Rules Defining the Time Dimension

In the Beginning God created the heavens and earth.
(Genesis 1:1-2)



My introduction quotes some brilliant scientists seeing our scientific world from their perspective like measuring the pulse of a sick patient. Science is in turmoil. Follow the meetings of Global Warming where truth is falsified fuelled by big money grants from the governments and do not care what is reality. Money is the motivator that denies truth.

Here are some of the controversial headlines presented in my books:

  1. Why: Inertia, Gravity, Quantization and other "Unexplainable" Facts of Nature
  2. What is the Real Meaning of E=mc2,  
  3. An Expanding Universe - Greatest Mathematical Deception in 20th Century Physics
  4. Mass-Energy Equivalence, the Second Greatest Deception in 20th Century Physics
  5. The Alleged "Dependence of Mass on Velocity" - Another misinterpretation of mathematical results that ruined our understanding of Physics

Physics deals with the simplest phenomena of nature; therefore, it is crucial for the deep understanding of other natural sciences, which is essential for the improvement of science education. But why is there so much confusion?

People may say they understand physics, but when mathematics is employed to solve physical problems, the road toward understanding nature usually splits in scholastic philosophies, not in natural sciences. Applying mathematics to scholastic philosophies raises a question. Is it really explaining natural sciences?

Many will quote axiom, postulate unexplained phenomena with names of popular well-known authorities. They think or say that they understand physics, but many scholars cannot delineate between fact and opinion based on their worldview, which often does not match true science.

Physics is unable to explain the most basic questions, like WHY is there inertia, gravitation, and HOW does space carry, transfer, and propagate gravitational forces, and the tremendous forces and energies of electromagnetic interactions and radiation.

Modern physics get rid of such questions by proudly declaring the absence of physical explanations and understanding, thus implying the divinity by postulating mathematically derived findings. Anyone who asks WHY and HOW risks being proclaimed a fool. It is analogous to the unbelievers in H. C. Andersen's tale about the emperor’s new clothes.

Most physicists, let alone laymen, do not realize this because they are usually naming or quoting unexplained phenomenon, or they postulate its ramifications. They are just diagnosing, at best, but are not explaining. They will recite the law, write the formulae and show how to calculate, trying to force any questioner to accept the best and only “explanation”. If you continue the WHYs, you may be pronounced a nuisance or a fool.

Mathematics can provide calculated solutions to thousands of physical problems. The solutions may also illustrate physical facts, but cannot prove or explain them. Contrary to popular belief, mathematical proofs can only establish that the mathematical approach is applicable, but cannot prove that the physical picture or model behind it is right.

The unanswered questions make students either leave physics or become sufficiently brainwashed to believe that there is no physical understanding. The postulated laws, axiomatic principles and mathematical formulae for calculations exist to satisfy the immediate needs of people working in and around physics.

Metaphysical science can only be revealed because it is outside our circle of our existence, but not outside our intellect. God’s oracles are collected in a 6000-year-old human history. They are assembled in the Bible, which is still a best seller. His oracles are in stark contrast and outright confrontational to the atheistic fairytales that science invented as a replacement theory, which became a religion believed by many, who no longer think logically.

Evolutionary theories distort science with wide-ranging lies, denying entropy laws and a number of Newton’s laws. If you want to become educated in metaphysical science that points out the incorrect scientific concepts that do not match nature, yet is enforced in our schools, refusing to allow new discoveries in science to be voiced in an open forum, and you want to make a comparison with what is forbidden by the establishment, then read my story, which is in conflict with the atheistic priesthood. Why should only their politically correct world view be allowed which is enforced by atheistic lawyers and Judges?

But nonetheless, the free Internet cannot be silenced. Read the ‘Babushka egg concept’ book series, presenting newly discovered scientific facts that are either denied or ignored because time is up. We have literally run out of time that is proven by applying metaphysical science.

God has announced the coming of His wrath, which is prophesied in the Bible, verified by ancient clocks and the Hebrew Alphabet Number System code. It is even advertised on the front page of numerous science magazines, as well as high-lighted on educational TV programs; all announcing the reason why God is so righteously angry with mankind. Check it out with science.

Mankind is collectively responsible with such acts as genetically assaulting our food, poisoning our environment, deforestation, cutting down every large tree, globally overfishing in the ocean to extremes, without recovery, collapsing an ecosystem while printing money out of thin air, paying off politicians and bankers and being totally ruthless overall, no longer caring for the next generation or our grandchildren.

God’s wrath is now activated. He has announced an apocalypse, the only solution for mankind who has gone in the wrong direction. The ending of our civilization is now dated, having been embedded in the metaphysical, as I have discovered and will tell you about. Take it seriously when I say that you may not be around after the 17th of September 2015.

Having cracked the mystery of the Aztec stone clock, I discovered more about the culture and copied a painting. You should check this out in my 3rd Babushka clock book. The Aztecs predicted that after 21 December 2012, a fifth cosmic cycle will be ushered in, ending a future world civilization with a fire rain, verified by their neighbors, the Toltecs. Revelation, the last book in the Bible, also describes a fire rain and one big asteroid.

Asteroids usually come in pairs; as Revelation refers to “extreme heat on earth that man will curse God for”. Perhaps some companion asteroids must have plunged into the sun causing horrendous disturbance. The Bible predicted a 3½-year drought starting about 2013, which ends with an asteroid. This has already been identified by science and published around 2006 in popular magazines.

Jesus said that God’s wrath is accompanied by signs and wonders in the sky and will have a precursor of increased earthquakes, tsunamis linked to the metaphysical demonstrating the formation of an oppressive, united world government, totally atheistic, ruled personally by Satan masquerading as Jesus Christ. We will have a new world currency since the global economy collapsed, as printing more money did not work anymore. Please check out the second Babushka book because it has newly discovered information embedded from science which theologians are still ignorant about.

If you are inclined, my story will take you on an astonishing journey to see more from a 360° world perspective, like climbing up a pyramid to look around in wonder. It took some effort to climb high up, but it was worth it. However, if you oppose the Creator, it will not matter, as you will not be around in a few years anyway.

You will understand that statement by first finding out what a Time Dimension is which is what my story is about. It will open up a door, leading you away from wrong thinking. You are mortal, but you were born with purpose, willed by the One who embedded Life in you.

A Jewish Rabbi named Akiva verbalized what is embedded in the Torah: “All is foreseen; but freedom of choice is given.”

I discovered the connection in metaphysical science, which my story encapsulates. Since we are earthen vessels, I will analyze scientific Bible information from a physic-metaphysical perspective for you. But first let’s investigate “light” in a teeter-totter relationship to “time” what is presently preached in universities.

