Part 4: Hidden and Shocking Metaphysical Facts about the End of our Civilization



Storm GodOur civilization will be ending shortly with an apocalypse for reason mentioned in my introduction. Mankind has come to the point where good and evil is no longer differentiated and merged into a Third Point belief system of an atheistic Hegelian- Marxist- Capitalist- Socialist- Elitist- Oppressive- One World Government.

Our society measured against God’s standard has become totally evil. I will end my story with a mirror to reflect reality, what will happen in the next few years. As the black storm clouds already have gathered, all prophecies have been fulfilled with only one to come like a morning star announces a new day. The dawn of a new civilization, God’s Kingdom on earth, is on its way seeing the total destruction of our environment and massive extinction, but evil mankind cannot see it being brainwashed by fairy tales.

Much of theological confusion exists about the Apocalypse, yet it is well documented in the Babushka concept books. It is even dated from science visit globally museums exhibiting ancient clocks, ending our civilization, which was planned before mankind linked to the formation of this earth in 4488 BC if you do the math.

Satan, whom God appointed to teach us evil, affects us all but his school to teach mankind is abridged by our mortality. He is only allowed a certain time to expose us with evil so that we can learn lessons applied to eternity.

A preset time is recorded with two dates and is imprinted on our tombstone for every mortal by Elohim, some being very painful more or less depending on application for higher position in his administration. It was portioned out according how much was needed for a future life on the other butterfly side applied to nature’s caterpillar–cocoon example teaching us the invisible metaphysical realities.

Evil is a great mystery but now revealed in my Babushka books applying science. I tried to make sense of it all, but our limited mind keeps searching and needs to trust our Creator that all what happens on earth is under His control.

God provided a boat for Noah and his family because he trusted God. The Creator will provide an individualized canoe for everyone if you are not evil and forgiven to navigate a descending apocalypse waterfall. That example gives us hope.

The apocalypse is scary, but only God can get us through it. The golden thousand years of peace will arrive shortly after. A birthing process is painful, but will fade away as the new life will take over, embedded with hope and prosperity for all of mankind. For the first time, evil will no longer be allowed in God’s Kingdom on earth. Satan’s school to teach us evil will be closed down, and the teacher will be bound in the abyss. Satan is the last actor leaving the stage before the curtain falls.

Looking behind the Time Dimension curtain reveals what is invisible to the spectators watching the major players getting ready for the final act. Satan has controlled two previous civilizations, but he is not allowed to mess up the last one. That third civilization for mankind is on the horizon and will begin after 28 September 2015, which is based on many witnesses. You can check it out in the Babushka concept books.

In the Gospels recorded 2000 years ago, Satan tempted and offered Jesus all the kingdoms on earth if He would acknowledge that Satan was equal to the Elohim and bow to him. The Enemy has never changed his mind and tried once more to defy God the Elohim and give him the middle finger in utter rebellion and defiance.

Satan’s final time has come forcefully, as he will be exiled to earth by Michael’s army ending the war in heaven that started the Apocalypse. Satan will morph into a human being on 21 December 2012, as predicted by the Aztec calendar and detailed in Revelation, the last book of the Bible.

The Aztecs tell the same story as the Bible with their fifth cycle ending with a fire rain terminating our present civilization. The Bible speaks of many particular events that I assembled in detail in my second Babushka concept book, Mystery of Tammuz 17 to broaden our horizons and understand God’s Plan for Mankind, which has never been preached in church.

Mortals have been linked to Satan ever since Creation. We have coexisted in parallel, involved in a battle of good and evil. That battle started with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden around 4004 BC as proven with ancient clocks. Historically, Satan has caused many wars to derail God’s plan for mankind.

The story ends with a final confrontation at Armageddon now projected in many TV programs. Most people only have a vague idea from the biblical perspective and its implication of evil opposing God Elohim, the Creator.

Satan again will face Jesus in his last confrontation, and will appear shortly. The last showdown of Armageddon has been dated using the ancient code of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) with Satan trying to convince God Elohim that he is superior to Jesus, His favored Son.

Please be not offended by what I observed looking behind the curtain of the cosmos drama theater. It is acted out by the main performer from a metaphysical perspective, which I did not invent, as I am mortal just like everybody else, but discovered out of curiosity. As a kid, I turned over a number of rocks on a walk with my parents just to see what was under and have never changed my habit.

Satan’s Final Meeting with Elohim

Toward the end of the apocalypse, Satan will confront God once more in a challenge and will say something like this:

God why not finally accept that I am equal and more powerful than Jesus. Remember, I used to be coequal in ancient times. I was number ONE in Your administration and still rule all the kingdoms on earth ever since. I control mortals to do what I want, guided by my faithful demons everywhere in strategic locations. As a matter of fact, very few around the world are still loyal to You and have forgotten Your oracles.

Look around globally and be convinced and acknowledge the many facts. I circumvented the Babel confusion event and created a united, atheistic New World Order once more, which became my willing tool to screw-up nature, whatever was leftover from Noah’s time (2288 BC). My loyal demons achieved and succeeded in training many faithful, stupid mortals who were educated and brainwashed in my atheistic evolutionary religion that I invented, only to waste all their effort in military conquest. Their entire science endeavor and resources were used only for one purpose, to destroy and mess up Your creation check it out the global environment irreversible doomed for extinction. They even financed it with phony, worthless, printed money that was mostly applied to high technology, which was destined for the absolute annihilation of mankind, including all biological life on earth.

My loyal demons achieved and succeeded in training many faithful, stupid mortals who were educated and brainwashed in my atheistic evolution religion I invented. Their entire science endeavor and resources is mostly used only for one purpose: to destroy and mess up your creation check it out the global environment now irreversible doomed for extinction. They even financed it with phony, worthless, printed money that was mostly applied to high technology, which was destined for the absolute annihilation of mankind, including all biological life on earth. Let me explain it.

I made sure that they are well educated in my religion, groomed by special demons that are skilled in deception. They were placed strategically alongside every atheistic politician and scientist and taught them my science fairy tale version, which was dovetailed for destruction. My kingdom power is unequalled next to the Divine, as my demons succeeded and taught mankind again how to genetically modify every food you saved from Noah’s Ark. That was demonstrated recently and made big global news on major TV (5-21-10).

Creating life in the laboratory by mixing DNA genes was heralded as the greatest achievement of science. On one side ignorant scientists waste resources by smashing atoms with more powerful cyclotrons which started with SLAG, nevertheless, others are more educated who were directed by me to discover that atoms rather being smashed to junk are controlled by an invisible embedded intelligence code attached to every DNA. They think they are creating something new, which is not possible. They can only borrow energy and mix intelligence codes from what already exists. That concept I keep hidden.

