The Time Dimension DOT

The metaphysical perspective defining the Beginning of
the Time Dimension linked to the Heh Dimension

(+∞C /–∞C)² = ∞E/m
The Alpha (+ONE) Force  > ● <  ∞E 

How the Cosmos is fuelled.



EuclidScience must preserve old knowledge as well as meet the challenges of nowadays by solving the new problems. Therefore, teaching has the twofold task of preserving and transferring knowledge, “filling of a pail” in combination with “lighting of a fire,” i.e., the initiation and stimulation of creative search into new knowledge.

There is no reason to oppose the transfer and preservation of knowledge and the training of creativity and practical skills in raising and solving the problems of today. Preservation of mathematical knowledge in the impersonal and dry style of textbooks never excludes the possibility of creative search of the teacher.

The everlasting duty of the teacher is to destroy the obstacles in the understanding of mathematics, reveal the liberating essence of its free thinking, and explain that mathematics is the most human of all human sciences. There is no math without a man or a woman. The physical world still prevails, but math vanishes without men and women. People do math.

We do it, thinking about everyone and we do it for everybody. The purpose and essence of mathematics resides in the freedom it brings to us. Mathematics welcomes everyone, combining free access, democracy, and openness with the indisputable prohibition of any prejudice, subjectivity, and arbitrariness of judgments.

One of the most personalized sciences which requires everybody's personal effort for solving a however simple arithmetical problem, mathematics has acquired to make the complex simpler and more comprehensible to all.

Many scientists have a problem understanding the metaphysical dimension linked with a new math formula: (+∞C /–∞C)² = ∞E/m. Therefore, in my story, I only use the very first three Bible verses in Genesis as an introduction. The Bible is the oldest and only book in the world from a celestial origin, as God is outside the cosmos circle. Perhaps my unusual narrative will open up a new horizon for you, revealing to you that the Bible is really an exception, compared to other works of literature. There is none equal.

I will be using a recently discovered Hebrew Alphabet Number System code (HANS) alongside the Bible, which I will add for a fully rounded 360° perspective, which may even surprise theologians. Just the opening Genesis Bible verse copied above, will give us a scientific, accurate mini-concept of the story of how the creation of a universe was accomplished.

In Part 1, I mentioned a pinball machine analogy, illustrating how the universe is fuelled. As I looked closer at the above quoted paragraph, it surprised me to find the same concepts duplicated in the very first verse in Genesis. It conforms to an identical design model mentioned in the first part of my story, where the game is started with my kid as the first entropy, representing the ∞ intelligence that initiates the neutrino (steel ball energy) to be released with consequences, when the lights show up. Lights flash every time the islands are hit with the steel ball (neutrino energy), which means the end of the game when the energy is spent. This is equivalent to a time dimension that ends in Taw. 

It can also be explained as a flywheel charged with energy, which will fizzle out when the energy is used up. Conventioinal energy together with the time dimension will disappear too. Every part of the pinball machine was designed and put together with an intelligence that contributes to a kid having a good time. Remember, the time dimension, which costs some money, governs the duration of the game. This is continued in our discussion.

The time dimension becomes the substance emerging as reality; otherwise it is still only a concept that is not invented yet. When a baby is born, it is only then that we consider it to be SOMETHING, because of entropy. The fact that it had preexistence traces back from the 9 months; back 6000 years; all the way back to Adam’s genes. The fact that it was embedded with a long time dimension seems secondary. Most people are only interested in the finalized product, when it becomes a reality. The moment of the baby’s first cry that shows it is alive. Very few will think about where it really started from, whether it is a Genesis, scientific, genetic or atomic perspective.

Much science is embedded in the Bible and we only need to focus on the opening verses of Genesis. We do not need thousands of Bible verses to understand how God created the universe. It surprised me greatly that so much information was embedded in the first few verses that reveal the complex laws of physics.

Even the design of a pinball machine is a replica of the cosmos, which operates with charged energy, neutrino steel balls to light up so many universe islands with some being linked to receive life, which is only found on our earth. It shows the reason why the universe exists and how it’s attached to mankind, the only superior life form implanted with unlimited intelligence.

It answers the paradox of how a metaphysical entity from the Heh dimension can become visible in the Daleth dimension, such as the eternal God becoming human or how a human (Jesus) can be God. It is a concept found in many cultures, but it is explained much better since it is embedded in the opening verses of Genesis at the beginning of the Bible.

Antikythera MechanismAs a previous inventor and scientist, I deciphered a number of ancient mystery clocks that are exhibited in various museums. They are linked to diverse puzzles in science, which have not yet been solved by the establishment. The facts face much opposition from atheistic institutions who are controlled by a political correctness. Their worldview prohibits logical thinking, especially when mentioning the Bible. Just watch our culture being destroyed. Wake up from sleep, America!

Galileo experienced ridicule and scoffing over his many new scientific discoveries, just as the discoveries mentioned in this story are similarly snicker at because they are linked to the Bible, which is not permitted to be quoted.

Many highly educated Christians face strong opposition by the prevailing university establishment, which is controlled by an atheistic priesthood of lawyers, judges and ignorant politicians who only enforce their evolution religion. They do not even allow anyone to express a different philosophy anymore or even allow it to be mentioned in an open forum. Remember Galileo’s trouble with the establishment? It was eventually discovered that he was right.

When truth is suppressed, it is always victorious over fairytales sooner or later. Also consider that our atheistic civilization is on a self-destructive path, becoming like Humpty Dumpty, being pushed until it falls off the wall, becoming broken. According to the laws of physics, it can never be put together again. Once the A-bomb’s nuclear reactions are released subject to entropy laws cannot be recalled, but remember that intelligence can be used for good or evil, which we should have learned about in the beginning of my Genesis story.

Basic science, like the entropy laws of thermodynamics, cannot be ignored if you are a serious researcher who is interested in learning more. The many unproven opinions built on top of opinions that are enforced in our schools lack the foundation of logic. The reality of inaccurate thinking will eventually sink into our bankrupt society and will collapse, just like a house of cards, because it is based on a faulty, evolution religion that is already failing. Just look at modern genetics and DNA-RNA, if you understand genomes. As a scientist reading the Bible, it is much more fun for me as I compare it with recent discoveries, which makes me feel high, surprised and even somewhat excited.

I discovered many scientific principles embedded in mankind’s history, which is rooted in the ancient Hebraic literature. Hebrew was the first language of mankind.

What amazed me the most was pondering how it was possible to preserve mankind’s beginning in such a detailed manner when describing the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, without losing anything in the process after 6000 years?

But much more is embedded in the first language that was spoken, which has a mathematical structure that can only come from a divine origin. The echo of the ancient writing is the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), which is still around, having been forgotten in an attic. It caught my attention. Upon reading the very first opening statement of Genesis in the Bible and comparing it to [HANS], I noticed it matched modern science, which is explained in a pinball analogy in (Part#1) of my story, but now I was seeing it from a 360° metaphysical perspective.

Here’s a quick review, which highlights an interesting notion. How was an ancient story of mankind’s beginning so very accurately preserved, since writing was not invented yet? Six thousand years is a long time. God must have used grandmothers to put the creation story to music.

They would have sung about all the relatives born from Adam and Eve, along with all their names. A song system would have been developed that set words to music and recorded all the boring details of the ages of children and the length of their lives. However, the boring names revealed an ancient clock calendar system that is now deciphered, which recorded the mathematics of an emerging civilization.

Using the simple method of singing a creation song to children may have prevented the first story from being corrupted across the thousands of years, since words embedded into the music could have only fit a certain pattern within the notes. We all know this by watching someone like Elvis Presley who sang songs that are remembered many years later. Eventually writing was invented and evidently continued all the way to Jesus’ time, BC/AD, as the ancient scrolls were found hidden in many Dead Sea caves. Hieroglyphic symbols came along after the song method, as civilization expanded.

The same story is told in a picture concept, which is similar to the Chinese newspaper where one must learn 10,000 symbols (pictures) in order to read it. Later the method was developed into alphabet letters, like (HANS), which expanded into numerical numbers as mankind began to establish a sophisticated civilization.

Now we have a Webster dictionary that expands into science. The dictionary is accessed within minutes on the Internet, linking this access to a much shorter time dimension, which validates my story. Hopefully, this explains it in a clearer way, since so much is connected to entropy laws. If you need some training how the brain reads hieroglyphs, here is an example:

Olny srmat poelpe can raed this. I cdnuolt blveiee that I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd what I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in what oredr the ltteers in a word are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is that the first and last ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can still raed it wouthit a porbelm. This is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the word as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! If you can raed tihs psas it on!!

How is it possible that in the last 20 years, we have forgotten the creation story? It is no longer allowed in our schools and it’s stacked among so much ancient rubbish material in some warehouse where only a few people will ever know where it is. It has become so distant, seemingly lost; one wonders if we are being disconnected from the past? Old documents are buried in tons of collected artifacts, completely forgotten, since modern life is such a struggle and so hectic, that it takes up most of our time.

However, when mortality catches up with us, we may begin to question what’s next and the forgotten arises once more, perhaps to prepare us for the next journey into the metaphysical Heh dimension. Mankind has a choice to either believe in the fabricated fairytales and avoid the truth (which can be painful as it reveals our ignorance), or to discover that life continues after death, as manifold examples in nature illustrate this fact; such as the caterpillar that becomes a beautiful butterfly or a seed when it dies, only to become a big tree. To answer the question of our mortality, can nature be applied?

If you are so inclined intellectually, more questions will pop up seeking answers that will uncover what nature is. Perhaps what it all boils down to is the Bible, which is still the quickest way to answer all our inquiries. Hundreds of lives were recorded in ancient scrolls; lives that were involved in every imaginable circumstance that we even find ourselves in also. These were previously experienced, with consequences that we can learn from. An eternal God reveals and supervises His oracles in order to give direction to mankind, much like a compass gives direction.

Interfacing with the two dimensions, Heh and Daleth, or physics and metaphysics, as recorded in the opening paragraph of Genesis, could give us a roadmap to find our destiny. HANS and ancient clocks that were discovered could solidly answer much of the theological and denominational confusion, which has been biased since the Middle Ages, and correct the fabricated, atheistic fairytales, exposing them to the truth. We have collected many tools to aid in deciphering the past. I will only use three (+one) scientific witnesses in my story that are all linked to a time dimension:

  1. The Bible; a 6000-year-old history book that should not be rejected, but instead be used as a foundation for mankind.
  2. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) is an ancient key to interpret obscure Bible verses.
  3. Ancient stone-bronze-gold clocks, which are exhibited in many museums, tell us why we have a corrected calendar that is useful for NASA to schedule space exploration or for paying my taxes on time. Both have consequences.
  4. Lastly, a (+One) science witness could be helpful to establish true facts to include many life experiences as a successful inventor in high technology. But it must be demonstrated with real science witnesses bathed in the logic of mathematics in order to find out what the truth is and must not be in conflict with our five senses controlled by a sound mind linked to intelligence.

As an old-fashioned educated scientist I will reject lies that do not conform to entropy laws. Applying logic coupled to the Holy Spirit assures us of the reality that truth will always prevail and expose imitation that is cloaked in fairytales.

I should not be forced by atheistic politics to believe and accept the many unscientific opinions postulated in our modern universities, but have the freedom to voice my outlook, which is based on the metaphysical reality that God loved me, promised a future eternal life and even promoted me to be a saint that will govern a future Jod dimension.

How to become a Saint is poorly understood by comatose theologians educated by denominational opinions from the Middle Ages. They will one day be surprised to recognize a different concept not preached in church. Becoming a saint is by appointment only to be included in the inner circle of Jesus’ White House staff, serving the King of kings is the highest honor that can be bestowed, and one surely not deserved but based solely on His grace.

I believe only Saints will be resurrected at the First Resurrection for a special job assignment to be trained further during the thousand years of God’s Kingdom on earth to graduate in Gods school and fill the many vacancies in God’s administrations when Lucifer and his cohorts rebelled around (4488 BC) and where forcefully removed. The replacement became God’s Plan of Mankind explained more fully for the first time in Babushka egg concept books. Join Daniel’s Wise Club. (Daniel 12:10) It is still open for membership, which gives you a roadmap on how to become a saint, too.

A prevailing atheistic, politically-correct system is driving our civilization toward extinction, which has caused me to echo a warning previously given 2000 years ago by Jesus pointing to Noah’s time and watch a repeat such as the obliteration of Atlantis’ first civilization [5 February 2287 BC], which was destroyed by an asteroid and disappeared when it was judged by the eternal God who owns the universe.

He has become very angry once more and will destroy an atheistic evil society again, assembled by God in Armageddon because He is the beginning and the end of the cosmic drama, which is recorded in the Bible to carry out prophecy now dated.

Aztec CalendarThe history of mankind has been confirmed according to the Hebrew/Aztec calendar, which is now verified by science with ancient clocks that have major dates embedded in history. These dates line up like a railroad stations designed beforehand according to a predetermined schedule.

HANS and ancient clocks become witnesses when we have diverse opinions, but we need to have an overview that can be proven with science. That should solve the many assumptions of the false billions-of-years time dimension that was fabricated in order to make the Big Bang appear for lack of another explanation. When you are mortal, the idea of “billions of years” makes no sense when calculated with the teeter-totter energy law equation.

Here is a list of some dates that are based on a time dimension matching the 7000-year-old Hebraic calendar, which was given to mortals from a divine source. The dates are proven by many witnesses such as ancient clocks exhibited in many museums, Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) code, fertility laws – forgotten by the atheistic Supreme Court guilty of murdering 50 million children, the laws of entropy in physics now denied by the evolution religion, and many more.