In my 6th Babushka concept book, A DONUT ATOM NUCLEAR STORY, I assembled a lot of facts from science proving that the speed of light is getting slower. Than recently discovering the impact of a phantom line expressed on the Front page the Time-Light-Gravity curve reversed going into the JOD direction, I come now to the conclusion that light is going faster again.

That is a paradox like we see the cosmos with galaxies expanding, but it could be argued many galaxies contracting. It all depends from what perspective you look at it. I copied on the front page a galaxy picture from the Hubble telescope perfectly illustrating three dimensions which demonstrate cosmic laws, and I transferred the design in a flat two dimensional graph for the math guys to show the interconnection of energy transfer even detected embedded in the smallest Donut Atom.

Notice the front hour glass galaxy picture shows light going around in circles from the invisible Heh Dimension bending light proven and measured by spreading light with a prism (4000-7000 angstroms) showing 7 rainbow color frequency. It is like a car front wheel misaligned is moving into tighter and closer circles decreasing velocity to a Dot center.

Then light, for a mysterious reason, increases velocity on the other side in larger finite circles until invisible to our eyes again heading toward the Jod dimension. But light is moving at a certain speed in time (miles per second) behaving like a parallel railroad coming and declining to “Zero time DOT” and expanding toward the future on the other side as shown on a flat graph to understand physics-metaphysics better. What is visible becomes invisible to eyes linked to the metaphysics, but a dual perspective needs another example for my kid.

If you want to have some fun, ride the Californian train from Oakland to Los Angeles on top in the observation deck. If you are seated in the center, look right to see only water, the ocean thin coastline. Then look left will see only mountains, ranches and cattle just another perspective. You would think how the country can have simultaneously two views but is possible looking around 360°.

Bought a ticket went to Hawaii; the hotel said a garden view or ocean view? One was a little cheaper but when I looked out the window 100 ft across saw the big wall of the other skyscraper looked right into somebody’s bedroom. The garden view was only 20 ft strip 6 floors below. Science operates the same way, as many get taken to the cleaner money flows from pocked into another.

Nevertheless we learn from experience but also have some fun taking a train ride to see more. For me like the train runs on two rails for balance is contrasting science with the metaphysics to see our world from a 360° perspective worth the ticked I paid fore. In this case the ticked is free because I consider you a friend enjoy the story it may upsets some people believing a different religion. But discovering truth has the highest reward and cannot be bought with money.

Upheavals in Physics: The Speed of Light Exceeded!

by Chuck Missler
Some scientists now claim they have broken the ultimate speed barrier: the speed of light.1

Particle physicists at the NEC Research Institute at Princeton apparently have indicated that light pulses can be accelerated to up to 300 times their normal velocity of 186,282 miles per second.

In work carried out by Dr. Lijun Wang, a pulse of light was transmitted towards a chamber filled with specially treated cesium gas. Before the pulse had fully entered the chamber, it had gone right through it and traveled an additional 60 feet across the laboratory. In effect it appeared to exist in two places at once, a phenomenon that Dr. Wang explains by saying it traveled 300 times faster than the normal velocity of light.

(Exact details of the findings remain confidential because they have been submitted to the international scientific journal, Nature, for review prior to possible publication.)

The implications would appear to be staggering. It could shatter Einstein's Theory of Relativity, since it depends in part on the speed of light being a constant and unbreachable. Needless to say, this research is destined to cause continuing controversy among physicists. (Barry Setterfield's controversial suggestions that the speed of light is not a constant have been highlighted in our Personal Update journal for many years.)

One interpretation of the Princeton experiment suggests that light arrived at its destination almost before it has started its journey: In effect, it appeared to be leaping forward in time. One of the possibilities is that if light could travel forward in time, it could carry information. This would breach one of the basic principles in physics-causality, which says that a cause must come before an effect.

In Italy, another group of physicists has also succeeded in breaking the light speed barrier. In a recently published paper, physicists at the Italian National Research Council described how they propagated microwaves at 25% above normal light speed. The group also speculates that it could prove possible to transmit information faster than light.

Dr. Günter Nimitz, of Cologne University, recently gave a paper to a conference in Edinburgh describing how information can be sent faster than light. He believes, however, that this will not breach the principle of causality because the time taken to interpret the signal would fritter away all the savings. "The most likely application for this is not in time travel but in speeding up the way signals move through computer circuits," he said.

Dr. Raymond Chiao, professor of physics at the University of California at Berkeley, who is familiar with Wang's work, said he was impressed by the findings. Separate experiments carried out by Chiao indicate simultaneous multiple localities. He has shown that in certain circumstances photons-the particles which constitute light-could apparently jump between two points separated by a barrier in what appears to be zero time. The process, known as "tunneling," has been used to make some of the most sensitive electron microscopes.

The implications of Wang's experiments will, of course, arouse fierce debate. Many will question whether his work can be interpreted as proving that light can exceed its normal speed - suggesting that another mechanism may be at work.

Wang emphasizes that his experiments are relevant only to light and may not apply to other physical entities. But some scientists are beginning to accept that man may eventually exploit some of these characteristics for interstellar space travel.

The Nature of Reality

Wang's experiment is the latest and among the potentially most important evidences that the physical world may not operate according to the presently accepted conventions. In the new world that modern science is beginning to perceive, subatomic particles can apparently exist in two places at the same time-making no distinction between space and time.

The problem, according to Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, is that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Any instantaneous communication implied by the view of quantum physics would be tantamount to breaking the time barrier and would open the door to all kinds of unacceptable paradoxes.

Einstein and his colleagues were convinced that no "reasonable definition" of reality would permit such faster-than-light interconnections to exist. (Their argument is now known as the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox, or EPR paradox for short.)

Rather than believing that some kind of faster-than-light communication was taking place, Niels Bohr offered another explanation: If subatomic particles do not exist until they are observed, then one could no longer think of them as independent "things."

Thus, Einstein was basing his argument on an error when he viewed twin particles as separate. They were part of an indivisible system, and it was meaningless to think of them otherwise. In time, most physicists sided with Bohr and became content that his interpretation was correct.

The Cosmos as a Hyper-Hologram?

There seems to be evidence accumulating to suggest that our world and everything in it are only ghostly images, projections from a higher level of reality so beyond our own that the real reality is literally beyond both space and time. The main architect of this astonishing idea includes one of the world's most eminent thinkers: University of London physicist David Bohm, a protégé of Einstein's and one of the world's most respected quantum physicists.