They are very close to repeating what was done in Noah’s time once more. They have already spliced out the reproductive genes and learned the process of cloning, and are programmed to do it again and became successful, which started by cloning sheep. Now sheep are twice as big having lost its inclusive taste all aiming to make more profit. I financed the research that is getting better now since they have cloned most vegetables, but it makes more headlines when modifying cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys.
They are very close to ultimately creating half-human, half-animal again, which is reminiscent of cloned mermaids. It was demonstrated in an ancient monument a Sphinx-human-lion dug up from sand and silt caused by the flood, to show their accomplishment during the Atlantis civilization before (2287 BC).

I caused people to laugh and make jokes about the Bible. That was a good method for countless to be lulled into complacency and to become comatose, in order to deflect the danger. They are trapped, insensitive to the peril of extinction and no longer care to save some original seed. I made sure that many atheistic lawyers were motivated by greed in order to enforce gene patent laws that would accelerate gene modification.

Remember forty years ago, the American Congress stopped genetic technology for a while when they saw babies genetically modified without arms and legs. They were first a little shocked when they were asked by scientists if they would be allowed to legally harvest organs used for transplants and further experiments by declaring them as non-human being terminated right after birth.

That ended in a compromise by allowing abortion mills well financed by subsidized taxes, which allowed them still to use aborted baby body parts skillfully divided and spliced into various useful ‘gene material’ inside the womb with high-tech instruments to have ample supply available of the genetic material for a new emerging technology to encode DNA research. That Supreme Court decision created a specialized industry of many laboratories hungry for more gene material around the world that asked and got permission for much-needed human body parts now plentiful available killed 50 million babies in America ever since not counting globally, pushing the envelope for more developed, bigger body parts past the fetus status.

Check out the present abortion mill laws in American. They get less restricted as the industry needs more fully developed bodies for modifying organs, embedded with stem cells secretly harvested inside or outside the vulva. But it will not matter anymore in a few years. I am looking forward to the end. The biggest surprise is waiting. That is, when people discover that original seeds will not be around any more. They will have been genetically wiped out. We have as a society forgotten about the Noah boat story.

Notice most food items show a control number stuck on every fruit, vegetable or seed? Now they are much bigger in size with more water embedded to fool the consumer. All is motivated for higher profit to keep the Stock Market casino busy to finance future wars. Therefore mortals do not even notice the food became tasteless, enhanced with chemicals and artificial colors and systemically embedded with pesticides in the cell level, but they are dangerous to eat. Worse yet is that the public is kept ignorant when the immune system policeman was spliced out on the cell level. It will cause many to die and get sick.

Many already are getting infected from salmonella and E-coli bacteria which now have unhindered access, ending with many diseases combined with various swine flu versions that scientists created for pharmaceutical corporations, so that they could make obscene profit manufacturing dangerous useless drugs. The comatose consumer will never know the difference or why the food has changed because it is controlled by my atheistic FDA government that I have total control over. Food consequently will become obsolete for the next generation, which is terminated by my superior strategy.

To make absolutely sure my demented geneticists using chickens to implant dangerous genetically modified pharmacies as the eggs produces drugs much more cheaply all for higher profit. Because humans are stupid a billion eggs recall recently was just a test for a bigger impact spreading deadly salmonella and E-coli bacteria useful at Armageddon. 

That created a need to treat many animals with antibiotic substances intern creating super bugs that will terminate in death for sure. It is all linked to proven genetic modification once a cow has been embedded with pharmacies will produce higher milk-drugs output on a daily basis. However the comatose publics are not informed that once GMO is introduced into the environment only one time, it can never be controlled by brainless bureaucrats.

The basic meat production and milk around the world will become totally screwed up. All fingers point to the FDA approving a hellish recipe for massive starvation accompanied by horrible painful deaths from ignorantly eating powerful drugs.

In addition I made sure worldwide nobody will know that the food production could end suddenly as I exclusively created an international gene corporation cartel that is totally loyal to me, as it controls worldwide, every seed production facilities for farmers. Therefore, the whole world is dependent on only one gigantic, global mega billion-dollar cartel that I created exclusively, skilled in cloning and gene-modification changing every original seed for farmers, which has permanently modified all reproduction laws of nature and is now geared toward total destruction.

That cartel is very powerful paying off judges, politicians and lawyers making them instant millionaires not even governments and world courts can any more restrict GMO as it will be impossible to remove foreign genes once introduced in the environment. It will end into extinction in one generation guaranteed.

Most high court judges are comatose stupid and do not understand high-gene technology and made sure that they always favor gene-patens to the detriment of farmers who have no choice to retain their own seed because a terminator genes was inserted which makes it impossible to reproduce the next time around.

Original seed can no longer be obtained once foreign genes are inserted as they will spread over to the neighboring fields and contaminate the healthy seed. Ultimately every farmer must pay a big patent fee to the corporation if only one single gene is embedded in the whole field as decided by the Supreme Court in Canada which is impossible to prevent to migrate to the next adjacent fields. That alone creates gigantic profits automatically and only needs a lawyer linked to the thread of expensive lawsuit the farmers cannot win.

It gets worse. In addition every farmer must sign a contract giving up all rights extending 100 years forever and is forced to buy seeds and my specially designed fertilizer and pesticide only from the cartel to have a crop for the next year which legally can be enforced by my friendly Supreme Courts. GMO technology was specially designed that every seed require continuously every year more fertilizers and pesticides increasing the profit because the internal gene intelligence structure is programmed for extinction. Some clever Japanese scientists have found out but it will be too late when the rest of the world will face Armageddon as time has run out.

The fun is on my side for a double big bang to coincide with Armageddon because at my command I will cause the Monsanto-DuPont-BASF cartel to totally collapse into bankruptcy such as was experienced previously by hundreds of banking institutions and insurance companies. This is for an example and which will end all cloned genetic modified seeds for food production at once, as the reproductive genes were sliced out and are now missing, with the original seeds no longer around. Also I made sure that there will no longer be a bailout as the world currency collapsed. Therefore my GMO program will cause massive extinction, which shall totally destroy all food from this earth forever, the only place where life exists now permanently terminated for the next generation of mortals.

Someone already noticed the effect of GMO modified food and published, “Pesticides at war using chemicals that kill. Every year 220,000 people are killed worldwide by pesticides."

We are witnessing a massive corporate caused genocide in slow motion of killing people through their food for super profits. To maintain these super profits, lies are told about how, without pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), there would be no food.

In fact, the conclusions of the United Nations International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development show that “ecologically organic agriculture produces more and better food at lower cost than either chemical agriculture or GMOs." I will make sure that this information is suppressed.

Many headliners are now seen regularly on TV perplexed pointing to salmonella attacks with massive numbers of people getting horribly sick and dying. It is caused by one cartel Monsanto's genetic modified corn and grain used to produce feed for egg production. The list is getting longer as an example in August 2010 TV announced a billion eggs recalled.

Three months prior to that, three big factories making peanut butter closed down in Texas; tea production in San Francisco, and others including tomatoes, jalapenos and spinach in Watsonville-California. I make sure controlling the TV media that eating GMO vegetables killing people is suppressed.

