My hope is to see my friend again on the other side for another cycle as that is what I learned from the Bible explaining nature illuminated with God’s Holy Sprit. If we do not have the Holy Spirit to open our mind, we can only believe in fairy tales Satan invented to prevent us from receiving eternal life. There will be a lot of people like Noah’s relative who missed the boat and perished.

It is like entering a dark room searching for the switch for the light to be on. Everybody has a light switch embedded in your mind put there from the big MIND ELOHIM.

If you keep denying that he exist and ignore him even doing evil against his commandments, He will turn the light off in you mind and you will remain in darkness believing in fairy tales for the rest of your life. Unless you change your postured against your creator and ask Jesus for the light to be turned on in your spirit will then see clearly how to walk for the rest of your life, that simple. 

New Light Speed Discoveries

A faster than conventional light concept, as well as infinite ∞light is problem for many scientists not looking below the iceberg submerged, or could experience more climbing a pyramid on top with a panorama view 360° around for a better vision. Do not forget ancient clocks measured gravity changes, which consequentially will indicate a higher speed of light in a teeter-totter arrangement when linked to entropy.

Do not get upset when math equation points out that the speed of light could have been 80 Billion miles a second to arrive for a cosmos to show up a little sooner 4488 BC, calculated from an exponential, parabolic time curve data embedded in the Aztec and the Antikythera clocks. If you know better, I would like to hear about it, but present the facts with three witnesses as I have done; otherwise it is only an opinion subject to change.

When scientists estimated the beginnings of the cosmos without proven facts, they factored in 13.7 billion years for the first Big Bang. They used the light of a match as a yardstick not very bright dealing with an infinite cosmos. That theory is based on the speed of light to measure time, being averaged at 186,000 mi/sec.

However, every university measures something different and needs to factor in global location, tidal changes connected with the moon position around the globe according to the second entropy law in a teeter-totter to gravity.

Also light coming from space crossing over many energy filters will show variation within a time frame as nobody ever calculated what was the speed of light around BC/AD? Assuming that light from our sun was constant for thousands of years is just foolish theorizing as a nuclear energy exchange slow or fast will depend on how much energy was original stored according to the flywheel principle.

Your gasoline tank becomes eventually empty changing the weight of your car, too. All are linked to a certain time range. How fast did the sun burn 1000 years ago as energy was converted? Scientists do not know the answer, and I am sure it has been on a downhill curve. An empty gas tank should make us think to figure it out logically and ask the question, “How was the food chain affected across a time dimension starting from BC/AD increasing a population and why parabolic exponential?”

The many evidences in nature like measuring cells in fossil bones, why are they larger in dinosaurs? We measure every year the diameter of our sun it is getting smaller by a fraction. Why is it connected with prehistoric growing cells being bigger? It is the same sun I am sure but seems to be a paradox. Or is our understanding of physics faulty?

Multiplying the sun shrinking fraction by 13.7 Billion fairy tale years the sun would be so big life would not be possible as a bigger mass of the sun would change our earth orbit. That points to the fact that an evolution religion to have evolved is impossible applying logic to physics. Again faulty physics?

Now we have learned finally that ∞light from the first entropy can become visible to our eyes only on the second entropy level in the middle of the frequency spectrum and therefore can change faster or slower in frequency as something cascading down hill has obstruction to overcome like magnetism, gravity changes and a number other laws defined by Newton useful for high-technology.

The ratio of a cosmos transformer was designed that the higher primary voltage is converted for mortals and all life on earth on a lower visible frequency light speed 186,000 mil/sec everybody is happy with. Our dual eyes where specifically designed in the center of the frequency scale. The downhill frequency is friendly to life, while the uphill kills all life. Your eyes in the middle are the judge.

But recently disturbing news made headlines light velocity could be 300 times faster (186,282 mi/sec) according to NEC Princeton. That should be compared with recent discoveries of ancient clocks exhibited in various in museums measuring 1000 times higher velocities around BC/AD according to an ancient Antikythera clock, a second witness. 

This was verified and was stated by a brilliant scientist who postulated that light is not constant but was sometimes ago 1010 times’ higher proposed by a Russian, V. S. Troitskii, Astrophysics and Space Science Vol.139 pp 389 -1987 and should tell him it is verified and even dated with ancient clocks about 2000 BC. Higher speed of light could cause more food to grow check out the population curve feeding 7 billion people read my first section again.

Ancient clocks measuring gravity pushed the light speed limit to a much higher limit. The math shows 80 Billion mi/sec before people were on earth, which could be blowing the fuse in the halls of universities causing a total black out. Once more faulty physics, or believe the many clock witnesses testifying in museums.

That should qualify painting evolution sequence via a monkey next to a PhD in every science museums. But logic must widen a horizon not to forget that the Time dimension is the result of higher intelligence in a 360° metaphysic perspective which would be required for the formation of larger mass in the math equation proven inside every atom.

The great tragedy of Science is the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.
— Thomas H. Huxley. 

Alpha(+One) Force: How the First Atom was Formed

God created… (Second entropy of the Heh dimension polarity)
… the heavens

This little snapshot of an idea is only for those who love to tinker with ideas that inventors typically are famous for. Science has not come up with a good model theory of what an atom really looks like because when you smash an atom with a 17-mile long cyclotron, it creates useless junk.

Do not apply that technique to your watch if you want to know how it works. Here is a better representation, based on the laws of physics and expanded to the metaphysics. Maybe someone could come up with a computer graphic model for our schools, but it must have both perspectives for a better understanding on how an atom, applied to our Daleth dimension works and must fit, if linked to the Heh dimension cosmos.

To visualize what an atom looks like, I look at pictures of galaxies as the same laws of physics apply, rather than wasting my time in looking at broken junk particles costing billions of dollars each. God showed me a Donut atom model, which I postulated two years ago and described in a new theory, which makes a lot more logical sense.

Donut Atom Nuclear StoryCheck it out in A DONUT ATOM NUCLEAR STORY, Babushka egg concept book #6. It’s free on the Internet that could broaden a knowledge horizon.

The donut atom theory gets better each time I read my book as complexity needs to ripen like a fruit. An architect has two ways of making a drawing for building a house. One is showing the three sides with separate views, the other shows all three sides together in a three dimensional perspective.

Two years ago, I described a new atom from a three dimensional perspective like a Donut expanded into a peeled apple Donut, but now, when seeing the Tzolkin diagram clock, it is matching a two dimensional illustration. God is not finished revealing a totally different idea of what an atom is, which is never postulated in universities. It pointed me towards investigating the Tzolkin ancient clock and the reason now becomes obvious, as it is expanding my atom model perspective, by adding more witnesses to my new theory.

It is gaining speed and becomes more realistic, the more I look at the evidence. It took a long time after Galileo for others to understand new concepts too. But on my personal quest using deductive reasoning, reality is somewhere in the middle and must employ all information available because even fairy tales have hidden truth.

The Tzolkin clock forced me to differentiate between gravity and magnetism as both forces seem similar, but one is from the first entropy and the other is the second. But even the second entropy could have children; perhaps electricity? It is still an opinion; therefore, let’s not yet throw eggs in my face because the baby is too young to judge what it will become.

So far we learned about how energy flows from the source to fuel the cosmos with unnumbered galaxies right down to a single Donut atom. An atom has embedded intelligence, much like your computer being linked to an internet, a divine computer in the sky, controlling every atom from the Heh department making up our world.

It needs both rails like two wires in order for energy and intelligence to flow; otherwise, we have a reverse Big Bang event that would collapse, according to the mathematics that defines physics. Your car needs refueling too. It is controlled by intelligence to go somewhere in a certain time, conforming to the same laws the cosmos is operating under.

We have learned of an infinite energy loop concept that starts with the crossover DOT. It is illustrated in my Tzolkin clock with three circles. A parallel atom model concept was previously explained like a spliced peeled apple, which gave details about how the two cosmos forces work once the atom was created.

Then I stated that the shape of atoms, while understanding the design replicated in photographing galaxies like the hourglass galaxy on the front page is the same as the laws of physics that apply ultimately to outer space too, which could mirror the same donut design for the whole universe. That is consistent with what God reveals in Genesis where we discover that His oracles, the way the Bible is written, always has embedded the same creation story concept, which is repeated in multiple layers, like my Russian Egg concept books.

This new book is the smallest egg and still discusses the same design, like the picture on every Russian toy egg duplicated. Therefore, I believe that the mass formed from infinite energy in the smallest atom must also conform to those bigger egg galaxy models I postulate.

