Part 1:
The Physical Side - Daleth Dimension



Parabolas of TimeMany scientists are wondering about the diagram of a strange, parabolic formula of a curve. It has never been seen in any university and opened the door for me as an inventor. The concepts in that diagram directed me to a few major discoveries like I used to do as a boy who would tip over a rock and see what was squirming underneath.  Old habits never die and this pointed me, at my old age, towards explaining the origin of the universe observed from a different perspective and linked to the reason why you and I live on this planet, the only place where life exists.

Rocks by the wayside and old books from the attic are now replaced by obscure mysteries and stories from modern science magazines filled with interesting fairy tales that conflict with old books. It is now a little easier to find out what is squirming because I can dig and examine things from my office chair, while surfing the Internet. No kidding! Many feathers are ruffled, even for the theologians, who are no exception, as they misquote the Bible and are usually not educated in science.

Let’s have some fun by looking around with a 360° movie projection. It will not hurt, but you will perceive more. Guaranteed! I recently observed some beautifully colored pictures of galaxies, photographed by the Hubble telescope that probes deep into the universe, on TV. I cannot keep quiet about my current discoveries that are linked to the Bible and is not allowed to be discussed in the halls of higher learning. It makes me sad that the modern hi-tech society has become so ignorantly biased about its origin in such a short time.

It is now a crime to educate our children with a 6000-year-old history of mankind that scientifically describes the very process of how the universe got started. This truth has been replaced with the unscientific fairy tales of many irrational opinions, which are not based on science. Therefore, modern science and society cannot answer the questions of why humans exist (meaning and purpose) and why life is only found on earth (the universe seems infinite). If you are intellectually inclined, then you would question how the universe got started, or even if you could discover by what force a single atom appeared and multiplied, which is not explained in science. I will answer these questions scientifically, from what I found in the Bible.

Schoolbooks speak of a genesis story that something started from nothing. It assumes that matter exploded cold from Kelvin in a Big Bang, which is now a little warmer. That fairy tale notion is technically reinforced with beautifully embellished, computerized photographs of the universe from the Hubble telescope.

Most people have forgotten that the evolution and the Big Bang theory were first proposed by George LeMaitre, who was both a physicist and Roman Catholic priest. LeMaitre's idea was scoffed at, at first. In fact the term "Big Bang" is a derisive term coined by atheist Fred Hoyle, who despised the idea that the universe could have a transcendent beginning. Einstein likewise initially resisted the idea that the universe was not eternal, putting a fudge factor in his equations and later regretting his mistake.

The Big Bang theory says that both time and space began at a single microscopic timeless DOT some 13.7 billion years ago, and the universe has expanded and cooled since then because time moves in one and only one direction. Thus, the very first verse of the Bible matches the Big Bang. The biblical cosmology has gotten a little more credibility in the last 20 years. Some agreement might be around the corner with the Bible meeting modern science.

The almost universally accepted idea that our universe started from NOTHING is differently stated in the Bible – mankind’s oldest history book.  The very first verse in Genesis revealed that Elohim used what always preexisted where he lives with his angels for eons before time and is surrounded with (∞) Infinite light energy.

Now God decided to start something new and spliced out a new creation from the infinite energy available according to the second entropy laws which became – “darkness SOMETHING” (evening to morning), which started the Time Dimension by dividing it into two dimensions Heh-Daleth or heaven-earth in simple language.  But if you believe a different religion and think of yourself as being educated in physics with a little math mixed in, a NOTHING still is NOTHING even a dictionary defines it as ZERO.

If you want to argue that point, find somebody else. For example, see if you can drive your car without energy. The Big Bang needs energy to fuel the billions galaxies with the lights still on. I am sure the astronomers are not checking what is transmitted from space with Fraunhofer spectral lines. Thus, they invent fairy tales not matching physics. It requires metaphysics to straighten out such false thinking.

Investigating the universe and life on earth must be balanced with logic and must conform to entropy laws, (which are the foundation in physics) in order to be acceptable in any scientific inquiry. To pick and choose only certain laws of physics and exchange demonstrated facts with unproven theories, enforced by an atheistic evolution religion, will not satisfy me.

I apply the laws of physics to a biblical perspective that does not make it into a religion, but for some atheistic authorities, it is a problem that is in conflict with their evolution religion. Please keep an open mind toward some unusual concepts that are not allowed in universities. You may discover something new in science just as I did. It is not meant to criticize, but to broaden horizons.

Whatever has some decision-making function that becomes something and must have embedded intelligence or revert to nothing - junk. Most scientists do not know that implanted inside every atom is a complex intelligence that works like your computer and needs to be continuously charged. It is able to communicate with others but only under certain very selective conditioning. By analogy, it is a lot of individual people connected to the Internet that require intelligence and energy.

A Mini-H²O Story

For example, in the department of chemical science, think of the Hydrogen-boys wanting to have a party with the Oxygen-girls, which need only a spark in that encounter to explode with hot lights flashing Knall-gas energy which is released and ends up with cold water, H²O. It is the greatest miracle substance ever designed for life.

That is what happened in Noah’s time (2288 BC) when an asteroid spark ignited the enriched atmosphere and caused a big water party because it rained 40 days. An ancient environment collapsed when the residual leftover H-boys from the original formation of oceans, were free floating in the upper region of the atmosphere and discovered the beautiful O-girls born below and were raised by a saturated bio-world, growing cells faster in ∞ light.

Do not get trapped in the opinion that the speed of light at the beginning affecting atoms was the same speed measured today. That is explained later.

The atmospheric collapse in Noah’s day was a small-scale repeat of the Big Bang process and presupposes intelligence for direction so that the something would manifest in an explosion or implosion. The first Big Bang party decided to eliminate the implosion route. Why?

A new concept is coming around from some university quarters to explain the NOTHING: the universe previously collapsed with the Big Bang being the second cycle. The biblical energy exchange just states that it happened. I think of it as an explosion in the Heh-heaven dimension with the a parallel collapsing in the Daleth-earth dimension, as programmed and directed by a predetermined, built-in, specialized intelligence force governing each dimension.  Everything what moves must somehow be directed conforming to preset laws of physics. Therefore, the intelligence sustaining the laws of physics is at the center of everything - like we cannot exist without our minds.

These two examples demonstrate the scientific need of added intelligence for a Big Bang to happen in a direction creating Gestalt for a cosmos to become SOMETHING as nothing existed before. What existed before already had embedded intelligence but also must be surrounded with fuel like infinite ∞ light and can therefore only deteriorate into the second entropy collapsing, combining, and crystallizing out like a flywheel runs out of energy.

These two examples demonstrate the scientific need of added intelligence for a Big Bang to happen in a direction creating Gestalt for a cosmos to become SOMETHING as nothing existed before. What existed before already had embedded intelligence but also must be surrounded with fuel like infinite ∞ light and can therefore only deteriorate into the second entropy collapsing, combining, and crystallizing out like a flywheel runs out of energy.

It ends eventually like our earth: originally void and cold and needing intelligence added to make it a beautiful place, and I hope you will appreciate it as a tenant. God fixed up this place for us to utilize all for free. Why do we now obliterate and totally pollute the environment on this earth soiling our own bed the only hospital place in the universe where life can exist while groundless hating the owner and even denying he exist?

The Second Law of Entropy only works if the nothing became something, which has now added intelligence, but can only evolve into a downhill time curve at less than 100%. That is a paradox; as intelligence is added like something over 100% and crystallizes, but shrinks into mass to become Gestalt, which is now subject to the Second Law, giving birth to a time dimension ending in Taw, to become less. It has a built-in death cycle, just like a baby is born, only to die later. That is why the Bible documents a solution and needs the Jod dimension, which is a new heaven and earth that has been promised, another dimension. Check out the diagram.

If you wondered and wanted to define a nothing, science categorized over 32 fractured, smashed atom particles from the cyclotrons CERN or linear accelerators (SLAG), which are broken junk particles with the intelligence spliced out, having lost their identity and so became totally useless, no longer spooning with other fractured atoms. Only intelligence can make it into something again.

Your laptop computer is a good model for a single atom. If you want to find out how your computer works, do not use the sledgehammer to see how the inside works. That is what science does today by building mega billion dollar cyclotrons and smashing atoms in order to find out how the atom brain works. I think it has nothing to do with investigative science, but it is a means to make big salaries and billion dollar bonuses that are now printed from thin air. That is not a fairy tale.

The Second Law of Entropy initiates another mystery force that is now activated. We call it the time dimension. When a car (the something with intelligence) speeds up or slows down, it is defined in physics as Time - expanding or contracting in two directions. When your car speeds up, it results in the time being reduced so you get home sooner.

The Big Bang theory must therefore demonstrate how the nothing became something and must include time controlled by intelligence being the driver of physics. Our school books have tons of unscientific opinions taught as facts, which will (in this generation) spawn brainwashed students believing in fairy tales, no longer following entropy laws in physics, and avoiding to mention intelligence embedded in every atom or DNA. I prefer to include the Bible, in order to be educated in true science.

Light Speed - 186,000 miles/second

When science postulates billions of years for the Big Bang, they use a match as a yardstick defined as candlelight and assume that its embedded speed penetrating darkness was always constant and goes straight. However, unlike entropy, light must comply with physics and be controlled by added intelligence to become a unit of something mathematically, which now also has two possibilities because of two entropy laws. Science can only measure light on the second entropy law level, which is 186,000 miles/second coming from the sun. The sun, as we all know, burns nuclear energy from a higher level to lower entropy.

Question: What is the invisible energy on a higher entropy level? Einstein calculated that light slows down around gravity fields and could also speed up, as seen in galaxies. Therefore, a constant light speed is only measured on earth in our present time, but nobody knows how fast light would have been during any particular historical period or in distant galaxies. 

Scientists do not even know that time has fluctuated on the earth in ancient times as demonstrated by ancient bronze-gold clocks exhibited in many museums. These clocks tell us that the earth had an active wobble that inspired many calendar systems to measure time differently from what we observe today. The earth wobble will finally come to rest in 2012 AD, which will prove that giving the time dimension billions of years according to the popular Big Bang is not possible. If you check that out, it could explain global warming.

Recently measuring the earth axis from space again with satellite instruments, GRACE noticed it moved a fraction and blamed it on recent earthquakes in the beginning of 2010. Yet, NASA scientists steeped in evolution religion do not understand that in physics, only an outside cause of a big enough inertia can force a reaction on the earth’s axis spin. Earthquakes are internal, relieving stress caused by ice melting and redistributing weight.