There are recent mysteries announced on TV puzzling to observe. The IPS World Standard of Weights stored in a underground vault in Paris, and its 6 sisters kept globally in various universities, have changed mass for unexplainable reasons; therefore, many of Newton’s gravity laws would be changing, too.

When Newton’s laws change, the Time Dimension needs redefining. Mortals invented a calendar to better classify “gravity ∞ light energy” useful for a math understanding. If you have a wrong calendar, the time equation is wrong, which consequently leads to data fairytales as information needed in science is missing. Here is a calendar extracted from ancient clocks for mortals not allowed in universities:

  1. 4488 BC - Lucifer-Satan’s Rebellion
  2. 4068 BC - Birth of Adam
  3. 4004 BC - Expulsion from the Garden of Eden
  4. 2288 BC, 21 December - Noah’s Flood
  5. BC/AD - God becomes visible, Jesus’ birth
  6. AD 35 - Resurrection of Jesus into Jod Dimension
  7. 2008-2015, 21 December - Apocalypse Period
  8. 2012, 21 December - Satan’s Expulsion from Heh
  9. 2015, 17 September – End of 2nd Civilization
  10. 2015, 28.September – God’s Kingdom on Earth
  11. The White Throne Judgment for Mankind, Angels and Satan - Ending the Time Dimension
  12. 3018 Jod Dimension - New Earth, New Heaven

Eternity has started with a new administration never to experience again a demonic rebellion.

The crux of my story describes the nature of the time dimension. It verifies all those Bible dates with science. The time dimension exists only when entropy laws are executed. However, the Bible is silent about what the unknown Heh dimension was before, prior to evolving into a visible universe or another coming, mystery donut universe, which is the Jod dimension beyond ours.

All we know is what was revealed by celestial sources, which started with Lucifer’s rebellion (4488 BC) in the highest echelons of a pre-existing angelic cosmic-order. We can only speculate about that since time did not exist before that date.

Yet, Lucifer’s rebellion was the reason that the time dimension even appeared. According to physics and metaphysical laws, time has a beginning and will end in Taw, numerically speaking. Since the mathematics of God’s revelation is the driving force behind creation, it is embedded within the physical laws.

God did not leave us in the dark, but revealed and explained to mortals what went wrong in His domain that initiated a need for restitution. This became the Plan for Mankind, which substitutes a corrupt element in His administration. This corrupted element created evil, which unbalanced all previous orders, bringing them into confusion and causing a major breakdown.

God implemented new laws and designed a replacement to prevent a future rebellion, making it now impossible to be repeated. God’s new administration will restore life, destined to be in a Jod dimension, and bring everything back into balance.

Since the previous creation was vast and many evil angel friends of Lucifer (demons) could hide invisibly, yet appear again to poison the environment, I think God replaced the Heh and Daleth dimension with a Jod dimension, where time is no more.

The Jod dimension started at BC/AD with the resurrection of Jesus the infinite light source, we will later discover, as Isaiah had a vision in the year that King Uzziah died. He was looking forward to seeing a new cosmos.

For I am about to create new heavens and a new earth; the former things shall not be remembered or come to mind. But be glad and rejoice forever in what I am creating. (Isaiah 65:17-18 NRSV)

Isaiah was taken to heaven and saw the surrounding glory inside the heavenly temple, shining with brilliant lights flashing and thunders rolling. It would be enough to scare any mortal, being surrounded with strange creatures called Seraphim with wings; all of them round about, attending to the Lord. Why are there those with wings in heaven?

I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lofty; and the hem of his robe filled the temple. Seraphs were in attendance above him; each had six wings: with two they covered their faces, and with two they covered their feet, and with two they flew. And one called to another and said: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory.”
(Isaiah 6:1-3)

That caused a reaction in Isaiah. His feelings must have been overwhelmed, being in the presence of the Creator, since God, the Elohim is Sovereign and exerts His Infinite power and control over all things.

And I said: “Woe is me! I am lost, for I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips; yet my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts!” (Isaiah 6:5 NRSV)

Let’s begin to find out who Elohim is and how is His power is exerted. If we look at the opening paragraph in Genesis, we will find many scientific principles embedded. There so much information that is available, that hopefully it will not become another fat Babushka egg concept book.

Basel Jesus
Found in the Basel Cathedral.

The First Genesis Creation Act

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)

Scripture was translated into the English Bible (KJV), but when we analyze the first verse, we see that it is actually different in the original. I am not a scholar, so correct me if I am wrong.

It says in the original, “In beginning created infinite ∞ God” (Bereshyt bara ELOHIM). It was assumed that it meant “in the beginning”, but nevertheless, it becomes a verse for theologians that announces a beginning, which should be linked to the sciences with a dual application.

This would be [In-Beginning Create ∞ God], three words that are followed by another two words [heaven - earth], which is five words in all. Overlaid with HANS in Heh = 5, which would give us an expanded vision not preached in church.

Notice the signs (∞) and (=) are mathematical symbols. One is applicable to heaven; the other to earth, which will be analyzed a little later. However, everything starts with the second Hebraic letter Beth in Bereshyth, which is stated in the first word. This should also be the beginning or starting point for our investigation of Genesis, placing it under the metaphysical microscope.

Therefore, the hidden numerical meaning of the Hebrew letter Beth=2, which means HOUSE and (duality), starts the first verse. It is addressed to the Heh dimension, God’s HOUSE on our earth, in order to introduce us to a duality entropy concept. It does not start with the first letter Aleph or Alpha (God the Almighty), but rather His purpose for the second entropy. How can God be the second entropy? Why is God stated as the second word?

God is not energy or light and owes no one an explanation as to why He exists, but He does reveal His purpose. As in any business meeting, the President sits down and everybody knows Him. There is no need for introduction or for the mentioning of His personal affairs. He commences the meeting by outlining His purpose and how He will build a universe. If we want to know more about the President, check out what He says later about His business plan for His Beth HOUSE.

Further dissecting every Hebraic letter composition to HANS, we have the first letter B=Beth, in a concept which means duality in Hebrew. This is referring to the two laws of entropy that control the nature of physics, which is the basis for everything. This also regulates a cosmos, which is therefore twofold in nature because of heaven and earth.

Keep in mind that we are dealing with two entropy laws and duality, a double concept (Daleth=4), which reveals itself in a hieroglyphic picture model (in this world–and in this time), interplaying with each other as a dual concept. We have been told “B” in Bereshyth is linked to > (∞) infinite >ELOHIM, >Heh (Heaven=5) > Daleth (earth = 4).

The word ELOHIM [infinite ∞ God] is used in Hebrew as a second word and must be seen through the eyes of entropy, which is dual because of Beth. However, a math formula is invisibly embedded (∞ infinite) Heh dimension, which is a qualifier pointing towards (= finite), the Daleth direction, which is required in order for energy to flow.

The creation force coming forth from God is thereby directional because of a specific plan. Therefore, because of Beth, we have two creation forces. One is Alpha(+One) Force directed towards the Heh-Heaven dimension and the other is ∞(Light) Force directed towards Daleth–earth dimension, which will be explained later.

But notice that the word ELOHIM holds a dual intent. God has a will and desires something. That is reflected in us too. When I want something, my mind controls everything; therefore, intelligence is embedded in my mind as the control center. In the law of entropy, the mathematical equation of the sign for intelligence is (∞); therefore, the outward expression going in the finite direction (=) becomes the LOGOS from the ELOHIM perspective, since God speaks when He wants something, which must be dual because of Beth in Bereshyth. God speaks and says what He wants; therefore, He is linked first to the (∞) intelligence, which is then directed towards an outward expression (=) to obtain something He wants. This commences the process of creation.

Consequently, the LOGOS is the second entropy, which is later identified as Jesus. John’s Gospel introduces us to the conception of creation, starting with the word – LOGOS.

In the beginning was the word. (John 1)

Accordingly, what comes forth from the ELOHIM on the secondary level is Jesus, the co-Creator to execute God’s will in the Daleth Dimension. His plan reveals restitution for what went wrong in the previous Heh department. As a result of this, God created a replacement on the Daleth side, which became mankind who is subject to death. This will end in = Taw.

However, as a principle, it must be subject to entropy laws. Therefore, it is linked to a time dimension to give it Gestalt, which makes it possible to exist and have value. An invention only has value if it is no longer a concept, but the invention must conform to entropy, in order to make it visible and to sell it in Wal-Mart stores. That is the nature of things.

On the other hand when an idea crystallizes and becomes SOMETHING, it has value to exist only with an embedded time dimension linked to two polarities. It starts with the ∞ (intelligence) of the inventor (which follows by ending in Taw), which eventually becomes SOMETHING, however, it will not last forever. It will eventually become worthless or NOTHING. 

Have a quick look at the time-energy-light diagram front page again. Notice that the curve starts on the left at the Heh dimension, to crossover is at the center DOT “Zero BC/AD” and then splits into three (3) directions, ending horizontally at 3018 AD, with the others ending in either ∞ direction. Remember only the end station is what our discussion is about.

Time DimensionHowever, because of dual entropy, a resurrection must appear in the Daleth dimension, which divides time, which will either be going toward a pre-planned Taw direction, which ends at 3018 or is reversed by a second act that is initiated by God at the time juncture of (BC/AD).

This is demonstrated with the introduction of a resurrection, planned to end in the Jod dimension because of God’s embedded plan for restitution.

The restitution plan did not materialize before time existed, but the reasoning behind such a plan was because of a derailment in the Heh dimension, which revealed a rebellion that took place within God’s administration.

What followed was a cosmos overtaken by a torrent of evil, and the making of a time dimension in order to fix it was the consequence. Yet, it also caused another railroad to be laid down, a greatly improved replacement which would bypass the trouble spot.

This became the plan of Redemption for mortals that we are linked to, but the plan must be subject to the same entropy laws in order for the result to become SOMETHING. The coming forth of the something was initiated 100% by the ∞ Logos, according to the second entropy progression.

We now have a time dimension to deal with, which is the predominant driver pushing it to the very end station, which is either the Taw or the Jod dimension, depending which rail you are on. Our human existence follows the same entropy laws. If you add intelligence to NOTHING, it becomes SOMETHING. Check out the thermodynamic laws that were previously mentioned.

Think! Our driver is a time dimension that is linked to our mortality because the entropy laws of physics controlled by the metaphysical become secondary. It defines the fundamental order of the cosmic law, which is now controlled by an embedded time dimension that becomes the cause of something new.

It was designed like a wound-up flywheel which has a certain amount of energy stored that will fizzle out. It is programmed to end in Kelvin cold, thereby ending in Taw = NOTHING. Unless the train rail is redirected by another railroad plan, with the first derailed route being substituted, it must end at nothing.

There are two possibilities. Look in the universe and investigate the galaxies. We see a paradox with some galaxies expanding and some shrinking. Why?

What we see is a frozen cosmos movie, but just one frame of it, because God inserted a time dimension flywheel that only temporally stops the cosmos movie. When it is in a time dimension, it is linked to two plans, Restitution and Redemption. Both have been concluded, and then the movie will run again.

Let’s try to understand about time, philosophically. When the entropy crystallizes into SOMETHING on the Daleth dimension side, a time dimension is born. Otherwise, it is still a concept within the intellectual mind that has not been birthed yet.

The opening paragraph in Genesis is directional, pointing towards [Heh-heaven] or towards [Daleth-earth]. These were jointly created by a dual force much like energy neutrinos combine inside the atom forming protons. These crystallize out as mass and are divided into molecules. If they are still hot, they are made visible in the Fraunhofer spectral lines, which are categorized in the periodic table.

Looking towards the metaphysical, the dual force is expressed as Alpha (+One) Force and is applied to the Heh dimension. It ends up with a SOMETHING also and becomes the Jod dimension, which is our future home.

But the LOGOS directed [∞ light] toward the Daleth dimension side, which ends in death=Taw, the end of the time dimension. The two forces from ELOHIM, when applying the entropy laws, are aimed in two different directions, much like a parallel railroad. It will all end with a new creation, either appearing in a Jod dimension, or in the opposite dimension, which is linked to the planned Daleth level. It is fueled by ∞ light (C²), as we see when using Einstein’s formula. See the creation concept table.

For example, a caterpillar dies (cocoon) and thereafter, there are two possibilities. On one hand, the caterpillar dies only to become born again as a butterfly, according to entropy laws.

However, because of dual entropy, two distinct directions exist that we are heading for. This is illustrated in the Plan for Mankind that has two end stations. The BC/AD is the dividing crossover, cocoon point to determine the two directions designed for mortals.

The crossover, cocoon DOT point is either the White Judgment Throne = Taw or resurrection to the Jod dimension. But notice that mathematically, the crossover point on the graph is timeless! A dot only has meaning in a timeless math equation. Only on either side of the exponential time curve does a time dimension exist, in order to make visible what has now emerged as the given reality of Gestalt. Yet, it exists and is recognized as SOMETHING.

Therefore, the DOT crossover is absolutely a timeless event; yet it is very important to mathematics, since it can be applied to every person who ever lived during the 7000 years. All mortals will experience the same BC/AD timeless DOT. The DOT tells us that time became the absolute Zero. The DOT is an extraordinary concept when the LOGOS appeared, and it will be explained more later on.

In order to rationalize this again further, look at the creation concept table next page and understand how it works. Beth clarifies that God is dual and entropy laws are dual, but in-between, giving direction on that equation, is the intelligence dual also ∞ and =. It is also a teeter-totter law relationship, yet because of direction, the will wants something and as a consequence, creation is brought forth.

