Presenting an integrated concept proposing a unified theory that links atoms to galaxies with proven theoretical physics and metaphysical science combined.

Mortal Humanity is bound by a Time Dimension
but is destined for Infinite Immortality


Structural Physics Reveal the Missing Dimension in Science:
An invisible Galactic-Atomic Force linked to a universal Strong - Weak Force
that connects Gravity and Magnetism. Expressed mathematically as:
Time Equation




What is the Time Dimension

Mortality is linked to metaphysics, expressed mathematically as a DOT or Zero time black hole.

This is a paradox. Time did not always exist. At some point, the Time Dimension was spliced into the cosmos. Why?

A totally new model of atomic structure emerged by examining a set of unusual photographs by the Hubble telescope. My previous book showed how many galaxies and other galactic phenomena reveal diverse structural variations. Their process of transformation and operation can be applied to the internal structure of every atom.

Thus the macro-cosmos is joined to a mirror imaged micro-cosmos inside atoms by the same laws of physics. This book will demonstrate that the universe is replicated down to every nucleus and must be fuelled by a timeless and invisible, infinite light energy coming from an extra-cosmic source. These relationships are expressed mathematically by a new w formula:

(+∞C /–∞C)² = ∞E/m.

This equation may prove to define a unified theory regarding the nature of: (1) Gravity and (2) Electromagnetism, as linked to the (3) Strong and (4) Weak forces controlled by embedded (5) infinite intelligence.

These four natural forces and their one metaphysical source can be summed up by the Hebrew hand rule:
1+4=5 (Aleph+Daleth=Heh).

Trying to explore unusual, new concepts, a paradox developed as to how one dimension of the cosmos started and is moving into another dimension. Yet, this motion is now frozen because we see expanding and shrinking galaxies. The mysterious Time Dimension only exists embedded in mortal humanity on earth.

However, the material universe is linked to an infinite energy source for a purpose, which is revealed by God–Elohim. The oldest book of mankind, the Bible, can therefore explain the paradoxical nature of the Time Dimension. Thus, the Hubble telescope picture of the Hourglass Galaxy illustrates a perfect model of:

Three Cosmic Dimensions






The pages of nine Babushka egg concept books resulted in adding many New Research Pearls that explain many new discoveries in science compared to an embedded Hebrew template called the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), through which many related scientific facts are combined to reveal rational explanations for a number of natural mysteries.

By applying metaphysical knowledge from a 360° perspective, these new discoveries on a science level, united with Bible prophecy, indicate that the present civilization will end on 17 September 2015.

Declaring “the Fullness of Time” has arrived,
the Creator will soon visit this earth once more.

Thoughts to Ponder

If scientists have to dream up dimensions that nobody has ever seen and universes that nobody may ever find, perhaps it is a sign that we are headed down a blind alley. If we are indeed getting closer to know nature’s immutable laws, a few renegade physicists are now asking, why does each step we take only seems to send us deeper into the rabbit hole?

Most physicists, to be sure, are still holding out for an elegant unifying version - the long promised “theory of everything” – and they are prepared to wait the 50 years or so it might take to arrive at one. The dissenters, though, are starting to wonder about this approach. If we have to take so much on faith, aren’t we behaving more like priests than like scientist? Perhaps, argue the rebels, our basic assumptions are leading us astray. Perhaps those immutable laws that we have been pursuing all these years are not so immutable after all. Could it be that that we have taken for granted the existence of something fundamental, the way early scientists took for granted the existence of God?

But if the dissenters are right…it would usher in the biggest disruption in physics since an apple fell on Newton’s head. (Frank, Adam, “Who Wrote the Book of Physics?”, April 2010.)

Many scientists fantasize theories but have no witnesses to back them up. The two current leading theories, general relativity and quantum mechanics, are incompatible with each other in key ways.

The theories break down most spectacularly in their early universe scenarios, when everything was compressed into a small space. That includes the domains of the very small spaces (quantum mechanics) and the very large ones (relativity) overlapping. The quantum equation does not encompass gravity. No one has found a solution to reconcile the quantum and relativistic worldview for decades.

New Science DiscoveriesEven the string theory is just a fairytale. Where scientists must invent a phantom universe of 11 dimensions in space-time, they try to link it with the Big Bang exploding universe. The fatal flaw is that its own rules cannot predict this kind of universe. The killer of the string theory is the many unsearchable possibilities instead of the ones we can observe - a single set of existing laws.

With no established map, researchers must explore the terrain in bits and pieces with little hope for success. Or, they can read this fantastic story now postulated in seven Babushka egg concept books, which shine a little better light towards understanding our universe and existence.  All that is required to comprehend this 7th Babushka concept book, What is the Time Dimension?, is an open, unbiased intelligent mind.

Many new discoveries in physics are postulated and woven into a fabric of a unifying theory. It explains how a single atom was first formed to birth the Big Bang. From there, logic will dictate easily why we have galaxies expanding while others are shrinking. This paradox will never be bridged with the existing theories of physics. Why?

Denying the invisible metaphysical laws will not tell you how life is embedded in every atom. It is also crystallized out in your innermost control center, your mind. The same intelligence governs your body with thousands of natural laws is also embedded in every atom.

The whole picture is more than the materially observable parts; therefore, smashing atoms with cyclotrons is very stupid. These experiments will never show what makes an atom tick; so atheistic scientists will remain ignorant about how the universe was formed.

As an inventor-scientist who does not believe in an atheistic religion of evolution, my story unifies many laws of physics by demonstrating newly discovered scientific relationships. These realities are bathed in the Time Dimension and linked to understanding the physics fuelling the cosmos.

The establishment forbids that approach because it brings up metaphysical knowledge that most scientists are totally ignorant about. When we deny proven entropy laws in an evolution theory, it causes the unscientific speculation about “billions of years”. Therefore, they will never find out how the cosmos clock can tell time.

Test yourself! Go and visit the museums I wrote about in my prior books. Then let me know what the Aztec, Chinese, Antikythera, Astrolabe, or even the clock in Prague city tower from the Middle Ages, measure. If you do not know, then do not tell me what a cosmos time dimension is, or postulate your unscientific fairytales without established facts.

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