Much confusion exists in science due to looking through an atheistic filter. They should apply the logic of mathematics to crosscheck the mysteries of science by using the first law of entropy. For example, light beyond space coming from the source is invisible “infinite” energy (∞C²), which is impossible to measure with our instruments. However, when the First Law of Entropy gives birth to the Second Law, it results in and presupposes a time factor that we all recognize. Understanding how the time dimension is embedded in every atom is the key to understanding how galaxies are formed. It was made complete with the lights on like hanging chandeliers in the big cosmos mansion.

Therefore, it becomes proof that infinite light exists, with an embedded domino effect causing a time dimension to appear. We all experience the resulting mortality. Remember: when the something is born by added intelligence, it always gives birth to a time dimension.

Everyone intuitively knows what time is because we are all mortal. Understanding nature from a 360° perspective is not yet taught in universities, but it can be formulated into a concept as the foundation of the universe, right down to the molecular Donut Atom level, which will make cyclotrons CERN and STAG obsolete:

The time dimension is only activated by the conversion of infinite light (∞C), which has embedded intelligence. Therefore, it can only morph downhill by the Second Law of Entropy to less than 100% and end as finite light, measured at 186,000 miles/second in 2000 AD.

That can be proven since the sun’s energy is stepping down from a higher level to a lower atomic energy exchange and will not exist forever therefore, will burn-out in smoldering energy eventually fizzled out to an end, according to entropy where time dimension is zero–Taw. That will also stop the conversion of energy exchanged from gravity linked to magnetism, friction and many other forces that Newton’s laws defined and applied to physics on the molecular atomic level.

This new concept is creating controversy in most universities, as the atheistic establishment does not understand the metaphysical relationship as it cascades into physics. It seems that only the Bible has the answers to proclaim what the truth is. A problem exists because many scientists do not understand that entropy laws nullify the evolution religion and its many invented fairy tales not based on proof, but still called science.

Light Not Going Straight?

The light going straight idea is another wrong opinion. Simply splice the light with a prism to see seven rainbow colors that can be measured, and notice that one side has 4000 blue angstroms and the other side has 7000 red angstroms. That would give it an internal invisible twist, much like your car that has a front wheel that is not aligned will turn in a big circle demonstrated in physics with a rainbow. This principle we can observe in beautiful galaxies which are now seen on TV, all showing light going around and around in various colors forming and condensing into mass like the picture of the hourglass galaxy on the front page. This is explained next.

Thus, the red shift theory is a fairy tale that needs to play around with a prism in order to understand when light is expanding even to the infinite. This should shock comatose astrology scientists from their complacency. I believe the Bible informs us much better and tells me that God is infinite light; therefore it exists. This is now explained and predicted in a mathematical model from another science viewpoint to broaden our horizons. There are many forces in physics, and we have no instruments to measure them with. But we could apply mathematics and use the intelligence called reason, as the tool to define the invisible.

There is much in nature that we cannot measure with our instruments. How can we measure our life and the spirit in us, or being born again with a mysterious intelligence added that will make you something over 100%, applied to a saint who is precious in God’s sight, destined for the Jod dimension to live forever.

A time dimension does not exist if it is surrounded with infinite light (∞C²), which requires the second law of entropy to make it visible on a narrow lower level to match our mortal eyes, but it can also be proven by mathematics.

When an energy conversion happens along the second law of entropy, a time dimension will always appear as a consequence. I discovered that time can be mathematically expressed (+∞C/–∞C)² when linked to the first entropy law and thereafter it is converted to the second entropy law level, as defined by Einstein’s C² when observing two levels of energy exchange, using the sun as an example.

An atomic bomb, as defined by Einstein’s formula, is based on energy released without any built-in intelligence, which goes very fast and uncontrolled. Compare it to the same nuclear energy exchange that we see watching the sun; it shows us that it is controlled by embedded intelligence. It is similarly illustrated when investigating a massive infinite gravity force forming black holes in galaxies. That same force also controls my cuckoo clock disbursing gravity with a little slower intensity but needs an external higher intelligence to keep it going every morning. The sun is a very good model for studying the universe.

The sun is a horrendous nuclear furnace energy converter that is like billions of atomic bombs. It has been shining for mankind for 6000 years. Why has the sun not yet exploded like a nuclear bomb, according to Einstein’s formula E=m(C)²? Because the sun was designed with that added embedded intelligence, much like the pendulum in my cuckoo clock disburses gravity energy, only a little slower.

The Bible explains it as a gift from God to mankind. He planned the infinite energy (∞C) from the source to be reduced to a slightly slower speed to perfectly match a biological world, growing food for mortals.

Think through all the consequences. There is only a very narrow window in the frequency light spectrum maintaining life on this planet. Einstein’s energy release happens without intelligence (C²), which is too fast for growing food.

Therefore, the sun is an ingenious invention that works like a transformer, with one side having billions of gravity volts (+∞C/–∞C)² and the other having 110 volts of C² visible light with reduced energy, according to the second entropy laws. However, that would also cause a time dimension to appear and therefore must be the first creation act, before anything else existed. It is now better defined.

I will prove that a time dimension came before the Big Bang, which is now dated at 4488 BC, but must include intelligence in order to have something over 100% to act on. When we see a ∞ sign before or after the mathematical equation, it means intelligence is still there to be useful.

That would explain why Einstein did not use the infinite sign, but only used C² because we have not yet discovered how intelligence is embedded inside every uranium atom to help us explode a bomb a little slower. That would be of great benefit for mankind in producing cheaper energy.

But if we ever discover how the intelligence of the atom works; that would be the end of our earth. Atheistic evil governments are already destroying our environment causing much extinction.

Watch the apocalypse, which is now dated as God must interfere once more and save his world from total destruction. It was prophesied that another repeat, similar to what happened to Noah’s hi-tech generation which were totally corrupt and evil, screwed up everything genetically; therefore, the Atlantis civilization perished with an asteroid like Sodom and Gomorrah.

God set up and will enforce his boundaries that puny man is not permitted to cross; a warning for our civilization messing around again with uncontrolled science and violating God’s orders! Let’s first get a basic understanding of the laws controlling the universe from a biblical perspective. Laws never preached in church.

The Pinball Machine Principle (The Grand Cosmos)

The Pinball machine is fun for kids, but could be a good model to explain the universe, which is governed by energy according to entropy laws. Basically, we have a fun game box that could illustrate how the laws of the universe work; defining our world, yet is activated by invisible intelligence.

My kid has more intelligence, like his father, who can set in motion a spring loaded steel ball, to run its course with energy, charged while hitting many islands and rebounding, with lights flashing and a lot of action on the board, with numbers appearing as a consequence. This is much like the Second Law of Thermodynamics in closing the circuit to give us notice of the action, which is now evaluated, starting where it all began. Let’s assign some names and apply it to the game, to understand the physics which are linked to the metaphysics, like the Heh linked to the Daleth dimension, only a little clearer. The meaning of the Hebraic letters and (HANS) will be explained in Part 2.

My kid represents the intelligence, where the game is started and is comparable to the Almighty, Infinite God - the Creator when studying the universe. God is invisible to the islands being hit with the steel balls. This is only an analogy to explain that someone must have designed the machine for a purpose.

Follow the trail of logic. The cosmos cannot exist without a mind center outwardly linked to an Inventor, which is clearly defined in my books not found in universities that explain why you and I were born. The rules where laid out in advance. We all must be involved in the good and evil game, and we could win or lose. To postulate that a working cosmos pinball machine was not designed, being merely exploded from nothing, is a good fairy tale now being taught in universities under the control of an atheistic academic priesthood. 

Donut Atom ModelIn the pinball machine there are many steel balls that are cycled over and over, for the entire duration of the game, which represents the invisible energy activated from God in the Heh dimension, much like my kid’s presence activates the steel balls which are Neutrinos, each having two polarities ass discussed in my new Donut Atom book.

According to the donut atom model, neutrinos (billions) are the energy providers linked to the source and behave like a horse that is connected to a carriage, but must have demonstrate intelligence linked to a rider. The carriage is considered packaged protons, running around at high speed inside the donut atom nucleus, like a horse and carriage attached with proton gladiators within a Roman coliseum, which represents the atom core, controlled by intelligence, the driver who controls the show.

Depending upon which one is the leader in the neutrino polarization will end up fuelling atoms. Some donut atoms are embedded with life, while some are dead and end up either categorized in the bio or mineral department. There are ones without a life to fuel every galaxy, burning star or cold planet because we cannot find life anywhere else.

Atoms form elements now named and categorized in the periodic table. Depending on how often the steel ball neutrino energy hits every atom island will depict whether they shine brightly or glow with Fraunhofer spectral lines, eventually crystallizing out into a time dimension, like dew on the early grass in the morning, in order to become a solid mass that we can touch, like a magnet stuck on your refrigerator. It is better defined by Einstein’s m=E/c².

The intelligence is watching the game with numbers that are the feedback showing how efficient the system is run. It can be adjusted by a force, which changes the time dimension and is linked to the energized neutrino steel balls. Each island is hit with energy, steel ball neutrinos and reacts with the cause-reaction laws, which are better defined in the two laws of thermodynamics.

The whole pinball machine board, where the islands are mounted can be compared to a highway platform across all space, being paved with gravity, a mystery force made of something not defined by scientists, for the neutrino balls to slide over. In space, gravity looks like an endless wavy ocean, so scientists tell me. It represents a universe that is illustrated like a stretched, undulated blanket, which is the media parking lot for traveling neutrinos, converting infinite light, in order to become visible in a teeter totter relationship, according to entropy laws.

I think the cosmos looks like a gigantic donut, as it is mirrored in a Donut Atom theory. The same laws operating inside the donut atom forms galaxies replicating according to a build in design. Smashing atoms with horrendous machines like CERN is a waste of time, which only befits the management and their peons.

When accelerated neutrinos (steel balls) coming from the source (my kid with intelligence, or God) and embedded with infinite light converted to inertia is slowed down by friction, it makes the gravity pavement become denser, which is expressed in a teeter-totter fashion and recognized by Dr. Albert Einstein, where light slows down and bends over the gravity obstruction. Conversely, when gravity becomes denser, like a hard pinball machine board, visible light speed increases and there is less resistance for neutrinos.