The three dimensional perspective of an Donut atom, projected on a Tzolkin two dimensional level is illustrated with the infinite ∞ ancient mathematical symbol, which connects Bara ∞ Elohim, which is where creation starts and focusing on the center ∞DOT where energy ∞E² begins to flow on the right loop, crossing over the DOT to the left loop, just like the picture of the Tzolkin diagram clock shows.

Imagine moving ∞energy like electricity in a conductor forever in a figure eight until the Time Dimension clock has run out of time, like my cuckoo clock that stops too. That exercise could expand our understanding about how magnetism is produced creating light on the 2nd entropy level.

One observation seen on TV is that of people floating weightlessness inside the space station, which now causes us to question about gravity force getting smaller, so that anything further out will float into space. That paradox believed that gravity is concentrating mass, which makes no sense when applying it to floating astronauts or comparing it to the moon, as science is so sure that gravity is the force for the moon to go around the earth. Here is just another stone on the street, which becomes irritating when we drive too fast over it, or an apple falling on your head gives you a bump like Newton.

What is a Strong-Weak force? Magnetism versus Electricity

Let’s take a closer look at how the strong and weak forces interplay with “electromagnetism” and “gravity”, the four foundation corners that the house of physics is build upon. Looking once more at the Tzolkin clock, which opens the door for how an atom works on the inside constructed on a three-clock axis design. The 13-18 gears are infinitely connected in one twisted loop, balanced like a teeter-totter with gravity to magnetism, but is driven by 20 gears, which is the fuel for every atom recognized on the lower domain as electricity converted to visible light.

My kid understands physics much better by using analogies of a weak-strong force that scientists have a problem with. It can be simply explained and applied to atoms, which would make logical sense. In a toy store, I found an interesting plaything with a little round base. In the center was a floating something in midair, which can be touched and will turn around and around, which is a mystery because how can it levitate in air, defying gravity?

The secret is one that only a grandfather knows and explains. A round magnetic donut, which is invisible in the base, makes the magnetized something float, as opposite magnetism will stick together, but the same magnet polarity will repel. The toy magnetism represents the weaker (gravity) force because if you push the toy off the table, it will demonstrate the stronger (gravity) force.

Therefore, an important principle can be applied, showing how an atom works, as magnetism must be the weaker force that is overwritten by a gravity force much stronger. Both energy forces have a source either from the first law of entropy that is STRONGER and gives birth to the second, which is a little WEAKER. Another application came across in a TV science presentation, showing an experiment about a frog that was levitated on the inside of an extensive magnetic field ring. They could not figure out why a living frog could float in midair?

In both examples, a donut magnet was connected to a current producing magnetism, which was controlled by a switch that could turn the levitation on or off. But when a switch is activated, it needs intelligence controlled by a complex invisible mind, which has been demonstrated by so many inventors spawning so many new ideas that shape our modern world.

In my case, you can find in Stanford University, some professor wrote a theory that is condensed in a book where he formulated complex mathematics in order to find out why a tiny flying head inside your computer that is controlled by a small disc-drive works so well. That tiny floating head spaced 1000 times smaller than your hair, revolutionized computer technology and made Steve Jobs a billionaire, linking it to a little 5” diameter drive, because his computer needed a miniaturized storage devise.

The existing disc-drive on the market was as big as a wash machine and so heavy, that it needed a forklift to move it, which was not very practical; a miniature storage device was needed for creating the first desktop computer. But the flying head inside was first modeled through my insight, but I cannot explain it in the science that was demonstrated after 3 weeks of solid computer math calculations. It came to me and very much surprised me when discovered.

Herbert, why did you spend so much money? Our fee equated your yearly salary, and you picked the absolute paramount solution out of a million calculations, but only one point is the best. How did you know that point? Do not think I am smart, as I’m sure your mind is superior, but I just followed my gut instinct, which felt good which is linked to a mind expanded in a bigger circle much like a donut, which is now postulated.

A normal switch or electronic gate has two possibilities to control something and needs another analogy to explain physics from a fully-rounded 360° perspective. Let’s go to a circus and watch a balancing act high up on the wire, where we all expect the actor, according to physics, just to tip over.

Again, on one side is gravity, the strong force that we all expect, but a weaker force controlled by a mind, keeps the balance on top of the wire and became the reason why I paid a ticket to understand why an act in the circus, when applied to an atom world, would work, but it was only to last for a certain time while being entertained.

Again, notice the four building blocks of physics, where the weak-strong force is balanced by intelligence and controlled by a time. It matches the philosophy of the perfect manifestation designed like a triangle with three sides; a levitated toy SOMETHING – a circus act on top of a wire – an ancient clock to tell time; where all of them together explain the cosmos.

Back to atoms, where they are bunched and creating mass; they must have food to grow. They are either static or dynamic energy converted, which is my story. Gravity wants to suck mass together, but magnetism repels in order to counter that force, depending on its polarity. It is a delicate balancing act, much like in a circus with a man on top of a wire. The slightest force on one side could have disastrous consequences. That principle can be applied inside an atom, which has consequences such as how we think about the moon orbiting around the earth and the earth around the sun.

Gravity might not be responsible as a force since other laws of physics interplay when linked to the infinite energy flowing from the source, which creates a series of reactions like Newton defined. If we want to understand our solar system or the cosmos and how it functions, we must first look at what makes an atom tick on the inside, provided the atom is not smashed.

The sixth Russian Babushka egg Donut atom book explains the three finger electrical rule as the basis of how the magnetism force is converted, which must be applied to my infinite ∞ symbol when looking at the Tzolkin clock. What is above, so below, just like Heh-Daleth, which is subject to the same electrical three-finger rule which demonstrates that when energy flows in a conductor, magnetism is produced 90° to the flow and when observed further, will produce electricity which is linked to visible light, whether in your kitchen or in galaxies.

The Tzolkin clock illustrates an infinite ∞ symbol of a clock system, which could be applied to how an atom is structured. A good analogy provides extra information as to what is invisible to our eyes, since our mind will always be looking for some tools to expose the reality of how nature works or we look around and find another toy. Switching back and forth from the micro-world reflected in the macro-world could reveal how the laws of physics work, which are the same on both levels.

From the cosmos perspective, the [infinite ∞light - gravity] a dual energy from the Alpha (+One) MIND flows from one loop to the other down to every single atom. That flow will produce magnetism 90° to the energy flow, but at the crossover DOT inside the center of an atom, magnetic energy is bunched. To understand that principle in physics, magnetism will endlessly circle around a copper conductor wire as long as there is a current flowing, that is the same on the metaphysical level, we have an invisible infinite energy conductor wire from the cosmos neutrino source linked together into two ∞ circles next to each other and operating miniaturized form within every single atom.

On the atom level, it will start a phenomenon at the crossover DOT which is the center concentrating energy as both loops reverse direction with similarities, which was previously explained as the apple donut, where poles reverse the flow of protons moving inside the atom nucleus. That would influence the magnetic lines going around in a conductor (check the three finger electrical rule) and will therefore clash together at the center DOT. Magnetism is consequently forced to go into the same directions, and at that juncture, it will become larger because the loop is twisted like an unending chain.

Accordingly, magnetism will add up, which looks like multiple magnetic lines bunched together, going in the same direction, forming what is like a large donut, 90° to the flow of energy which keeps on quadrupling, jumping over the DOT juncture and accelerating, forming a jet stream of negative polarized magnetic forces. It will circle around its nucleus as long as the energy current from the Heh dimension is flowing. Just as a car needs refueling, the magnetic lines, being continually replenished by infinite current as the outer electrons orbit around the atom nucleus, needs fuel too. Nothing runs forever; it requires fuel, whether it is like our body that is linked to our mind or as a system is replicated in a single atom.

Those bunched magnetic lines will be generated and shaped into a floating donut, anchored by going through each conductor loop’s center hole (∞), and will be going around from one hole to the other loop hole, crossing over the DOT juncture two times –top and bottom- which is forming a bigger magnetic donut ring, 90° to the flow of infinite current going around in a figure eight.

The heavenly Heh dimensional force comes with an embedded dynamic velocity, turning in a figure eight inside the atom nucleus, while the energy current is flowing around. That will be creating three center axes held together by two energy loops, and produces a new outer magnetic donut as long as the current is flowing. It works like a meshed gear, but 90° to the figure eight and is similarly described in Genesis with the first verse, an Ausdehnung or expanse stretched over the empty space surrounding the infinite source.