Bohm's work in plasma physics in the 1950s was considered a landmark. Earlier at the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, he noticed that in plasmas (gases composed of high density electrons and positive ions) the particles stopped behaving like individuals and started behaving as if they were part of a larger and interconnected whole. Moving to Princeton University in 1947, there too he continued his work in the behavior of oceans of particles, noting their highly organized overall effects and their behaving as if they knew what each of the untold trillions of individual particles were doing. [Intelligence]

Bohm's sense of the importance of interconnectedness, as well as years of dissatisfaction with the inability of standard theories to explain all of the phenomena encountered in quantum physics, left him searching. While at Princeton, Bohm and Einstein developed a supportive relationship and shared their mutual restlessness regarding the strange implications of current quantum theory.

One of the implications of Bohm's view has to do with the nature of location. Bohm's interpretation of quantum physics indicated that at the sub-quantum level location ceased to exist. All points in space become equal to all other points in space, and it was meaningless to speak of anything as being separate from anything else. Physicists call this property "non-locality."

The Bell Inequality

Bohm's ideas left most physicists unpersuaded, but they did stir the interest of a few. One of these was John Stewart Bell, a theoretical physicist at CERN, the center for atomic research at Geneva, Switzerland. Like Bohm, Bell had become discontented with the quantum theory and felt there had to be some alternative.

When Bell encountered Bohm's ideas, he wondered if there was some way of experimentally verifying non-locality. Freed up by a sabbatical in 1964, he developed an elegant mathematical approach, which revealed how such a two-particle experiment could be performed - the now famed Bell Inequality.

The only problem was that it required a level of technological precision that was not yet available. To be certain that particles - such as those in the EPR paradox - were not using some normal means of communication, the basic operations of the experiment had to be performed in such an infinitesimally brief instant that there wouldn't be enough time for a ray of light to transit the distance separating the two particles. Light travels at about a foot in a nanosecond (thousand-millionth of a second). This meant that the instruments used in the experiment had to perform all the necessary operations within a few nanoseconds.

As technology improved it was finally possible to actually perform the two-particle experiment outlined by Bell. In 1982, a landmark experiment performed by a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect, Jean Dalibard, and Gerard Roger at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Optics, in Paris, succeeded.

They produced a series of twin photons by heating calcium atoms with lasers, allowed each photon to travel in opposite directions through 6.5 meters of pipe and pass through special filters that directed them toward one of two possible polarization analyzers.

It took each filter 10 nanoseconds to switch between one analyzer or the other, about 30 nanoseconds less than it took light to travel the entire 13 meters separating each set of photons. In this way Aspect and his colleagues were able to rule out any possibility of the photons communicating by any known physical process.

The experiment was a success. Just as quantum theory predicted, each photon was still able to correlate its angle of polarization with that of its twin. This meant that either Einstein's ban against faster-than-light communications was being violated, or the two photons were non-locally connected.

This experiment demonstrated that the web of subatomic particles which comprise our physical universe-the very fabric of "reality" itself-may possess what appears to be a "holographic" property.2

Is Reality Only Virtual?  

One of Bohm's most startling suggestions is that the tangible reality of our everyday lives is really a kind of illusion, like a holographic image. Underlying it is a deeper order of existence, a vast and more primary level of reality that gives birth to all the objects and appearances of our physical world in much the same way that a piece of holographic film gives birth to a hologram. Bohm calls this deeper level of reality they implicate ("enfolded") order and he refers to our level of existence they explicate (unfolded) order.3 (For an expanded viewpoint check out Babushka concept books.)

Many physicists remain skeptical of Bohm's ideas, but among those who are sympathetic, however, are Roger Penrose of Oxford, the creator of the modern theory of black holes; Bernard d'Espagnat of the University of Paris, one of the leading authorities on the conceptual foundations of quantum theory, and Cambridge's Brian Josephson, winner of the 1973 Nobel Prize in physics. Josephson believes that Bohm's implicate order may someday even lead to the inclusion of God within the framework of science, a view which Josephson supports.4

The holographic paradigm is still a developing concept and riddled with controversies. For decades science has chosen to ignore evidences that do not fit the standard theories. However, the volume of evidence has now reached the point that denial is no longer a viable option.

(The recent entertaining movie, The Thirteenth Floor, explores a "simulation within a simulation," with a plot involving virtual people inhabiting a virtual world with the participants transferring between levels.)

These notions are not very distant from the Biblical presentation of the physical world as being subordinate to the superior reality of the spiritual world.5
The Bible, incidentally, is also unique among all religious books in that it also presents a universe of more than three dimensions,6 reveals a Creator that is transcendent over His creation,7 and who entered time and space to create the ultimate paradox by fulfilling our future!

This article was originally published in the July 2000 Personal Update News Journal. For a FREE 1-Year Subscription, click here.


1. Jonathan Leake, "Eureka! Scientists Break The Speed of Light," Science Editor, Sunday Times, June 4, 2000. Internet:
2. It may come as a surprise to learn that the first direct technological implementation of these strange principles of quantum mechanics is in cryptology: British researchers have constructed a device for quantum key encryption and decryption. The device allows a key to be secretly distributed
3. in such a way that should the key become known to an unintended listener, both the transmitter of the key and all designated recipients of it will instantaneously know it. (Paul D. Townsend, "Quantum Cryptography on Multi-user Optical Fibre Networks," Nature, No. 385, 1997, pp.47-49; Richard J. Hughes, "Quantum Security is Spookily Certain," Ibid. See also Cosmic Codes .)
4. This is reminiscent of the Red King's dream in Through the Looking Glass, in which Alice finds herself in deep metaphysical waters when the Tweedle brothers defend the view that all material objects, including ourselves, are only "sorts of things" in the mind of God.
5. The Reach of the Mind: Nobel Prize Conversations, Saybrook Publishing Co., Dallas TX, 1985, p.91.
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7. Ephesians 3:18. I pray that you may have the power to comprehend, with all the saints, what is the breadth and length and height and depth, or (Heh-Daleth-Jod-Time Dimension)
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Have another look at the parabolic exponential time- light-gravity curve and discover another perspective like a paradox now time-light is opposite going into the Jod dimension which will establish a reversed viewpoints going in another direction matching the metaphysic projection based on the Bible. The recent Princeton University postulated light is going 300 times faster therefore in the teeter-totter equation time is shorter discovered by other scientists.

Parabolas of Time

Is Time Literally Slowing Down and Disappearing From the Universe?

Currently, astronomers are able to discern the expansion speed of the universe using the so-called "red shift" technique. This technique relies on the understanding that stars moving away appear redder in color than ones moving towards us. Scientists look for super novae of certain types that provide a sort of benchmark.