The mind of intelligence brings SOMETHING forth into existence, which is expressed in physics as the 2nd entropy, but is dual in nature, like the teeter-totter principle that governs the physical-metaphysical creation. It conforms to the Daleth dimension and is expressed as a principle:

The 2nd Law of Entropy can be stated: nothing can only produce or replicate itself into nothing, or disintegrate formless into less then 100% ending in Taw – never over 100%.

But if we add ∞ light with embedded intelligence (like a computer microcode) to the nothing, it will reproduce into something = 100%; therefore, it is the First Entropy Law.

Some theistic scientists are waking up to the imposition that the Big Bang not possible to appear from NOTHING, as nothing in physics is NOTHING. They come around and postulate that the Big Bang once collapsed and reappeared for another cycle. Why not read the forbidden Bible to expand metaphysical horizons linked to a beautiful and extraordinary puzzle picture assembled for the first time.

A New Cosmos Beginning

Again, the infinite God wills a business plan and describes the action, which is expressed with Beth, indicating two entropy laws governed by ∞ intelligence, which is then linked to the Alpha(+One) concept, which was the center of a different world the Bible is silent about.

Genesis 1:1 proclaimed an energy force system appearing to create SOMETHING. Analyzed in physics according to the First Entropy Law, the new beginning of creation was the starting gate for humankind. Time for mortal humans was inserted into previous unknown eons revealing the Plan for Mankind, which became the Bible. Now composed of 67 books, it is not finished yet as three books are still missing for a total 70 - Ayin according to HANS.

We must delineate that the Bible is the history of mankind not finished. It was designed around an embedded purpose-roadmap of redemption and restitution. The Time Dimension is just another station among the eons dimensions to continue life from a preexisting angelic world. The present universe runs on two separate rails only to merge again in the future after a new-heaven and new-earth promised in Revelation, the last book of the Bible.

The book of Revelation ends the roadmap with prophecies concerning the resurrection of the saints and redeemed mankind. They will live together with the angels after the two railroad rails join together once more into one.

The infinite Mind of God tells the story of humanity’s beginning and the need to create a new dimension based on time. The present material dimension has become the vehicle to convert infinite ∞ energy on a second railroad rail to give it Gestalt and existence for mortals. It is controlled with intelligence just like we have a mind or invisible spirit, which is the first entropy for our existence.

However, the laws of physics must be expressed to us as the 2nd Law of Entropy, in order to become visible and appear as SOMETHING. The words from the Logos (Jesus), created and executed reality towards the end Taw, which is Gestalt expressed in matter forming atoms bunched up as elements. It will end in DNA with another refueled energy cycle going ∞ around crossing over at the DOT where time is ZERO.

The concept becomes reality with an embedded Time Dimension useful for mortals. The original plan solidly seen as Gestalt, an earth planned with a Garden of Eden existence. It contains all life forms and is crowned with mankind. Genesis describes the entire process in detail. It is a beautiful mosaic pattern and quite enjoyable, if you are educated in true science.

This new concept is declared as 2nd entropy in the opening verses. It is directionally aimed towards the action of the will/intellect creating out of the Heh-heaven dimension a new Daleth-universe-earth dimension.

It was brought into existence by a dual energy force where the Alpha(+One) previously fuelled a preexisting angelic world with infinite ∞E-light energy. This energy is now redirected to a separate track in parallel. Time requires humans to invent calendars and clocks to track their mortality, conduct business and grow food to live.

The pre-existing energy was modified to express Darkness, or dark energy (evening morning) introduced in Genesis 1:2. Depending upon the application, the two dimensions were divided and fueled with the same infinite energy appearing as a newly created Daleth dimension.

It will take some time to logically understand the creation of the cosmos, as we have a physical world linked to a metaphysical world, which is governed by the teeter-totter law effect and has not defined God yet. I will do that next.

On the one side is the Alpha(+One)/∞E Force, which fuels the Heh dimension, now divided with the other side outfitted with gravity energy crystallizing matter for the Daleth dimension. Both invisible energy forces are not God but the building blocks for the material universe expressed as Heh-heaven and Daleth-earth dimension polarities. They can only be recognized or become visible to our eyes linked to our human mind understanding through embedded intelligence controlled by the second entropy law environment, in a teeter-totter relationship principle.

Creation Concept TableA new energy is born spliced out from the Alpha (+One) force – now presented as infinite ∞ light embedded in the Heh dimension side, but because of B=Beth, another force coexisting known as Gravity emerges crystallizing into matter, existence, or Gestalt on a 2nd entropy level bathed in a time dimension without it cannot exist to separated and create a new Daleth side.

However, both have embedded a duality which is stated in the Bible with the first letter of the first word in Genesis, which is the letter B=Beth. Creation is born from entropy laws that convert energy since two places are mentioned; the Heh and the Daleth dimensions. Each dimension has realities reflected in the other one, such as a frequency that resonates and can overlay, appearing to be the same, when seen through an oscilloscope.

For example, in the Heh dimension, events are described in various biblical areas, as recorded by Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah and John in Revelation. It pictures realities that we are all familiar with, such as a Throne as the center of heaven surrounded by strange creatures. We have no idea what shape they are because some are portrayed with eyes inside and out similar to suction cups of an octopus all around. It is difficult even to describe these unusual creatures with four faces as one face appears to look human. This is very strange and scary, especially if they would show up in my neighborhood.

I watched a nature show on TV, where a movie was made near Santa Cruz, California. Fifteen hundred feet under the water, there are creatures that nobody can even describe or classify, even with our modern hi-tech scientific language, because the organisms are so complex. Another TV program showed all the creatures living within one cubic foot mapped out. I was amazed that they collected 1000 different species examined under the microscope. I like to buy that colorful picture wall chart when it appears in the bookstore.

To become better educated, Darwin should have looked through underwater cameras, where we do not even see skeletons; it’s not possible for them to turn into fossil bones, since thousands of subspecies exist without bones.

Therefore, it would have changed his opinion. I am sure that even 200 years ago, Darwin would have resisted having his opinion perverted with modern fairytales made into an atheistic evolutionary religion that do not even conform to entropy laws. As a scientist, Darwin still used logic to express an opinion, but it needed further examination, based on physics since science was still in its infancy. Electricity was not even invented yet.

God’s throne in the heavens is reality, as John describes it as having a rainbow above it. We are familiar with embedded spectral lines of color, an indication akin to Fraunhofer’s spectral lines (atomizing the spectral lines of elements) that are the building blocks of the Heh dimension. I postulate in A Donut Atom Nuclear Story.

Donut Atom Nuclear StoryIn my donut atom Babushka book, I explain new discoveries and compare it to our universe, which looks like a single donut atom because it is modeled after a very similar shape, like our red blood particles.

Scientists tell me that it is absolutely the perfect mathematical shape to be an energy transfer carrier. Atoms must confor m to the same laws.

Visually, the cosmos can be compared to a gigantic round transformer, with billions of volts that are energy-wise on one side, linked by gravity to the infinite source. However, the ∞ energy resonates instead (not being connected with wires), and is transferred creating billions of atoms forming galaxies, cascading according to physics to a lower frequency in the Fraunhofer spectrum, with an identical element to what we have on earth and is named the Daleth dimension. Why is that?

We are created in the image of God; therefore we became a miniature god, which will be explained later. However, it is created as a two-phase system like a dual entropy structure, but with reversed entropy. An angel’s frequency body (previously cloned) is in a metaphysical domain, but mankind was created in a two-phase system in the lower Daleth time dimension domain: therefore, because of entropy, mankind has two birthdays. Why?

Metaphysical intelligence reveals that the first birthday caused us to be born as a mortal with very limited possibilities, as illustrated in the caterpillar example. Some experience a terrible time, but it was willed to exist by someone else, without my permission, according to a higher purpose before the cosmos was created.

God’s oracles tell me that my ego genetic disposition was pre-existent within the Plan for Mankind and was hereditarily implanted in Adam in order to appear in the future, and even recorded my name in books that are kept on the Heh side. Check out Revelation, which John was told to write. It is all explained in order for us to understand the metaphysical.

We become a totally different creature that is meant for another environment, but it now needs my willed permission to live forever or not. It is only fair since God offers us choices, where He would say, “Do you want to live in My house according to My rules forever or not?”

We can terminate His original pre-existence contract and can ask for Mercy unto Death, ending with the time dimension=Taw, which is designed to be terminated; or choose Mercy onto Life, to live forever, which is designed for a Jod dimension, according to the laws of entropy. That will be decided at the End-of-time-Taw event, which is linked to the BC/AD crossover DOT.

It is defined in mathematics as the timeless point between two ∞ dimensions, which also becomes my death (the second birthday), when my name is called from the Book of Life to be evaluated. This is mentioned in Revelation. The timeless DOT crosses over a time dimension, which is an extraordinary discovery that will be explained later.

Without a plan, you cannot build a house. Therefore, let’s ask the Architect to interpret the blueprint for our existence, in order to understand a little physics, which is linked to metaphysics, so we can better appreciate the world around us. God did not leave us in the dark. He appointed 40 ancient secretaries to record His oracles for future generations.

They come from a broad spectrum of people, from those who were educated such as prime ministers, kings, physicians, as well as tax collectors, who were good in math, right down to shepherds. They had a lot of time to collect wisdom. Writing about the mechanical implementations of God’s plan is the subject of this paper, which is not taught in the schools that reject the Bible, because there is much more buried in the first three verses of God’s oracles.

Much of science is distorted with evolution fairytales blending science with lies that created many obstacles to understand true nature linked to the metaphysical. Using HANS unlocked many mysteries in museums and opened a Bible to reveal God's Plan for Mankind.

Let’s have a look again at the Creation Concept Table and compare it with the very first five words in Genesis. This will reveal how Gestalt, our existence, was planned and executed on the 2nd entropy level, which summed up the whole Bible text with only five words, which define the end product and explain why we have a creation announced in the first place. Compare it to entropy laws that will explain a concept only applying the first three words in Genesis – Bereshyth bara ELOHIM (In the beginning God created). By adding intelligence (∞), according to thermodynamic laws, it ends with SOMETHING; therefore, it is 100% linked to the last two words in Revelation - The Saints.

Bereshyth -> ELOHIM -> the Saints -> ending in -> Jod

ELOHIM (First Entropy)

God’s creation starts out with a duality (Beth), as God radiates invisible energy out from within Him, similar to the first entropy, the Alpha (+ONE) Force. God-ELOHIM is the ultimate controlling entropy stands alone on one side and is its own universe, unknown and invisible, as nothing existed before Him. Nothing!

God transcends space, time, mass and knowledge. We can only describe Him with attributes, and even that would not do Him justice, as we are mortals with a very limited capacity to comprehend Him. It is like an ant who will never know where electrical energy comes from, what it is or what it does, because it is beyond the frequency of an ant’s brain.

In the Hebraic language, we have 7 names for God. When Moses asked in the burning bush encounter, “What is Your name?” God answered, “Ehiyeh asher ehiyeh”, which figuratively translated means, “I am the one who is always there.”

That is not a name, but it conveys that He is able to liberate His people from slavery in Egypt with a mighty hand. Later, a liberated Israel gathered around the mountain with Moses, when God was revealed as YHVH, only four consonants, J/Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh because no one knows the hidden vowels, since it was pronounced by the high priest only once a year on the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur.

In our discussion, we read the first verse in the Bible. It uses the name ELOHIM and it refers to God Almighty, but it is used in the plural form. We will understand that next. But in the paragraph describing the creation of a heaven and earth, we notice a time dimension embedded that describes an “indwelling” of God HaSHECHINAH, such as Him being in a pillar of fire by night in the wilderness, in the Tabernacle and in the Temple. God is identified with His hope in Israel, each and every day. 

Personally, when God enters my space, He is perceived as an Infinite, radiating Spirit with only one channel left open for communication in order to connect to Him – HaKADOSH the Holy One. That is prayer, an incredible conduit available only to those destined to live forever. The Ha-Kadosh-Baruch-Hu (the Holy One, blessed be He) planned my life, and additionally, He knew my name before the foundations of the earth and entered it in the book of books, which will be opened at the end of time and revealed.

I experienced His overriding, guiding hand linked to the time dimension, when a highly decorated, Russian officer ordered his bodyguard to shoot me, a 17 year old German boy illegally crossing the East German Border, running like a scared rabbit and disobeying regulations. However, the machinegun was stopped. It would not work for some reason, which extended my life, but ended up imprisoned behind barbed wire fence.

Many people have had similar experiences that are directed to wake us up from our complacency, as God is interested in our life and invites us to honor Him, humbly confess our sins and turn from wickedness. He, in turn, promises to hear us and pledged to give us eternal life with an allotted place prepared for all His children.

And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “See, the home of God is among mortals. He will dwell with them as their God; they will be his peoples, and God himself will be with them; he will wipe every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more; mourning and crying and pain will be no more, for the first things have passed away.” (Revelation 21:3-4 NRSV)

Then, in reading the next verse in Genesis verse, it is like matching the second entropy design. The Logos appears (God’s Word) emerging and expressing His ∞ will from within the eternal ∞ God, who is speaking to reveal Himself as the infinite ∞ light] energy source (E∞) and who has now implemented a master plan of a future universe Jod dimension, directing a creation schedule in very minute, atomic details and qualifies it as very good.