Looking at atoms with electrons orbiting around the nuclear, much empty space exists, as scientists tell me, and the electrons would be three miles away, if the atom is the size of a cherry. All is scaled, but it is mostly empty space. Or look once more to my toy that levitated a floating SOMETHING and behaves like electrons when a hidden magnetic donut nearby causes circling around the nuclear center with the same polarity, demonstrating electrons levitated orbiting around the nuclear atom, but energized by a Heh dimensional force. They levitate and float because the same magnetic polarity repels, just like my toy demonstrates.

A ∞DOT obstruction influencing magnetism could be illustrated like this. The presence of a mountain causes a low flying glider, flying horizontally to suddenly climb with an updraft force, crossing over a thermo DOT on top of the mountain, where it is lifted by warmer, invisible air energy that is reflected from below, which will get you an energy boost that will make you soar higher. My warm air analogy behaves like a bunched, concentrated magnetic jet stream crossing over, being refueled every time it passes over the ∞E² energy DOT source; otherwise, my glider plane will be grounded again; or just like a flywheel will fizz out because of a time dimension and is designed to stop the energy flow to end the cosmos in Taw.

What we see is a refueling cycle for an atom to exist and to live a little longer.

Once more, we end up with a negative charged jet stream, in the shape of a Donut, of moving magnetic forces, created by infinite light (∞E)-gravity forces, circling like a figure eight ∞ loop and produces 90° of the energy flow; a magnetic donut stretched out like a tent over and around and is formed by two energy flowing loops. The positrons/protons inside the atom center are a positive charge, but when surrounded by a moving current, they will produce negative magnetic radiation of a reversed polarity, which is linked to negative charged electrons. Like the SOMETHING in my newfound toy demonstrated when I was playing around with it, it will repel and levitate the outer electron circle because magnetism of the same polarity will repel.

The outer magnetic donut jet stream is a negative charge and is not static, but rather is moving, which causes the negative free-floating electrons to be pushed to orbit around the atom center in the same direction. But being repelled as a force would mean going into space only so far, merely to be recaptured until the strong gravitational force holds back the magnetic weak force to balance out, just like playing with my toy with the levitating SOMETHING at a certain distance, or watching the circus act and ponder why someone can walk with great balance on top of a wire. We can learn an important principle.

If the velocity of the magnetic donut jet stream would stop, caused by the current turned off, the consequence, according to Newton, would immediately effect the orbiting, repelled electrons to crash into the nucleus (negative charge attracted to positive charge) causing the whole cosmos to collapse into the original DOT in Kelvin cold, as all atoms are connected with the same Heh dimension energy, and are linked to a switch which started giving energy to every single atom which is now multiplied and expanded.

As long as the current is flowing that keeps the cosmos alive or reverses a Big Bang to a DOT. Our electrical system works the same way, which is controlled by intelligence-mind. It can activate a light energy switch to on or off, which has consequences as Newton defined.

The electrons are attracted by a strong gravitational force to the positive charged proton-center and would stick together. They could not orbit unless repelled by a negative charged weak magnetic donut force, as my toy demonstrated. That makes the electron levitate around the nucleus when repelled by a negative charged magnetic donut.

The strong and weak force is delicately balanced by the intelligence controlling the current on the other rail. If the current was not flowing, the magnetic donut would collapse and that would stop the electrons orbit around the nucleus, as they would get sucked into the center, with consequence of all life being gone forever. Give thanks to the Lord and ask Him to keep the energy flowing, in order for me to live a little longer.

A levitating electron principle, circling around a nucleus, repelled by a donut magnetic force is a totally new viewpoint to science and can be applied to our earth that keeps orbiting around the sun, according to the same laws of physics believed to be gravity, but is delicately balanced with magnetism that is controlled by intelligence and linked to the weak and strong forces, and gives direction to a neighboring atom system, as seen illustrated in my new Donut atom theory.

Investigating this further, we see that magnetism in space. We notice that the same phenomena within the Donut atom is seen on the magnetic poles of our earth, which are moving 40 Km every year; or we see the magnetic line coming out from the sun that becomes visible against the background, by reflecting ionized charged dust particles, but really it is a full-grown three dimensional donut ring, shaped like a barrel all around. From our eye level perspective, we can only see invisible magnetic lines reflected on the edge against the background of dark space and have no instrument to measure it.

Maybe a compass detecting the second entropy reaction on earth alerts us that magnetism is embedded inside the earth. My peeled apple Donut model shows the magnetic lines on the front picture of this booklet.

That viewpoint will ruffle some feathers in some quarters, by a lack of understanding regarding metaphysics that is linked to entropy laws. For an example, in a windowless elevator we do not sense velocity in the middle, whether in a descending or ascending travel, when experienced in a skyscraper. Try it out. Use the high-speed elevator and bypass 50 floors.

Apply that feeling to being inside an enclosed elevator environment, and observing the magnetic lines of our earth when connecting with a magnetic force of the sun, not realizing what effect they have on each other, as we think of gravity as only one entropy possibility. Our mortal mind is programmed with information and behaves the same as my computer; garbage in gets garbage out. Therefore, there needs to be witnesses to verify what nature really is, without applying garbage, atheistic religion to explain the cosmos.

But entropy is dual; therefore, traveling in a closed cosmic elevator, we cannot sense magnetism as a force on earth that is linked to the sun magnetism, like we see it modeled in electrons circling around its atom nucleus. Expanding that idea further, I would logically pick magnetism as a force, keeping the moon around the earth, but I also should expand it to our sun moving toward the center of the Milky Way, attracted by an invisible magnetic force, as long as it is coupled with the big cosmic energy loop, producing magnetism at 90°, which is linked the same energy Alpha(+One) gravity force to the infinite light source (∞E²) moving in every single atom. It is the same model demonstrated inside a Donut atom.

If we apply what we see on TV, where we see a space-vehicle satellite delicately balanced and orbiting around the earth with people floating weightlessness, and apply that to the moon; I have a hard time accepting that only a gravity force keeps the moon orbiting around the earth for 6500 years and is still seen today. Maybe playing with my newfound toy that demonstrates magnetism gives me a better answer.

Reflections on Global WarmingIn my 5th Babushka book, Reflections on Global Warming 2010, I described the fundamentals of global warming that are not taught in universities and explained the effect that the moon has on earth.

Scientists have determined that the moon is moving away from earth a few inches every year. If you accept the evolution religion that believes in billions of years, then the moon’s motion logically calculated would mean that it should have already gone off into space totally escaping the earth’s gravity. If that were the case, then there would be no life on earth. Moon cycles tell all the critters in the ocean and all life on earth when to multiply. They even a woman’s cycle conforms to the moon calendar and not the solar one.

The moon is a satellite. Either it will plunge into the earth or disappear into space over time. Perhaps it is delicately held balanced in orbit by a dual force in a precise flight path that is related to the earth’s mass of atoms. That dance of earth and moon is bathed in infinite energy and linked together by the polarization of magnetism, very accurately balancing the weak with the strong force.

In the global warming phenomena, I describe a slingshot theory made from a rubber band that demonstrates a flexible centrifugal force to accelerate the moon into space, but it is held back by another force. I postulate that magnetism is opposite, to balance physics, which keeps the equilibrium after 6500 years, in order to maintain life on the earth. But in this scenario, one thing is missing. Just as my cuckoo clock, which is designed to work perfectly could hang on the wall forever, but it needs the intelligence, an outside force, to kick the pendulum just once. Try it out and push the pendulum. Now it moves on its own.

If the negative charged electrons do not move, it would be lost and disoriented in space, missing the positive center intelligence which is a nuclear force much like your mind, to keep them controlled in orbit, but is prevented by a river magnetic jet stream, thus forcing them to be levitated, otherwise, they would crash. There is a delicate balance, a thin line going in either direction. Just like our satellite spaceship orbiting around the earth needs watchful intelligence activated, it needs the pushing of some correction jets to keep it floating very precisely or all is history.

Genesis tells us that God placed the sun and moon around an earth not the other way around, which was covered profusely with a flourishing vegetation on the third day, but on the fourth creation day, God kicked the moon pendulum for time to begin, as the moon must be initially moved, according to Newton’s law, and be moving in a vacuum like a pendulum, so that mankind can keep a Jewish calendar which is the oldest in the world, or it will crash the system.