The list is endless. GMO rice poisoned hundreds in India 2010 unexplainable died and thousand sheep and buffalos killed grazing on Monsanto’s GMO planted rice fields. That will not be allowed to be mentioned on TV for a comatose world to become concerned. Being kept ignorant some people wake up when they get sick, but that will be too late as lies are more powerful linked to the glue of the obscene profits to pay off judges favoring the cartel.

God-Elohim don’t you realize that my power is unequalled changing your original food roadmap now permanently derailed Your Plan for Mankind because I am superior. .

Additionally, my demons control stupid mortals, who have become experienced in digging their own graves, since they re-engineered deadly bacteria that is lethal genetically and which has been dug up from the graves in the cemeteries from the Middle Ages by my loyal scientists, in order to build 10,000 biological bombs, just in America, but they are a thousand times more poisonous. Using genetics, combined with deadly cell material extracted from decomposed bones from those that died from the black plague, which is guaranteed to finally put an end to all of mankind and will make sure that all biological life globally upon earth is gone forever.

The ancient Bible prophets were pretty good at describing eyes falling out from their sockets while still alive, because modern flesh-eating bacteria are far superior. It will be so much fun to watch how it performs. Millions can be killed in just a few days. I am just itching to get the prophesied signal to start Armageddon my demons helped prepare for all along.

Some of my demons even surprise me because they are now extremely educated with hi-technology, which was invented by mortals. When I found out, I personally supervised and directed them to build gigantic microwave antenna facilities in remote areas, which nobody knows exists. They are hidden in Alaska, Norway, Russia and China. When turned on, they will heat up the jet stream in the stratosphere, deflecting a moving jet stream containing billions of tons of water circling the earth. It will change the weather pattern, with one side experiencing drought and the other side, horrendous flooding.

In fact, it was checked out recently and tried several times and it works, as the Chinese caused horrendous floods in America, which the Americans countered with floods in China. The Russians are in the middle and want a part of that action, too. They all crave control of another more powerful weapon and which is the cheapest for maximum destruction.

That changing weather pattern produces a comic opera in the UN Global Warming meeting not knowing the cause. The participants were wildly confused about the weather and fought over stupid illogical opinions with each atheist scientist trumping over another and each hoping to be rewarded with a Nobel Prize. These meetings usually end in a commotion that sounds like a disturbed turkey farm. They do not realize when their own military government secretly manipulates the jet stream with microwaves. The generals watch the effectiveness in a global reaction of confused turkey scientists blaming it on carbon gas, while also fighting over who should pay more taxes.

God–Elohim even your clever prophets said that “times” would be changed, which was mistranslated, of course, in order to confuse theologians, because as it means “seasons” to grow food. It is a good method to destroy a harvest, causing massive starvation, which is needed in order for the apocalyptical four horse riders to appear in Revelation. I will get much pleasure from it. God, don’t You see that I voided Your promise from Noah’s time, stating that the “season” will always be around and therefore guarantee the existence of mortals?

And for an added benefit, it even causes earthquakes when directing microwaves and deflecting them to earth. As demonstrated on TV, it really messed up Iceland the last spring of 2010. It cost billions in the economy when the Norwegians experimented with their microwave facility, needed a little more fine-tuning in order to make it bigger. Watch a rerun on the educational TV if you do not believe me.

My atheistic scientists demonstrate for the ignorant public how a rock on an incline is moved and dislodged with a little microwave energy, which has never seen before and was new to me too. Some geologist discovered that by sending microwave into rock strata and noticed that it started an earthquake that could be turned off and on which surprised them greatly now accelerated into a very useful weather-changing weapon.

This extraordinary technology could be implemented as soon as the atheistic ballplayers, who hate each others’ guts, cause a gigantic global drought that should last three years for maximized effect linked to horrendous food shortage according to schedule after 2013 ending in Armageddon.

That conforms along to the law of physics demonstrated with a small music speaker cone when it touches the main steel beam of a building will cause a mass to reverberate at a certain critical resonance frequency and will keep adding a little energy at a time and getting bigger, building up to tremendous power amplified. As the amplitude wave is steadily increased by the critical frequency, it will eventually destroy that building by loosening bolts. In a few years, all the bugs will be worked out for my final demonstration helpful in Armageddon. .

A secondary benefit of microwave is that when it is misdirected and deflected from the stratosphere and bouncing back to earth but not quite in control yet, is that it can even start a localized fire on top of a metal tower. It works like an antenna, concentrating energy, as demonstrated and seen on TV in the Gulf of Mexico. It caused a massive oil slick, when a mystery fire exploded on top of an oil platform tower? This massive pollution is just the gunk needed destroying all marine life ending the food chain with another method.

I will personally manage those new technologies, along with a few selected, willing bureaucrats in high places and make sure that they are beyond the law so that nobody can touch them like CEO’s of corporations. It will just be labeled “Top Secret” because they are useful to me, to aid in changing nature, the seasons and time at my will, on a gigantic scale which has never been seen on earth before. I just need a few more years to perfect that technology because it will be useful for Armageddon. I have my demons working day and night jointly with global government agencies so that it will be ready.

And for dessert, just to make sure that all is destroyed, I have thousands of nuclear bombs assembled and controlled globally by demented scientists. They invented the most deadly substance plutonium ever created on this earth. All is ready for a stirred-up chaotic Islam rebellion with well-trained terrorists, young stupid kids totally loyal to me. Islam elevated me to be their Allah-god. I am honored; therefore, I have elevated that religion and placed it into a much more powerful world position than the Christian–Hebrew religion, which are mostly sleeping anyway, believing they will escape into thin air.

Many theologians are friendly to me, so I will keep them confused. Since the Middle Ages, I’ve kept them divided by stupid unimportant doctrines fuelled by lies, spread by my demons and employed in seminars. It has been very successful and by watching prophecy conferences, being blinded therefore not listen to the Jonah You send and announced that the Apocalypse has started. I brainwashed them to believe “No one knows the time,” will therefore perish like Noah’s unbelieving relatives.

But Islam is special to me, my willing favored tool that I created. It took me 600 years to thoroughly brainwash its followers, so that they will only hate, being skilled to murder. They will even murder their own children with a bomb strapped around their body as they follow my Koran to the letter. Such will demand an end to this civilization with a massive force of two billion brainwashed souls who are hot for action. It has not equaled in history. They expect me to appear to be their leader in order to elevate Islamic religion worldwide and wipe out the others, but they are fooled by another successful lie, which I am good at.

Even in a historic Christian country I made sure that people especially in America and the rest of the world have thrown out Your Bible oracles in every classroom and government. They are now forgotten, in just one generation. Instead they believe my superior atheistic fairy tales and have become totally comatose and void of any remnant education from the past. They will no longer be well informed anymore, so they will not know what is happening.