Let’s look closer to understand ∞ light. As a scientist, I recognize the duality in nature. Experimenting with an oscilloscope, I am reminded that infinite light, is mirror-imaged and can be projected on a lower platform in a sine-shaped motion pattern, going above (+) and going down below the horizontal line (-) on my computer screen, dividing the frequency footprint into two directions.

To me, it looks like a frequency profile of every element of the periodic table classified by Fraunhofer spectral lines, or like the footprint of a newborn baby that is made in the hospital for identification purposes, or like a master imprint confirmed thousands of years later in the Dead Sea scrolls. It has all the information embedded and needed to form Gestalt or to pass on the continuous genetic intelligence of how to form donut atoms embedded with life and growing galaxies brightly shining bathed in a time dimension, which eventually created me. Hello!

Genesis declared it with simple science for simple people, such as “day” (+) the other “night” (-), light or darkness, much like a frequency footprint.

…and God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day. (Genesis 1:4-5)

Whenever day or night is mentioned, I wondered, “Is it only an analogy for simple people?” The earth and moon appear later and were set in orbit around the sun to establish our life cycle with calendars. The circumstance of light being absent was called night, which made me ponder and think that nothing existed yet.

Thinking from a scientific perspective, we have absolutely no idea what it really means when Jesus said outer darkness, which is linked to the opening statement in Genesis - a total cosmic night. Does the expression outer imply space that is further away?

In trying to understand nature of the Heh-cosmos, it is not an absolute cold zero Kelvin, speaking in terms of temperature, since galaxies spread out in space will accumulate some energy. Yet on the other hand, in order to understand concepts before anything was created or existed, there needs to be a little more investigating.

In the opening statement of the Bible, God is teaching us concepts that are an indication of a preexisting cosmos civilization with angels, principalities and a government structure in place, which must have been originally working together as one whole unit that existed for eons.

It is now revealed that this preexisting world is divided into two parts, that being infinite light which is separated from an infinite darkness, a newly created paradox. Yet how can it be both united? Perhaps something subsisted before such as a previous and extraordinary structure of an unknown dimension.

Even our scientists have a haunch postulating that the cosmos is 70% dark energy, but the Bible is stating 50% stretched out across the outer darkness light will no longer reach. Beyond that eventually even the river of time you must cross became zero no longer a frequency to reach the other side where infinite light again appears ending our space travel accompanied by angels surrounding God’s Throne now bathed in immeasurable light.

That was testified by a number of witnesses, required by a higher court of law reported according to the Hebrew hand rule four (+One); Enoch, Isaiah, Jesus, Paul and John. Jesus is at the juncture of BC/AD defining a time dimension, which is the bridge from ancient times before Noah 2288 BC to Revelation future 3018 connecting all mankind.

To explain once more, outer darkness implies a space when dark space did not yet exist. There must therefore be a part of divine nature, a mysterious dimension now revealed, in order to make infinite light be contrasted with infinite night because nothing such as earthly matter or elements or the sun had yet existed. However, an undetectable SOMETHING is spread between two opposite polarities that is identified as a time dimension (evening->morning) and needs the contrasting element to make it visible to our mortal mind.

My atheistic science friend, Tim, in the Preface explained the reason of the Big Bang to me that SOMETHING must have previously been collapsing into a NOTHING to logically reappear into SOMETHING once more.

There was a cosmos previously existing that collapsed into a dot to appear again in another cycle. That was a new concept to me and strangely matched my perception linked to the very first verse of Genesis stating there was a light dimension now inserted a darkness period [evening to morning] like a DOT not changing the light dimension, which kept going. A time dimension and two entropy laws were born, which defined the first day cycle.

That unique entropy law relationship never existed before. From then on, it would be a primary force to govern a future creation. As pertaining to the opening statement again, it is indicative that the letter Beth has concepts embedded that express duality, yet it becomes the first letter in the Bible, according to the second Hebraic alphabet, Beth = Bereshyth bara ELOHIM - In the Beginning Created ∞ God.

Notice that the first day cycle starts with the creation of a night succession [and there was evening], indicating a temporary stage, never making it into a full day. However, theologians never noticed because outer darkness was formed when the ∞Elohim added energy, which became SOMETHING according to entropy laws.

The Creator takes away some power from the infinite light the other half that still existed originally. It never changed, yet appeared again the next morning after the (darkness) night was over.

SOMETHING split, where on one side, what was still the original and bathed in infinite light, yet it must now coexist with a newly created darkness that was brought forth and simply called night, in order for mortals to understand it. It created a Time dimension that was to be embedded and which separated a preexisting, timeless universe into half. For the first time, SOMETHING new appeared that only exists in parallel, which was defined in half-day night cycles.

Once more that which crystallized became Gestalt, functioning as a specialized night cycle where two world systems in parallel were implemented in a duality, as indicated with two Beths that started with the first two Genesis words: Bereshyth bara - In the beginning created.

The night cycles have embedded a cosmic plan of restoration for the angels that were embroiled in rebellion, and redemption for mortals who would become the replacement for executed angels, all designed as a system to run during the night only, because it was infected by one who was previously a light-bearer, Lucifer.

God created darkness for Satan to govern - a dark kingdom to teach evil to mortals on earth. Mortals were designed to gain an immunity to resist evil, while being exposed in Satan’s school, which gave rise to a system bathed in gloom and rebellion, but will end and run out of energy like a flywheel. The other half side, which is still the original is bathed in ∞light and needs no plan to continue.

Therefore, the original universe was divided in half by a foreign, parasitic time dimension, which will become unified once again, when it will be integrated into a full day cycle, still open ended without an outer darkness night aspect cycle, sometime in the future.

It was prophesied on the last page of Revelation that Satan’s school that taught mortals evil will be closed down during the millennium. After that, there will be a 1000-year holiday, with God’s Kingdom on earth and the time dimension will end soon thereafter, resulting in no more death and no more corrupted evil infecting the Daleth–Heh dimension. It will return to a totally restored, New Heaven and New Earth, Jod universe, repaired to a whole new creation level and without evil.

This new concept needs to be repeated and summed up once more because it is so foreign to theologians. The creation day cycle starts with a juncture from a preexisting universe bathed predominantly in infinite light, but is now split into two separate railroads running parallel. That split juncture station is called the Time Dimension.

One rail continues to run from morning to morning and always with preexisting infinite light, where angels live in their dimension, unaffected by mortals. A time dimension does not exist when light is infinite because the Time frequency-wise equals Zero. The other rail runs only at night [evening to morning], which is half time when measured from an eons perspective, becoming Satan’s kingdom, which is located on a future earth.

Read Job where it reveals that now Satan is roaming about, inspecting that new earth. Then, immediately a testing begins to see who controls what.

Eon-Darkness was a newly created second railroad forming a dark cosmos only visible to mortal eyes when some galaxies lights are on and became the cornerstone where a Daleth dimension would be manifested.

Later, we will look at an ancient Tzolkin clock in Part 3, which is constructed with an inner 13 circle representing darkness with a time dimension getting smaller surrounded with an outer fixed 20 circle the main driver, which perfectly demonstrates how the diminishing night cycle of the time dimension is embedded in the existing angelic world (20 section gear) of another dimension, which really expands our mind.

This book needs to be read over because so much is linked together, which is never postulated and cannot be found in any books. Outer Eon-darkness is the border where the Daleth dimension ends and is the place where Satan’s people will congregate until called for the last judgment, as man will ask Mercy unto Death. There will be no other option left to escape utter loneliness. The game is over after you paid your debt.

I am glad that someone paid my debt and I can leave Satan’s good and evil casino, which is a requirement designed for mortals belonging to Adam’s race and meet that Someone next, who is explained as the Logos, who invented the system.

One more hors d'oeuvre idea is discussed in New Research Pearl #147 - A Second Witness for HANS by Ivan Panin 1855-1942 written by Keith Newman. It will demonstrate what is buried in the text [Create ∞ God], which has a numeric value of 999, from a mathematical perspective.

Words in Hebrew can be analyzed with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), as every Hebrew letter has a numerical value embedded and will result with a mathematical code. That is a whole new subdivision that is similar in science, which I discovered in HANS. Check out the next verse where it states, created the heavens, which has the subtotal 999.

Why? It is invisibly connected to what God thinks, but is not yet verbalized. It needs the second law of entropy to birth, in order to become a reality, which comes next. The number 1000 (10x10x10) is the result of (+One) of the Hebrew hand rule, an added force that becomes the Jod dimension: the new heavens and the new earth’, which is explained later.

My pondering gets an answer from scripture:

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord.

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8-9 NRSV)

That settles my case of a first day creation, which never became a full day anyway and is still in the making, like my little book seems never finished.

Want to know how big are the seven day creation cycles in Genesis measured with ancient bronze-gold clocks compared to a 7000-year Hebrew calendar calibrated to our NASA calendar adjusted to an earth axis wobble?

Asteroid AnswersNow for the first time we can mathematically define a Genesis day. Check the third Babushka concept book, Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries.

In it you can read how ancient clocks exhibited in museums were deciphered surprising theologians. It totaled 7x70 = 490 years (4488 BC- 4004 BC) minus 6 Heh years, which became the 6000 mortal years once the Zayin Age got going.

The unfinished seventh day is still in the making as God takes a Sabbath rest to wait for all the Saints gathering for a grand party resurrected into the butterfly stage. Ancient clocks and HANS tell me a date, 28 September 2015. Check it out with logic.

The Logos

The Second Entropy > the Daleth dimension

The spoken word is brought forth emanating, when God, the Eternal speaks. Therefore, from the creation perspective, it becomes the second entropic illustration: the Logos radiates from God-ELOHIM. However, because of the laws in nature it appears symbolized, like a negative polarity, Beth (-) in the energy frequency equation.

Or we could illustrate it in physics and compare an energy transfer to a transformer, where one side is a billion volts and the other side not physical connected is 110 volts, which is the second entropy domain not life threatening and quite useful to mortals, when employed in daily life.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through him, and without him not one thing came into being. (John1:1-3 NRSV).

Expanding the initial nuclear center from God, it is now expressed outwardly into larger and larger, spherical dimensions. There are three, which are the Heh, Daleth and Jod dimensions. It is like an analogue of a stone thrown in the pond that will develop rippling waves.

The ∞ELOHIM willed and decided to become visible on the Daleth side, being born into a time dimension, the smallest circle, and therefore given a name. Anything born or invented in time has a name.

Check out even the smallest object in Wal-Mart stores. Notice that the mathematical time graph shows two legs with two opposite values (+∞/-∞), which are linked to Jesus being in the middle BC/AD, thereby defining our calendar time base which even atheists use.

Why? If you exist, I am sure that your name is already recorded in the metaphysical domain. Even Jesus’ name was coined in that dimension announced by angels.

For some mysterious reason, time has been measured (since the Middle Ages) in BC/AD, contrary to the Jewish, Aztec and Chinese calendars. God’s Plan for Mankind has only recently been deciphered by combining ancient clocks with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, which accurately unfolds a time dimension with a 7000-year range, with cycles for mankind, like a railroad that is interspersed with stations, matching all the others now. It has been checked out with science. These can accurately date when the time-train will arrive and at what time, even when looking ahead because it is preset just like a railroad schedule.

Our civilization has arrived at the 13th Apocalypse station, with only a few years to go before the fulfillment of what was planned since 4488 BC. Watch! The rest will surely arrive in an exact time and order. Go to the first page and see some dates, or check out what was published four years ago in the Babushka books.

The Gregorian calendar is using BC/AD as a system. Therefore, Jesus is the center of our time dimension because He invented it. An atheistic establishment cannot change the many facts, yet it is denied. Only Jesus caused creation and He is once again assaulted in a massive way in our time, as people still deny His existence. It is like crucifying Jesus all over again. In rebellion, His oracles have been thrown out globally and replaced with an atheistic, illogical religion that is based on unscientific fairytales, but they are not exempt from the laws of physics. They will suffer the consequences of irrational thinking when they witness the destruction of our civilization.

Check out the total collapse of the environment, which is linked to a great extinction. I have given my prediction as a scientist, yet if God should delay the prophesied Apocalypse by just 10 years, Satan will gloat, “I won; I am more powerful than ∞-ELOHIM; I was able to totally wipe out and block His blessings for the next generations of mortals.”

Do not be fooled, but watch the international news on TV, not your petty ignorant local channel, and see the evidence of a criminal global cartel corporation and its international politicians, using accelerated, uncontrolled technology that is senselessly destroying our planet, which is the only place where life exists. Watch God’s wrath activated to save His planet once more from an atheistic society that has gone totally evil, like Sodom and Gomorrah, hit with two blazing asteroids. We should have remembered. Look in the sky and see what is waiting, a big one, 52 km in size published on the front page of several magazines in 2006.

The fact that the LOGOS (Jesus) is the outward expression of the ∞-ELOHIM is even proven in the math equation, which I did not invent. We should direct our attention to the many specifics, as it will impact 7 billion people who are now living on this earth. We need to be aware of the many warnings.

It is not by chance that the calendar we use is accurate, as it was designed by the inventor Jesus Christ; a name everybody knows about. It is made a reality within our discussion, so there will be understanding about what time is. Yet, His name is linked to our calendar, which we cannot deny, but it was revealed by Angels from the other metaphysical Heh dimension, at the very site where everything started with the ∞-ELOHIM.

She will bear a son, and you are to name him Jesus (Matthew 1:21)

And now, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you will name him Jesus. (Luke 1:31-32)

The Bible records the names of two mighty and important angelic administrators, Gabriel a messenger and Michael who came along for protection, accompanied with many others in a group, coming in a large procession from the presence of the eternal God, where the cosmic government is residing with a Throne. They came from the other side (Heh dimension) and were sent to announce the birth of Christ, which came with a package, meaning that the time dimension was over, no more.