From thereon, the moon must also conform to the law of a flywheel, loosing energy (a few inches/year) and additionally, it was influenced a little when an asteroid zipped by too closely on 5 February 2287 BC. Now we can measure the difference after 4300 years and see that the original clock is a little off, which is calculated at 5.24 days, compared to one solstice orbit around the sun, which is our reference point.

But if you have an earth axis wobble screwing up ancient calendars, we need a zodiac star reference point such as the ancient invented clocks, which are all of a various design. You can check out the third Babushka book that deciphers ancient bronze-gold clocks that are exhibited globally in various museums. That is proof if you want to know how they work and apply them to the moon, which is linked to global warming.

Investigating magnetism, a major force keeping the moon in orbit, will create some feather-ruffling again. You should either play with my newfound toy or go to the circus and watch the action high up on the wire, but check further, we can link the logical path, which started with the first verse in Genesis, to show what we have learned, where even theologians will be surprised. When magnetic energy is bunched up at the DOT junction ∞E² within a single atom, it quadruples as the weaker magnetic energy force is used up in the cosmos system, which is linked to Donut atoms that all needs refueling.

That is demonstrated in a principle that is witnessed on the second entropy level, when visible light passed through a slot obstruction, projecting a certain pulse on the other side that can be measured. If another light source passes through same slot geometry, but is superimposed, the light pulse is not doubled but quadrupled. Why? That is still a puzzle for scientists. Magnetism, which is a weak force, is from the second entropy; therefore, it behaves the same.

I hope I have made it clear as to what happened inside every atom, as the energy DOT illustration, when applied to creation, is linked to three donut ring energy axis’s centers, which is illustrated by applying the three finger electrical rules, which point to the three metaphysical energy sources and is symbolized in a math equation by the Jewish triangle which has three sides.

Elohim & Logos + invisible Holy Spirit energy force, replicated in a time dimension to become SOMETHING, according to entropy:

“Let us make man in our image”

…demonstrated on the physical Daleth side which we call:

soul & body linked with an + invisible mind.

It is linked to an architectural creation plan that started with a DOT energy source and is connected to my atom ‘body & mind’ nucleus and tied to mortality; a time dimension which is expressed in a past/future BC/AD DOT. That defines the direction for the energy to flow, creating atoms with an embedded life [A-C-G-T] to fuel atoms like H²O, in order for them to multiply and to grow bigger into molecules. They are directed to end our mortality like a flywheel, which either ends in Jod or Taw. It is designed on a dual entropy basis, which is expressed in Beth.

My Donut Atom book was written 2 years ago. It describes how visible light is the result of magnetism, much like what happens when generating electricity, which must come from somewhere because it is the result of a current flowing inside a conductor. In our case, we have two loops; one of which is for the ∞light intelligence to manifest itself in the other, gravity, which becomes the fuel energy for the cosmos and comes from the source, the infinite Elohim. That is new to scientist saying that gravity is fueling atoms.

Gravity is static ever present in mass resting, but when it moves, it becomes a kinetic energy source. We should investigate this property because it has the potential to provide much cheaper energy. When static gravity energy moves in perpetual motion - like a ∞ circle seen in my atom model, it could produce electricity forever. If we understood better what happens inside a donut atom and applied those principles to high technology, I believe that harnessing gravity would produce virtually unlimited green energy available for the next thousand years, totally free.   

We apply polarized Magnetism of a “weaker” or “strong” force to the teeter-tooter relationship, with the second entropy being born from gravity. It is still a mystery for science, but is known as a force demonstrated in high technology, as it levitates a high-speed train like in Germany weighing hundreds of tons.

A transportation vehicle floating in air that defies gravity, only works when a current is sent through a conductor, thus producing magnetism, which is levitating and floating solid mass. But we have two forces in the teeter-totter relationship, where gravity is opposite to magnetism. If you reverse the same force, then the predominant force will take over like the train is stuck; that principle could be applied to fact that the moon would plunge into the earth, if the infinite cosmos energy (∞E²) is turned off.

Expand your vision. If the current is higher, the levitated train floats higher, even if its weight is a hundred tons and is not changed if it floats much higher, and is applied to the moon distance. It is still the same principle. Only when a current flows does the system work.

The infinite force, which is invisible to our eyes, can only be noticed by the effect. It is recognized when mass is created by donut atoms bunching together into molecules and charged with infinite energy on the atomic level, which is now postulated. It will demonstrate two levels; either being influenced by magnetism or gravity, just like the levitated train displays it, depending on how much current is flowing the negative charged electrons on the atomic level.

Therefore a fine-tuning, being pushed away by a negative magnetic donut ring and floating like an levitated train, but still attracted to the center protons, which are charged positive and have more mass a overriding force. Whichever force is predominant, whether the stronger or weaker, will determine its electron orbit by how much the current is flowing, producing both a weaker or stronger magnetic donut. But atoms interconnected to each other like a levitated train with so many cars, was designed to operate in a Time Dimension going somewhere with purpose and powered by an intelligence rail; a mystery force linked to a Heh computer switch that controls the current flow.

Any system placed in a time dimension must have a beginning station and end with a station also, following a specific design that is purposed to levitate a train to move people from point A to point B. Atoms had a beginning and need refueling, or they end up as decayed matter ultimately, at least energy-wise, being used up and becoming NOTHING, ending in a DOT back where it started out because energy is never lost. It is always 100%, if you do the math.

Likewise, God, the Elohim, designed His levitated cosmos train system upon two rails, which brought forth a time dimension, as the third leg, designed like a triangle, with the third site to be a clock, giving us a 7000 year Hebrew calendar from the first station, Adam [4068 BC], to the last station Taw [3018 AD], and can only be understood in my new Donut atom theory, as school textbooks cannot explain it.

Why do we get an electrical pulse when passing a magnet through a simple copper wire loop? Or explain a levitated train and how it works in physics to me. Please answer the Why question, based on physics, but it needs three witnesses to elevate opinions to facts.

I discovered that Ezekiel spaceship vehicle, which is described in the Bible, is designed like my atom theory and is similar with the wheel within wheels, which I just described. The infinite energy source sits on top, in the driver’s seat, and transfers energy seen as fire coming out at the bottom, according to the second entropy law, which gets you levitated in the Daleth Dimension much like a magnetic levitated train in Germany, only larger, since the Alpha(+One) MIND is seated on the top is bigger. Maybe in the future, we will discover that magnetism is now embedded in thousands of inventions and has accelerated our modern civilization, which could also be the fuel replacing gasoline and expensive dangerous nuclear energy.

Magnetism bunched together is smaller or larger because each donut atom has a different size. In the micro-world, one such bunch is equivalent to the size of a Wiener fairy wheel in Austria or London, right down to a donut that I buy for my kids.

Both extremes have different weight when hundreds of donut atoms spoon and are placed on top of each other forming molecules. Hold a solid apple-sized platinum or uranium metal section in your hand, which is very heavy when compared to the same size aluminum.

The difference is the atom weight of mass, which is concentrated energy that is bunched up over a certain time dimension, created from neutrinos and converted into protons, which circle around quite fast inside every infinite loop, which to our mind looks like inside a closed elevator as solid matter. It is similar to a high-speed train levitated or Ezekiel’s vehicle going into space, but only students investigating science from the biblical perspective will know the difference.

Donuts are different in size and weight; some fit inside each other, with a donut hole and make up clusters that are categorized in the chemical department. When atoms lay on top of each other with a certain weight summed up, we then notice that they are stuck together by magnetism that is caused by an energy rail gravity flowing inside the nucleus; an invisible force which increases as more atoms lay on top of each other spooning, adding magnetic force energy.

Thousands of feet deep in the ocean and further down through the earth mantel, more gravity force is used up, increasing mass as more atoms spooned together and concentrated more infinite energy from the source stored, which means compressed energy is getting denser and therefore weighs more. The nuclear bomb proves compressed energy.

In contrast, our space satellites are surrounded with fewer atoms. Therefore, magnetism is less, but it is still connected like the first loop of electrons that circle around the nucleus three miles away from the atom center, if the atom is the size of a cherry or so scientists tell me.

In my donut atom story, when looking at the many galaxies that were previously mentioned, we observe an expanding, yet at the same time, a contracting cosmos, which is the result reason of Lucifer’s rebellion.

But from the physical-metaphysical perspective, it makes a lot of sense because everything is now static, like movie frozen in just one frame. Everything is on hold, according to the Plan for Mankind, as the energy is just enough to keep everything in balance because nothing moves anymore, but is static.