My atheistic Supreme Court of America totally controlled and loyal to me started killing over 50 million babies in America since 1970. They are not educated in fertility laws which spells out any culture below 1.8 ratio is doomed and I made sure it is now even lower 1.3 and Europe even worse 1.2 Being brain-dead and will not understand even the laws of fertility anymore using computers which would date Adams beginning 6000 years ago. I gave them a new calendar 13.7 billion years a good lie to be swallowed by the brightest PhD.

The Christians will be no better off comatose to fool, since they still embroiled in many dogma errors from the Middle Ages. That made it possible and succeeded in changing a 200-year-old Christian education into my atheistic schools system, which is enforced by my atheistic police force and a thousand lawyers who are loyal to me.

They sold a powerful Christian faith for a bowl of lentil soup going mostly after money to buy the comfort unequalled in history. That will make it easy to accept my global Islamic prophet allied with my mystery Antichrist from royalty who will be arriving shortly. And for a special political effect I cause him to be assassinated and then to be resurrected personally by my metaphysical power. He is already trained by me and waiting, appointed the brightest, even speaking 8 languages.

My appointed future global leader is well-liked around the world trying to control political-economic chaos leading toward Armageddon and needs a savior, a nice, smart well rounded popular person, who is already known by many global bureaucrats who are uniting my new world order into a One-World-Peace-Party system to rev-up the global Stock Market for the last time. It is at my pleasure and he will trigger my planned Big Bang at Armageddon, to kill all Jews and Christians in a gigantic orgy.
Even in America, they have terminated their Christian based constitution and replaced it with my 10 presidential degrees, which are already secretly enforced by the Homeland Emergency Security State Department; for early training.

At my command, that will activate a premeditated, horrendous Armageddon Schlimazel to destroy all of what You created, and will guaranteed a combined total extinction of all life-forms on earth. It will look like the original earth, just bare rock, void of life, which I remembered when you picked a cold naked planet and started 4488 BC from nothing, and I will have the pleasure of seeing it stripped again with my superior power.

Your Plan for Mankind will be totally derailed because I am more powerful as “I”, formally Lucifer, never resigned my power ruling over this world in this time still enforced with equal authority. Consequently, “I” will decide to end it all! That will finally prove that “I am” equal and have creation power like the Elohim and should be reckoned to be co-equal to Jesus.

Watch Jesus Answer Once More,
“It is written…”

In 2012 Satan will be cast out of heaven. Three years later, the Apocalypse will end in Armageddon. When Satan loses the battle with archangel Michael’s armies, he is bound in iron chains and incarcerated in a dark abyss for a thousand years.

Jesus returns in an extraordinary cosmic splendor just in time with light flashing and shining globally brighter than the biggest galaxies. He will prevent Satan’s Big Bang destruction of humanity and the earth. He will lead the clean up. Under his direction, people will bury all those poisons, nuclear waste and dead bodies gathered at Armageddon, which ended with an asteroid strike on 17 September 2015.

The earth will be cleansed again like in Noah’s days. The oceans will be restored to reproduce life once more by gluing together the mass of garbage-dumps forming previously into many gigantic enormous trash islands, some over 100 mile long floating around in the oceans. God will shake the ocean once more with a new earth axis-wobble caused by the asteroid. Most oil slicks will be the glued together to hold plastic trash islands floating and solidified to restore an eco-system in purifying all the oceans restored for fish to come back. In similar ways, the mass destruction caused by atheistic uncontrolled science will be repaired; the earth renewed.

Around Jerusalem, it will take seven months to collect the dead bones and to remove dangerous explosive mines and bombs in order to cleanse the Holy Land. These will all be leftover from the asteroid destruction, which is the Third Woe prophesied in the Bible and dated by science.

The Islamic radical armies and populations will have been totally exterminated by four Death Angels coming from the abyss near the Euphrates River. (Revelation 9:14) That is the second Woe prophesied, not my opinion. It will be similar to the Death Angel which passed over Egypt 3500 years ago and celebrated by Israel ever since.

The future appearance of the four Death Angels will be a repeat witness comparing the near-vision with the far-vision prophecies. They look the same. The Middle East will be totally void of livings things, with only Israel surviving on the other side of the Armageddon destructive Sea. The world will witness an Islamic army floating around dead once more like the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh’s army totally destroyed as recorded by Moses in Exodus. It will require much time to remove the leftover military hardware that will be salvaged as metals, to be reused for plows and tools needed to restore the earth. The biological weapons will be burned forever.

Israel, the stone where the nations fell over, will be elevated to create a worship center in a tectonic-raised mountain from the asteroid to rebuilt new Jerusalem on top for all nations to pay homage to the King of Kings, Jesus, who will reign on earth with a new pyramid temple. It will be built on top of the raised mountain pronounced HOLY, as described by Ezekiel, to replicate the one in heaven.

That will be the Fourth Temple, which will not be built like a cube with 6 sides, like 666 (AxBxC), but must now conform to the metaphysical 5-sided Pyramid overlay because God’s creation is based on Divine intelligence, as described in HANS. From the Pyramid-temple foundation, deep inside the earth, will come forth the source of a large river, filling up the Dead Sea and ending up with plenty of fish to last a thousand years. Read the prophecy lined up in my Babushka concept book.

However, one more job is waiting for Satan to do - one last assignment for him to be the last actor on the stage. Satan’s initial rebellion caused the Time Dimension to appear in 4488 BC. Consequently, Satan is featured in Elohim’s plan for the cosmos to become balanced again.

Satan is appointed to close the Time Dimension curtain for the last act in 3018, as Hell is emptied of its inmates. All will have disappeared willingly, with a free choice to accept God’s final offer. Satan will now find himself totally alone. God will ask him concluding questions like these:

Where are your friends, those who started your rebellion alongside you? Or those mortals who served you?

Why is the place empty? Where are they? They all have left Hell willingly - all gone!

You, who ruled the cosmos, the most powerful, why have you perverted My creation since you knew very well that without the Alpha (+ONE) Force from within the Godhead, nothing can exist?

Satan for the first time is now silent, bowed on his knees, totally alone with not one being on his side, stripped of everything, naked before his Creator. He will ask, “Please make an end of me, too. I beg.”

A principle emerges that we can learn from: life given by the Creator is a free gift, even for Satan. But it is linked with consequences for all created beings, which either is appreciated and accepts God’s invitation to live in his House (Beth) according to his rules, or chose death and be dissolved, as NOTHING can exist in nature without the LOGOS giving it Gestalt?

Hell and the Time Dimension end in the Lake of Fire, the biggest black hole in the universe. That is where the rebellious angels, misled mortals and demons from the underworld had all been cast. That will finally close the theater, ending the cosmos drama in the Heh and Daleth dimensions. The curtain falls as the last actor exits from the stage. Time is no more.

That drama will never be replayed and all those who got lost are forgotten. We will have no more memories as life is continued on the Jod dimension -new heaven expanding to Kaf - new earth promised for others who want to live forever.