This is confirmed mathematics as witnesses that present the evidence valid in any court of law. Investigating a timeless DOT will surprise you. Pay attention to the important mathematical concept dealing with ∞ (Infinity), which is not preached in church or in the halls of education.

The miracle is that the second entropy of the ∞ELOHIM becomes visible to humans and is revealed as: the Word LOGOS which is connected to the divine [∞ intelligence]. Since God has a mind and wills SOMETHING, it is outwardly expressed which brought forth the metaphysical Heh, which now divides it into the physical, Daleth dimension universe by a time dimension, which was designed for mortals. This is revealed in the first paragraph in Genesis.

As a reaction to a cause embedded in physics, two cosmic energy forces are directed from the Alpha(+One) coming forth directing infinite light (∞E) embedded in the Heh dimension-heaven, and the other gravity force emerging on the second entropy level to usher in the Daleth dimension to make earth visible for mortals crystallizing out in matter, elements and DNA atoms.

The one force has implanted life energy, building donut atoms that are embedded with life. The other gravity force will produce dead donut atoms as a fuel for energy conversion, to keep the cosmos running, the same as your car needs gasoline.

That is accomplished with a neutrino polarization coming from the same source riding superimposed on the gravity carrier highway connected to every atom. Hopefully, we have learned by now that every single atom must have fuel to exist, framed by a time dimension that exists to become Gestalt. If you turn that fuel off, the whole entity and all connections linked together – all - would implode into a timeless DOT. This will be explained later.

The multiple SOMETHING linked with the junk NOTHING is connected to the same chain, the time dimension. It only needs one tiny SOMETHING in order to have a chain broken; affecting the dimension so that time is no more (non-existent). When we follow the chain connection to its very end, we will discover the designated purpose and why you and I are part of the chain. Here is an analogy.

If we were flying at nighttime, we would see millions of lights down below, stretched out as far as the cities, in a chain of millions of lights. Now if someone would pull the plug at the source of the electrical energy, all the lights would be instantly gone; everything would be dark in seconds. On a cosmos level, all matter would implode like an air balloon pricked with a needle instantly. Like physics linked to the Daleth dimension is mirrored exactly on the metaphysic dimension that also has a switch at the source and would instantly disappear and be dissolved into NOTHINGNESS, returning back to where we came from similar to a Big Bang DOT. 

God Elohim did not start from NOTHING atheistic scientist believe but applied preexisting infinite exploding energy to become SOMETHING which is giving birth to a Time Dimension but could be reversed any time if he wills it by cutting off the (∞) infinite energy causing a time dimension collapsing to a DOT again. We do the same at any time can shut off my computer and telephone totally dead to what surrounds me not changing the internet eons angel world preexisting.

That idea is not new. Recently, cosmologist Gary Gibbons at Cambridge University said the concept has merit, ”We believe that time emerged during the Big Bang, and if time can emerge, it can also disappear – that’s just the reverse effect.”

Going back to the opening paragraph in Genesis, God’s original will in Genesis is expressed as an Infinite [∞ intelligence] mind, coming forth from God, with the center having many perspective variations which Hebrew names. Just as words have meaning to define our world, two dimensions are pointing to direct the force.

We now see the Logos appearing in various colors, such as EL-OLAM, which means “God of this visible Universe flowing forth energy from the Eternal God”. God is beyond time, but He is still the Architect of salvation, which is recorded in history and embedded in a time dimension. The LOGOS can be expanded further, which is reflected in some scriptures only found in the Bible for our instruction to answer the many “Why” questions.

The Lord created me at the beginning of his work, the first of his acts of long ago. Ages ago I was set up, at the first, before the beginning of the earth. When there were no depths I was brought forth, when there were no springs abounding with water.

Before the mountains had been shaped, before the hills, I was brought forth when he had not yet made earth and fields, or the world’s first bits of soil.

When he established the heavens, I was there, when he drew a circle on the face of the deep, when he made firm the skies above, when he established the fountains of the deep, when he assigned to the sea its limit, so that the waters might not transgress his command, when he marked out the foundations of the earth, then I was beside him, like a master worker;

And I was daily his delight, rejoicing before him always, rejoicing in his inhabited world and delighting in the human race. (Proverbs 8:22-31 NRSV)

The Plan for Mankind for a future Daleth dimension is now closely defined with the dual energy that was released when the omnipotent God [I-AM] ELOHIM expressed His will in the [Logos] JESUS. This is linked to His eternal mind ∞-intelligence [Holy Spirit] that wills SOMETHING and creates, according to the first law of entropy, which gives birth 100% to a creation, where all still conforms to entropy in physics.

What is now emanating from its center became plural, as a 2nd entropy and where it is now stated as us; creating and duplicating a designed miniature replica [i-am] you and I, into a smaller letter dual version also, which looks like a miniature God replicated for a special purpose which is linked to the second lower entropy, the Daleth level, but as a consequence it is recognized as a material, a physical substance based on a time dimension needed for its existence, which makes us mortal. It ultimately creates an image of the original reality, which is the Urquell of all existence:

Let us make man in our image after our likeness.

What crystallizes out as a 2nd entropy law product in a time dimension, according to physics, became mortal, a reality embedded with a time dimension. Therefore, it gained value that can be expanded further still because it’s rooted in the original text. The divine ∞ infinite intelligence wanted SOMETHING responding with feelings, that returns love, a mind reflecting creativity with unlimited potential to make a world beautiful, tending a Botanical Garden like Adam; someone pleasant to enjoy fellowship with, destined to become the inner circle in a big royal celestial party.

God will be proud showing around the newcomers and introducing them to many ancient mighty dignitaries, powerful archangels like Michael, who are positioned to govern an unending universe. The Saints entourage of the King of Kings, will be introduced as the replacement of Lucifer’s bunch that everybody expected; they will now be highly honored.

Among the angels, they will be called the born ones, children of God, just as the LOGOS was born too. They all graduated with honor from the Daleth school managed by Satan to experience and become inoculated to bring into line to control evil by an embedded immune system. That immune system will last forever entrenched in every Saint who learned to hate evil and remembered the consequences which will be applied to a future Jod dimensions to govern with wisdom, loyalty and loving with all their hearts the LOGOS∞ELOHIM.

What amazed me how the Bible is structured, if you take the first three words in Genesis and the last two words in Revelation, and put them together in the shortest sentence only five words applying the Heh viewpoint, expressed in a nutshell the purpose of creation linked to a time dimension:

In the Beginning God Created
< (in time) > The Saints.

Notice that when entropy separates from a higher energy level to a lower level, it created the time dimension, previously explained, that otherwise would not exist. That is why we are called mortals.

We are designed in a two-stage creation plan analogue (caterpillar–butterfly). We will be elevated to live on a higher level, but it needs the intelligence ∞ energy added to become SOMETHING, which is 100% destined for the Jod dimension that was planned for us. It all matches God’s blueprint. Following the blueprint, the designer Logos, starts out with the concept of creating an assembly line to become a universe with all the parts put together in a long stretched-out time dimension, ending with the final product = the Saints. Again, remember that physics teaches that ‘NOTHING’ cannot exist. It needs intelligence embedded in a time dimension to materialize and to become SOMETHING.

In-between those two time polarities is what costs money and needs energy, the glue God needed in a time dimension, so as to fashion an earth, planned together with the Logos, where the plan for mankind’s redemption is similar to the butterfly stage (Jod dimension), and will later conclude. Even God’s LOGOS coming to earth, to become mortal to die and make atonement in the lower Daleth dimension, would not change the laws of nature and was subject to the lower entropy. It required great preparation for the restitution, so as to deal with fallen angels and Satan (formally Lucifer), and to make a universe, which was derailed by Satan’s rebellion, balanced again.

The replacement of God’s administration became the Plan for Redemption. We are all involved. Even if we did believe in an evolution religion, that still would not change the facts about the reason for our existence. We have to accept the fact that we will die, forever gone, or we will receive God’s mercy to live forever. These are two entropy laws that we cannot change as mortals.

Once God’s energy is brought forth, it now implements His Plan for Mankind into seven Hebrew night/day cycles, which creates a new product that is one notch higher than the angels, to formally replace Satan’s administration.

Many vacant government seats will be filled with saints, the crown of mankind. This will correct that which went wrong in God’s administration, Satan’s rebellion, which caused the original big bang that the scientists noticed. The rebellion did not happen 13.7 billion years ago, but in 4488 BC, if you use the speed of light calculated from ancient clocks much higher, 80 billion miles per second.

That figure was recently discovered in the teeter-totter math model that was applied to the Aztec stone clock cross referenced with Antikythera bronze gear clock for the second witness needed otherwise it would only be an opinion subject to errors.

Apocalypse ProphesiedSince even theologians barely understand it, I will sum it up once again. The Logos started a new assembly line to bring a new product together that would be established in a completely innovative government for a newly created Jod dimension. Right now, there’s a vacancy since the rebellious administrators have been removed waiting in the underworld for the judgment days; therefore, it’s still in the making because of an inserted time dimension. The Saints are not cloned like the angels, but are born-again. This is like the caterpillar-butterfly analogy, according to entropy, which became God’s Plan for Mankind never preached in church

Therefore, since light existed before; the “time dimension” was the first day creation act, which is the glue holding everything together, according to entropic laws, not only to give it ‘Gestalt’, but to reveal an invisible God for the first time, which had never even been seen by angels. They were very surprised when they watched Jesus, the infinite God, who was previously invisible to all the angels.

Our ant brain of mortality can never imagine the reality of divine essence, unless it is revealed. Our total knowledge is based on the knowledge of others, which eventually goes all the way back to the source 6000 years ago, when GOD∞ELOHIM, the Creator spoke to Adam.

Consequently, I can logically conclude that since Elohim is invisible to mortals embedded with limited intelligence analogue equivalent to an ant brain would demonstrate that could not possibly comprehend the other dimension of the invisible Godhead announced in the Genesis headliner describing the first entropy concept. It needed Adam and Eve to pass on to future generation as a witness what they experienced when they spoke to the infinite God who became visible we recognize in our time as Jesus the LOGOS who is visiting the first parent of mankind in the Garden of Eden.

In metaphysics the Godhead created cosmos laws like Fraunhofer spectral line makes visible what is embedded inside light applied to our mortal earth environment and can be linked to metaphysical science. Analogue it makes the invisible energy forming atoms inside galaxies now visible by the second entropy laws duplicated and assembled of over hundred elements summed up in the periodic table designed to be visible to our eye spectrum but is linked to the infinite light frequency energy source of a higher entropy the LOGOS, the Urquell-foundation of our existence. I am endeavoring to explain that in this paper.

No one has ever seen God. It is God the only Son, who is close to the Father’s heart, who has made him known. (John 1:18 NRSV)

And the Word became flesh and lived among us…BC/AD

Only when the Logos is revealed in the lower flesh-time - Daleth dimension, which is designed for mortals, we can know that God exists, the ultimate energy source creating a universe. God therefore must come down to our limited ant size intelligence environment if he wants to communicate his will.

GOD∞ELOHIM is invisible to angels and mortals, yet because of the 2nd entropy, the essence of God now becomes visible in a time dimension. Nothing can exist without a time dimension, not a single atom, because when the first entropy energy cascades to the next level to give it Gestalt or existence, a time dimension must be born as a result, which is taught in physics. An idea within a mind can only become reality in a time dimension.

Once more, God became visible to mankind and angels alike and is only possible in the newly created Daleth dimension when He stopped over to see Adam and Eve in the Garden expressing himself as the LOGOS, Jesus Christ.

Jesus is seen again throughout history at various times, visiting such people as Abraham, and Daniel. He was also seen by thousands around Jerusalem before and after His resurrection, and in BC/AD when He left this earth. He will be seen again when He returns once more, because He wants to make sure that His plan of creation is executed properly, since He is the inventor and supervisor.

HANS helps us to define the various attributes that allude to God’s nature, like God-Adonai for example, who reflects a master-servant relationship, perfectly matching the Daleth dimension, according to the 2nd law of entropy.

A song I once heard in church goes like this: “Praise Adonai, All the nations of the earth, All the angels and the saints, Sing praise.” Compare that to (Psalms 22), which reveals Jesus’ inner struggle to the very depth of His soul, proving His reality and the price God had to pay in order to redeem you and I. That even shocked the angels too. When you meditate on this next oracle which is a reflection of the inner feeling of Godhead revealing that he has emotions too like mortals expressed in the LOGOS shrouded in Daleth humanity, in a body that is linked to the invisible, to the mind of GOD∞ELOHIM.

Our SIN was inherited from Adam, which makes us sinners. Sin caused the Godhead to be separated in a time dimension with very painful consequences. It proves that the divine nature of an infinite God has deep feelings, can experience pain, loneness, abandonees including everything what mortals are subject too. But notice the outcome on the end looking forward revealing the purpose for a new creation balanced again. And that my friend was written 3000 years ago we can check out history every detail recorded in the Gospels. 

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

Why are you so far from helping me, from the words of my groaning?

O my God, I cry by day, but you do not answer; and by night, but find no rest.

Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel.

In you our ancestors trusted; they trusted, and you delivered them. To you they cried, and were saved; in you they trusted, and were not put to shame.

But I am a worm, and not human; scorned by others, and despised by the people. All who see me mock at me; they make mouths at me, they shake their heads;

“Commit your cause to the LORD; let him deliver—let him rescue the one in whom he delights!”