The sun, as the largest body, is an exception and keeps everything in motion because of earth having priority, until all the souls are harvested before the White Throne, then the cosmos movie will start again.

The donut atom theory of converting energy to magnetism, while creating electricity so that the light will shine in my kitchen or in galaxies, is postulated from the metaphysical perspective. That opens the door to explain physics with logic, but it requires a higher IQ and is only given to those who ask the LOGOS.

Could Gravity Replace Expensive Nuclear Energy?

The infinite ∞light energy force appears to me to be beyond the frequency scale ending in infinity and is therefore timeless. It has no Time Dimension embedded in the structure, so it consequently belongs to the First entropy surrounded with the Alpha (+One) MIND to impart intelligence for direction forming SOMETHING.

My cuckoo clock is a perfect example of a simple gravity machine.  It was invented by a mind utilizing a gravity energy force but must be controlled by intelligence every day or week - just like extracting nuclear energy in an electrical power station.

It needs watchful eyes pinned to expensive clocks and lined up on the control room power-station wall. If you forget to wind up that cuckoo clock, there are consequences. It stops. In other processes, the consequences are greater. Check what happened in Chernobyl, Russia where a nuclear process went out of control lacking intelligence according to the first entropy law like my donut atom book postulates.

Thousands of lives are depending upon the Intelligence watching a nuclear reaction, or we will have a repeat of the Chernobyl catastrophe that was experienced in Russia. We have many inventions that are useful, like airplanes or a rocket, overcoming negative gravity that is carefully controlled, but my cuckoo clock uses positive gravity that is less dangerous and a lot cheaper.

Another application of using positive gravity converted to electricity is the use of a water level which has a stored differential of gravity, like the Hoover-dam that stores water, which is acting on the embedded gravity potential of a free energy coming from the universe, in order to run turbines below that are linked to the weak force magnetism producing electricity.

We should invent more machines exploiting condensed gravity, which is a free energy source available globally around the world. Gravity causes everything to be stuck on this earth, which is a good thing, or there could be a lot of troubles just in coping with daily life, judging by what our NASA space travelers have experienced.

Check it out. Notice that gravity is getting a thousand times larger below the oceans, which is not yet exploited and could replace dangerous nuclear energy, as we have not yet discovered, after 50 years, how to safely dispose of hazardous nuclear waste. It is horribly expensive. The government lies to us and says it is a cheap energy source, while passing on the horrendous disposal cost, which is dangerous to all life on earth, right to the next grandchildren to deal with and that is evil in God’s eyes.

As a previous inventor, I can suggest a number of ideas that are still left over, on how to build underwater generators to utilize the thousand times higher gravity differential, at 10,000 ft below the ocean surface, being linked with a cable wire, which could give us more electrical power than a Hoover-dam system or nuclear power station and is far cheaper. An inventor usually understands nature better, and applied to existing high-tech design, an invention results in the next improved technology, as all is based on previous ideas from another inventor.

I still have a dozen unused great ideas in my inventor’s box, like a commuter car for less than $500, or a faster bullet train that goes over 500 miles/hr without magnetic levitation and wheels that I designed. It is based on the same principle documented in Stanford University 40 years ago, where I mathematically analyzed my air-bearing, miniature, flying head invention, which could be applied to the fastest and safest train, at half the cost of a levitated train.

As a previous president of a million dollar company, employing 165 people, repairing crashed computer heads used in disc-drives, I destroyed my own company with my incredible invention not protected by patent laws. It benefited greatly the Page Mill venture capital sharks in Palo Alto and made many people billionaires creating thousands of jobs simply by inventing a computer head-assembly that would no longer crash, because I am motivated to please my Creator.

If you want to become a quick millionaire ask me to a lunch, free for you, and I will let you look in my idea box, but you must be serious and able to think logically.

Gravity should be used as a replacement energy source and is much safer, which should make expensive nuclear power obsolete and would be much cheaper. But politics is based on corruption and they will never choose the cheaper option, while siphoning off billions under the table to their friends and relatives.

For an example, constructing a linear acceleration engine that was built 40 years ago SLAG in Stanford, Palo Alto investigating atoms is further expanded to bigger monster cyclotrons just to smash atoms now far more expensive, such as the latest in Switzerland.

The cost now in the stratosphere hundred thousand, billion dollars, and the sad truth is, they never learned what an atom is, after spending all that money? It seems money, high salaries with million dollar bonuses, is the only motivator while denying truth not interested in finding out how an atom works.

Smashing atoms will never learn how DNA works and should rather check out what bright people have recorded across 4000 years, which are collected in the Bible, the only history book for mankind. By smashing the intelligence center of an element with a cyclotron sledgehammer, they will never find out how the cosmos was formed, as ignorance and being rebellious to God’s laws, destroys our environment and opens the gate for massive extinction.

Our grandchildren will say that this was the worst evil generation that ever lived on this planet. But God will not idly observe His house being destroyed by puny mortals, but will adjust what went wrong. Watch God’s Wrath once more, just like Sodom and Gomorrah. It is linked to Armageddon 17 September 2015.

The Mem Mystery

I mentioned before that the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) has embedded in each letter a numerical cryptogram with specific meanings that has opened my understanding of the Bible, and I would like to give you an example of how it works.

We must finish the story of the first Bible verse in Genesis with the letter Beth=2 in Bereshyth Bara and is now climaxed in the purpose why the cosmos was created. Breaking forth from the invisible ∞Elohim who becomes visible in a LOGOS manifestation therefore creating a Daleth=4 dimension (meaning in this world-in this time) with a Time Dimension ending in Taw as the WORD transformed a divine image which became mankind ending my narrative from HANS’ perspective.

Designing in Verse 6 an assembly line for the first creation act, notice a separation of “waters above” from “waters below” by an expanse (rekiyah), later named the heavens or shamayim. This is not clearly translated in the Bible, since scholars are not familiar with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) and don’t know the meaning of Mem in the mayim for water.

The Hebrew rekiyah, a singular form translated into English as expanse between the two waters, is later renamed “heavens” or shamayim. It begins with Resh, which means head or first. The meaning is deeper and much better in German Ausdehnung.

“Waters” is uniplural and HANS explains Mem Jod Mem = (90) meaning God’s hand in a new creation. It should have been translated SOMETHING “with properties like water”, which agrees better with science and can be better illustrated with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS).

To expand our vision to understand the first Genesis verses, look across the sky as far you can see and imagine a huge peripheral half dome open semicircle space stretched out like an endless ocean expanding, which is similar to a round roof over a football stadium or comparable to a cosmos donut spread across the whole universe.

Yet it was pre-arranged by God to be the foundation holding up the waters (Mem) over which his Spirit hovers. As explained by HANS as a concept, the first day was identified as “purpose in a time dimension” a dual entropy concept. Purpose is invisibly linked to the metaphysical with time appearing only in the physical; therefore, the material only becomes visible to our human eyes or real because of time comes into existence. We are still in the concept stage before the creation invention is manifested.

To experience the tahom, think first in the metaphysics domain being conscious floating in the ocean, utterly alone, with no one else around. You cannot see a horizon, but being conscious, you remember a past and you worry about a future. You wonder where it will end and you hope for a boat, so you can be saved. The whole lifecycle runs through your mind. All this is answered and explained in my first Babushka book describing God’s Plan for Mankind placed in a Time Dimension.

This experience could be expanded further to form a cosmos similar to modeling a gigantic hollow space ring that is akin to a outer space wide open ocean filled with a Alpha(+One) MIND Force circling around resembling a black hole of the biggest galaxy. It moves infinitely very fast and looks like an immense phantom cosmic donut, which is now defined in Genesis a surrounded rekiyah firmament or Ausdehnung, which is the next assembly line stage.

The center will later be filled in with sprinkled mass, forming galaxies and stars, much like our sun being surrounded by planets, stuffing a universe that is converted from infinite light and bathed in gravity force void of a frequency therefore timeless. Both energy forces activated from the LOGOS will fuel every atom with an embedded intelligence microcode system as complex as your mind but miniaturized inside.

It needs to be created at horrendous speed like an explosion, blasting near zero-time, only to come into existence because the ∞ energy is so high. Elements submersed and boiled in infinite ∞ light are condensed very fast and crystallized out into mass, ending with the cradle for our earth, selected and fashioned by the Creator. This happened around 4488 BC, but ignorant atheists do not understand that physics is linked to metaphysics, and have a real problem with it.