However, the accuracy of these measurements depends on time remaining invariable throughout the universe. If time is slowing down, according to this new theory, our solitary time dimension is slowly turning into a new space dimension. Therefore the far-distant, ancient stars seen by cosmologists would from our perspective, look as though they were accelerating. "Our calculations show that we would think that the expansion of the universe is accelerating," says Prof Senovilla.

The theory bases its idea on one particular variant of superstring theory, in which our universe is confined to the surface of a membrane, or brane, floating in a higher-dimensional space, known as the "bulk." In billions of years, time would cease to be time altogether. "Then everything will be frozen, like a snapshot of one instant, forever,” Senovilla told New Scientist magazine. "Our planet will be long gone by then."

Though radical and in many way unprecedented, these ideas are not without support. Gary Gibbons, a cosmologist at Cambridge University, say the concept has merit.

"We believe that time emerged during the Big Bang, and if time can emerge, it can also disappear - that's just the reverse effect. Since childhood and being exposed to mortality, there was always one uncompromising persistent question, which seemed to remain aloof and unanswered by science:

What is the Time Dimension?

(+∞C /–∞C)²

Entropy laws in physics, the foundation of the cosmos, are mirrored in metaphysics and even embedded in the very first Bible verse. But why is the metaphysical domain rejected by modern science? Why do we collect and display expensive prehistoric, stone-bronze-gold clocks in museums around the world, without having the slightest idea what they measure, since they have not been checked with our massive, modern technology? Is it because they touch the metaphysical domain?

Other questions can be raised about it; one being whether the metaphysical is deliberately avoided because it is in conflict with our atheistic political correctness worldview. Could that be the reason why our universities legally rejected the oldest history book of mankind, the 6000-year-old Bible? Why has it been thrown out of every classroom? Why is it forbidden to be taught?

Our 21st century civilization started with the battle lines drawn, pitted against three prominent and mighty religions that hold a populated world captive. One is Christianity, which is 2000 years old. It is based on ancient human history, which is 6000 years old, starting with Adam and Eve in 4068 BC. The other is an atheistic evolution religion, which is 150 years old and was started by Darwin, and the third is Islam, which was started by Mohammed 600 years ago.

The conflicts over supremacy are not the Middle East, Jerusalem or Europe, but they are fought in the invisible metaphysical domain. Religion is the greatest energy force for mankind and cannot be proven in physics. It needs the metaphysical to differentiate between what truth is and what lies are.

Mankind’s intellect is in the middle and must evaluate what is reality. The mind is still a mystery, yet it is embedded in every person and represents the control center that directs intelligence to survive nature. We must make decisions in a time-dimension, which defines our mortality and therefore, becomes the predominant force for our existence; however, we should further investigate why we exist, which is linked to purpose, and why it is that life only exists on earth, which leads back to metaphysics.

This story will therefore focus on ‘what is a Time-dimension’, linking it to physics-metaphysics, in a 360° perspective for a fully rounded understanding, while exploring the mysterious laws of nature. This is all embedded in the Bible, which is not allowed to be mentioned in our universities.

Investigating our world reveals that it is not random chaos. One can see that it is based on physics, which recognizes an orderly universe right down to the atom level, which appears to be designed, if you still can think logically. Many theologians appear not very bright and uninformed about modern science. They are still embroiled in Middle Age denominational opinions originating from when science was still in infancy.

It’s time to be educated in science. However, they are not alone it seems because they are no better off than the intellectual, atheistic PhDs who believe in fairytales that are not based on science either, and therefore believe in an atheistic evolutionary religion. Both require a better understanding of how the world was created, which is embedded with entropy laws, as defined by Newton and the many others around his time.

Yet notice that is presently ignored by most atheistic university establishments. Newton’s life story is the evidence for defining the laws of nature, which are also recognized in the ancient Bible. Over 50% of what he wrote is hidden away in the Jerusalem University, and from what I heard about it, Newton even predicted the apocalypse in our century, which is still being ignored. The greatest thinker, who is not yet obsolete, defined the laws of physics and metaphysics. I will elaborate more upon this, along with new discoveries in my next story.

Applying logic and investigating the laws of nature will clearly indicate a duality, such as every action will cause an equal and opposite reaction, as defined by Sir Isaac Newton, who lived before Darwin did. But since that time, we still do not understand gravity, magnetism, electricity and how life is embedded in atoms, because we ignore the reaction side of the physical linked to the metaphysical laws.

We have learned how to utilize these forces for our benefit, but their very existence as an energy force is still a mystery. False religion cannot explain it because as a belief system, it deals only with physics on the lower second entropy energy level, which can be measured by instruments, but not understanding the fundamentals of entropy laws creates many fairytales that deny the metaphysical domain, which is the basis of existence.

That is why we must consider information that is outside our closed loop system and trust God, who watched over His word, the 6000-year-old Bible, which gives us a compass. Otherwise, we are lost in controversies. Most believe in foolish theories and are void of common sense.

However, we notice that this tiny earth is governed by a vast number of invisible forces, which cannot be measured with instruments, but are reflected, superimposed or resonate from the physical side of entropy and are often exactly duplicated on the metaphysical side of entropy. Our prevailing, politically correctness educational system forces the new generation of students to become ignorant and outright foolish, proclaiming that the metaphysical does not exist.

Blind people have no idea what a colorful butterfly or a beautiful sunset looks like, and if you try to describe it to them, it will sound like a religion to that person. Yet realities do exist, because intelligence is embedded in the human mind. However, realities can be confused or even destroyed by lies from an atheistic, rigid perspective that oppose the laws of nature.

Ancient mystery clocks exhibited in many museums globally are now deciphered and agree with the Bible, in showing that high-tech genetic knowledge preexisted. Even electricity was known before Noah’s time, which ended when an asteroid plunged into the earth on 5 February 2287 BC, playing back the planetary sky and totally destroying a preexisting Atlantis civilization.

The Bible clearly states that the ancient civilization was in violation of God’s creation laws and was involved in forbidden genetic modifications, which are even recorded in the oldest ancient book written by Enoch, the seventh after Adam. Why did God become so horribly angry after creating a fantastic, organized world that was perfectly fine-tuned to maintain life, only to destroy it thereafter?

We do not have to look very far. Explain to me the proud achievement of a past Atlantis civilization symbolized in a gigantic stone monument SPHINX previously totally buried in silt from the flood, mermaids and so many other half-human mixed with half-animal bodies painted on walls of Aztec temples and ancient Egyptian tombs. The human race was genetically corrupted and we started down the same GMO path in our times, which will have horrendous consequences again, as God the Creator has not changed.