Yet it was you who took me from the womb; you kept me safe on my mother’s breast. On you I was cast from my birth, and since my mother bore me you have been my God.

Do not be far from me, for trouble is near and there is no one to help. Many bulls encircle me, strong bulls of Bashan surround me; they open wide their mouths at me, like a ravening and roaring lion.

I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint; my heart is like wax; it is melted within my breast; my mouth is dried up like a potsherd, and my tongue sticks to my jaws; you lay me in the dust of death.

For dogs are all around me; a company of evildoers encircles me. My hands and feet have shriveled; I can count all my bones. They stare and gloat over me; they divide my clothes among themselves, and for my clothing they cast lots...

But you, O LORD, do not be far away! O my help come quickly to my aid! Deliver my soul from the sword, my life from the power of the dog! Save me from the mouth of the lion! From the horns of the wild oxen you have rescued me...

I will tell of your name to my brothers and sisters; in the midst of the congregation I will praise you:

You who fear the LORD, praise him! All you offspring of Jacob, glorify him; stand in awe of him, all you offspring of Israel!

For he did not despise or abhor the affliction of the afflicted; he did not hide his face from me, but heard when I cried to him.

From you comes my praise in the great congregation my vows I will pay before those who fear him. The poor shall eat and be satisfied; those who seek him shall praise the LORD.

May your hearts live forever! All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the LORD; and all the families of the nations shall worship before him.

For dominion belongs to the LORD, and he rules over the nations. To him,  indeed, shall all who sleep in the earth bow down; before him shall bow all who go down to the dust, and I shall live for him.

Posterity will serve him; future generations will be told about the Lord, and proclaim his deliverance to a people yet unborn, saying that he has done it. (Psalms 22 NSRV)

When the eternal God (LOGOS) cried out on the cross, His last words were, IT IS FINISHED; it became the end of a time dimension minimizing a previous time facet into a DOT, which started a new creation with an opposite time dimension. Check the math in the time-light diagram. A new metaphysical time dimension was started in another direction with different rules. He called out in Luke 15:26-27: 

Whoever comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and even life itself, cannot be my disciple.

That will shock some of us because it is never preached in church. It means that even your life must now be under His total authority, as He suffered more than the worse case of anything that we suffer, in the Daleth dimension.

Yet, as the Creator and the One born as King of kings to rule over all nations, He abandoned His absolute cosmos-creation, prerogative power by declining His divine privilege, choosing not to use that supreme power when He went to the cross, in order to save mortals and pay the price for every sin in this world – in this time (Daleth).

Therefore, through His suffering, death and resurrection, He has earned all the rights to anything that He demands in the universe (Heh dimension), on this earth (Daleth dimension), and under the earth, a temporal sphere – a space named Tartarus, where fallen angels are held in prison until the end of time dimension, Taw.

Now we are ready for the next step, which is to reveal God’s oracles and to broaden our horizon. We look further into the energy equation to see how creation was assembled for the Heh and Daleth dimension, in order to better understand our earth and why you and I showed up at a certain time cycle upon the earth.

This little booklet is only a roadmap. We need God’s Holy Spirit to open our invisible mind and eyes (Ayin), which is part of the ∞ intelligence. We are still examining the first verse in Genesis, under a metaphysical microscope. Jesus (the LOGOS) is dividing our time calendar into BC/AD. It needs further investigation.

What is a Time Dimension:

Time DimensionThe switch in the time dimension, to be “no more”, is the DOT in my time diagram; a CROSSOVER coming from the positive (+∞) and going to the negative (-∞), which has a neutral cross; a hair-point velocity reduction where time is Zero, thereafter going in a reverse direction. Time is not static.

It marches on regardless of what you and I believe, and soon you and I will depart from this world, guaranteeing the end of a time dimension for you and I, which will prove my theory.

The BC/AD intersection illustrates a time division DOT and is mathematically a Zero Time black hole that can be applied to us too, because we will also experience the caterpillar death stage; thus entering the zero point. The cocoon will be morphed into the butterfly stage to end either in the Taw or Jod dimension. It’s our choice. That is not my invention, but it is revealed by checking out nature, which is the mirror image of realities on the metaphysical side.

The crossover of a time curve is a DOT mathematically; a special timeless event that we should investigate. It is expressed in our numerical math system. When a time dimension becomes infinitely smaller, it must end in Zero, according to the teeter–totter energy/law relationship, but the other side proportionally increases because it is the (E) =energy side toward (∞) the infinite level, which is explained in Part 1.

Zero Time > ● < ∞ E

A paradox exists - Is the center of time measured by Jesus’ birth or by His death? The time Dot could reveal it. When philosophizing about the paradox, we only have two choices with a difference, 35 years of Jesus’ life, which should be embedded in my 7000 year Jewish history calendar, published four years ago in my first Babushka book, Apocalypse Prophesied.

Scholars have different opinions and date Jesus’ birthday at 2 BC, 4 BC and 6 BC. Theologians use the 2 BC date, then Jesus was 35 years old (2 BC+33 AD =35). I chose zero= BC/AD, which was calculated from ancient Jewish calendars and based on previous earth axis-solstice 360 days/year counting methods. That exposed an error in our modern calendar dating the First Jewish Temple destruction didn’t happen in 586 BC but is now corrected by ancient clocks 588 BC.

In the meantime, I discovered the exponential curve embedded in ancient clocks, which raised the following question. Was my assumption right the first time around or do I need correction, since new scientific discoveries have shown up in the meantime revealing that the earth had a previous wobble changing a Julian calendar?  

That is an internal conflict with me, as I believed that God would direct me, since my desire is only to present the truth which does not require correction. So many theologians have failed before as they postulate false opinions, thus creating controversies. I am not that brilliant in science and especially math.

If you read what is presented, it will take some time to figure it out. I depended heavily on celestial insight and wrote down a great deal, not even understanding it myself at first. I needed a little more time, but God has always been faithful to me and so far, after four years, there is nothing that I have discovered that was wrong or needed to be corrected. That is extraordinary to me! It is like a miracle.

We face a similar paradox once again. Which is it? Is it the birth or death of Jesus that measures the center of time? If we are counting time, we have a fudge factor of 35 years that was previously applied to Zero BC/AD, which is equal to Jesus’ birth. Now the fudge factor of 35 years would disappear, pointing perhaps to his death, which is the Zero time DOT, which would keep the previous calendar dating correct.

Only my perspective has changed since the math is the same. I give Glory to God for His faithfulness! Only my viewpoint needed correcting, but not the railroad schedule linked to stations, which cannot change, based on the metaphysical laws. Otherwise, it would make my books obsolete over night.

This is verified by the HANS math system, which is a witness: one that is collaborated by Jesus quoting Daniel. Daniel’s prophecy mathematically predicts the Apocalypse, which is when you have 7, with the middle of a higher elevated domain concentrated in 3½ or divided like two entropy laws.

Seventy is representative of 35 and 7000 years then is 3500 years, when applied to our human calendar. The same week Jesus died, he predicted the second temple destruction, which happened 70 AD following prophecy tele-lenses of near and far vision looking through Gods prophecy telescope. Therefore, 35 years needs to be added to make our calendar accurate once more since Julius Cesar for dating a time division BC/AD. It should be adjusted to Jesus’ death and not dated His birthday [28.September BC/AD] now proven with HANS. The reason for the now 35 year exposed coincidence is explained next.

Jesus promised to come back on His birthdays now dated. It matches the new Time Dimension counting sequence overlay which first must resolve in restitution to be paid first to allow the plan for redemption to be actuated by a resurrection new birth event.

That sequence death-birth is reversed orders many theologian do not know why, even get upset dating the return of Jesus. It is forbidden by theologians and some called me Herbert, you need to show scripture as Jesus does not say He will be back on his birthday ending the Apocalypse?

Understanding God's Plan for Mankind redeeming a cosmos is seen inscribed in the sky exposing a triple coincidence a moon sun eclipse only overlay in 500 years on Jesus birthday, why?

That is answered by Mark Blitz on TV. Jesus was not born around 25 December, but Mary his mother conceived and count from there. Check it out with the high priest Zacharias at the temple, which can be dated and with Daniel’s calendar for another witness, dated to a day that matches with ancient clocks found in museums globally. It is now decoded.

Let’s analyze and find out why it is so important for a DOT to be embedded in the time dimension graph. Let’s go back to when a time dimension got started. This is previously explained in the concept that when the ∞ELOHIM willed SOMETHING, He designed it to make it into SOMETHING, by using the entropic teeter-totter laws, which link to both the heaven and earth dimensions.

According to entropic laws, a time dimension was born and it will end in Taw when it reaches the goal for which it is purposed, according to the original plan. The first part was accomplished when Jesus died around the BC/AD calendar change, which fulfilled the plan for restitution, paying the price with His own life in order to compensate the many angels damaged by Lucifer’s rebellion.

Lucifer’s head was crushed in the Heh department stripped of all previous power positions and got thrown out, which will make Eve rejoice since she was deceived by the serpent; the prophecy to her being fulfilled.

Therefore, according to Beth=duality, Jesus’ death is linked to the (BC/AD) timeless DOT, the parabolic time crossover curve, which became the event for the fulfillment of the second Plan for Mankind too. He paid the price in full for all sin [transaction, debt], according to the second entropy law for mortals. As planned, some of mankind (pre-destined) will continue in the Jod dimension, enjoying a new SOMETHING - the Saints and their friends by the billions that the ∞ELOHIM wanted. A cosmic problem was corrected, which became the Plan for Mankind.

Consequently, Jesus’ death becomes the celestial fulfillment of two plans that were executed. These were previously mentioned as firstly, the Restitution for angels; to correct what went wrong in the Heh dimension and secondly, for the Redemption of mankind, saved and made fit for replacement. This is outlined in a plan for mortals who will live in the Daleth dimension. It is revealed on multiple levels that all tell the same story. Like my Babushka egg that has a picture on the front. Inside are smaller eggs that fit inside of each other; all with a picture designed on them. The same design is repeated right to the smallest egg.

The Bible is structured in the same way. HANS has alphabetic letters and when each one is aligned, it presents the same story. Then I discovered that the ancient names in Genesis, since Adam, all have a meaning. When linked together again, we see the same creation story. We will get an example at the end of this report. Then the creation story is replicated and expanded, just like rings in the pond when a stone is cast into it. There are nuggets showing the creation story that are embedded in the many stories that are told in the Bible. They overlay each other and show us what the plan for mankind is.

Let’s take the story of Joseph, for example. He was placed in an Egyptian jail, but God’s purpose was to raise him up to be the ruler in the time of a great seven year famine. Many preachers in church use those overlays.

Recently I saw a program that surprised me greatly. It pointed out that when we look at the universe, even the planetary star arrangement points to a cosmic date that tells the full creation story. Once again, this proves my previous dating method exactly to the day across a 7000 year span, which still unexplainably shows the same creation story. How many overlays that witness to us do we need? I previously stated that the Bible is unique amongst the rest of literature.

Only a divine intelligence can create a Babushka egg concept that is duplicated inside another egg. Now I understand why God used me to come up with the Babushka egg concept books. This concept is totally original. For the most part, it was revealed to me since I am not a genius who is able to contain so much condensed information. It makes you a member of the Wise Club that Daniel mentioned, which was prophesied to appear in the end times.

To me, investigating the Time Dimension cross over DOT is like an iceberg that only shows 10% of its ice mass. We have to get closer to define what is below the surface. Let’s look at the connection with Jesus’ death and why He becomes the mathematical DOT for our earth and the universe.

Jesus died for our sins and that raises the question of why all mortals must go through Satan’s school to learn about evil. No wonder most of us get dirty hands, failing and struggling to be good. But Jesus paid all outstanding debts to sin with His life, substituting His life for ours, before a Holy God who decreed a death sentence if only one sin was committed. His holiness demanded it. Jesus stepped into the breach in order to give my life back to me, so that I could live forever because I received eternal forgiveness.

There is a new contract that cannot be broken, sealed with Jesus’ blood, the ∞ Creator who satisfied and ended the demand of God’s wrath against me. Take advantage of it, dear friend, for you need forgiveness too. We all have failed Satan’s school that was instituted by God. Satan will be executed later for his crimes, but God needed him for a while to teach us how to recognize evil, to be inoculated and to build up an immune system.

That immune system will automatically snuff out evil bacteria, if evil should show up once more in the Jod dimension; perhaps like a mushroom growing in the dark. The Jod dimension is very secure because I am there. I still remember all the pain that I once experienced, causing me to cry out a lot in my bed. I will no longer tolerate the corruption that I remembered around my new heavenly home, as the tiniest mushroom of an emerging evil germ hasn’t got a chance to grow again.

World Cuckoo ClockTime was needed to create Gestalt: otherwise nothing could exist if it was still a concept. Therefore, it was programmed to give birth to the reality of SOMETHING, but like any invention that is made into a product, it either becomes something very precious like a cut diamond that is cherished forever, or it is like the shavings that become junk, ending as leftover waste that has no more value.

Both the precious and the waste are subject to time, which is not designed to be eternal, but rather, it becomes smaller and even miniscule, only to end in a tiny little DOT which would mean no time dimension or “no more”, if you would like to follow the logical conclusion.

Luckily for us mortals, the DOT in the mathematics of my graph is raised to infinity in the teeter-totter, energy-law equation, because the other side of the equation is [∞E] which equals the same force where creation started. It goes a full 360° circle (Zero-Time = ∞E) previously mentioned.