My advice to you is to play it safe. Choose wisely and do not stand in the middle of the conflict with Satan, but be sheltered. Call on Jesus’ name the LOGOS representing the ∞DOT to be resurrected and be saved. It is the better, logical choice.

Some Implications: Why the Apocalypse?

The prophesied Apocalypse I dated 5 years ago has started, which motivated me to do some inventory of my dating projections. I questioned if my schedule was right, what else has crystallized out, or was there anything that needed to be corrected?

I am not a prophet but just an average guy with a little science-Bible education who is still able to think logically for himself. Dating an apocalypse is a hot potato and not for everyone, but as an inventor with an inborn curiosity about nature, my curiosity and research has resulted in 7 Babushka egg concept books to explain a number of Bible-science mysteries using the science tools I acquired in my profession.

Just as my hi-tech devices had to prove themselves by whether they worked or not, so must my research conclusions. The proof is in what will happen and how. Only afterwards will I finally see for sure where I was right or wrong. But then, many of my hi-tech gizmos worked very well making millions for a number of Silicon Valley companies.

Not surprisingly the apocalypse has started with a global event shaking our civilization that affected everybody financially. Many are now asking what else can be learned from scripture about what comes next? It is a fascinating subject for TV shows and even some theologians and scientists, who never postulated anything like what you read about on these web pages. We must get ready for the terrible times already begun in order to survive.

Looking at the bottom line, it surprised me greatly that nothing of my previous writings need to be corrected, but my own understanding of the nature of God’s creation has changed from the perspective of an atom’s structure to that of galaxies and time.

Understanding the nature of time has resulted in dating the Apocalypse. It is primarily meant to give warning to each of us to build our own boats like Noah did. Perhaps you will survive if you have some facts not even allowed to be whispered in either churches or the halls of higher learning!

What I learned new that we gained a little time as the Bible timeline for the Apocalypse aligns along an exponential curve, which shortens its total duration by God’s gracious will. He has shortened the punishment needed before mankind destroys all life on this planet.

Checking out God’s revealed schedule, I discovered that my fudge factor of 35 years previously inserted within the context of Jesus’ life embedded in the Hebrew World Calendar was correct. Our calendar is divided into BC/AD linked to Jesus.

You can confirm my projections. Check the 9th cycle of the 7,000-Year Table of Human History published 5 years ago in my first book where I added 35 years to correct a Julian-Gregorian calendar calculated from the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS). If wrong, that by itself would have made all 7 Babushka concept books obsolete with just one stroke by missing those 35 years.

However, its greater implications point out that the calendar needed to be changed by moving the BC/AD juncture calculated by Pope Gregory up to AD 35 to become the center of time in correcting the modern calendar once more.

My 7th Babushka egg concept book has expanded my understanding about the nuclear science embedded in the first verse of Genesis, which is connected to a time dimension. This discovery will take some time for scientists to prove. My deciphered ancient bronze-gold clocks give the reason why an ancient calendar needed to be corrected twice - by Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory. That became a major witness for dating the Apocalypse. Most theologians still think “nobody can know” while ignoring an embedded schedule in the Jewish holidays.

Not understanding the Hebrew mindset they totally misunderstand Jesus’ forecast of the coming Apocalypse reported by Mathew 24:35-36. Jesus inserted a verse of higher importance and referenced that God’s Plan for Humanity will never change even when earth and heaven is gone. That event will no longer have a Time Dimension embedded linked to a new earth-heaven Jod Dimension.

Bible translators made a big mistake and should not have made a division between verse 35 and 36, which belong together in one sentence. For a better understanding the details of the apocalypse just keep reading but splice out those two troubled verses that Western cultural thinking has problems with.

When time is no more, only God, the Elohim, will know its replacement; therefore, it is outside the perimeter of mortals to know. I dedicated a whole book to explain how a time dimension is possible in the material universe by applying high-tech invention experience to a new model of atomic structure.

This aligns with what the angel told Daniel concluding his prophecies. He stated that there would be a Wise-club at the end of our civilization, and its members would know the schedule of the apocalypse expressed in math [2:1:½ or Times–Time-½Time]. That ratio is now verified by many ancient clocks exhibited globally in various museums demonstrating an earth axis wobble caused by a mammoth asteroid strike on 5 February 2287 BC in Noah’s time.

But just knowing about the ancient wobble calendar created the need to know more about the nature of time as the ancient clocks tell us that a day was not 24 hours at various points in antiquity but much shorter. To project a future Apocalypse date with a flexible calendar could be a problem, but the effort could also point out errors of previous historic dating.

It reveals that the Egyptian dynasties are off by 350 years, and the First Temple destruction in Jerusalem was not 586 BC, but corrected by ancient clocks to 9 Av 588 BC. Check out my 7,000-Year Table of Human History, which shows that same date postulated three years earlier using the HANS code applied to Jewish holidays. Now deciphered ancient clocks verify it. If that dating had been incorrectly projected, my Babushka egg concept books would be obsolete.

There was another minor date I wrestled with at the very end of the Apocalypse. There is about 4 days difference caused by fraction across thousands of years in calculations linked to the 3rd Woe of Revelation, or the next asteroid appearing on 10-17 September 2015. In Bible prophecy all must match to a day or it is just an opinion. That can be proven as Daniel’s [times-time ½ time] that matched a future destruction of a Temple to a day. Check it out in Pearl #103 –Two Fast Days Tammuz and 9th of Av.

I learned that a research scientist at Princeton NEC Research Institute discovered that light is not constant. Some experiments indicated 300 times faster light. That has consequences because light is in a teeter-totter relationship to the Time Dimension.

Pope Gregory added 14 days to the Julian calendar, but it now needs another correction adding an extra 4 days to amend our calendar again if you do the math when light is faster. Once more, it saved my books. Only one mistake would make them obsolete as my projections included those missing 4 days. God again made sure my pen was writing not just an opinion.

Time seems to be a rubber band affecting a calendar; therefore, dating the apocalypse needed more witnesses for comatose theologians to educate them in science. Many still hold on to a belief system from the Middle Ages where science still was still in infancy. This is reflected in their dogmas and false interpretations. But the love of money seems to be the motivation for many pastors. They are not interested in investigating the Bible linked to science and will not accept that a second Jonah came into the town-square announcing, “Time is up! Get ready. The apocalypse has started!”

They still preach Christians will escape in a rapture because judgment is meant for non-believers rather than God first cleaning His own house. You may not recognize it yet because you are still around, but what raptured away was your pension. It is gone, and many have lost their homes or good paying jobs. The Apocalypse is not tomorrow: it has started. Perhaps “the left behind” books lack witnesses from science and are therefore obsolete.

Investigating further the Time Dimension to date the Apocalypse is so important to us because we are mortal, God opened my vision to look into an atom how is structured. Schoolbooks do not tell much other than massive confusion based on atheistic opinions never proven. Inside the atoms, time is measured in Femtosecond, which is a tiny micro-measurement of how quickly nuclei of atoms rearrange during a reaction. A Femtosecond is a pulse of a millionth - billionth second on our clock.