We are not talking yet about an earth; it is incorrectly translated. It starts out in creating a “dimension” which is the preface headliner statement and is not covered with water as the translators should first define the meaning of Ausdehnung, which is the opening statement of the first paragraph.

The sixth verse says that a division of the Heh-heaven and Daleth-earth dimension took place, coming into being and now separated or divided into two. That looked to me like a sideways sliced donut or a bagel Mem sandwich, held together with some cream cheese, which becomes the glue the time dimension with purpose inserted to hold both dimensions together in a dual loop.

This was the first creation act as ∞light always pre-existed surrounding the Elohim but now appeared as the LOGOS shining brilliantly on the first creation day. Without a time dimension, you have nothing because entropy laws are not yet activated therefore no water existed. When it was done, God called the whole phantom sandwich an expanding donut firmament across the Mem-waters (purpose) of time dimension, which defines an empty space now shaping into a sky-dome.

It was forming along the second entropy, but was still dual in nature. Remember what was said: “created ∞Darkness is opposite ∞Light.” This is how entropy is described. But, there is an expanse, Ausdehnung, in the middle of the waters (Mem = 40 and means ”purpose in a time dimension”).

Therefore, what was planned as a first step toward a projected creation concept was not activated yet. Start with a blank page of paper and draw a circle or donut with a horizontal line(s) through it. That would define (+) light and (-) darkness, the absence of light; or place a candle in the center of a dark room.

This will get us closer to the concept, with light being in the center and darkness on the outer edge of the donut creation empty space. It is the beginning of the Big bang, forming a cosmos.

He has described a circle on the face of the waters, [Mem=purpose] at the boundary between light and darkness. (Job 26:10)

Only in verse 9 of Genesis, are we finally informed, with the heavens and earth being clearly defined, now crystallizing and condensing; emerging to become reality by giving it a name from the above–Heh and the below-Daleth. This is now separated from our galaxy as we see in the Hubble telescope.

This was done on the second day cycle, but God missed saying “it was good” like He did in the first cycle of infinite light appearing. Why?

It may be connected to Lucifer’s rebellion, which is explained in other areas as Satan’s darkness kingdom has started. Understanding what dimension means, dividing the donut cosmos, which is only meant for mortals linked to purpose with a time dimension, as the universe is one whole donut, if you don’t count earth.

Let’s define a little more what Mem=40 means in HANS. The Hebrew letters reveal extra information, such as the fact that atoms have embedded neutrinos forming protons, which make up our elements in the chemistry department. In chemistry, each element has a name which when combined in molecules reveals a formula like H²O, which in turn expose how it is made into a Heh-Daleth combination.

That same concept is revealed in HANS, which explains how words in the Hebrew language reveal the metaphysical molecules and how all was made, but we cannot see it with our eyes because it belongs to the first entropy level. Once again, realize that the Hebrew letters are designed like elements, which were discovered by Fraunhofer with spectral lines. HANS has recently discovered the same also.

For example, from Adam to Noah, each name mentioned in Genesis reveals a concept story, which leads into a continued creation story and it’s all connected and all lines up in the meaning of the name. In other words, each name tells one portion of the whole story, just like pearls lined up in bracelets. None of the names are random; they were chosen to correlate with one another. They are shaped exactly like a DNA string, forming a complex structure for creating a cell because of the logical alignment.

It repeats the creation story, which is only possible when there is a Divine Intelligence, who arranged the same foundational story, but in a nutshell, miniaturized it. Just by examining the first name mentioned in Genesis, overlaid with HANS, there is a big fat book contained therein, again guaranteed.

Therefore, let’s just stay with the first name, which is Adam’s, and link it to the Hebrew alphabet to give you a better example. We can recognize it as on a higher metaphysical formula level because it is also expressed in a math equation with numbers, just like we do in chemistry with elements that have a numerical atom value, which expands our knowledge.

ADAM converted to numbers means = [1-4-40].

The number “One” (1) means the Alpha(+One) Force (God’s breath) linked to Daleth =4 “in this world in this time”, linked to Mem=40 “waters like an ocean with purpose for this time dimension” [1-4-40].

Eve’s name is not really her name, since it is never mentioned in the Genesis, in the original, but she is described as a mother of all living, which is transcribed as [4-40-400].

Notice the numbers and the meanings inside Eve have no original Alpha (+ONE) force embedded, only indirectly like a second entropy, but it is cloned and received external life (stem cells, genes from Adam’s rib). Therefore, Eve the woman, starts with Daleth=4 “this world - this time” and is linked to purpose Mem=40, but ends with Taw=400, which is the closing theater stage of everything [4-40-400].

Consequently, God’s created image [Let us make man in our image], became mankind, put together in the metaphysical chemistry department and is replicated, crystallized like Hebrew Fraunhofer spectral lines as the second entropy law coming forth from the God-LOGOS, which is expressed mathematically as:

[1-4-40-400] = mankind

Notice the center integration within the (HANS) code shared by both male and female defined with the very first Hebrew letter and is perfectly linked to the very last Hebrew letter in the ancient Alphabet. Male and female is represented similar to the neutrino - proton illustration that forms a molecule nucleus and becomes the back bone structure everybody shares expressed in a math formula [4-40] with Daleth = “in this world in this time” = 4 which emerged as a reality with Mem-purpose = 40, as demonstrated in the micro world and is replicated in the smallest donut atoms.

The number 400 = Taw, therefore indicates the beginning and end of a time dimension, giving Gestalt to the cosmos down to the atom level, which is now initiated and borne to exist, when Eve was created, according to the second entropy law, with Eve giving reality to a creation act by becoming SOMETHING, 100%. The second entropy laws is directed to crystallizing out pointing to a design feature ‘purpose’ without it would have no meaning why was a cosmos created within 7 day cycles?

Mem defined the reason for creation and is linked to a designed universe to exist. Randomness postulated by atheists is not possible like life cannot exist without a complex mind. Do not be fooled to believe otherwise the proof is “you” just now reading this story. No other life form could understand this narrative as the math arrangement defines it. H²O will always be water in physics and 1-4-40-400 will be mankind on the metaphysic level and not a monkey with an unknown math index which has a different structure fixed in mathematics and needs a sound mind to add or multiply to understand nature better.

However, according to the laws of entropy, the creation of mankind will be ending in Taw, which is the end of a time dimension. A time dimension is defining the perimeter of our mortality and is totaled in mankind’s 7000-year-old Hebraic world calendar measured and confirmed by many witnesses from science.

Go back to the front page, where you will see the dates of the human history extracted from ancient scrolls and bronze-gold clocks exhibited in many museums now deciphered. Mankind’s formula ends with Taw that means he was designed not to live forever but must conform to an event we all share and rather would not be reminded off.

The Time DOT the BC/AD episode I like to avoid is where time is zero, no more. But it continues on a higher butterfly level indicated graphically in the time- light- gravity parabolic curve established mathematically.

Our civilization adapted the center of a time dimension coinciding with an historic event the resurrection of Jesus Christ = the LOGOS crossing over a time dimension which is also defining my and your mortality in a world calendar mostly noted and referenced on every tombstone.

But understanding the metaphysical math defining Time it is transformed and renewed by the same eternal energy the (∞E) combined with the Alpha(+One) Force once more willed by the LOGOS as the old flywheel Time Dimension fizzed out and was reversed into another direction.

Time DimensionAccording to an preexisting plan from eternity past (Waw) for mankind the center of a time dimension is divided in a BC/AD DOT event which reversed a time dimension toward a Jod Dimension ending in a White Throne experience (after 3018 AD).

Reminiscent of a railroad juncture redirected for everyone who had lived before on earth and has recorded two birthdays dated on every tombstone. Books are opened to be evaluated, the Good will be rewarded and being invited to enter Eternal Life to live in God’s House Beth forever.

Of course in a dual good-evil world there are other people who refused God’s invitation, basically some may say “I am out off here” and therefore will end in Taw as the cosmos was destined to burn in a lake of atomic fire reverting back to the NOTHING according to physics. God’s invitation is fair and even extended to those who lived in ancient times who never where able to read about God’s oracles or knew a Bible in modern times.

Many will be saved selected from among the diverse cultures with various blended flavors across many historic civilizations expressing a common mankind. God’s laws have been embedded in every soul that knows good and evil.

But if you want to become a Saints needs more instruction as the divine oracles where recorded by some caretakers, as God appointed 40 Jewish scribes to record for future generation what the LOGOS willed and what was the ultimate purpose for creation.