Notice what happens to visible light in galaxy holes, which is now so fast that it totally disappears within the highest gravity density center. Or on the lower level, electricity has no resistance surrounded in Kelvin cold. Reverse what we observe the galaxy. A black hole is the center for infinite ∞ light crystallizing as time is zero but now starts forming atoms glued together by intelligence force out from the center forming galaxies ending as cold planets. I picked one picture of a beautiful hourglass galaxy demonstrating the process from many made by the Hubble telescope. 

Therefore, the entire universe basically functions with only two thermodynamic laws surging from higher to lower regions, but it is all linked to the start where intelligence controls everything. In Part 2, we describe what the Alpha (+ONE) force embedded in the metaphysical department is, but to understand it from the Daleth dimension perspective, the Big Bang gets its start when the steel ball accelerates with energy. The first energy inertia at the spring source is called infinite light (∞E), a gigantic neutrino energy force analogue flowing like a torrential river radiating and cascading from the source, as it runs down the corridor on the gravity space platform. The trillions of steel ball neutrinos gliding over the universe blanket will eventually hit some atoms in the many galaxies islands, which will react and glow like a light bulb in a vacuum, similar to the islands in the pinball machine.

There must be a vacuum and Kelvin cold in order to have the lights on, for a galaxy to shine. The neutrino river is mirrored like water flowing down from a mountain, ending in a 2nd entropy generator producing electric energy on a lower level, conforming to the cosmic transformer principle and finishes with light, no more or no less than 186,000 miles/ second, which is still a mystery in your house. Call a PGE technician who will measure it.

When entropy laws are activated, new atoms are created, adding to the galaxy and expanding bigger, which works like a transformer. When juice is available, it creates more atoms. We recognize an important principle once again, which is not taught in school: on one side is the billion volt neutrino energy coming from the source (my kid accelerating the steel ball), which is transformed to the lower energy side, according to the Second Law of Entropy and will condense into the early stage of elements recognized as Fraunhofer spectral lines, though not yet crystallized out.

When more neutrino energy is added, it will form more protons into a solid donut atom, combining and spooning with other atoms, according to the cause and effect principle, as some become visible when collected on the pinball islands, with lights flashing indicative of the pre-birth state, (a caterpillar) of many atoms (not yet a butterfly).

It is the same as many raindrops of water condensing, collecting and creating an ocean over time. The lower transformer voltage is functional energy for mortals, without getting us killed and can be converted again into something useful for us, but it needs to be on a lower second stage intelligence which is duplicated in order to sell it in Wal-Mart stores. That something from a higher level converting to a lower level gives birth to a time dimension that we will investigate in this essay, which costs some money when it becomes a product.

Only that which is connected to a time dimension has value because it now exists.

If you receive a free gift from a Wal-Mart store, it presupposes that someone must be in charge with intelligence to make it valid. To exchange or steal a Big Bang concept from the Bible and distort it into an atheistic fairy tale is plagiarizing and is not acceptable by the management. Watch God’s wrath. This is explained later.

When infinite light energy is converted to a lower level, it crystallizes mass out of it, according to the E=mC² theory. Now light is a little slower, 186,000 miles/second in 2000 AD, it is measured according to the second law of entropy.

Changing light speed is a big problem for scientists, but tell me how fast light was in ancient times, or how fast light is in distant galaxies?

Since light energy must roll along a gravity highway, it could slow down the neutrino, infinite light energy package, as we have to deal with magnetism, which is another force seen spitting out when we watch the sun with the Hubble telescope. It would be handy for you to read my Donut Atom Babushka book, where this is explained much better, but logic still must have priority in what we postulate. Like any system, it must have feedback linked to purpose.

The Bible states that books will be opened on the last day, before the White Throne, which is the generator of infinite ∞light. God will judge the end-user of the energy and confirm how the energy was used, whether for good or for evil.

For example, if you used electricity, you must pay a bill and the Bible reveals the same principle. If you messed around and did not pay the bill, then some other party must pay, as we live in a closed system. That is why Jesus came to earth, to pay for what I screwed up, so that I can be debt-free and redeemed in His infinite love, forgiven of all my sins and invited to live forever in God’s house brightly lit with infinite light. To live in that environment would require a newly designed body emerging like a butterfly watching nature promised. Read Revelation in the Bible. 

When the pinball loses energy, it slows down in time, according to the time dimension laws, which are now better defined. Time is measured by calendars and clocks. In ancient times, many clocks were different tracing a moving earth axis wobble demonstrated in a changed 7000-year old Hebrew calendar and Egyptian dynasties. 

Why do so many scientists suppress scores of facts flouting and rejecting a 6000-year historic Bible? Ancient clocks exhibited in many museums reveal how time was measured thousands years ago still not deciphered by our atheistic education establishment.

Buy Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries

Read the story of Jesus’ genealogy which is linked to a wobble calendar centered on BC/AD, and which needed correction in Julius Caesar’s time. The calendar had 62 days inserted. Fifteen hundred years later, Pope Gregory added another 14 days because of an earth axis wobble.

As life on this earth must make sense discover the embedded key that matches the 14 cycle Aztec calendar and can be cross-referenced using the Bible, with a 7 cycle Restitution Plan from the Heh dimension, and having 7 cycles added for the Plan for Mankind, on the Daleth dimension level, which is 14 cycles. You will notice in the gospels, Jesus’ genealogy, which is traced back to Adam, is also recorded in 14 ancient calendar cycles, which are now deciphered in a number of antique clocks. If you visit Jerusalem follow the 14 stations of Jesus last walk to Golgotha. Why 14?

The evolution theory believed by most universities will not allow fertility laws to be applied. It is strictly forbidden by the atheistic evolution religion requiring billions of years and avoids the use of a computer to utilize a proven 2.3 fertility rate of mankind that goes back in time to maintain a culture for the next generations. The computer-generated curve can accurately calculate the appearance of the first human being like Adam about 6000 years ago.

Edward Hull, a well-known British professor, applied the proven birthrate in parallel across the human history providing a second witness. Both information data trails are in conflict with an unscientific evolution theory fantasizing billions of years for humans to evolve. Science should be demonstrated with facts and not with fairy tales.

Professor Edward Hull’s world history chart is 16 ft long and shows a great deal of the detailed history of mankind, graphically illustrated. This should shame scientists and cannot understand how a British university ignores that detailed information being in the business to educate our children. It does require some intelligence to studying these charts that align with historic facts, but unfortunately, it is in conflict with a university brainwashed and mired in an evolution religious fairy tales.

Such a closed mindset seriously doubt will not be able to understand the logic of this new pinball machine philosophy explaining a cosmos from a different perspective which matches a number of beautiful galaxies photographs from the Hubble telescope. Comparing so many galaxies can give us an illustration what the smallest single atom would look like as the same laws of physics apply either to the macro or micro cosmos. Galaxies pictures do not match fairy tales.

HourglassNew Donut Atom Model Expanded (The Micro-Cosmos)

Atoms have embedded intelligence, which eventually crystallize out as galaxies. Researchers do not know what atoms look like. Smashing elements with cyclotrons for 40 years has not shown them how an atom is made and functions on the inside converting energy. Everything that exists is bathed in time and must be fueled with energy. Stop eating will make you understand that law of physics.

When I look at hourglass galaxy pictures made with the Hubble telescope, I see intelligence replicated during the formation stages. Please notice that the beautiful hourglass galaxy has embedded plenty of information and is in the progress of developing matter, with invisible energy turning around at a high speed in forming elements, which can be measured with Fraunhofer spectral instruments.

Therefore, what became visible is according to the second entropy, starting at the top of the hourglass. That SOMETHING shows a velocity, as the circles are getting smaller, going through a narrow passage and expanding on the other side, duplicating where it all started. Other galaxies reveal the next stage. If you cut the neck of the hourglass and put it on top, it would look like a ball or my Donut apple atom, which is explained in my 6th Babushka egg concept book still the same concept duplicated.

A totally new atom theory linked to the time dimension is now available on the Internet. My 6th Babushka book explains in detail what goes on the inside of every atomic nucleus, but it is only outlined here very briefly in a few pages. Investigation of complex atomic structures is still very new and requires more time to put the puzzle together properly. It is like fruit that requires time to ripen before being placed on display for the purpose of selling. Collecting facts in physics to support a new theory of atomic structure and function is a lot of fun. As it broadens my horizons, I watch it grow from month to month, increasing my understanding, similar to fruit developing further.

It took a hundred years to understand what Galileo postulated, but our generation should take a less time since we now have hi-tech tools available. However, because an evolution religion priesthood believing in a billion-year theory controls our universities, they have a problem defining what time is, since it is a concept that is not made clear through science. The Time Dimension is connected to changing light speed, which was recently proven by a Princeton University research team. Their results challenge Einstein’s dogma to fall apart. They measured light from the sun 300 times faster, which will give us a totally different picture than what we see when interpreting the cosmos.

Parabolas of Time

Another illustration is extracted from the hourglass galaxy when it is further analyzed and compared to physics. Take a cross section, which becomes my two dimensional diagram above. It gives us a picture of how energy of ∞light–time-gravity relates to time graphically when coming from the source, (+∞) being channeled through a narrow passage, crossing over towards another dimension (Jod or -∞).

This diagram expresses that a time dimension is embedded, just as in an hourglass, as energy flows from one side to the other. However, time is also a mystery that only exists on earth, which is linked to our mortality.

Looking at the 10 most famous galaxies, selected from the Hubble telescope, it seems that the universe is frozen at this moment (much like a movie that has been stopped only shows one frame). Comparing it with the expanding hourglass, the movie is a science puzzle explained in the extraterrestrial revelation recorded in the Bible, which also links the time dimension to Lucifer.

We mortals measure time with clocks or a calendar. Time defines our two birthdates, which are designed for two dimensions, like the hourglass would indicate. The neck is our BC/AD juncture where time becomes “zero”, which diminishes right down to a DOT, transforming our mortality to immortality on the other side, in another dimension, yet one that is still similar. Later on, I will explain the process of the Heh-Daleth-Jod dimensions.

Beginning with the deciphering of ancient bronze-gold clocks that are exhibited in many museums, and comparing them with atoms that were discovered, when joined together, we see a similar rationale. Gears inside a clock are fixed, but are controlled by an embedded designed intelligence. Your computer will not work without a microchip.