Three witnesses are needed in any court of law to establish facts. Therefore we should accept Enoch and Noah and include Methuselah’s (When he dies, it will happen.) name.

Why name your newborn boy with this prophecy? His father Enoch the writer of the oldest book in history was a scientist who witnessed his society become totally evil and gave warning embedded in his boy’s name. He had foreknowledge linked to Genetic Modification forbidden by Elohim.

His book tells what the Atlantis generation did. Investigating the many surrounding historical facts, could the asteroid in Noah’s time have caused the sudden demise of dinosaurs that disappeared along with 70% of the animal species, which also included the human race (in the millions), all perishing with the exception of only eight genetically pure people who survived, which many cultures still talk about?

Foreign genes mixed in the environment cause aberrations when the intelligence information is spliced out. Later, when a GMO is introduced into nature, it will race towards extinction because of entropy laws discussed in this paper.

God needed to preserve an original race of mankind from being polluted on a massive scale with animal genes. The problem could only be stopped by killing people defiled with the offending genes. God looked around to start over a human race and found Noah’s family still uncontaminated. It is not a fairytale if you read my Babushka egg concept book GENETIC MODIFICATION EXPOSED.

Check out Monsanto’s global cartel employing thousands of scientists conducting dangerous, even illegal experiments in secret laboratories around the world. Some labs are located deep inside mountains and are outfitted with negative air pressure locks because it is so dangerous if anything is released to the environment. Now their work is accelerated to genetically modify our entire food chain and screw up nature on a gigantic scale - all for obscene profits. That is why cloning has become a favored reproduction system.

In the court case Monsanto vs. farmer Percy Schmeiser, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Monsanto cartel on May 21, 2004. The court confirmed that Monsanto had a valid patent for genetic modification. This is now enforced for every farmer who must pay a patent fee to the global cartel. GMOs are now unavoidable. Natural means have spread it everywhere appearing in most food seeds.

The Percy Schmeiser litigation suit was eventually settled out of court, but it remains for every farmer to fight for his own rights enriching thousands of lawyers. However, once foreign genes are embedded, they will terminate and make extinct that species.

Elohim God is not sleeping. He sees his creation being destroyed by puny mortals and has announced the dates of a coming Apocalypse to purify the earth once again. It must definitely happen, guaranteed, because Elohim again sees his covenant of life violated by a corrupted mankind.

Become aware. Look at where our civilization is heading. With my eyes open I can see so much on TV. Example: a Franken-fish advertised that is three times bigger than a regular salmon because it was embedded with giant snake genes. If this fish is introduced into the environment, it will cause the extinction of wild salmon.

I can assure you of this because, once embedded, foreign genes destroy the natural intelligence information. GMO plants screw up many different plants preventing healthy, natural procreation. The GMO foods also produce degenerative diseases in people and animals used for food.

But when the cartel disappears like so many recent banks and insurance companies, cloned GMO-food will disappear, too. Read Revelation 6 announcing the four horsemen proclaiming global starvation.

As a Christian scientist, I was able to date the Apocalypse by cracking the code of ancient clocks. Ancient clocks exhibited in many museums prove that an asteroid plunged into our earth, creating a gigantic axis wobble. Many cultures tried to measure it, like the Aztec priesthood who built 5 pyramids on top of each other, as seen in the outdoor museum in Mexico City.

They eventually figured out that the earth axis had a wobble that is exponentially declining and predicted to stop on 21 December 2012 on our calendar. Clocks with a declining time base became cheaper and eventually replaced pyramids and other structures.

There is evidence of the asteroid in Noah’s day causing an enormous global flood that caused many mountains worldwide to arise, as seen around the earth. This shifted continents on a slippery, glass-hard, underlying surface, which has now been proven by a German scientist in much more recent times. Look at the end of this chapter and notice a picture series what was the world before 2288 BC measured with ancient clocks hanging in many museums if you accept the facts presented in this paper not fairytales.

The current university establishment postulates that a catastrophe happened 60 million years ago, but many mystery clocks, which are now deciphered, can be used as a witness that will prove otherwise. Would we accept the many proofs that are presented in opposition to a political correctness worldview, ignoring the many laws of physics or even investigate the evidence exhibited in many museums?

Proving that it is a young earth will not be popular. It is resisted because it is in conflict with an atheistic evolution religion. Can ancient clocks, used as a geological dating tool, be more reliable than an obsolete carbon dating method that should no longer be in use since 1948 due to the atomic radiation pollution?

Measuring carbon in diamonds that are extracted from deep mineshafts should make it obvious that we should not use that isotope to measure time, as it is a poor choice. Flaky results don’t matter anymore when it comes to propagating fairytales.

Can Noah’s family, the only survivors, be trusted as witnesses who told about what really happened, as stated in a 6000-year-old history book of mankind? Will we accept the biblical evidence if it matches our scientific knowledge, or has our civilization resigned itself to the unscientific practice, as now enforced in most universities?

Or are we to tolerate only well-financed, opinionated experts who promote an evolution religion that is controlled by an atheistic priesthood, which is similar to what we see painted on ancient Aztec temple walls? Is history repeating itself, proving Jesus’ prediction that a human civilization will once again perish by incurring GOD’S WRATH once more, which has now been dated [17 September 2015] according to the mystery clocks? Will it be as the Ancients later suspected, with a second asteroid to come again, as even the Bible prophesied?

Collecting many new discoveries from science will be confrontational to a number of unscientific theorists who postulated and had their stories and opinions printed in our school textbooks. These are now believed to be facts. Why should a new science breakthrough be silenced?

Why is this not allowed in an open forum? Is it because the facts are linked to the Bible, the oldest history book of mankind? Therefore, I will make it easy for the skeptic, since I have a different worldview and trust in God’s oracles presented in the Bible. Consequently, this paper has been divided into two perspectives.

One perspective will only mention the discoveries which are based on science; the other viewpoint will match the new knowledge embedded in the Bible, while redefining suppressed entropy laws of nature in the physical foundation and broaden the horizon of knowledge on the metaphysical domain.

The Internet Village forum is a wonderful invention, which cannot be censored by a politicized educational establishment, which would have made Galileo very happy. Judging by what has happened to our environment, which has been caused by uncontrolled science, we see that honeybees and wild life are disappearing and becoming extinct. Therefore, we can conclude that our civilization will run out of time, simply by applying entropy laws.

Check out some interesting concepts of recent discoveries. Babushka egg concept books, which are translated in German, Spanish and Arabic and are free on the Internet, are the first to mention this.