If Christ the [∞E] had not been resurrected from the grave, you and I would not be around, as this earth was programmed to end in Taw at BC/AD, disappearing into a timeless DOT junction, as time became Zero. We can no longer use Gestalt for our existence, which is a prerequisite for entropy to exist. It is not possible for time to continue in a negative ∞ time direction without an infusion of the resurrection power from God, the ∞E source that will run full circle back to where it started. It would take our existence back and disappear in a great void - NOTHING. Since nothing existed before, it can only degenerate into NOTHING without the [∞-intelligence] infusion, unless energy fuelling a cosmos is derailed in another direction, such as the Plan for Mankind, the only reason for the cosmos to exist.

The full circle of creation started with NOTHING, as stated earlier, but it needed to be refueled again like a flywheel because it was losing energy, ending up at the time DOT. At the end of the daily cycle, even the weight at the bottom (DOT) of my cuckoo clock needs to be recharged by renewed, gravitational energy, but once again, it needed my finite (Energy + intelligence) to move the weight in the counter direction to run another cycle.

Even a counterfeit Big Bang theory cannot start with NOTHING. Those scientists should study my cuckoo clock because that would broaden their horizon enough to see more and see the full 360° as I did. Being ignorant is a curse which is linked to rebellion, meaning they have not graduated from Satan’s school with honor.

Let’s review this again. God the infinite [∞ELOHIM] became [= finite] in die Ausdehnung-firmament, in the midst of Mem (Genesis 1:6) to redeem a cosmos, which had gone in the wrong direction. However, two parties are involved which are linked to two plans; Restitution and Redemption, ending in a new creation, a totally new Jod dimension. Restitution looks behind while redemption is forward–looking from the crossover Time Dimension Dot BC/AD perspective.

Globally, every country starts with the same calendar that is initiated with the DOT-BC/AD, because the Divine intelligence divided the time dimension to show us the two deigned plans. Even atheists start counting time with “Before a Common Era and “After a Common Era”, because they are not educated in what common even means, since common can only be defined with metaphysics, which is the other leg of science and still a mystery. When the atheists say “era”, they mean a larger indefinite space, but the concept of a DOT is defined as infinite; very small=zero, but it must be related to SOMETHING in order to have value.

A DOT by itself has no meaning unless it is surrounded with what exists. For example write on paper 1 and 9 zeros. A dot in front means a fraction, but a dot on the end means billion. In a calendar, it becomes a reference point. Atheistic science has no reference point: a Big Bang does not tell time in either the past or future because we are mortal and only use 5% of our brain capacity during our lifetime diminishing our IQ based on entropy laws. Science no wonder got converted in stupid evolution fairytales.

Therefore, in the Middle Ages, Pope Gregory chose Jesus, a person that everybody can relate to, to establish a Zero point in our calendar. Establishing that was very scientific. Our mortality needs clocks since we do not have much time recorded on many tombstones, but time needs definition.

This is my story. When you journey on a timeless ocean, a compass or a star is needed to give us direction from a DOT position, otherwise land would never been seen again.

Therefore, mortals came up with measuring time with a DOT; or else you would end up going in circles and just as light, we learned that it does not go straight. Try it out in an open overcast snowfield no sun shining for direction and watch your foot imprints. Close your eyes and walk for 10 minutes. That would teach us what a DOT is.

The bigger circle of our existence starts with (+∞)ELOHIM and ends with (-∞)ELOHIM, but a DOT defines which direction the energy will flow since the LOGOS is the DOT. It becomes the Gestalt to give it existence and reveals the end station for mortals. The DOT became the compass star for the Captain of our boat and only he or she alone can decide which direction is a safe harbor.

Again, God the Almighty ∞ELOHIM has two plans like Heh-Daleth, which He directed. One was a seven-cycle restitution plan, which revealed what had gone wrong in 4488 BC in His administration. The other is the Plan for Mankind consisting of seven cycles that are needed as replacement parts explained in a redemption plan and ends in 3018.

If you would take the time to read my Babushka concept books, you would be informed about what is the total cosmos plan, which is not a religious phantasm, but rather it uses common logic, examining ancient oracles and a HANS code, which is linked to science and mathematics. This is all based by me using my five built-in senses that are controlled by a sound mind-intelligence in the center of my being. We should not forget history. There are ancient clocks and many other evidences collected in museums, but they must be crosschecked with the Bible to become authentic.

If you reject the ancient oracles, you have only a very limited data base available, as 50% represents incomplete information missing the metaphysics. The rest are only good enough for fairytales evolving into rubbish that atheistic religions use to make some money, which you leave behind after your departure to the next cycle anyway. Logically expressed; if you bought an expensive, beautiful car without fuel, it is junk one way or another and it will sit there forever until time is no more-(Taw). Without energy (power) nothings runs, not even a universe, which is explained in the first two verses in Genesis.

A DOT embedded in a time dimension juncture is the most important mathematical equation, expressing a cosmos center-point with an energy equation of a teeter-totter cosmic entropy law. Without it, not a single atom can exist and that includes me and you. Go back to (Part #1), just below the headliner.

If we do not understand the blueprint of our existence, we will not understand the house [body or universe] we live in.

The historical date in our calendar BC/AD did not happen by chance, but is proven with a mathematical equation where energy is linked to a time dimension which became Zero Time, because on the other end of the teeter-totter energy law equation, we find [Christ the LOGOS] the (∞ E) energy linked to [∞ ELOHIM] coupled to

Zero Time = [∞ E].

Jesus’ birth to death still presents a dating mystery for science. It is based on many speculations, but they cannot decide where the DOT is on a flattened-out exponentially, parabolic time calendar curve that is difficult to define if you do not accept Bible history

Translated, the LOGOS (Jesus, the Word) is the originator of infinite light energy source (∞E) embedded in the headliner (Genesis 1:3) with the intelligence of an infinite mind, and applying it to the cosmos and with Him appearing in a time dimension (BC/AD), which was planned to stop a time dimension absolutely on the DOT crossover which the graph illustrated.

The Bible says in the fullness of time Jesus appeared. If He did not, the cosmos would have collapsed into a timeless DOT, like a flywheel that needed to be recharged, or like my cuckoo clock that needs to be reset once again for another cycle in order to continue onto the next day. Fullness means a DOT measures time and therefore is no more.

What happened to the teeter-totter entropy when Jesus disappeared inside His grave that was guarded by soldiers and closed with a heavy stone? Where was He during those three days?

Angels and all of the Hebrew high court Sanhedrin and Roman power were waiting, watching and speculating, guarding the grave with military force. Will Jesus come back as He prophesied, saying that He would?

Lazarus’ previous resurrection was a demonstration to prove that Jesus had supernatural power. It created quite a stir in Jerusalem. There was a religious uproar upsetting the authorities to the point that some wanted to kill Lazarus to keep him dead. God upset the establishment to squelch the enthusiasm of the crowd, which three days earlier had announced and proclaimed their Messiah and king had come. Nonetheless, Jesus was speedily executed without any valid charge of crime.

To understand it from a metaphysical, scientific perspective, please check the teeter-totter mathematical equation. He is the creator of time to bring forth SOMETHING that is multiplied into all creation, but when Jesus died Time died too, which = Zero, right down to a DOT. In science, if you divide an atom in half, the other half can be separated into halves also, continuing this pattern until you reach ∞? Would that not be Zero?

We must consider that Jesus’ body was genetically human, yet still divine because embedded within Him was the invisible (∞E) energy (power) source. Previously, His all-encompassing power was in the storm when His disciples cried out, ‘We perish’, which awoke Jesus who was sleeping in the boat. They quickly learned the lesson. They were told that as long as Jesus (His body) was with them, they didn’t need to worry. Physics could explain it when Jesus used the titter-totter [∞ energy] side residing with him it quieted and flattens out a horrendous storm, which will proved the underlying metaphysics physics.

What happened at the moment Jesus died? Which side died? What was reported by witnesses! When Jesus said, “It is finished”, His head sank over and in the Daleth dimension, He was dead.

Pay attention, immediately the energy of the sun was turned off like electricity no longer shining. All that we had was an afterglow ending in utter darkness upon the earth, which was reported in Jerusalem. Our electricity is the same just pull the switch everything the whole country will be dark nothing runs anymore. Jesus’ body was taken down from the cross in complete darkness as the Time dimension raced toward fizzling out into a DOT, just as a flywheel that runs out of energy (power) will stop. The sun no longer shining caused horrendous earthquakes around the globe, since energy that no longer comes from the sun loosening strata rocks exposing fault zones collapsing. The earthquakes were also reported in the same town.

Entropy teaches us that as long as Jesus’ body is still around the Daleth dimension, earth keeps going like Jesus sleeping in the boat not yet time for a flywheel to have fizzed out to a total stop. Now Jesus’ body was laid in haste inside a rock chamber no time to lose forgot to embalm him no longer light, with no furniture or anything else. Then it was covered with a heavy stone guarded by military force. 

At that moment, in the utter darkness, the sun no longer shone and created a Time Dimension DOT where time was no more.

The consequence if you understand physics would be an atomic implosion of all matter disintegrating without energy, thus ending the time dimension totally; that means all the laws of physics disappearing. We end up back where it started, with absolutely NOTHING before the Big bang. We must consider that everything will be history not even with anybody around to remember it. Like the Washington Science Museum movie demonstrated, that if all the space and time dimension is taken out of the cosmos down to the level of atoms, the universe would collapse as small as a one-pound coffee can.

Jesus at that DOT time event, according to entropy law, would have returned to unite with [∞ ELOHIM] and be with the previous gathering of faithful angels, since the beginning of the time dimension as a time dimension existed and was only meant for a mortal which is now over perhaps forever? However the metaphysic math teaches us a titter-totter principle energy equation:

(Zero Time = ∞ E).

No sooner had the stone been rolled over the entrance of His tomb, (faster than Femtosecond later) Jesus rose from the Daleth death, releasing a new resurrection energy (∞E² power) for a new Jod dimension to flow into all creation, which would restart the universe flywheel linked to earth once more.

The light of the sun began to shine again, which started a new time dimension going in another direction linked to atoms, refueled to give Gestalt an existence which, according to entropy, began the whole creation story over once again when the infinite energy (∞E²) was turned on, but was now directed in a different direction and identified as the Jod dimension.

The time-light-gravity table on the front page shows a reversal of a Time Dimension another impossible paradox for scientists but is proven with the burial shroud of Jesus. Hundreds of scientists from every university department investigated the Shroud of Turin came to an agreement in 2010 that nothing exists in science today to duplicate that three dimensional computer image of Jesus and is a stand alone phenomenon which does not compare to anything what exist today within our present scientific investigative reality. It is impossible to be a manmade fraud.

From the metaphysical perspective I have a solution. We do not know the effects in physics when a time dimension is reversed within a preexisting atom creation level and especially exposed to infinite light which could have reversed polarity too to cause a very, very short Femtosecond time pulse exposure. It is like switching the cosmos upside down reversing a time dimension going another direction like my graph BC/AD shows, as there is absolute nothing to compare it with. The cloth has a tinting effect on the outside of the fiber laying on Jesus body like only nuclear radiation comes close too and a resurrection starting new Jod dimension could explain it.

Jesus waited three days to make sure His death would never be questioned, as that is our legal requirement to establish death; just like Lazarus died and Jesus waited three days to make sure everybody agreed that he was dead. That can be verified with two witnesses, Martha and Mary, the sisters of Lazarus, who told Jesus that Lazarus had died four days earlier and was in the grave. An unpleasant odor was coming from the tomb. ‘He is dead and stinks.’ they said. Around Jerusalem, the weather is hot and bodies do not take much time to decompose.

But compare that with what was prophesied hundreds of years ago by a prophet who said that the Holy One will not see corruption. That was fulfilled when no sooner had Jesus’ body been placed in the tomb that infinite energy was released, which was high time for the sun to shine again all the electric switches functioning again, refueling the cosmos flywheel once more, for another cycle heading for the Jod dimension.

On the metaphysical side, we assumed that Christ only came to make restitution for the angels by becoming mortal to prove that the LOGOS was willing to be denigrated to the lowest level and be abused by inferior mortals, just as they were when Lucifer created a ruckus, which was painful and upsetting for many.

Now the infinite LOGOS had descended to the lowest domain below the level of angels and had experienced the same. That was accomplished when time ended in DOT. That event alone would be enough to establish a new affection for the Creator to continue life in harmony for an angelic community, but there was one outstanding issue that would not have been addressed. God cannot be a liar and He had made a promise to Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham and so many prophets that the original curse would be removed from mankind. This was the redemption plan still not activated.

Therefore, the flywheel time dimension needed to be recharged for another cycle. Once more, if Christ returned without having first died upon the earth, the universe would have crashed; reducing it to a one pound coffee can, as was shown in a Washington science museum movie. This will be explained later.

It demonstrated that when all space and time is taken out, between and inside the galaxies, right down to the level of atoms in its entirety, that the cosmos can be held in your hand, condensed inside a one pound coffee can since time would now be a DOT=zero=Taw. That would have been enough for angels who live on the Heh dimension side and do not need the Daleth dimension. What for?

A resurrection presumes that you must have died first. Only God can reverse a process, but a resurrection needs a powerful force to rise from Zero to infinite energy (∞E) [the highest] to start a life over again that is destined for a superior ∞ infinite level. That will start the motor one more time for the cosmos flywheel, but differently. It will go in reverse, in a Time dimension direction, going back full circle and ending with God ∞ELOHIM.