The process led me to understanding the design of the Antikythera clock, which has remained a mystery for 100 years, although it is exhibited in a museum. I continued to crack the code of other unknown ancient mystery clocks (which are described later in Part 3), and study the oldest Tzolkin clock that has never been deciphered. Both clocks have mathematics embedded within the gear arrangement, which is linked to an invisible force that is controlled by an intelligence, which measures a flexible time calendar.

Scientists do not know what the ancient clocks calculate. The Antikythera Mechanism was fished out from the ocean with 32 bronze gears surviving the corrosion of salt water, lying there for over 2400 years. My dating was arrived at by studying the gears. I cannot find it mentioned in any university even though it hung in an Athens museum collecting dust for over a hundred years.

In this Babushka book, you will hear for the first time about a mystery that has been deciphered, which reveals a moving earth-axis-wobble, linked to gravity in combination with a changing light speed as well as being linked to fuelling every atom. It is tied together by an exponential time dimension within a full circle.

Pay attention because everything needs fuel to exist, which is demonstrated by every clock or be reminded the next time you buy your next steak. Yet, for anything to exist or have Gestalt requires energy. Because of the second entropy law it needs to be surrounded with a time dimension, right down to the atomic level because we are mortals who are always curiously searching for explanations, if you are scientifically inclined. Clocks and atoms work the same because their design is similar.

For example, put a small candlelight in the center of an absolute dark room and it will cause light to shine, which will penetrate the darkness. From there, it goes out in circles like a three dimensional ball shape, as the light is stronger at the center and fades out at the edges.

It demonstrates the two entropy laws. If you look once more at my two dimensional diagram and imaging, you will see that the exponential curve (+∞) Heh dimension is really going around in circles, becoming smaller as it spirals into a BC/AD-Dot and expands again to (-∞) Taw, shaped like an hourglass clock which is illustrated in the galaxy picture. It follows the same laws.

I did not have a graphic program on my computer, but ideas are flexible and hopefully, we can transpose it in our mind for a better representation. Any theory is never completely finished being proven, as everything that exists is controlled by the time dimension, as illustrated by the graph. Therefore, to learn more about physics, we must understand its link to metaphysics. It takes time to program our minds - just as it takes time to bake a cake.

This unusual diagram has more information embedded. Let’s now cut it in the middle and put it back together again on top, which would not change the perspective of the diagram, as it illustrates time-gravity-light, remaining unchanged, yet it would morph into an expanded concept, like an exponential ball.

The BC/AD juncture becomes poles, just as a north pole is linked to a south pole. That becomes my peeled apple atom model, which was previously illustrated and explained in my 6th Babushka book, which was published a year ago. The diagram concept reflected has not changed, only morphed into an atom theory.

To understand the interrelationship of invisible forces coming from the metaphysical side, we need a lot of illustration to make it visible, such as explaining the gears inside a clock. A few years later, I saw the photograph of the hourglass galaxy. Cutting across it produces the exponential parabola time curve illustrated on this page. If cut at the neck with the piece put back on top, the modified hourglass nebula resembles the peeled apple atom model.

Comparing my new model of atomic structure to gears inside ancient clocks is kind of crazy, but it works so well because each different gear is linked to the other. They move somewhat like a pendulum and must be synchronized as a system. Let’s follow the trail to expand science horizons.

It works so well because each different gear is linked to the other, moving somewhat like a pendulum, and they must be synchronized as a system. Let’s follow the trail. It was later discovered that what was previously theorized needed someone better equipped to sum up a new Donut atom story. Hopefully, it is put together a little better, as I am still in the process of digging out the laws from physics and formulating that which matches my newfound atom theory, which is not quite finished yet. It already ruffles a lot of feathers of those within the establishment who do not understand it. There is a lot of information collected in the nine (9) Babushka egg concept books, which fit the new theory never discussed in the halls of higher learning.

I compare the ball of the rearranged diagram to a candle light, illustrating how a single atom outwardly performs the function of a transformer, converting energy within a certain amount of time, as the dark room is filled with invisible gravity energy that is linked to a small light, which only matches our eye frequency range and is processed by an intelligent mind. However, since our mind is connected to our five senses, we use the other sense to recognize our searching, observing that all objects fall down to the ground, including the light of the candle that is shining.

That force is useful in various applications such as my cuckoo clock that exhibits the force of gravity. Just like the clock. Light also conforms to principles and tells us that one of the predominant drivers in physics, such as creating electricity, is a form of energy that science has not yet defined. I try to capture it in an integrated theory, but like Galileo, it requires more time to understand what is postulated. The process is made more difficult because of the opinions hypothesized by La-La Land Universities, which distort science. These opinions deny entropy, replacing good science with an atheistic evolution religion.

But the candlelight demonstrates that light functions like invisible gears that are linked to a time dimension, working like a clock. Therefore, it must have embedded intelligence that guides the direction of how the light should travel, but it comes with a byproduct.

We notice how heat is changing the environment, which is getting warmer, although it starts from Kelvin cold. Many more phenomena show up, which are all linked to our mind, if you are scientifically inclined. Checking out what a new Donut atom reveals will put some sense back in the confusion printed in expensive books or seen on TV.

A dull mind, biased in an evolution religion that denies entropy laws, will not understand my theory, since it distorts physics. Most researchers are more interested in receiving another grant from ignorant senators, who are thickheaded about science, than in getting to the truth. If money is the motivator, forget about my Babushka books, which are free on the Internet and translated in the German, Spanish and Arabic languages.

I compare the nucleus of an atom to a peeled apple, sliced with an apple peeler and the core removed. The result looks like my diagram of the exponential curve morphed into a ball. The ball has the embedded structure of the infinite (+/-∞) placed in a dark room and defined by a time dimension, much like my candlelight is surrounded with dark energy that we cannot see.

However, it reveals the principle of a transformer designed around two sets of coiled wire, interacting with magnetism. Magnetism is produced when energy flows along a channel, which creates magnetism at 90° to the flow of energy, according to the three finger electrical rule. Converted energy will eventually form atoms that connect to other atoms, ending in many galaxies and where I live.

The process of energy conversion starts inside an atom when higher energy is picked up like an antenna. That energy pushes positive-charged protons to create a negative radiating magnetic donut surrounding the nucleus. The negative charged magnetic donut surrounding the atom nucleus repels negative-charged electrons, which levitate held captive by a strong force. It is all explained in more detail in Part 3. If we did not have a negative-charged magnetic donut surrounding the nucleus, then the negative electron would be sucked together by positive protons like a magnet and cause the whole cosmos to implode into a timeless DOT event, if you understand the principle.

As long we have energy flowing from the Heh dimension source, as demonstrated in the hourglass galaxy, or even penetrating the dark room of my candlelight, then life will continue on earth. The electrons are levitated around the nucleus, like a high-speed, magnetically levitated train in Germany. That transportation system works only when the current is flowing, like the principle inside every atom, when the infinite energy current is flowing, which is not defined by science. Turn off the current and watch what happens to the high-speed train without wheels, as the electrons get stuck immediately (within a nanosecond) to that which is positive.

To restate the above, by pulling the atom apple slice apart with a little of the apple core, we have a path going from one pole to the other. Along it, a gravity energy force operates along the curled slices, which create magnetism 90° to the flow, becoming the glue for the donut atom.

My candle light, just like every atom, is surrounded totally with dark energy, a force you will learn more about later, which is the Alpha (+one) force in this Babushka book. The apple slices suck up that invisible Alpha (+One) force energy, similar to an antenna that picks up higher frequency from the source and sends it along the freeway conductor (apple slice) from one pole to the other, racing around and pushing the protons with the speed of light. The wire coils that are separated inside any transformer detach the higher voltage to a lower frequency level embedded in every Donut atom, which I theorize gives it the Gestalt existence. The magnetic train in Germany works the same way.

Once more, think of our candlelight in a dark room. It can be further demonstrated by a principle, such as a glass cylinder filled with gas. The first experiment was conducted by Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), a Serbian inventor of electrical engineering who contributed to the birth of electromagnetism. People got excited to see generated microwaves as high as a million volts. They produced a brightly shining light right through the air, without wires.

His goal was to rationalize, explain and predict physical phenomena to impress anyone seeing a light display. Even lightning bolts will come out from a person’s hand and head without harming them; however, only the technicians know how it is produced and linked to a transformer because the light show is controlled by intelligence embedded in the person who is in charge of the laboratory.

Apply that idea, and look in the sky. See all the galaxies shining with light energy. It must be flowing wireless just like your gas filled cylinder. What was demonstrated for my kid with an impressive lightshow can only happen with an invisible higher voltage energy, which is wireless at the source. That is how we teach physics, but it now has expanded to metaphysics because I believe that gravity is the invisible force connected to the many galaxies, fuelling every atom by absorbing neutrinos, which turns into electricity pushing protons getting hot because of friction therefore shining brightly.

Scientists do not really know about it, as they are still smashing atoms with cyclotrons and think that fusion will be another energy source. Fractures or broken pieces, having separated the intelligence connection that is linked to the energy source, like a clock hit with a sledge hammer, will never reveal what makes it tick, nor will it even accept energy any longer. Atomic junk is useless when reverting back, according to entropy, which ends in Taw.

However, since we have another emerging Jod Dimension, we apply the newly created exponential diagram cut into a ball, where the model is transposed to an apple atom ball. It looks like two apples side by side; one for laws that demonstrates physics and the other one for metaphysics, which is expressed in an infinite hieroglyph math sign (∞).

Notice the two circles side by side, like an infinite math sign ∞ are also joined together inside the apple model in the middle and becomes the nucleus of an atom, surrounded with racing protons going around in a loop from one pole to the other, which is countered with another loop of speeding neutrinos going around from one pole to the next also, but with a billion higher speed of light.

Since they run together in parallel like a DNA string or railroad, the higher energy is transferred to the lower speed side like a transformer, but it is not physically connected because of the huge speed difference conforming to two entropy laws. A railroad has two rails for a system, just as DNA that has two strings inside the cell. Electricity also needs two wires for our civilization, which is just a bigger atom model, or a transformer must have two coils to transmit energy.

Even you, as a person, reflect an atom model that is embedded with intelligence. Each person controls his body system by dispersing energy throughout with a functioning mind, which is summed up as Life. So many analogies exist in nature to explain what goes on inside an atom.