The saints are special and will get their assigned position in God’s government for a balanced universe again. For everybody else Life is continued on another domain also willed by the LOGOS provided the last judge forgave all your trespass.

Conversely there are those decided to serve Satan, which has eternal consequences for his followers who committed evil crimes must pay off their debts in Hell before they are executed too. My first Babushka book tells you what the currency is to pay off the note against a Holy God. To escape hell condemned mortals will choose and ask Mercy onto Death their only option to escape that terrible place after you paid off your debt.

When Hell is eventually empty it too becomes a timeless DOT as all debt was paid owned to the one who created the system. Denying what God the LOGOS announced in a 6000 year old oracle and rejecting it is really stupid when he offers Eternal Life in an exchange. The first birthday date I experienced will be embedded in my tombstone not by my choice for the reason that it was not willed by my mind - not fair. But God gives us a second change now my mind can say, “Yes” or “No” to eternal life offered.

The rejection of God’s offer of forgiveness becomes the one sin which can never be forgiven according to the cosmos MEM law; therefore, those who reject God must be condemned to Eternal Death the second time around on the other side. No other option exists.

Be smart never, ever give God the finger while you live in the Daleth side when he said 2000 years ago, “I love you.” I even proved it by dying on the cross. Jesus said,

Whosoever comes to me has eternal life.

Notice it does not say, “will have or get eternal life.” He is the originator of the ∞E LOGOS energy source and giving him the finger usually expresses a public statement of hate and resentment seen on many streets which is the same denying God’s existence demonstrating contempt guaranteed will incur God’s Wrath with terrible consequences because he is extremely very, very holy.

I usually cringe hearing in a group conversation some misuse Jesus this or Jesus that every third word in a degrading profane gesture. Why must one feel superior over somebody he does not even know? It will be horrible to find out he is the Judge over all living and dead a controversy only understood from the metaphysical perspective.     

Even the eternal God with all is might and power verified has no other option and cannot force a human being to love him and obey his commandments. To have order of a future life for a cosmos to continue, God designed laws for happiness and peace while offering Eternal Life.

Not agreeing with God who invented the system reflects evil to the core and will to end like a rebellious Satan. We do the same when a car designed beautiful and useful and became defect, absolute kaput ends in the scrap yard burned up too.

My future butterfly life loving God with all my heart, born again and reflecting his image being transformed and forgiven already know what it will be on the other Jod dimension site. I look forward and will share with my friends to invite each other for a party to have fellowship and showing around my new mansion promised.

The table will be decorated flowers and candles loaded with food to enjoy as anything in my house is yours to use. I even entertain my guest and play the accordion with friends. Especially when God passes by with his staff of Saints to visit to be my guest of great honor will mean a lot and feel greatly privileged.

I hope I will see you too to be my future guest reading my Babushka book which tells you a roadmap how to find my address on the other side for a bigger party in my new house.

Jesus said behold I will create a new heaven and new earth and prepare a place for you made ready many beautiful mansions specially designed for my saints as the old earth like a flywheel slowing down linked to a Time Dimension worn out and polluted and will exist no more.

God did not forgot what is most important to us, and added there shall be no more tears, pain, sickness, death we all know the difference check the extinction path of our environment needs no proof. The Apostle John visiting the other side in Revelation tells me that there are music instruments in heaven like trumpets, drums and harps and surely God will give me an accordion I like to play with my friends not mentioned in the Bible because it was only recently invented to enhance my party. Come anyway and be surprised.

Please pay attention, God has announces time is up stated in mysterious calendar embedded with dates of the beginning and the end of the Daleth dimension, which connects to the Aztec-Antikythera and many other clocks that are exhibited in museums; it coordinates the rebellion of Lucifer in [4488 BC], which necessitated the new Plan for Mankind.

This meant recreating what was formally formless just dirt and rocks, similar to the bare moon, and shaping an earth expressed in the opening paragraph (v. 2) of the Bible. But this planet is special the only place covered with billions of life forms to make life interesting for everybody.

It all has the same genetic design imprint for the purpose of redemption. Keep reading Genesis how it all came together scientifically if you want to become educated how God created our world, as God knew we would ask question and started out what was most important for us. Satan off course got busy spreading lies invented an evolution fairy tale knowing full well that gullible stupid people from Eve not too bright being misled will believe anything denying logic and God’s commandments as lies do not even have to fit science.

The story ends with Lucifer’s rebellion squashed by God, who now created a Time Dimension a temporal space for mortals to become replacement to be inoculated with evil to reject it and know the difference of truth and lies.

But Restitution is continued until finalized what God the intelligence MIND wanted. To explain it for those who like to think logical he gave mathematics that is fun, too. Just as a Hängematte (hammock) is supported by two nails, the time dimension has two polarities stretched in between for a purpose.

The two dimensions Heh> on one side, linked in the middle with a Time dimension (+∞C/–∞C)² that is nailed on the other side with the < Daleth the purpose for mankind. According to entropy, this gave birth to a Time-Dimension embedded in Daleth, but will end in Taw=400, in order for Gestalt to appear.

●Heh> (+∞C DOT –∞C)² < Daleth●

Then the creation act focuses on the ‘below the Daleth dimension’, our earth crystallizing out, according to the second law of entropy. Now the atoms split into mass, fueled by ∞E, finally to end and is divided so that dry land appears out from the so-called sea. It does not say Mem = waters anymore, but now is translated as water, H²O which we can find embedded in physics discovered by Fraunhofer spectral lines, and is expressed in the singular.

This confuses theologians and scientists who do not notice a much different concept defined by starting the creation cycle with darkness by turning on the light. When it is dark NOTHING exists, as ∞ light is needed for it to make the SOMETHING visible on the Daleth side that starts the time dimension. Notice in the creation report, it started off at night – “evening to morning one cycle” that shows the light better not be confused with the sun, which appears later.

When the process is finished, God stated again “It is good”, just like an engineer that makes sure that everything is in place and working perfectly before the next assembly stage cycle, which is explained in the next five creation days report all written in Genesis in hundreds of languages for those who want to know.

My Mem interpretation is new to many, yet there are so many more concepts that have filled these pages, very difficulty to understand not familiar with the metaphysics reflected invisible in physics like a resonant, superimposed frequency and will take some time to assimilate.

This paper proclaims that BC/AD time juncture should be corrected by 35 years to make more accurate the Middle Age monk’s calculation who told Pope Gregorian we need a finalized calendar for mankind as science started with renewed interest.

It fooled me too, but for some mysterious reason I put a fudge factor in my dating schematics, only to discover that Jesus’ death is the focal point of our time dimension centered on a DOT, but the previous schedule is still correct and has not changed. God supervised my thoughts and honored my desire to present only truth, even if I was temporarily blinded by the false information I picked up from the atheistic establishment.

One cannot avoid getting polluted when they are surrounded by corruption and lies. I hope these writings have directed you to the source of energy, the Infinite Light, Jesus Christ the LOGOS, who gave you life, but it was previously planned that our earthly mortal life would come to an end in Taw, therefore we need a new life that is resurrected for us to receive a new nature like a beautiful butterfly far superior then a previous caterpillar stage.

I am serious pay attention. The metaphysical dimension is not some fairy tale. The dates that are published still stand. I have not found a problem with them after 4 years, but instead I discovered more than 70 witnesses now, which should be enough to convince any skeptic about God’s truth, which is freely given to mankind.

He has your name recorded in the books that will be opened on the last day, where time is no more. You need to decide which way you want to go when your journey upon this earth merges in a DOT. 

Is the Earth Axis Still Moving?

Ophiuchus : The 13th Sign of the Zodiac

1. Capricorn - Jan 20 to Feb 16

2. Aquarius - Feb 16 to Mar 11

3. Pisces - Mar 11 to Apr 18

4. Aries - Apr 18 to May 13

5. Taurus - May 13 to Jun 21

6. Gemini - Jun 21 to Jul 20

7. Cancer - Jul 20 to Aug 10

8. Leo - Aug 10 to Sep 16

9. Virgo - Sep 16 to Oct 30

10. Libra - Oct 30 to Nov 23

11. Scorpius - Nov 23 to Nov 29

13. Ophiuchus - Nov 29 to Dec 17
12. Sagittarius - Dec 1 to Jan 20

According to astrological principles, the Sun travels from the constellation Scorpius and goes directly into the sign of Sagittarius, but due to the constant motion of the cosmos, the Sun enters, for a few days of the year, the star constellation Ophiuchus' before entering Sagittarius from Scorpius, thus creating astrologically the birth of a thirteenth sign of the Zodiac, which is named as Ophiuchus the Serpent Holder.