When I cracked the code of ancient clocks, it could open up a new horizon for the skeptic who still believes in a billion year evolution religion. I will therefore focus and look a little closer at this theory by using the tools of science, in order to explain the mystery of what a time dimension really is, perhaps from a technical perspective.

This is so important to us since we are mortals who are misled by politics within the educational department. It has not yet been explained. Our schools teach so many fairytale opinions regarding the ‘billions of years’ theory, which screws up our perception about what time really is. Now that many ancient clocks are deciphered, it would hopefully change a stupid atheistic evolution religion, since it is not based on the entropy laws in physics. It will make a number of theories obsolete. Modern science has not defined what “time” actually is, but new discoveries make it possible to get a better understanding.

However, it is in conflict with many evolution fairytales that are imposed by an ignorant coalition of atheistic lawyers and judges who control our education system, which is enforced by an uninformed government who decided that the human wisdom that was collected for over 6000 years is too dangerous for our younger generation to learn about in our schools. They left out the equation that a bloody history, which is soon to be repeated again, should have taught us the lessons about not making God the Creator angry, yet once more His Wrath shall come, just like the Atlantis civilization or Sodom and Gomorrah experienced.

Recently, I was exposed to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), which became a useful tool in unlocking some ambiguous writings that the Bible theologians have a problem with. Very few understand the history of mankind from God’s perspective and are surprised when it matches so many laws of science that are linked to the metaphysical by a whole new concept.

God’s plan for mankind is connected to a restoration of the cosmos which are surrounded by many galaxies in space and were created for a divine purpose. Seeing the paradox of expanding and shrinking universes does not answer the biggest question, "Why does Life only exist on this earth?"

That is a puzzle for many scientists, which is still enshrouded in mystery and can only be solved by revelation outside our closed circle. The Bible is the only book given to mankind with celestial revelations, which is written in the Hebraic HANS code and has only recently been deciphered. Babushka egg concept books are designed to uncover questionable biblical references that are inadequately understood in seminaries, but can be highlighted with new discoveries in science.

HANS helped to decipher ancient mystery clocks made from stone-bronze-gold and exhibited in museums. Check out those new ancient mystery clock discoveries decoded in the third Babushka egg concept book. Free to check out and download on the Internet for a quick reference.

What surprised me greatly when deciphering those clocks that are exhibited in many museums is the ancient, accumulated, accurate knowledge that modern scientists know nothing about, but is now decoded. It branches out into other areas and answers the many questions surrounding global warming and it further augmented some unsolved laws of nature. It helped to clarify important laws of nature and is much better defined, since many atheistic scientists’ opinions can only speculate about what gravity is, the nature of light or where the electrical energy comes from when you pass a magnet through a copper wire coil, which is not mentioned in schoolbooks.

Babushka egg concept books attempt to give the reader a fully rounded 360° vision. Discussions about what we see in nature from the physical-metaphysical perspective, or postulated new theories that are not found in schoolbooks and are based on recently discovered facts, are not allowed in the open forum of a university. The modern education system is fractured. They no longer teach a fully rounded learning environment.

Check out the 8th grade final examination from the 1900s. I doubt if even college students would pass. That statement is not exaggerated, but is somewhat biased due to an evolution religion which forces unscientific opinions that no longer match entropy laws and are outright deceptive. They call it science. I am glad to know the difference, having gone to 8th grade school 70 years ago.

If you want to have some fun, I redefined the inner structure of atoms by overlaying it with HANS and ancient clocks. Those clocks revealed that light was going faster in prehistoric times, as indicated by my mathematical calculations. Believe it or not, light did travel at 80 billion mi/sec in ancient times. The data is embedded in antique clocks, which has never been known by scientists.

That would shock many comatose scientists from their complacency, collapsing a cherished Big Bang theory since it shows up earlier [4488 BC], by matching the stone Aztec clock exhibited in Mexico City and aligning with the 7000 year Hebrew calendar, as a second witness. An exponentially declining earth axis spin is now corrected by using modern NASA calendar accounting methods that now show a 23.5° spin axis coming to a rest on

21 December 2012.

A higher speed of light would have tremendous implications and will change our environment, which could even explain global warming. Looking even further at the universe would also give us a new perspective to postulate new theories, linked to the interior of atoms. It will have a new shape; no longer thought to be a round ball but morphed into a Donut Atom or into what looks like a red blood particle, flawlessly and mathematically designed to be an energy carrier of life, which is a much better logical concept when linked to the metaphysical.

It is free on the internet and it will answer the question every scientist wonders about, which is: Why has the Platinum Standard Kilogram IPS in the Paris vault and its six sister copies become overweight and changed after 135 years. A scientists’ meeting was scheduled 2011 to figure it out, as it will change most of Newton’s laws.

I do not expect the present science forum to solve the IPS mystery. It is similar to the ambiguity of the global warming meeting, which usually ends in confusion because they will not allow forbidden true science, (embedded in the Bible) to be voiced in the public square, in order to become educated. Atheists will eventually destroy our civilization by violating GMO laws. Check out what happens to our environment on the fast track, causing our bio-world to become extinct, ensuring to bring God’s wrath once again, just as prophesied. It is now dated not only in the Bible, but is also being dated when you watch the popular educational TV channel.

For example, to become educated, just check out why the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) would cover up the danger of Genetic Modification, which is now exposed in Babushka books. A lonely voice in the wilderness is ignored, but it gives you a warning to watch out for vegetables with a glued-on number sticker. It is meant for lawyers to collect gene transfer fees, but also reports to them when you get life-threatening salmonella-E’coli bacteria sickness, as they are expecting lawsuits like the 2009 spinach, tomatoes, jalapeños, and green tea disasters in San Francisco, as seen on TV.

The list goes on: 500,000 bushels of corn rejected due to dangerous pharmacy drug genes embedded, and the CEO was fined $260,000. On TV again, another $50 million peanut-butter disaster that closed down three factories in Texas followed by an unbelievable “one billion” recall of contaminated eggs.

Why do we tolerate GMOs? How can we be so ignorant to let the Monsanto cartel screw up every food seed on the globe? Good food sources will become extinct for our grandchildren.

When scientists spliced out the original intelligence information embedded in nature to make gene transfer possible, they use e-coli bacteria as a mail carrier to come through the cell’s back door. A DNA chain is usually protected at the front door by an immune system protection policeman that checks credentials.

The natural immune system only allows in the genes belonging to the original community established by the Creator. He set it up this way in order to guarantee thousands of generations of every species to be precisely replicated and duplicated. Each generation, therefore, has embedded an exact copy of natural intelligence code possessing just enough variation to adapt to most environmental changes. This system is now destroyed by an atheistic cartel. That blueprint is globally altered and will have gigantic consequences. Check it out. 