Returning to the atom analogy, the flow of energy crosses over the many apple slices interchangeably from one side to another, just like a transformer has two coils, a higher ∞ neutrino side reduces the inertia energy to a lower level, pushing protons around at the speed of light, according to the second entropy law, producing magnetism, because friction will produce light that is seen as Fraunhofer spectral lines.

Moving protons pushed by neutrinos into a loop produces a negatively charged magnetic donut that also moves, which in turn is moving levitated electrons all in the same direction, just like a levitated train in Germany which is connected to so many wagons and moving people. It is all interconnected by a strong force as a system.

Buy Donut Atom Nuclear StoryWhen protons, at high speed cross over the poles, it reverses direction and meets again, but it will not crash together, because positive polarity repels, but it does squeeze. By pushing sideways, they lose some friction energy in that encounter and get hot, which becomes magnetism according to entropy laws and the three finger electrical rule.

Our gas cylinder light show can only be performed when higher voltage energy is transferred from a transformer. Your kitchen light is from a lower voltage from the other side of the transformer which generates light too, but it needs now two transmission wires no longer wireless to be connected to the source in one loop, as we postulate regarding the inside of the atom. In space, we see the lights on within the many galaxies, surrounded by a vacuum; therefore, it transfers energy of a higher voltage needs no wires. In the laboratory, we can demonstrate that this energy bridges through the air or in a vacuum, if you understand physics.

Higher energy voltage is needed for a lightning bolt to be created by an electrical field that has accumulated invisible energy that becomes visible and exceeds the cloud capacitor. Energy, just as water, wants to flow at the lowest resistance, therefore, it must return in a loop to the source, in order to make it flow. Producing electricity reveals the same cycle because water from the oceans transfers gravity into energy that collect above the Hoover Dam and runs back into the ocean for another cycle, as we extract energy that comes from space, thereby fuelling our 21st civilization with electricity.

Our educators postulate opinions that must conform to evolution rather than demonstrate the facts of physics. The material must be linked to the metaphysical to make it trustworthy, or the natural mind sometimes plays fantasy games creating the La-La dimension of an evolution religion so very well known in our universities.

Later, we will look a little closer at the infinite ∞ math sign and compare it to the oldest ancient Tzolkin clock, which I use as an illustration to explain an atom in a whole theory, so that you can further understand the strong-weak force never postulated by atheistic science. It becomes very interesting in Part 3. My donut atom model keeps expanding, as it is very new to me, too.

That is an exciting discovery, something extraordinary where very few people have the patience or the logic to think it through. For the first time, metaphysics is explained while reaching into physics, which will either raise or cool the temperature in anyone’s mind one way or another. Galileo had the same trouble and it took another hundred years to figure out how it related to our existence on this planet.

Check out the Antikythera clock because each set of gears reveals a ratio number exactly, which become witnesses to what we postulate in physics. It is linked to the metaphysics embedded in ancient clocks and explains a Donut atom creating a cosmos, but I will explain it with laws Newton defined that are not yet obsolete.

Ancient Invisible Data Prove a Changing Light Speed

Verified by Princeton University

To open up the closed minds of many scientists who believe in evolution religion, let’s have a look at what ancient clocks have embedded, while discussing ‘Light’, without which no life is possible. We learned from new ideas that ∞light is instrumental in the formation of matter, which is made visible by Fraunhofer’s spectral lines on the 2nd Entropy level, which our eyes respond to. It is linked via the gravity space highway.

We keep looking to the sky and keep wondering. More concepts are buried, which continue and are better explained in my Donut Atom Babushka concept book. I discovered much science not found in schoolbooks, such as how plants grow faster when the speed of light is higher and growing bigger cell structures noticed when looking at fossil bones under a microscope.

When we look in the microscope and check out human and animal fossil bone cells, it gives us much to wonder about. The size of a prehistoric dinosaur compared to an elephant is a 10:1 ratio; the size of human fossil bones 36 feet tall recently photographed (not a fraud like Lucy) is 6:1. However, the light curve table on the front page exponentially reverses at BC/AD, going up toward the Jod dimension, but splits the time curve dimension. It is a paradox that time and light may have separated, going in different avenues and becomes straight and fizzles out, ending in 3018 AD, according to the graph.


God’s plan for mankind has recently been better understood and maybe linked to Jesus’ birth and resurrection. It can therefore modify a time dimension, as He accomplished His Plan for Mankind about 0-35 AD.

I noticed that light seems to be getting faster again, as shown on the graph, which is now proven by Princeton University. That has consequences feeding close to 7 billion people in our time surprised many forecasters whose data never anticipated this, as I remember it from 15 years ago. This worried many experts in the food production business. However, those light changes are now better understood and are instrumental in converting a photosynthesis conversion system into bio-fuel to grow food.

This should be looked at a little closer. Check out the bio-conversion in the greenhouse, extending light influences with the teeter-totter light-gravity laws, growing vegetables in a shorter amount of time as expected, if you can understand the Babushka egg book of science.

We do not have light measurements from BC, but we can see it from castle doorways built before the Middle Ages, or in the iron armor of knights designed for shorter people. Now my kids are over 6 feet tall, with some getting even taller. This was even noticed by Dr. Phil on his daily TV show. On one broadcast, he discussed the social implications of larger people who are now appearing, as well as living longer and the impact on our civilization, since it is a new phenomenon. Discovery Magazine reported that girls hit puberty earlier around the world. So many puzzling commentaries can be verified.

From the metaphysical side, Bible prophecy predicted that people in the future would live longer once again, during the time of God’s kingdom on earth. Some expect that people will reach Abraham’s age of 175 Bible years. They forget. After the Atlantis generation disappeared, God declared that humans would not live over 120 years. The solution is to convert the 175 Abraham years to the Gregorian calendar 120 years like the Aztec calendar.  Those ancient Bible/Aztec years require conversion to the modern NASA calendar because of the slowing earth axis wobble, which stops on 21 December 2012. It is all connected by the light-time, teeter-totter formula. Check out the Research Pearls to broaden knowledge horizons.

No more shall there be in it an infant that lives but a few days, or an old person who does not live out a lifetime; for one who dies at a hundred years will be considered a youth, and one who falls short of a hundred will be considered a curse. (Isaiah 65:20 NRSV)

God's Plan for HumanityThere are many new discoveries in science, but the evolution religion establishment prevents them from being discussed in open forum. Here is just one more example.

In their pride, educated PhDs make remarks on the Internet about the Antikythera clock that they do not understand. For 100 years, they studied that contraption with its 32 bronze gears and hung it in the Athens museum. They even made a fancy clock model you can crank, yet they still do not know what it is.

Anyway, check out how that clock works from my perspective, if you want to learn something new from ancient science that is linked to the Bible. By rejecting the Bible, they will never decipher that clock in another 100 years. The scientists discovered a gear relationship when they made a functional instrument crack its mystery. Here it is as it relates to gravity.

New Definition for the Speed of Light

To understand when the speed of light goes slower or faster we need to look at relationship one law behaves with another law either in parallel or teeter-totter correlation. In a teeter-totter we all have been on the children playground when one side goes up the other will come down which will happen when one side is heavier. But in another case, if one child pushed the legs upwards causing acceleration with a certain velocity speed which must act together can overcome the weight on the other side too, even with a lighter weight to balance it out.

We have learned when the earth goes around at certain velocity, gravity either becomes smaller or higher depending how fast the earth moves. That is a teeter-totter relationship. Global Warming is consigned to that principle getting too close or further out to the sun would destroy all life on earth or in smaller increments either forming or melting ice on its poles. Therefore the gravity force must be balanced within a very narrow limit to live a little longer.

The earth behaves like light going so many miles in a time dimension. Therefore light velocity is in a teeter-totter relationship too. Slower light speed increases gravity or vise versa. Light velocity is measured in seconds over the distance of so many miles in a teeter-totter Time Dimension. If we increased the light speed 10x faster we have the Time dimension going at 1/10th a little slower, like driving from work faster to get home sooner. Or increased light grows veggies faster in my neighborhood greenhouse. Knowing that a change of time could be related to the velocity of the speed of light in a teeter-totter relationship to gravity would change too.

Antikythera MechanismThe ancient Antikythera clock is very special and measures a time wobble linked to gravity with 32 gears. Those gears we recently discovered measured gravity a little off what we measure today. But that clock is over 2100-year old therefore measured gravity before the BC/AD divide. Gears cannot lie, not only measure time but angular wobble of an earth axis on three dials in a teeter–totter relationship.

Knowing what is gravity today and comparing it with the gravity embedded in ancient clock gears can tell us if the light has changed in a teeter-totter gravity relationship since ancient times. The effect of light on our bio conversion system we have found out when light is extended in the greenhouse the time is shorter growing tomatoes in a teeter-totter relationship.

Conversely, if we could produce much higher light speed, dinosaurs could grow again, or maybe the elephant would get bigger with twice the cell size. The Big Bang timing is affected too depending how fast the speed of light was when it started from Kelvin cold could be much shorter estimated by the establishment 13 billion years ago, not possible. You should checkout ancient clocks.

Now let’s to the math from the Antikythera and Aztec clock much older and postulate the speed of light from ancient times. Light speed changes will have consequences in food production in a teeter-totter relationship to population growth and comparing the size of people from 4 ft to 39 ft human skeletons contrasting it with large cells of dinosaurs indicate higher speed of light forming bigger cells at twice the oxygen fuel available not a fairy tale. The effects of bigger cell size we can measure must therefore conform to gravity-light-time laws.

Again that concept is so important. Gravity is in a teeter-totter relationship to light speed. My Donut Atom theory in 6th Babushka concept book first argued from a speed of light getting slower from ancient times toward the BC/AD divide which matched my science examples.

Now I postulate faster speed also must find witnesses that it is going faster according to my Time Dimension graph heading in the Jod dimension and proving Global Warming at the same time also matching the laws of physics. Is that a paradox examining the Time-Light-Gravity diagram on the front page a little closer? We will prove it with science to expand our vision 360° round about.


The Antikythera mechanism is a clock with 32 embedded gears that show us an astronomical ratio of 13.368421 and a whole lot more. Most scientists only comment that this clock perhaps indicates that the moon is now presently traveling at 13.368267 times as fast as the sun, through 12 zodiac positions on the back dial, which is probably just a fanciful simulation. But that clock exhibited in museum since 1906 still remains a mystery to science because they misconstrued that the mechanism tried to track our earth around the sun with a fixed earth axis. Educated in a billion year time fairy tale is in the way to see why would the ancient invent a complex clock mechanism and quite expensive must be important some are made from pure gold 125 pounds. Check the picture.