The planet Pluto was found in Ophiuchus until the end of 2003, after which it passed into Serpens Cauda, the Serpent's Tail. The Centaur object, the minor planetoid Chiron, was visible against the stars of Ophiuchus until November 2001, after which it passed over the border into Sagittarius. Venus and Mercury can be found in Ophiuchus for a time each year.

Notice that the new 13th sign of Ophiuchus is squeezed in between the traditionally ordered 11th Scorpius and 12th Sagittarius, stealing weeks from Scorpius in the process. That is symbolic of the prophesied apocalypse squeezed in at the end of the 6,000th year of the biblical/Hebrew calendar, which also has 12 cycles plus one special period inserted.

That Bible calendar tells us that the Serpent will appear in our civilization. Much of the story is given in Revelation, the last book of the Bible. It prophesies that Satan is losing the war in heaven and will be morphed into a human being on earth called the Antichrist. He becomes mortal in the material Daleth dimension, one step lower according to second entropy laws of physics that can never be reversed.

The number 13 in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) means judgment and is linked to a Serpent appearing on earth associated with the Mayan-Aztec calendar ending on 21 December 2012. This short time period inserted as the 13th station in world history now becomes visible as the Apocalypse, which I have identified as the Chet Age - 2008-2015.

The total 7,000-year Hebrew timeline for human history is a Time Dimension designed for mortals composed of 14 stations. The Serpent-Satan becoming mortal has a mirror image embedded in ancient times for us to understand it better, which is explained in the next paragraph. I have described this phenomenon as a Bible telescope showing near and far vision projected or explained in another Babushka concept book.

The New York papers have astronomical projections section for its readers matching Zodiac signs assigned by your birthday. It becomes a mantra for business to watch out for omens or go back to bed if you do not like it. But the newspaper has a problem with the Zodiac prophets as some want to adapt to the 13th sign of Ophiuchus now appearing in the sky.

The other camp will stick with the old version of 12 Zodiac signs. Those fights are not over yet as it sell newspapers, but could be ended with NASA in the middle due to satellites in space like GRACE and the Hubble telescope. The result could be a Solomon-like decision from checking out the earth-axis movement that should come to a stop on 21 December 2012.

Ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited globally in various museums are now deciphered in Babushka concept books that describe how an asteroid hit the earth around 5 February 2287 BC and caused Noah’s flood. This same asteroid strike also triggered an earth axis-wobble which came to rest at today’s 23½°.

Atheistic scientists dated that event 60 million years ago causing dinosaurs to disappear believin in an evolution religion’s postulated billions of years without demonstrating scientific facts. They have painted their imaginations on the walls of every science museum for kids. Paint is cheap as visitors are mostly children not yet able to think logically.

However, a painter’s imagination is carried over as adults still stuck on a child education level; therefore, they become easy victims of a political correctness World View invented by German philosophers Hegel and Marx now morphed into modern brand of liberal-socialism-capitalism-hybrid.

This accepted doctrine is now enforced by the atheistic priesthood of the Supreme Court controlling our government and universities by falsifying history and exchanging a 200-year old American Constitution for a third point option. They have rejected 6,000-year old wisdom to delineate evil from good for an untested Third Point politics of now being relative.

That has caused a rejection of every Bible truth for evolution fantasies with no credible evidence and resulted in a trail of ecological disasters. No longer being educated to think logically, humans degenerate to a lower evolution monkey level and have difficulties to delineate fairy tales from real science, which resulted in rewriting history to make a third point believable.

This politically correct bias now even suppresses and rejects old-fashioned science such as that compiled and published by Professor Dr. Edward Hull M.A, L.L.D., F.R.S. in England. He created a wall chart [2 ft x 14 ft] and needed a large space to fill the many detailed dates of thousand historic events of kings, emperors and their wars across the whole human history spectrum which needed to be folded and stretched out in a Wall Chart of World History. It was published folded up and sold globally in any Barnes & Noble book store and check it out on the Internet. Why does the establishment forbid it? It is a treasure of professional human endeavor.

Study that World History Chart. Notice that Julius Caesar was slain in the Senate 44 BC but became famous changed a wobble calendar and tried to correct it with 62 days by adding two extra months July and August. Augustus was his favored adopted son.

But the earth-axis kept moving, and it needed another correction of 14 days in the Middle Ages by Pope Gregory XIII. But since the earth axis still kept going a little more, not yet at rest as proven recently by the changing weight of our Standard Platinum Kilogram and its 6 sisters. Manufactured 135 years ago, it is hidden in a steel vault in Paris. Now scientists find out that these platinum weights have become obese.

If Isaac Newton would have been around, he could have told our scientists why the standard IPS has changed. Or better, check out Babushka concept books postulating a new Donut-Atom theory as scientists can only smash atoms in ever bigger cyclotrons and still do not know what makes an atom tick after 40 years.

They do not know where energy comes from when you pass a magnet through a copper wire loop to create a pulse of electricity everywhere fuelling our modern civilization. Asked the question, “What is gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong force balanced with weak force?” You cannot find it in schoolbooks.

Why not check out what is revealed from the metaphysics I collected in the Babushka concept books written for the level of my grandchildren. But why do our ignorant, brainwashed scientists who will not consider it? Because it conflicts with atheistic fairy tales invented 100 years ago reject it. I think they fear that the flow of money to their pockets would be stopped.

Looking at the near vision in the Bible telescope at the constellation of Ophiuchus, which is the only Zodiac sign linked to a real man. This man lived in ancient Egypt around the 27th century BC, and his name was Imhotep. The attributes of Imhotep can also be found in the Biblical Hebrew man Joseph, son of Jacob linked to the metaphysics records. Imhotep is credited with many accomplishments including the knowledge and use of medicine. It is said of Imhotep that he brought the art of healing to mankind.

The symbol of a serpent, which is still widely used today to represent the medical profession, was used to represent Imhotep. Imhotep was known as Aesclepius to the ancient Greeks noted on the World History Chart.
During Moses’ time, an incident of judgment was recorded where the Israelites were told to make a bronze snake hung on a pole. Whoever looked on it was healed from the poison bites from snake appearing suddenly by the hundreds in the camp. God would not only give Israel a lesson but was really meant for our time as modern science lies a lot and needs prophecy to balance what is forbidden in our times.

In a nutshell, the far vision Bible telescope forecasts that Satan will be replaced as Lord over this World-System. The earth will be healed as Jesus on the cross took our place and will replace Satan’s Kingdom on earth. Most people anticipate Jesus to appear anytime as our world is close to totally destroying itself. The masses have become comatose. An utterly evil generation is destroying much of the environment - by changing the genetics of our food, for example.

The prophesied Antichrist to appear in the next few years will be a very popular person propelled as a global leader and advertized in the media with attributes that describe the sign of OPHIUCHUS. But remember, Satan disguised his real historic personality not to scare his mortals. Therefore, he adapts to be legitimatized and cover up his lies. If you believe that a star constellation OPHIUCHUS can influence your mind or surrounding events, the newspaper prophet defines it for you, but read it with a cup of coffee.

OPHIUCHUS is an interpreter of dreams, premonitions and attracts good luck. A serpent holder, doctor of medicine or science to add, increase, join or gather together poetical, inventive nature, expanding seeks higher education overseer, supervisor of work fame –

Either grand or completely misunderstood longevity, aspirations of healing the ills of man architect, builder, and reaches for the stars, tax assessor or levees taxes, astrological talents, intuitive large family indicated, but apt to be separated from them when young.

OphiuchusIf you understand that, use some logic and another cup of coffee before you go to work. But if you are scientifically inclined and like to read something that makes sense and is truly scientific, then check out the nine Babushka concept books free on our web site and gain the metaphysical Bible perspective designed to expand your horizons to a 360° perspective forbidden by the establishment.

Oil Painting - Museo DeLouvre, Paris



Science News Magazine, March 22, 2008. Vol.173. Love Code, at twist of light only mantis shrimp can see, by David Castelvecchi.

Gravity can be used as an energy source proven in my special Babushka booklet, A PERPETUAL GRAVITY MOTION ELECTRICITY GENERATOR.

Hebrew letters explained in the second day cycle are explained in the First Babushka book: From Eden to New Jerusalem, God's Plan for Mankind-Apocalypse prophesied translated in German-Spanish-Arabic free on the Internet.

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