This is almost a weekly recurrence. Notice the same story on TV news globally about numerous e-coli and salmonella bacteria outbreaks and swine-flu variations in Europe and China like reported in the USA now screwed up and created a new specie Franken-fish-salmon full of deadly antibiotic and growth hormone chemicals without labeling to tell the consumer to differentiate what is naturally harvested from the oceans.

This is very confusing to the public since they have no idea why. The FDA is withholding information because they are favoring the Monsanto’s cartel, who have paid off their many privileged friends with financial donations to politicians’ campaigns to be reelected.

Many disease carriers now have unhindered access into every genetically modified food because the immunization police have been spliced out by criminal atheistic scientists; all for higher profit. The immoral gene scientists employed by the cartel disconnected the immunity protection wall on the cell level, which made gene transfer possible. Therefore, they opened the doors for many diseased agents to enter into your body unhindered.

Additionally, investigating HANS further and applying it to cosmos science became instrumental in unlocking many secrets of the universe. It can answer why life is found only on earth, which should be foremost in explaining that our mortality is linked to light and the time dimension, which is not defined in modern science.

They are still questioning if there is a metaphysical dimension that seems forgotten in this generation. They keep denying so many illustrations God gives us as examples to prove the cause and effect laws in nature, which we take for granted, such as the caterpillar that turns into a butterfly or a seed placed in the ground to become a tree. For an explanation on the laws of nature and how life is embedded inside an atom controlling the intelligence of every human mind. Read the Babushka egg concept books to widen knowledge horizons.

Elohim God the Creator must save mankind once more from the perils of an atheistic World System as he promised. He will deliver it from the control of the Devil and his evil demons that so heavily direct society from behind the scenes.  After a series of open battles to defeat them, humanity will enjoy another 1000 years on earth. They will once again eat the same delicious and nutritious foods enjoyed by Adam and Eve and their children.

Transposition of a Cosmos Linked to the Daleth - Heh Dimension

This booklet will use unfamiliar Hebrew letters from ancient times that have their meaning embedded, which will open up a metaphysical knowledge horizon. Philosophizing about nature that is linked to the cosmos existence still creates a paradox. How can a Daleth dimension exist within a Heh dimension?

I attempted to explain it in previous Babushka books, as scripture has many applications describing the principalities and power structures of Satan’s kingdom in parallel to mankind.

As a scientist looking from a biblical perspective, I require defining physics in parallel to metaphysics, since both dimensions exist simultaneously. Our earth is part of a huge galaxy connected to a bigger cosmos. However, to describe that physical connection, let’s look at a model of how nature exists when applied to different frequencies.

Today we have a network of millions of frequency carriers and in it information is buried. For instance, one is TV since my kid is the one who controls the various channels and the other teenager is bound to a cell phone. If you have grown up, you should understand about bio-DNA, genetic modifications and how these affect our body.

If your interest is more advanced, you would want to understand what goes on inside the atoms, as over a hundred variations exist, which are categorized and classified in the element tables. Many atomic particles make up an atom like protons or neutrinos, the invisible energy carrier, and the list goes on. Yet all have their existence within a Daleth dimension. Think. Even the smallest atoms with spinning levitated electrons are all interconnected in the same bag. It just needs a few more analogies to compare it with.

When I think of the cosmos, I compare it to one of my grandchildren playing with a dish of soap and blowing bubbles, to try and find out how big he can make it. When miniaturized, that also compares to our brain, which has also has a lot of empty space, but is coupled with billions of interconnections crossing over junctions, as seen on TV, where they showed graphics with sparks flashing that demonstrated the energy exchange creating our mind. It is extended globally to our networks of electricity, Internet, telephone and intelligence expanding to the many international information exchanges.

When summed up and totaled, the brain is made up of billion intelligence cells in the human mind, yet we still cannot go beyond the soap bubble or the Daleth dimension. Yet there is another dimension that is described in my 6th Babushka book that you should read.

That book expanded nuclear science linked to the metaphysical. I related it to a multilayered, three-dimensional chess game. If you put eight chessboards on top of each other, you can now play a three dimensional game, which will flex your expertise if you are a good chess player. However, that is just expanding our intelligence, which is still inside the same soap bubble.

If you put all those visualized graphic images on a map and provide a line like a telephone wire, where it starts and ends with a special frequency around the world, that would look like a scrambled brain, for sure. Yet it would make sense. You could do it on your computer by picking only one color for each line and blanking out the other.

Now the scramble of lines reveals just one aspect, like where your money comes from, represented by one color. Except our frequency spectrum, which starts from zero ends with gamma rays, as our technical instruments can no longer measure the frequency beyond, but it keeps going until it reaches infinite. If it is all put together and summed up, mankind’s knowledge is embedded in the 21st Century civilization and reduced to a total spectrum mix; that is what I call the Daleth dimension, as I became educated in understanding HEBREW hieroglyphs.

A frequency is a waveform that eventually becomes solid elements that are recognized and visible in Fraunhofer spectral lines, which will ultimately crystallize, but is limited because of what we don’t see and isn’t connected to our mortal mind computer eyes.

We know that some computers are very limited; others are very big. Just visit NASA. However, just think. It is because we have no instruments to measure what is beyond gamma rays and there is more on a higher frequency side that is not yet discovered. High-tech eventually will come around to measuring a higher spectrum into billions, until it is stopped at infinite (∞), as symbolized in mathematics.

The concept of infinite takes some time to think about. It requires the Bible to reveal information outside our frequency range circle. Commonly referred to as “extra-celestial” in describing the other domain, it is invisible to our eyes, but still belongs to the cosmos. It is outside the frequency perception I classify as the Heh dimension.

When investigating the Bible, we see where it describes reality in heaven which some of us have no trouble understanding and it seems similar. That is why many want life to continue on the other side. If there is nothing on the other side, we would not have it as a concept in the Bible or in Webster’s dictionary, which is a second witness.

Once again, another analogy is needed. We have a new DVD and embedded on DVDs are 1000s of movies and each one is on a different frequency channel. Some movies are very educational and show us life about dinosaurs; some show a future space with aliens taking over the earth. All of it is only separated by a frequency which transfers us to another world where we can interact, as I see my wife crying and laughing, lost in the reality of a movie, feeling the pain or joy embedded in a simple DVD that her husband bought.

The Heh dimension is not out there somewhere in the cosmos, but is around here on earth also, only on another frequency channel, as recorded in the Bible. Many Bible stories exist to demonstrate or illustrate the other dimension, like the one prophet who was surrounded by a 100 enemy soldiers trying to stop the leak by telling the king of Israel when another raid was planned.