However, the Antikythera clock is a genius device demonstrated an advanced technology and with the investment of a lot of money, modern ‘mystery’ researcher still has not figured out why it was invented. When investigating ancient technology we should include the knowledge embedded in the 6000-year old Bible, which has been in front of our eyes all along, which gave me the answers on how that clock works.

Many contemporary researchers are misled by a stupid, unscientific, evolutionary monkey fairy tale religion that lacks logic. Without logic we cannot define the invisible laws of nature and that clock will remain a mystery for another hundred years. When the evolution religion postulates the origin of life, why do they deny the logic based on the laws of thermodynamics at work in nature. Exchanging energy is only possible in a downhill curve leading toward extinction ending a time dimension Taw. Evolution over 100% is therefore impossible without added intelligence if you apply logic.

Since I am the first one to crack the Antikythera clock mysteries after hundred years hanging in a museum, I have a logical opinion regarding why that clock was designed with a diminishing time base. It traced a downhill earth axis wobble and reveals the reasons why science struggles with much ancient information. My scientific journey is pitted against many unscientific opinions in universities and insists that the speed of light is constant, but I have a friend in Einstein who later in life discovered that light around gravity obstruction could change. A changing light speed supports the many witnesses postulated in this short manuscript and should open the way up for more discussion in an open forum and include the Bible.

Proof for the Big Bang Creation Date

4488 BC Caused by Changing Light Speed

In any court of law three witnesses are required to establish the facts to reveal truth. Please follow my three witnesses based on logic and let me know. If I fail to convince you could even have egg on my face if you prove me wrong, but let’s use common sense to convince me. The Antikythera clock was dated 100 BC by a faulty carbon dating method and it could be much older, if you understand the calendar system it was designed with.

It tells me, among other facts, that it has embedded moon-gravity relationship changes, which could explain global warming, which is linked to moon-earth-sun cosmic correlation, with fixed gears that we cannot deny. Today, an alleged 2100 years later, scientists measure the astronomical ratio as 13.368267, different by a small fraction from the ancient clock’s ratio of 13.368421.

As published on the Internet, scientists discovered eight gears embedded with an astronomical ratio, which was different in ancient times. That ratio, which is next to each other, reveals a speed of light change that we can plot on a graph and if continued, will hit the previous calculated date 4488 BC, also matches with the 7000-year old Hebrew-Aztec calendar, two witnesses.

Apocalypse ProphesiedThis was published in my first Babushka book four years ago and was calculated using the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) to date the Apocalypse. Then I discovered the ancient clocks a few years after.

As an inventor, I was too curious and could not rest until I cracked its secrets. What surprised me was the correctness of my previous dating methods, which only needed to add one more Hebrew cycle of 490 years to the Aztec calendar. That proved to me that the Hebraic has 12 cycles, as the Aztec clock has 13 identical cycles, but predicted a time much further out in ancient history, to the year 4488 BC.

Theologians stop at 4004 BC. That date is proven by using the calendar data from the Teotihuacán Sun Pyramid (near Mexico City), which has a stone out cropping on one side. Its rows of steps are built in separate bars indicating 33x52 cycles = 1716 years, going all the way back to Adam (1716+2288 BC = 4004 BC).

Any dates before 2288 BC are speculative presumptions, as there was no earth axis wobble, but the evidence exists in geology around the world. Before Noah’s day, only a tropical climate was possible, which is proven by mystery clocks and gold prospectors in Alaska who found thousands of tropical animal bones deposited together by huge tidal waves. They must have lived in a hot, steamy environment right around today’s North Pole. The Bible is always true and tells us that no rain fell before 2288 BC.

Aztec CalendarCheck out the Aztec clock calendar from prehistoric times. This huge stone monument weighs 20 tons and dates from before the 2288 BC Atlantis civilization. It testifies to a different spin axis for our earth, which matches the 7000-year Hebrew calendar.

The prehistoric climate from Adam to Noah (ten generations) was different. The earth never experienced rain then, and it was no wonder that every one of Noah’s relatives thought he had flipped, building a huge barge in the middle of nowhere. Not only did the earth turn on a horizontal axis seven times in a 360-day solar year, but light speed changes should be added to the equation to explain the cause for the pre-Flood tropical climate. The variations in light speed were recorded in ancient mystery clocks, which show that these conditions continued past 2288 BC, being influenced by gravity from space.

The stone Aztec calendar and bronze Antikythera, 32-gear clock match the Genesis Calendar clock found in the Bible as seen in Figure A. Notice the exponentially parabolic curve, poorly drawn by using a Microsoft Word program, reflected in the Time-Gravity-Light graph.

Observe we have a downhill time curve from ancient times, and it apexes in BC/AD. Prior to Noah’s day, the earth was going around in 52-day (solstice to solstice) cycles, as the Aztec calendar indicated. That changed when an asteroid caused a wobble. Now we measure a year (solstice to solstice) with 52 weeks times 7 days in our calendar, which was reversed from the Aztec calendar perspective, for the same earth orbit around the sun, since the earth travel has not changed. It was only slightly delayed by adding 5.25 days from ancient times.

What changed was an accounting method, as many mystery clocks point out this form of measurement. Remember history. Julius Caesar changed the calendar and added 62 days (July-August), which was later named after Augustus, by his adopted son, who must have had a cosmic reason. In the Middle Ages, 14 days where added more by Pope Gregory in opposition to orthodox monks.

Wobble TableWhen we examine a parabolic time–speed of the light curve as my diagram shows, there are two positions. That fact could mean that the speed of light first slows down and then speeds up again, as it approaches our time in the direction of the Jod dimension. I tried to show this in the Parabolas of Time diagram with a dashed/phantom line.

This is still open for verification by the establishment. We all accept Julius Caesar’s calendar, where the downhill curve needed to be corrected, but another 1500 years closer to our time, it was changed again by 14 days, to bring us to our modern Gregorian calendar, which is now better calibrated by NASA, right to the second. That uphill curve is only mentioned in Bible prophecy, as I have shown in a phantom line. If you logically put two (science acts) and two (Bible facts) together, you should get four witnesses. 

The examination of an ancient earth axis wobble is linked to an ancient clock made from stone mentioned above. The twenty-ton Aztec Stone calendar is exhibited in Mexico City and I would date it beyond 2288 BC Atlantis civilization as other huge ancient stone monuments indicate their proud scientific knowledge. Measuring a cosmos related to earth with a totally different earth axis geometry. . In Mexico City’s outdoor museum, we see five pyramids built on top of each other over a relatively short time. The Aztec priests were very confused as they still tried to measure time using their pre-Flood calendars of 52 yearly solstice cycles, which no longer worked because of an earth wobble.

It took some time to figure it out, and a replacement calculator was invented, which was a little cheaper and looks like a wall of bowling balls made from stone-skull heads, but each measured a flexible wobble cycle of declination of 14.30 years. A thousand years later, the earth axis wobble data was refined with more fractions after the dot, which is more accurate. This was calculated by using bronze gears within a clock system that recognized the same ratio constant that is embedded in the Antikythera clock 14.305789.

Having numerous mathematical data available from ancient times, we can postulate interesting concepts, which will prove the 4488 BC date as the beginning of the Big Bang, which will ruffle some feathers, upsetting our atheistic scientists believing in an evolution religion that required billions of years, but from the Heh dimension metaphysical perspective, many angels were upset by Lucifer’s rebellion also. As a result, God’s Plan for Mankind had to be inserted into a timeless cosmos, which is explained later in Part 2. As an inventor, I created many hi-tech gismos and made a lot of money. That gave me a lot of experience in science that can be analyzed and reduced down to a cosmic law:

If it does not have purpose linked
to a time dimension, it does not exist.

The Aztec clock, when added to the Hebrew calendar, reveals that time was different in the days of antiquity and they needed to add an extra 490 Gregorian years, which is equivalent to the 12x490 year cycles of the Hebraic 7000 year calendar, which is now 13 cycles. The Aztecs speak of a serpent arriving on earth in 2012 AD, at the end of their 52,000 cycles. But those cycles needed to be converted to our calendar via the Hebraic calendar, which is much older, in order to make sense of it. You can do a mathematical check in my Babushka book, ‘Third Clock’, in a section called, Precession of the Equinoxes, found on page 56. Free on the Internet.

The ancient Antikythera Greek clock with 32 gears tells me that not only is there a declining wobble calendar system, but also how much the speed of light has changed when linked to gravity, measured from ancient times. We have two calculated, historic ratios linked to gravity. But we should compare them to a teeter-totter light-gravity relationship because light influences gravity. BC/AD was the fulcrum of the time dimension linked to light entropy.

Buy Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar MysteriesLet’s examine the Aztec and Antikythera clocks together, which have embedded the earth axis wobble coming to rest in 2012 AD, measuring time which is linked to the speed of light, which is not constant. When light changes, it will be modified by gravity; therefore, we can learn some new concepts of a time or speed of light variation that is not postulated in universities, as I was interested in understanding light speed changes within about a 4300 year range (2288 BC-2012 AD), which could predict the Big Bang or explain global warming and why the Kilogram in Sevres, near Paris changed.

A time dimension is crossed over 2000 years ago, at BC/AD and is expressed graphically in a time-light exponential, parabolic curve. It could then estimate that the Big Bang, as the Bible states, happened in a much shorter time than what we teach in our universities, without having all the facts. Is it a paradox or can it be explained from artifacts hanging in museums?

Explaining ancient clocks to measure time needs to know a little how an atom is structured as it reveals the same design.

Witness #1: The Speed of Light at 100 BC

Let’s do some math. I am not very good at it, but hopefully someone could help me to define it better. Look once more at the parabolic time curve, which starts at the +∞ Heh dimension. The apex is at BC/AD and goes back with a phantom line to the Jod direction. It is either telling us that time or the speed of light could be changing.
The time-gravity-light diagram is really three-dimensional. I could not illustrate it on my computer. Light is going around in circles depending on velocity linked to centrifugal vortex force countered by gravity for balance like a strong-weak force later explained.

Therefore, the exponential curve on top is a bigger circle getting smaller slowing down in a spiral and expanding again like picture of the familiar sand-hourglass galaxy previously shown to clarify my story. The small neck is the BC/AD time point DOT dolling out a time dimension at a certain rate. At the crossover of BC to AD, something happens. One line shows time fizzling out toward 3018 AD and becomes straight, which was caused by Jesus appearing, who invented the system and only He can change the structure.