Measuring time that short was totally new to me. Then I discovered it happened 2,000 years ago in open public watched by thousands people but never noticed because Zero time cannot be measured with instruments. But zero time can be defined mathematically.

Such a measurement is very important for mathematics because it means that a cosmic Big Bang event can be reversed to return all of creation to NOTHING - back to a DOT bathed in Kelvin cold. That we are still around living on earth is a miracle explained now in my 7th Babushka book: the whole cosmos should have ended in a Femtosecond DOT according to ancient prophecy embedded in the Bible and needed further scientific investigation from the metaphysic perspective to get an answer.

That discovery became the 7th Babushka you’re your holding in your hand postulating a totally different concept never discussed in universities anywhere. Check Forum Pearls which opened more on how and why the universe was created and even further revealed the total Plan for Humanity now better defined and never preached in church.

That also expanded a Hebrew calendar of 7,000 years to include the date of Satan’s rebellion 4488 BC collaborated by the Aztec calendar, which has a serpent embedded in their calendar ending 21 December 2012. The 12x490 years Hebrew cycles have now an extra 13th cycle, and if you investigate the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), you will see that 13 means judgment - even the Aztecs prophesied an apocalypse of fire rain ending human civilization closely matching Revelation.

Then, the biggest surprise I experienced overlaying the HANS code with the first three verses of Genesis, which again expanded the Time Dimension perspective, the circle getting larger verifying my previous 6th Babushka concept book, A Donut Atom Nuclear Story, escalating to a total creation projection to include galaxies.

Why do we see some galaxies expanding, others contracting to cause much confusion in the establishment? I tell it from the atom level about what happens inside the nucleus, which is replicated in galaxies as the intelligence embedded inside the atom is the same in galaxies.

Inside each atom lies an embedded time dimension expanded to our mortality in calendar projections that verify the end date with Satan closing down the time dimension theater curtain in AD 3018 – just as his rebellion started the Time Dimension in 4488 BC described previously became my 7th Babushka concept book.

My metaphysical science opinions are verified by many facts-witnesses in science and confirmed in the very first Genesis verses, misunderstood and mistranslated by theologians. Check it out.

Even the reason for an apocalypse is now better explained from this time-dimension perspective. Our civilization has become totally evil like Sodom and Gomorrah as proven by the science inventions being used to destroy us. Satan wants to bargain with Jesus once more as he did 2,000 years ago by showing that he has control over all the kingdoms of the world. For a second time, Jesus must remind Satan, “It is written…”

Many theologians will perish with the atheistic world, just like Noah’s relatives missed the boat not believing. God sent a messenger to save those destined to become Saints being resurrected for a specific job. Others are appointed to survive as mortals on earth starting a new civilization of God’s Kingdom on earth after 18 September 2015.

In addition to my Babushka calendar-dating recently even seen on TV (2010), Mark Blitz projected Jesus coming back to earth on his birthday linking it to an unusual event matching astrological sun-moon eclipse aligning with the center of the cosmos Milky-Way never before calculated. It also coordinates with the special Hebrew Fast of Atonement, which lines up with the prophesied resurrection of the Saints in a triple overlay.

The Saints will have a birthday matching Jesus’ birthday. What a coincidence! Jesus reminded us and said look into sky, which will announce my coming back to earth. My Babushka books again being saved from becoming obsolete in two seconds matching a flexible calendar to a day, if you include the fractions in your calculations.

However, it seems never ending. One more idea surfaced about why God would cause such drastic events as an Apocalypse, and I think that is the biggest reason why God must intervene in human affairs again with such massive destruction before he comes back with cosmic power.

The apocalypse is not just the birth of a new civilization but requires the destruction of genetic perversions and the cleansing of other evils before the era of peace and prosperity can be established. That goes beyond anything ever preached in church. Mankind has experienced many cycles of concentrated evil, which needed correction like that reported in the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah or the Atlantis civilization that ended in 2287 BC.

But what is God’s reason for destroying the whole world today? Hear me out. Basically, the modern hi-tech world is severely violating the contract God made with Adam and Eve and renewed through Noah. Severe violations require severe consequences: God’s Wrath has been incited again - big time!

Most people have seen many TV programs on various Apocalypse concepts as preached in many churches. What may not be known is that it is a correction of what went wrong as well as the birthing of a new civilization. Those few individuals who look beyond and want answers avoid theologians engulfed in denominational interpretation poorly educated usually distort the Bible should be educated a little in science to become balanced.

Most theologians and scientists are opinionated seeing the world with dark glasses and so have not found the answer why. You will not hear in church that everybody born has two dates embossed on a personalized tombstone referenced to Jesus Christ linked to his BC/AD calendar. It is embedded in God’s Plan for Humanity, which can explain why so much evil in our time is concentrated, how a God can watch the world to run its course, is he interested in my existence heading for an invisible exit, I just would be happy to survive those difficult times.

Nine babushka egg concept books and a number of Forum Pearls will expose new concepts buried in the Bible from a science perspective never attempted by humankind. In the meantime I discovered that the Apocalypse previously dated (7) seven years long is further defined by an exponential curve similar like the Population curve of mankind, which shortens time.

That was new to me as I expected the Apocalypse to start with a big noisy bang event like 9/11 making global NEWS again centered on New York, which is the world center of global finance and the military complex known as the big Satan from the Islamic perspective or prostitute riding on a beast in Revelation. Therefore, I noted that New York gained a little time like Nineveh and should watch the next alternate date mentioned to see its possible total destruction prophesied.

The Creator can control his train like an engineer and can accelerate or slow it down, but I doubt he would change the schedule original established before the earth was made.

The 13th station of the Apocalypse was started right on time 2008 with a crash costing billions more than 9/11 trade center buildings linked to the New York Stock Market caused many bank failures creating globally a tsunami wave bankrupting nations and many towns in America even in my neighborhood declaring total economic failure in California. Our many business closures cause high unemployment cascading into a monsoon not yet stopped. Only printing more money covered up a bankrupt governments failure expanding globally.

When you read Babushka books expect more science discoveries to show up adding to the witnesses requirement to establish facts for even the hardest skeptic. So many unscientific fairy tales are postulated to educate the public primary detailed to prevent the truth controlled by a government media deceitful brain-washing American citizen to comply with a Third Point Worldview.

The only choice left is the free Internet soon to be closed down too to control those not conforming to the establishment. Concentration camps are made ready now being staffed as 2015 is coming fast for ending all.

But if you want to survive the terrible time prophesied, please get educated speedily as only a little time is left; take the opportunity by reading Babushka egg concept books still free on the internet not yet forbidden by the establishment. Perhaps if you want to understand Bible prophecy better, check out something very interesting unacceptable to the atheistic priesthood controlling universities.