Every time they picked the place, they where ambushed by the king of Israel who received information ahead of time from the prophet. That resulted in a hundred enemy soldiers being sent to get the prophet and bring the information trail to an end. The prophet’s servant was upset as he looked around and saw a hostile crowd.

He said that is ‘the end of us’ and believed there was no way to escape death. The prophet said not to worry, "We are more, the battle is already won." That gave reason for the servant to ponder, “I think our master has flipped.” The prophet ask the Lord to open his servant’s eyes and immediately, the servant saw a thousand fiery chariots with angels swinging swords and shields, circling around the house and protecting the prophet.

You can read the outcome in the Bible, but notice there is another world on a different frequency. Our eyes could respond provided they were adjusted to the right frequency. The angels' world and heaven is just another dimension, far and wide, on a different bandwidth frequency and it should include galaxies. If our scientists would educate themselves in metaphysics, they could at least see our world from a 360° perspective, just by changing a frequency channel.

If we ignore metaphysics, logic tells me that only 50% of useful information is available. Imagine your investment banker informed you that they lost 50% of your money, only he knows where it went and that it disappeared into the metaphysical realm. Again, that which is imaged from the Daleth dimension can be transferred to realties on the Heh dimension level, if you follow the money trail. But one more will really blow your mind! Examine what a Time Dimension is and you will discover that it is programmed to end in Taw, just like a flywheel that runs out of energy.

That defines our mortality too, but the Bible reveals that even Daleth (earth) and Heh (heaven) will have run out of energy, therefore, He created a new one, the Jod dimension. Check the graph on the front page. The reason is described in Babushka books, if you want to know the story that even angels do not know yet. They must wait for the Saints to appear to tell them what they experienced as humans, being stuck living on a lower frequency earth dimension.

Mortals weren’t cloned like angels, but were designed in a two-stage system, like the caterpillar-butterfly example that even my kid understands. It is really fun and very interesting reading the ancient oracles preserved for us in a 6000 year old history of mankind, which comes with a time dimension, embedded in ancient bronze-gold clocks. I tried to reflect on some, but it needs a little intelligence. So much information is packaged into a few pages that I needed 7 Babushka books to describe the concepts from the smallest egg to the largest egg.

More examples that could be helpful in the investigating is Jesus’ claim that he was proof of both dimensions, as he said that he was born from the other side. Genetically, his birth was shaped like ours, except that 50% (the sperm) came from the Heh dimension side. On the Daleth side, he felt pain like us; he got hungry, yet he said to the woman at the well, “I give you water; you will never thirst.”

Demonstrating both sides simultaneously, the Daleth and Heh dimensions, check out the miracles and think about when He said, "The Kingdom of heaven is now among you." A lot of information was revealed, like “I am the door to eternal life”. No one has the key unless you are invited. Unless you are born from above, you cannot inherit the other side, he said to Nicodemus (John 3:1), the highest Supreme Court Judge in Israel.

He not only proved the many miracles, but returned back from where he came, totally defying physics and demonstrating the two cycle creation model (caterpillar-butterfly), teaching us what it means when the Elohim said, “Let us make man in our image,” which has been forgotten in our time.

Keep reading and you will be informed about how the other side interfaces and becomes a new dimension, transferring our mortality to a higher frequency level, which is in conflict and forbidden to be taught in our schools, but has been replaced with a monkey evolution religion that is not based on facts.

Applying an understanding of both dimensions is supported by scientific discoveries that will define God’s house and our physical world a little better. Many laws of nature are invisible, but can be demonstrated according to the rules of physics and mathematics. Countless opinions are expressed in universities that are mostly open-ended in science, leading nowhere, as many are based on opinionated, atheistic fairytales that miss the cause and effect principles, while denying entropy laws. The problem can be summed up and captured in a wisdom pearl defined by a basic architectural rule:

If we do not know the Plan for Mankind,
we cannot know the house we live in.

God’s house is the universe with the many galaxies, but He pre-selected a tiny little planet at the end of the Milky Way and left instructions for those who are interested to explain its existence and purpose. Since the establishment rejects metaphysical science, I will use a number of analogies to bridge the metaphysical with what we can measure with our instruments, and hope that logic would prevail and not be denied.

I will start in Part 1 with a helpful analogy of a pinball machine illustration that we are all familiar with, which will demonstrate how the universe works and disburses energy with intelligence throughout space. Looking into space, we can envision that all galaxies are linked together with an invisible freeway that is energized with a gravity force passing through each and every donut atom, so that they shine with brilliant light, like electricity connects to every city in many lights, as seen when looking from an airplane at night.

These new concepts lead to a lot of opposition in denying entropy laws, which therefore cannot define what [∞light] really is or explain a gravity modifying magnetism controlled by a time dimension. In these short pages, I will give some extra clarification that is not printed in schoolbooks, but is only mentioned in previous Babushka egg concept books and was published some time ago.

In Part 2, I will describe how the same physical phenomena are linked to the elevated metaphysical ‘Heh’ dimension, which is recorded in the very first verse in the Bible. If you want to understand the Bible, overlaid with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) matching new science discoveries from ancient clocks, it will broaden the horizon of knowledge that not even the theologians have heard about.

In Part 3, we learn about the Hebraic letters expressed in HANS, which became a profound revelation, matching the laws of physics and explanation of the Strong-Weak forces (never postulated) in one theory. This is never preached in any church and is not allowed in the universities that are controlled by a powerful atheistic, evolution religion priesthood, who will not permit open discussion in the public square forum. If you want to know what gravity is and about infinite light giving birth to a time dimension from a scientific biblical perspective, keep reading.

In Part 4, my first Babushka book, written four years ago, illustrated a 7000-year time frame for mankind with a cuckoo clock concept, explaining the Plan for Mankind from God’s perspective, which is never preached in church. Since a Time dimension started with Lucifer in 4488 BC, we should know how he ended 3018 AD, which matches the ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited in museums. I hope it will broaden our horizon of understanding about what a Heh-Daleth-Jod dimension is. Understanding metaphysics makes you a member of Daniel’s Wise Club, as we appreciate what God planned since the beginning.

7000-Year Table of History

Dr. Menahem Simhony, 33 Shoham Street, 34679 Haifa, Israel
Fax: 972 4 825 1681. EPOLA: A New Approach to the Fine Structure of Matter and Space:    

Die Entstehung der Kontinente und Meere, by Kurd v. Bulow. Die Kosmos-Biblothek, Band 239 Stuttgart, Gesellschaft der Naturfreunde, Franckh’sche Verlagshandlung.1963.

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