But I am interested in finding out what happened to light. Can it be predictably aimed at the Jod dimension? Can it be proven with science? Is it embedded in the gears inside the Antikythera clock? Please notice the gear table.

Astronomic Ratio

Each set of gears reveals a ratio number exactly matching an uphill curve from BC/AD, the center of time, toward a projected calendar time of the 2287 BC which is the same identical curve embedded in Genesis shown on graph (Figure A) copied on the previous page.

To help us analyze it better, take a pencil and draw a horizontal line across the U-shaped curve (Heh-Jod dimension) on the upper region. On the right-hand side, mark it 2000 AD, which is our SPE (Solaris) position, and on the left-hand side, mark it 2287 BC, past the asteroid event when the earth experienced a horrendous wobble.

The earth wobble initially was very fast which drove the Aztecs crazy trying to correct a calendar and build 5 pyramids on top of each other exhibited in the outdoor museum Mexico City. One more just recently discovered nearby, visit Tepantitla Moon pyramid near Mexico City which has on the inside 7 more pyramids. Which must have caused much confusion among the Aztec priests as the sky was changing every 100 years?

Now let’s calculate the speed of light in ancient times and mark another horizontal line just above the apex BC/AD, indicating 100 BC, which is the alleged age of the Antikythera clock. We will compute each side, both on the right-hand AD side and the other, left-hand BC side, which will be much different.

The first hundred years from BC/AD, the curve could be flat with only a fraction of a difference, which I ignore because a parabolic exponential curve is beyond my level of math education. Therefore, I will explain only the theory in a straight curve and let the experts figure it out much better.

My projections for the future speed of light align mostly with solstice and sun-moon eclipses, which are fixed in the sky and cannot be messed around because this flexible, parabolic calendar caused by a wobble has embedded in it a changing Time Dimension linked to the speed of light in a teeter-totter relationship also matching constellations in the sky.

Theorized in a straight line my equation is only approximated and could mean a few +/-days either way after thousands of years. I will prove that when the NEC Research Institute at Princeton recently measures a higher speed of light (186,282mil/sec) that is a correct assumption but NASA need to add four more days on top of Gregorian calendar as in the Middle Ages around 1500 AD the Pope added 14 days to Julius Cesar’s calendar of 54 BC, and should now total 18 days.

I will prove in Part 2 that our world NASA calendar should be changed for a new BC/AD calendar juncture which should be corrected to 35 AD. One more adjustment is needed an extra 4 days should be added as light accelerates after 1500 AD toward new measurements 2010 AD.

Buy Mystery of Tammuz 17My Babushka books were published four years ago and projected and dated the prophesied Apocalypse (2008-2015) from the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) code. I did have a fudge factor of 4 days in the last cycle you can find in my second Babushka book Mystery of Tammuz 17. The Princeton experiment postulated new light measurements that proved what I hypothesized, which made my projection very accurate. Four years ago in 2006 nobody even thought that the speed of light could go faster.

To prove that the speed of light is not constant, we use the different astronomical ratio from the ancient clocks and relate it to our modern ratio, measured in 2000 AD - Solaris Precession Equinox position. We will recognize the light speed change. Remember our earth axis was projected to come to rest on 21 December 2012 by the Aztec calendar. If you compare this with my parabolic time curve on the left down hill leg, there is a time change linked to the light speed/time dimension that is decelerating and was corrected by Julius Caesar with 62 days.

However, on the right uphill side we see an acceleration curve corrected by Pope Gregory a 14-day time period, which will change the light speed/time dimension in the opposite direction toward the Jod dimension. That presents a divergent viewpoint and needs a closer look using math. All we have to do is compare each leg on each side and calculate the difference in light speed, as light is connected to time (we have corrected the calendar’s data) in a teeter-totter relationship that is linked to gravity and is related to the Greek clock and our time.

Thus, from ancient bronze gears, I can postulate ancient gravity changes, calculated against recent measurements, on the right-hand side of the parabolic curve, within a time range of 2100 years (2000 AD-100 BC) to indicate a light speed change. The ancient Antikythera clock gravity was determined to be 13.368421. Today, I was told we measured gravity 13.368267, a little slower. The difference in gravity is 0.000154 on my little calculator.

That demonstrates a teeter-totter relationship: when gravity is less on earth, it will speed up light. But gravity is also in a teeter-totter relationship to the earth’s velocity around the sun. Ancient solar years measured 360 days. Today, it takes 5¼ days more days (365.24) than in ancient times; therefore, the earth is slowing down and getting closer to the sun. Consequently, the added gravity causes the climate to get warmer, melting more ice on the poles and affecting the World Standard Kilogram (IPS) in Paris vault to change its weight, too.

But we get our first witness for light accelerating from the teeter-totter perspective across 2100 years when we multiply the gravity difference 0.000154 with today’s light speed of 186,000 miles/second, which will compute 28.6 miles/second a higher light speed difference than 100 BC.

0.000154 x 186,000 = 28.644

That would cause Global Warming, too. When the Antikythera clock was built in ancient times, the speed of light before 100 BC was 185.972 miles/second (186,000-28.6) a little slower than what we measure today. That is equivalent to 14+4 = 18 days measured since Pope Gregory in the Middle Ages added to our calendar.

Before September 1676 most of the scientists, philosophers and other members of the Paris Academie des Sciences believed that light was infinite, but that idea was changed by one Danish astronomer. Olaf Roemer postulated a definite speed by investigating the anomalous behavior of the eclipse times of Jupiter's inner moon, Io. Based on that opinion, for the next 50 years discussions vacillated until a statement was published January 1, 1729, which finally ended the opposition.

The speed of light was declared finite-incredibly fast, but finite. The next question, not ever yet settled, regards whether the light speed is constant. In October 1983 the speed of light was declared a universal constant of nature, at 299,792.458 kilometers per second, which is often rounded off to the more familiar 186,000 miles per second.

Recent developments are again creating unrest. Particle physicists at the NEC Research Institute at Princeton started it by apparently observing that light pulses can be accelerated to up to 300 times their normal velocity of 186,282 miles per second. If fully verified and accepted, the implications would be staggering. They could shatter Einstein's Theory of Relativity, which depends in part on the speed of light being an unbreachable constant. Science has failed to get a consistently accurate value.

I postulated that light going through filters, either on the first or second entropy level, would loose speed. Shining normal light through a diamond slows it to 77,000 m/s, which raises questions about the change of light passing through galaxies and various gravity levels arriving and measured from an earthly perspective.

That would account why nobody has the same value for light speed as the earth is moving in a gravitational field even influenced by the moon. Gravity is in a titter-totter relationship to light postulated in this paper. Scientist are confused when their measurements of light is always different announced from another university. GRACE in space would give the answer compensating for location and earth axis position.

One interpretation of the Princeton experiment suggests that light arrived at its destination almost before it has started its journey: In effect, it appeared to be leaping forward in time. One of the possibilities is that if light could travel forward in time, it could carry information. This would breach one of the basic principles in physics-causality, which says that a cause must come before an effect. I postulate again that it has embedded intelligence, which fuels the cosmos according to a design. Your computer works the same way. That will be better explained in Part 2.

Separate experiments carried out by Dr. Raymond Chiao, professor of physics at the University of California at Berkeley indicate simultaneous multiple localities. He has shown that in certain circumstances photons-the particles that constitute light-could apparently jump between two points separated by a barrier in what appears to be zero time. The process, known as "tunneling," has been used to make some of the most sensitive electron microscopes. Read the whole article on; Upheavals in Physics – the speed of light exceeded by Chuck Missler.

My theory is much better which will match the metaphysical perspective – What is a Time Dimension DOT? A DOT means Zero time which happened 35 AD history recorded but most of science is comatose what is mentioned in history and do not know the consequence of zero time explained later in Part #2.

Again, one idea spans another and expands because it is too new to us. We are usually programmed only to think about what is permitted along a track of an evolutionary religion, ending in degenerated logic. To repeat again going back to ancient clocks; on one side we have an ancient Aztec clock pointing for the spin axis of our earth to become fixed at 21 December 2012, ending their 52,000 cycles.

However, once more, seeing the curve from Heh-Jod dimension and seeing a 14 day correction made by Pope Gregorian and NASA may not be continued downhill toward the 2012 date for a fixed earth axis, but it could already have reversed, starting from the fulcrum BC/AD time curve with the speed of light getting faster now.

We need to correct our calendar from the Pope in the Middle Ages, by 14 days, which matches an uphill curve on the right leg side of the diagram with an increase of 28 miles/second for the speed of light since the Middle Ages and could be 1000% faster using recent measurements.

The Antikythera clock and its gears, now reveal a gravitational change and linked to the speed of light measured in an uphill, accelerated time base converted to the speed of light. It did not slow time at the end to fizzle out at 2012 as predicted by the Aztecs over 4000 years ago, but rather it is sped up by a difference measured from BC/AD and getting faster as calculated at a rate of 28 miles/second from the Antikythera clock.

That fact is proven with more examples recently announced on TV. Scientists must, but still cannot, explain why the International Platinum Standard Kilogram (IPK) in the Sevres, France vaults near Paris (along with its six sister copies located elsewhere around the world) became heavier. Moreover, they must analyze light in the greenhouse that grows veggies faster. Nor can they fully explain why fossilized bone cell structures are much larger – gigantic - as described earlier. Or, watch a rerun of Dr. Phil’s TV show where he investigates these larger people. Exploring these real science problems with the gravity- light teeter-totter law should provide better understanding.

Thus, I calculated the speed of light going downhill from 100 BC crossing over BC/AD and going uphill to 2000 AD (2100 years) = 185,971miles/second @100 BC.

Witness #2: The Speed of Light at BC/AD

Now, when we use the ancient Aztec stone-skull calendar that is much older and is exhibited in the Mexico City outdoor museum, which has a constant 14.305789 (2287 BC) embedded. If we relate it to the Antikythera clock 13.368421, dated 100 BC with a 2288-year range difference, we have an added concept.

It tells me that the left side of the parabolic time curve indicates a faster speed reduction toward BC/AD totaling 13,039 miles/second because it is still mixed with the residue of a previous, quickly declining, earth axis wobble, but governed by the laws of physics, is it fizzling out exponentially from the seven day creation period?