To explain what are saints? They were created on a two-stage system like illustrated in the caterpillar-cocoon-butterfly check out nature. But mortals, made in the image of Elohim have a superior mind and destined to be resurrected, must first be educated and inoculated with a good dose of evil to get thoroughly familiar what is evil.

A Third Point Worldview will not do. They need to know the consequences of violating Good and Evil principles especially designed to prevent a repeat of Satan’s rebellion and to become citizens of the Jod dimension meeting a Holy God who created the system. The caterpillar stage of mortality will be embedded with an immune system against evil to recognize it immediately if it grows again, like a mushroom overnight, to snuff it in the bud.

Successful candidates passing Satan’s school to learn the tricks of evil without becoming evil rather tapped into God’s grace will enter the cocoon to immerge as a totally new creature like a beautiful butterfly proud to have graduated from life’s school acceptable to God’s standard. That will get you a new job assignment in God’s management in a very high position to govern an expanding universe, which was put on hold when Satan rebelled. Becoming a Saint is to attain a highly privileged position better explained in my babushka concept books and pearls than in church.

The Third Point Worldview is Satan’s invention like a computer virus to destroy totally God’s creation. Check out what evil scientists invented. You will be stunned! The truth has been kept secret for the comatose masses, but I dug it up from science literature. Read my story of Satan’s final meeting with Elohim again.

Our 21st century civilization will end on 17 September 2015 as calculated from ancient clocks, HANS and Bible prophecy and many more witnesses in science. There is no longer an excuse to miss the boat like Noah’s relatives. Chose Life available freely offered by God the Creator and at the same time it was much fun for me to be educated beyond my wildest dreams, claim the treasure for yourself that is all what matters.

Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and you that have no money, come, buy and eat! Come; buy wine and milk without money and without price. Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread and your labor for that which does not satisfy?

Listen carefully to me, and eat what is good, and delight yourselves in rich food. Incline your ear, and come to me; listen, so that you may live. I will make with you an everlasting covenant, my steadfast, sure love.

Seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near; let the wicked forsake their way, and the unrighteous their thoughts; let them return to the Lord, that he may have mercy on them, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return there until they have watered the earth, making it bring forth and sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater, so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and succeed in the thing for which I sent it.

For you shall go out in joy, and be led back in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall burst into song and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. Instead of the thorn shall come up the cypress; instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle; and it shall be to the Lord for a memorial, for an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off. (Isaiah 55:1-12 NRSV)

Hour Glass

Thus says the Lord:

Maintain justice, and do what is right, for soon my salvation will come and my deliverance be revealed.

Happy is the mortal who does this, the one who holds it fast, who keeps the Sabbath, not profaning it, and refrains from doing any evil. (Isaiah 55:12-56:2 NRSV)

That Ends My Time Dimension Story

The Metaphysical Audit Trail

The Plan for Humanity is now revealed with science for those who want to be well informed from 360° perspective replacing theology from the Middle Ages and unscientific evolution fairy tales with Biblical truth for a factual understanding of the natural universe.

Apocalypse Prophesied1) Apocalypse Prophesied From Eden to New Jerusalem, the first Babushka egg concept book, tells the story of God’s Plan for Humanity, which has never been preached in church. If you want to know what happens after death and what our destiny is, which is not answered by the many confused theologians, here is a simple book with profound consequences. My promise is that you will never be the same. It is translated into German, Spanish and Arabic.

2) Mystery of Tammuz 17 Ancient Hebrew keys to dating the Apocalypse. The second Babushka egg concept book tells the story about what will happen during the Apocalypse. All events are dated. It is also translated into German, Spanish and Arabic.

3) Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries: Aztec-Mayan Calendar, Antikythera & Other Ancient Clocks Confirm 21 December 2012 in Prophecy. The third Babushka egg concept book deciphers a number of ancient mystery clocks, exhibited in museums globally. It connects three civilizations with different earth axis wobble calendars linked to ancient prophecy and history. All it needed added was science and mathematics.

4) Genetic Modification Exposed!, the fourth Babushka egg concept book, explains how atheistic, criminal scientists do it again. Just like the Atlantis civilization, they incur God’s wrath, as they genetically destroy the creation. Check out the consequence in physics linked to the metaphysics, and why we must endure an apocalypse in our time.

5) Reflections on Global Warming, the fifth Babushka egg concept book, explains why we have global warming. It destroys the myths postulated in many universities, where truth is repressed in order to get big grants and higher salaries. Read about the true causes.

Donut Atom Nuclear Story6) A Donut Atom Nuclear Story, How the Universe was Created, the sixth Babushka book is a new concept. It presents a totally different model never before postulated. Gain an understanding of how nature works and how it is connected to the metaphysical. It explains for the first time how life is embedded inside the atom. It also explains the scientific relationships between gravity, magnetism and electricity. Other topics include: why the Platinum Standard Kilogram IPK and its 6 sister copies have changed weight after 135 years and its link to the ancient mystery stone-bronze-gold clocks.

7) What is the Time Dimension?, the seventh Babushka concept book, describes how the invisible Galactic-Atomic Force connects gravity with magnetism linked to the Strong - Weak force. It presents a new model of structural physics that reveals the Missing Dimension in Science. It defines the Time Dimension as linked to gravity, magnetism and electricity and how life is embedded inside the atom.

Time DimensionLet’s not forget the New Research Pearls. People from around the world ask questions, which then become special reports. Or I write about new discoveries that expand on the books’ topics.

I always link science and technology together with the Bible and get answers that are never preached in church nor are even allowed in an atheistic forum. My purpose in life is not to make more money but to warn comatose people. God’s wrath is activated and unstoppable. It is coming our way based on physics and metaphysics, a double witness.

And he said to me, “These words are trustworthy and true, for the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, has sent his angel to show his servants what must soon take place.”

“See, I am coming soon! Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book. Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is near. Let the evildoer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy.

“See, I am coming soon; my reward is with me, to repay according to everyone’s work. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

“Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they will have the right to the tree of life and may enter the city by the gates. Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and fornicators and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.” (Revelation 22:6-14, NRSV)

7 Babushka Clocks

The Author’s Closing Thoughts

Five years ago (2005), God called me out from a comfortable retirement and interrupted the many wine tasting parties, wine made from grapes in my vineyard. I had musicians from around the world and played accordion with friends. Even a Swiss friend showed up with a 20 ft. mountain Alpine-horn sounding across the valley, waking up the neighborhood.

My inner spirit pushed me without escape and eventually it became clear to me that God appointed me to be a modern-day Jonah to announce God’s wrath once more, as the Apocalypse prophesied was right at the front door. The combination of being a Christian outside a biased denomination and a practical inventor / scientist must have been the right combination. It overrode my resistance as a German because I cannot express in English very well, and I had never wrote anything before.