The graph shows two entropic directions on a horizontal line. Time was programmed once for mankind and set to end in 3018. It is similar to a railroad schedule; it cannot be changed, thus ending the inertial flywheel since God is absolute, knows the future, needs no correction and knows how long it would take for the flywheel to stop.

Time DimensionBut now we notice that time curve was inserted and is continued on the other side and goes up in a phantom line toward the Jod dimension, caused by a resurrection force. This is a totally new concept that is embedded in ancient oracles, but has never been understood by the ancient prophets because it required more scientific knowledge to see it, which is revealed in the New Testament later.

The crossover, time dimension DOT was activated by the resurrection of Jesus. The reality of the LOGOS (Jesus Christ) is only revealed on the metaphysical domain, wherein it crystallizes previous prophecies that were finalized in the Plan for Mankind and embedded with a restoration plan, heading toward a cosmos Jod direction, which is our destiny.

If you are destined to be a saint, you will understand the principle that is expressed in a phantom line on my graph, because the metaphysical can only be seen in a mirror reflection. This knowledge is limited to mortals and requires a higher intelligence that is given freely to those who ask for it. Jesus said, “Ask (anything), and it shall be given to you (His loving children).” He even died to redeem the lost sheep.

The negative time curve (-∞) shows the direction that the time curve of the Heh dimension universe would have kept, shrinking like a flywheel puttering out, which included our earth that would have been doomed to end in the negative God ∞ ELOHIM garbage dump. You should check the Bible for more information. Revelation describes it as a lake of fire bigger then a galaxy black hole. That to me is absolutely extraordinary! Imagine discovering a cosmos universe design - all embedded in a single timeless DOT.

I did not invent those metaphysical concepts; but much is still not fully disclosed. It is much like an iceberg that only exposes 10% of its mass, which the captain of the Titanic should have known. I still struggle to explain time from a metaphysical dimension in order to condense it in just a few pages because I do not want to write another book, as no one has time anymore to read it. Do not think that what you read I have invented or made up. It’s not possible. Just ask my wife who daily reminds me of my limited mortality.

Reflecting what happened the angels rejoiced as they announced and witnessed the birth of Jesus, watching an invisible God become visible for the first time. Previously, they were blindsided and not allowed to see God and depended on Lucifer to tell them what God was like. Did He have a body? Was He Spirit? What was He?

Lucifer was designed and functioned like an energy transformer, where one side was linked to the invisible, highly intense God ∞ELOHIM energy (power) source, where he transferred God’s will to the other side to the lower frequency angel level. 

Eventually, Lucifer caused a rebellion when he lied telling the angels that he was God because God was invisible. That ended with a horrendous ruckus. God’s replacement was immediately planned and there will never be a rebellion again. It is not possible as He designed millions of transformers who are loyal to Him, who are all connected to the same high-tension source, which functions as one, just as Lucifer was the most brilliant, perfect light-bearer, similar to a wireless conductor transferring energy (power).

That is why the Bible reveals that mortals can become the children of God with the same illumination, shining brighter then light. Being born from an Infinite Father, who is Infinite Light makes you royalty by the laws of genetics. The new transformer replacement parts are called The Saints.

That way, if one part fails, it will not even be on the radar screen, as the energy is doled out across many wires, much like we do with electricity. Even if one transformer should stop working, the others still work and direct Gods energy around the whole cosmos system, which will prevent a future repeat of a rebellion against the establishment. It will not be possible anymore.

After the horrendous upset in the previous Heh department when God saw that Lucifer, who is now Satan, started a massive rebellion, angels wondered what will come next, as they watched the visible side of ELOHIM called Jesus-the LOGOS, grow up among inferior mortals.

They witnessed something go horribly wrong once again, as they observed the brutal beatings and crucifixion of the now-seen (visible) Boss; His life ending when He was nailed upon a dead tree, in-between two inferior, criminal mortals.

The angels had been exposed to a previous rebellion in the highest echelon, but were now facing the full impact. They were shocked again, with their hopes dashed for a future restitution, while having to deal with Satan still messing around in the Heh dimension causing division.

They did not yet understand that a new creation act must be initiated again with a novel resurrection power, in order to refuel a universe flywheel that was fizzling out into a DOT once more by starting with new reversed time dimension. This would fulfill another secret plan, which was to be completed in Gestalt (SOMETHING) for an expanding cosmos. Many of the angels often pondered, as they watched the lesser creatures on a lower level (our earth) that appeared and looked like them, but were sheltered on a tiny planet without escape, locked in by gravity. Why did Elohim create inferior beings?

Angels were created on a higher frequency spectrum and are quite mobile, travelling billions of miles faster than sunlight, always enjoying the trip that the Boss sends them on. But they did not understand what was happening. Even mortals seem completely oblivious, even comatose, not showing any signs of comprehending the unfolding events. Mankind is still very confused about prophecy. 

But angels still remembered when God said to Eve that the serpent head of their leader Lucifer, would be crushed for lying to her; and also for creating such a ruckus in the heavens, completely uprooting and horribly interrupting the peaceful existence of the angel community.

They rejoiced as they witnessed Jesus coming out of the tomb three days later, the large stone having been rolled away, while the group of soldiers guarding it fell over as though dead. They had been heavily guarding the tomb in an effort to prevent a resurrection, an eternal force that was unstoppable now, as Jesus powerfully and with great authority proclaimed:

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end (Taw). (Revelation 22:13)

That announced a new Jod Dimension with new cosmic laws, as the (+∞) time dimension ran out of energy just like a flywheel, diminishing right down to a tiny DOT [BC/AD], a mathematical equation which meant “to exist no more,” but is now reversed. That created an overwhelming stir in Jerusalem, which is not yet settled, even in our time.

But we can understand it from the mathematical equation perspective. When Jesus had emerged from the empty tomb, He had now reproduced a complete opposite; a new Time-Dimension replicated and redirected by a resurrection - entropic principle, because He is the infinite energy (power) source from the beginning (∞E), refueling the cosmos so it can continue to exist by going in another direction, the Jod dimension.

He splits the railroad for the one to end upside down minus infinite (-∞), going back full circle to God ∞ELOHIM. The other rail will complete the second part of the cosmos plan that is now moving toward the Jod dimension, which will then finalize the last part of the dual plan; the redemption for mortals. It is directed towards the birthing of the Saints, planned to be millions of Jod transformers who become replacements.

This will happen after the Apocalypse in 2015 AD, which ends the second civilization, with God’s wrath poured out like Sodom and Gomorrah, thus ending an atheistic civilization that has been destroying His creation. It was programmed to end 17 September 2015, according to a HANS’ schedule.

After Jesus’ resurrection, He stayed around for another 40 days, eating fish and bread to show that He was not a phantom or apparition. He had asked Thomas, who was always a skeptic, to “Touch My side. See the wounds on My hands and feet and shredded back.”

Peter cried a lot after denying his Master, but he became a powerful witness of God’s forgiving grace. Many of Jesus’ friends gathered around, quite bewildered, having felt deserted, with their hopes dashed and being horribly disappointed when Jesus died. They were surprised at seeing Jesus appear or disappear right through solid stone walls. His disciples had locked the doors for fear of trouble. Jesus showed up for the welcoming party.

Afterwards, He would immediately appear in the neighboring town of Emmaus, a 30 mile journey and show up in seconds later no longer subject to a time dimension discussing what happened three days ago and to share with everyone the good news of His resurrection. After all, those interactions were getting everybody very excited because they believed that the time had finally arrived to kick out the Roman occupation force. They would announce that they had a King with resurrection power from heaven that nobody can touch, believing it would scare the heck out of the Pharisees and Roman generals. 

But their hopes were dashed as their reunion swelled to 500 people, which increased daily when Jesus after 40 days ascended into the clouds without a helicopter, which was very confusing to them because they were not educated in the science of metaphysics. Then angels appeared proclaiming the sad news that Jesus would come back some day, but they did not know when, as Jesus didn’t give them a schedule, but ‘be of good cheer’ they said, ‘He will come back once more with His angels to start God’s kingdom on earth’. But even Christians today ask, what about the schedule?

Yes, there is one embedded in ancient oracles that has mostly been forgotten, linked to ancient clocks and implanted in the Hebrew Alphabet Number system code. But it needed a key which was given later in a new revelation to Paul and John, who were educated in writing Hebrew and Greek and were able to finalize God’s Plan for Mankind, giving final instructions on how to get to the new created Jod dimension. Evaluating God’s oracles from ancient times was explained by a scholar in Hebrew. Paul a little more modern linked them to a new revelation, which was concluded by John, thus presenting a 360° panoramic vision. By understanding it, you will become a member of Daniel’s ‘Wise Club’. Now a schedule was finally revealed just in time. Read the Bible from a new perspective, now that science is included. It is all explained in Forum Pearls which are free on the internet, in order to get better informed.

Going back to our story to explain the metaphysical as the second entropy from the ∞ELOHIM, the word Logos is now expanded to the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end and is linked to alphabetical letters that form a language connected to the heavenly Hebrew code (HANS), which I am sure was meant for angels to communicate His will.

The Hebrew Letters were exchanged for Greek, which was the educated language of that time. If you want to know what language was used during Jesus’ time, check out the sign above the cross which was inscribed with three languages: Greek, Latin and Hebrew, which told everyone that the legitimate King, born from David’s, and even Mary’s (Jesus’ mother), bloodline was executed there. He was from the High Priest’s line, which dovetailed into royalty.

This was double proof. For the first time in history, the King and High Priest office was combined in one person. Was this a coincidence? Read the Hebrew letter in the New Testament, an important doctrine of the Christian faith. It teaches about the office of a High priest, who has transferred now to the other side, the Heh dimension, in God’s presence, inside the Fifth Temple in heaven.

Now we can understand why the High-priest Caiaphas was so ticked off and hated Jesus Christ because he feared he would loose his job as he paid a lot of money to the Romans for that powerful position. He would not be replaced by a poor country preacher even if he was legally linked to King David and on top connected to be the legal high priest proven too by very well known ancient scrolls the elite priesthood all knew about.

They said before the stupid masses will find out, need to cover-up that fact must therefore speedily get rid off that person before it becomes public knowledge. Judas Iscariot is not the only one making money decision over justice which is no different today as many scientists are in the closet hiding not expressing truth because of money.

A crime was committed executing an innocent person (the creator of LIFE) that guild remains collectively over all mortals and could be put in a nutshell by these few words expressed in the three languages written above Jesus’ head. The Greek represents science and philosophy; Latin represents the civil law and Hebrew represents the religious establishment. 

As a group all of these world views crucified the originator of LIFE and are guilty before a Holy High-Court in the Heh dimension facing the King-High priest Jesus Christ which has consequences on the end of time Taw no one can escape, as books are opened and the Book of Life to evaluate every human being and what motivated them for good or evil.

Let’s not reject God’s oracles, which are explained in the Bible, which also echoed a divine structure embedded in HANS recently discovered. A simple wooden board nailed high up on the cross inscribed with words in three languages is an eternal witness. It was proclaiming to everyone that Jesus is King of kings to rule over all nations;

That of course ticked off the Pharisees who pleaded with Pilate to have it removed. But this time Pilate did not budge because he was still angry at the whole mess of having to execute an innocent man publicly. If Caesar found out, it would make Pilate look weak and unable to control an inferior, screaming mob that needed to be controlled.

Pilate lost his job anyway and was now tormented also. He could never forget the incident when he asked Jesus, “Are you a King?” The answer was simply, “You say so, but My kingdom is not of this world.”

A resurrection is scary and has consequences. Even today, it is denied. Please take my story seriously which could change an atheistic worldview ending in the lake of fire rather become a Saint next to the King of Kings a better choice.

Part 3 is a new discovery in physics upside down, be warned. But logic must be applied if you follow the path of ancient revelation. Most people do not realize that our education system is stuck in controversies distorted with atheistic lies will never understand the cosmos and no longer care anymore seeking to answered the eternal question of a Roman Governor Pilate: WHAT IS TRUTH?

The Metaphysical Connection

Looking back at ancient history to discover science embedded in the Great Pyramids and its companions which are the only monuments surviving the first civilization before Noah in 2288 BC, so as to give testimony to complex mathematics of a prehistoric society, equal to what we are doing today. Its base signifies that our world is governed by two energy entropy laws in physics dominated by a Time Dimension. It is only a DOT in the time spectrum of the infinite cosmos, but controls a material physical realm that also defines the humankind history across our mortal range of 7000 Hebrew calendar years.

The ancients measured time with various mystery bronze-gold clocks exhibited in many museums, which are now decoded. It shows that they measured a declining earth axis wobble, which ultimately defined our modern calendars that are applied globally around the world. The ancient builders of the Great Pyramid succeeded in expanding our vision, which is demonstrated by an empty granite stone coffin. That points to a metaphysic resurrection concept validating the underlying purpose for mankind’s existence.

Since we are all mortal, my story will explain and expand our vision what a Time Dimension really is and reveal the basis of how the two thermodynamic laws work and intertwine in nature, by postulating new concepts from a scientific and metaphysical perspective, which is not mentioned in school books. Guaranteed that it is worthy of a Nobel Prize.

Global Cuckoo Clock

S. Kutateladze April 21, 2005, APOLOGY OF EUCLID.

A second witness is imbedded in ancient clock wobble cycles – 3rd Babushka Book,  Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries, page 175 Antikythera clock -(Dark hours at Jesus Crucifixion.

Femtosecond pulse 10-15 (=a millionth of a billionth) reveals how quickly nuclei of atoms in molecules rearrange during a reaction. Ahmed Zewail, Caltech, 1999-Nobel Prize.

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