My resistance was to no avail. It started by me cleaning the attic and discovering a strange old book describing the HEBEREW ALPHABET NUMBER SYSTEM (HANS). That got me hooked. As an inventor and scientist, I began comparing it with my Bible knowledge. Being a Christian and interested in ancient oracles, a better understanding soon developed about what the Plan for Mankind from God’s perspective really was. Many controversies are still preached in various churches that are based on the Middle Ages belief system.

I discovered that God’s Plan for Mankind is connected with the Hebrew calendar of 7000 years and visualized like a train route with documented historic stations, which came with an embedded schedule. A schedule has a time factor implanted, and I compared it to a cuckoo clock because the bird on top announced 12 o’clock to start another cycle. Looking closer at the schedule, it has a beginning and an end like a calendar starting at 4488 BC and ending in 3018 AD, but it needed to be corrected because the earth previously had a wobble, which theologians and scientists never heard about.

However, seeing the full range, it made the future dating of the APOCALYPSE PROPHESIED 2008-2015 visible. That raised the question of why would God interfere with mankind again. What came from learning this became the first Babushka egg concept book.

A Russian egg has another egg inside, all with the same picture in front. That tells us they are connected, but only the size is different. The Bible looks like that; it has embedded concepts repeated, just like I discovered HANS. Overlaying the ancient number system (HANS) with the Jewish calendar showed the precise dating of events and some that were prophesied in the future. But dating prophecy is not allowed in church, it upsets a number of theologians. It created a ruckus in the Christian community. They even kicked me out of the church that I founded. Now I’m avoided like I have some disease which could be passed on. Pastors fear about the loss of revenue, if the congregation is better informed.

To express my good standing, another book appeared called, MYSTERY OF TAMMUZ 17, which proved more dating, but it too was rejected by comatose Christians. Why? Ingrained theological opinions from the Middle Ages still prevail, and theologians are not educated in science. Check the yellow telephone pages. It still lists hundreds of denominations from that time, as they hold on to opinions voiced hundreds of years ago instead of learning what the Bible really teaches now that so many modern tools are available.

The Hebrew (HANS) template expanded my knowledge horizon and then helped me to crack the mystery of many stone-bronze–gold clocks exhibited in museums still not decoded by modern science, which produced ASTEROID ANSWERS to ANCIENT CALENDAR MYSTERIES, another Babushka concept book. All those clocks measure a pre-existing earth axis wobble caused by an asteroid, which exponentially comes to rest 21st of December 2012, according to the Aztec calendar, which matches the previous Hebrew calendar schedule.

Clocks measure time, which now reveals the mystery hidden in museums and finally exposes for the first time a bronze Antikythera clock that is over 2000 years old and was fished out of the ocean. It was dated as being from a time before Christ with 32 gears linked to three dials.

Understanding clock technology, which I learned as a youth in Germany, and recognizing an unusually designed gear mechanism proved a declining calendar time dimension. However, more technology is embedded in that clock. It connects, which will surprise scientists, today’s gravity and comparing it with gravity information embedded in that ancient clock. It reveals that the speed of light is not constant, a concept that revolutionizes Einstein’s theory and many of Newton’s laws.

I did not quite understand it at first with the science, just like the rest of my colleagues, but I saw them announce on TV that the Standard Platinum Kilogram (IPK) has changed and became obese. Hearing that news, I immediately linked it to the exponential parabolic diagram that is hypothesized from ancient clocks. That curve graphically shows that all those clocks represent a different calendar perspective, when measuring time. Time is connected to the speed of light in a teeter-totter relationship and thus also to gravity.

Being an inventor of many scientific products by profession, I had made thousands of jobs for others and dozens of billionaires during the heyday of Silicon Valley. That demonstrated record of success should qualify me to have a different science opinion contrary to what you find in schoolbooks. Most science is biased by an atheistic evolutionary religion. It closes the doors to their minds and to discoveries of broad truth or the big picture that integrates all aspects of the universe’s physics.

That has motivated me to collect many more discoveries, but they are not allowed to be discussed in an open forum. They are forbidden because of its link to the Bible. Genesis reported a horrendous flood during Noah’s time caused by an asteroid, which can now be dated with ancient clocks to 5 February 2287 BC.

It can be played back the planetary sky to demonstrate a gigantic earth axis wobble. Investigating further, I discovered many connections in physics, but then I also saw parallels in the metaphysics, duplicating the laws of nature that we are familiar with. Since our civilization restarted with Noah building a boat, I needed to find out why. When you ask an inventor the “why” question, do not expect a short answer.

As a result, more Babushka concept books showed up about GENETIC MODIFICATION EXPOSED! as Noah was involved to save genetic unmodified seeds and animals for the next future generation, which could only be accomplished by building a boat. God told him and Methuselah, which translated means “when he dies it will happen”, that an asteroid was on its way which would create horrendous flooding and gigantic earth shifting. It would separate the continents, ending with 3-mile thick ice on its poles.

An earth wobble in ancient times caused ice on the poles and melting ever since then, it can influence the weather linked to the moon gravity, which is now better explained in another Babushka book called REFLECTIONS ON GLOBAL WARMING. What you hold in your hands will explain it from the metaphysical which is ignored by those who are brilliantly educated in universities, who are now mostly teaching fairy tales mixed with hi-tech mechanics and do not even know the difference.

But the exponential curve in the time-light-gravity diagram still haunted me for a better answer, yet it was only to end with a fantastic new concept called A DONUT ATOM NUCLEAR STORY. Looking up in the sky and wondering how the universe was created, we come back full circle, where it is stated in the first Genesis verse (Bereshyth Bara ∞ELOHIM - heaven and earth). Find out what it means in this short book from a physical and metaphysical perspective so as to widen knowledge horizons.

Now going back many years, we notice once again the exponential parabolic time-light curve at a juncture BC/AD. It either fizzles out to Zero in a timeless DOT or continues back into another Jod dimension, expressed in an exponential phantom line. The donut atom book previously focused on light declining in a teeter-totter relationship to gravity, which is proven with science.

But now I understand the phantom line toward the Jod dimension that light speed is increasing again in opposition to what I previously postulated also prove with science. That is a paradox that could be like what we see with the Hubble telescope: a contracting and expanding cosmos.

That is how I came to write this seventh Babushka concept book, WHAT IS THE TIME DIMENSION? I answer the why question, once more closing the ∞ double circle.

I hope to avoid writing another Babushka book; therefore, no more new things can come along to upset scientists and theologians until Jesus himself comes. Then, I think we will all be learning some even more upsetting truths in more complete answers. Me included. Until then, prove what is true and wait in faith based on logic.

Aposalypse Table


Popular Science Magazine September 2010, Down on the Pharm, Pharmaceutical companies turn genetically modified livestock into drug factories. offers thought-provoking and entertaining documentaries on the Internet, airing The World According to Monsanto.

Excerpt from Vandana Shiva's, "The Killing Fields Of Multi-National Corporations", The Asian Age, July 14th, 2010.

National Geographic Magazine TV aired (5-18-10) Direct TV.





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