185,971x14.305789/13.368421 = 199,010

[199,010-185,971 = 13,039] = the speed of light decelerating from (2287 BC – 100 BC/AD), or calculated: 185,971+13,039 miles/second, getting faster.

Velocity of light 199,010 @ 2287 BC

Therefore the mean average speed of light for 100 BC-2287 BC = 2187 years is 13,039/2187.

Velocity = 5.9620 miles/second/year

Calculated from BC/AD to 2287 BC multiplied for each year @ 5.9520 acceleration, the calculated linear mean average is 13,612 [2287x5.9620 = 13,612]. From 199,010 [2287 BC] - 13,612 the speed of light is

185,374 miles/second @ BC/AD.

When I did the math and used the gear ratio from 64/38 = 1.68 to 257/19 = 13.32 for each four points on my graph, going in the BC direction, I get an exponential change in light speed. It is obviously getting larger in numbers.

I made a simple diagram with the X-Y axis and discovered a big surprise. The line is straight up and intersects on 4488 BC, which I predicted with the Aztec-Hebrew calendar four years ago in my first Babushka book. It is based on a different calculation linked to HANS, by which I determined the dating of the Apocalypse to 2008-2015. First, I converted everything into a proportion, right across the calendar spectrum, as my math education is very limited. Go back to my exponential 5¼ day-curve, and it matches the same 4488 BC date. You prove me wrong.

Notice: The last gear ratio of 257/19 = 13.52 could be indicating the age of the Antikythera clock, about Moses’ time (1453 BC), as it is in parallel with the last Aztec Pyramid, the 5th one, which is built on top of the others in the Mexico City outdoor museum, where they also changed a calendar into stone-skull heads with the identical 14.30-14.305789 constant.

What is amazing to me, looking at that curve, is that it accelerates toward 2287 BC at a very fast rate. Look at the ratio [1.68-2-3.96-13.32], being identical to Figure A, which was discovered 4 years ago. Daniel’s clock ratio is times-time-½T [2:1:½], which is the same as (257-127-64) [2:1:½] ignoring fractions. Noah’s curve is [2:1:.457] all heading toward BC/AD.

Ratios ComparedInterestingly enough in 1987, after the Norman-Setterfield paper was published, another paper on light speed appeared, written by a Russian, V. S. Troitskii ["Physical Constants and the Evolution of the Universe", Astrophysics and Space Science Vol. 139, 1987, pp 389-411].

Troitskii not only postulated that the speed of light had not been constant, but that light speed had originally been about 1010 times faster than now. That would be around 2000 BC along the earlier ancient clocks. But the Antikythera clock with gears linked to the 13.7 billion years for the Big Bang science postulated indicates 10,000 times faster light speed. It gets better.

Witness #3: The Speed of Light at 4488 BC

Higher speed of light causes bigger cells to grow and could explain the older ages of mankind before Noah’s time. Methuselah is recorded in the Bible as living 969 years before 2288 BC. Noah’s flood must be based on physics, like the larger human bones found in a Turkish grave, photographed in my 6th Babushka concept book and copied as example in this book to explain it further.

We are trying to figure this out. It shocked me to see human skeletons three times our size, but it makes sense and harmonizes with the speed of light being faster in ancient times as evidenced in larger cell structures and fossil bones, which were higher than what we measure today. It is also proven by growing food faster in greenhouses when extending the plants’ exposure to more light.

If you believe the Big Bang happened 13.7 billion light years ago, we have a more accurate choice. Measuring it with the ancient clock gravity-light yardstick gives a better answer, though scientists are not familiar with this method. Calculating billions is kind of silly when the experts apply the candlelight of a match as a yardstick to measuring a lightning bolt. It is even more stupid using it to measure the cosmos. No wonder evolution needs billions of years!

If you can understand billions, then you must be a politician or a crooked banker. If you use fairy tale billions of years - not possible to be applied to the universe, it gets worse. True science must correlate it to the sun diameter getting smaller each year from burning fuel. If that yearly difference is multiplied by 13 billion years, the sun would be so big that it would eliminate life on the narrow light frequency range our earth precisely calibrated with to maintain life not possible to exist. That is obviously a foolish calculation messing around with billions.

Therefore let’s use what we find hanging in museums, not speculation, and apply the Aztec and Antikythera clock data range of 2100 years that calculate a faster speed of light in ancient times of 80,000,000,000 miles/second compared to our present 2nd Entropy at 2000 AD of 186,000 miles/second, which is much slower.

Precession of the EquinoxesI use the 5.962 miles/second/year) light speed calculated from the Aztec - Antikythera clock, but it must be exponentially adjusted, which could be much higher at [13.7x5.962 =] 80 Billion miles/second around 4488 BC .

That would severely shorten the Big Bang time frame to a little closer and may well line up with the Aztec clock date. The Mayan-Aztecs invented the Precession of the Equinoxes. The beginning of mankind, started around Thuban with Adam, was previously dated with HANS 4068 BC and is now proven with an exponentially parabolic time curve. Yet, the cosmos time for the angels in the Heh dimension is much older and is now dated, with a prediction, using the Antikythera gear clocks ratio, that crosses over exactly at 4488 BC.

A Mayan Toltec calendar count of 25,625.862 years predicted with a much higher speed of light, using 80 billion miles/second for the Big Bang, would prove the rebellion of Lucifer happened around (Thuban~Tau-Hercululis) 4488 BC. Check the precession picture.

Persian AstrolabeIn addition to broadening the horizon, we can check out the third Babushka book, on how the math really works. Focus on the 125-pound pure gold Persian Astrolabe. It has 72 fields on its outer periphery matching the 72-degree angle starting from the Thuban star 4500 BC and moving with an exponential wobble toward Polaris ending with a 23.5 degree tilt axis position at 2000 AD. The movement of where the earth axis points is known as the Precession of the Equinoxes.

This movement seems to have finally settled with the fraction measured in the last century. Has it settled in BC/AD or 2012? This is still a question because we have an Aztec prediction against an Antikythera one.

I believe bronze gears are more accurate than the stone-skull heads because technology increases knowledge. That is reflected in the fractions. Both have 14.30-14.305789, which is a small difference, but it means a big flat curve of time on the bottom of the exponential graph apex.

Turning the earth axis of 23.5° around 360 degrees, points to 5 ancient star constellations. The Aztec calendar shows Polaris, Thuban, Vega, and Tau-Hercululis-Alderabim. Take notice of it on the diagram.

Evolution religion needs billions of years and interpreted the Aztec calendar to be 25,625.862 years old. It’s just an opinion without 3 witnesses to prove, but they never asked the question of how the Aztecs measured it. The Aztecs in Mexico City built 5 pyramids on top of each other and eventually found out by seeing a Precession of the Equinoxes, 2 times in one Gregorian year.  (See Fig A.)

This was recently proven by a brilliant lady, who is educated in astrophysics. Her study of an old bronze-gold plated sky disc matched the Genesis Calendar diagram (Figure A), but she will not even accept her own findings because they are in conflict with the university establishment whose funding controls her research project.

Scientists believing in an atheistic evolution religion do not realize that the earth once had a backwards wobble caused by an asteroid, strike which turned the earth two times a year through the “Aztec 25,625.862-year” Precession of the Equinoxes cycle. This took place right after Noah’s boat experience, which was proven by a recent researcher interpreting the Himmels-Scheibe, a bronze plate found a few years ago in Germany, which is still an obvious mystery to atheistic scientists.

Die Himmels-Scheibe

I first interpreted the bronze-gold plated Nebra Sky Disc from the Heh dimension perspective in 2005. I wrote that it was designed to be a teaching board (Lehrscheibe), schooling a secret new way, the fish Christianity, during a time of the largest persecution for Christians who needed a way to cover up New Testament principles. If they were found in possession of material that was forbidden by the State, they faced a death penalty. They needed to camouflage a new religion.

Himmels ScheibeThe disc looks like a board with a star constellation, which even fooled many scientists. I was shocked to see it on the educational channel recently (1-19-10). It’s been verified, but they still do not know what it measures. They mentioned that the disk would probably bear a religious significance, but did not refer to my interpretation, which matches the Christianity perspective from the Heh dimension. The Bible is forbidden in every university where only atheistic evolutionary religion is allowed. Again, it has a dual perspective like the Heh-Daleth dimension, which might have two interpretations.

Since our world exists on two entropy levels, Heh–Daleth, expect two interpretations of ancient artifacts as well. The Daleth interpretation was recently postulated, and, surprise, on the Internet a highly educated scientist had found embedded procession cycles in the bronze-gold plate that moved across in much shorter cycles, like 6 months, when compared with our calendar. If she would have read my third Babushka clock book, she could have dated it to approximately 2000 BC, when there was a fast-declining earth axis wobble.

Yet, would she believe something that does not match the opinions of the establishment? She should have looked closer at an exponentially declining wobble diagram and understood what the Hebrews revealed in their Genesis calendar, which also matches the Aztecs’ calendar and measured the Precession of the Equinoxes with their bare eyes, which will prove she was right. Nobody could predict those long fairy tale years of time, since the Aztecs were smarter than our atheistic researchers who are blinded by the evolution religion, which was invented 100 years ago, does not correlate with entropy laws, distorts much in physics, and remains completely ignorant of the metaphysical.

They are quick to judge if it comes from the Christian perspective, as that is strictly forbidden, because a dull mind cannot see beyond 5 senses. Life, gravity, magnetism, electricity, the changing IPK Standard Kilogram and Newton’s laws are still linked to the five senses, but can you explain it to me with logic?

In the meantime, I thought of another idea mirrored in the Daleth dimension interpretation, which was jumpstarted by that female researcher, while I was walking around the Teotihuacán outdoor museum, Moon and Sun Pyramids, near Mexico City. I was thinking that an Aztec priest would probably need a handy disk to mark measurements taken from the pyramids and then transfer it to the nearby temple several miles away.

It’s a very long walk to transfer positional information, which is painted on a calendar temple wall. The 40 holes previously mentioned and seen on the picture around the periphery of that bronze disc is the key, as it matches the 40 cycles of the Aztec clock. It can be easily marked with chalk and transposed to calibrate a calendar that is now deciphered, if you read my Babushka book.

The random stars are reflected on a temple wall that is stretched out as a calendar, indicating star constellations, according to a wobble position at that time which is no longer seen in our sky. If the whole earth spins around two times 360° in one Gregorian solstice year, we need other stars as a references for a zero point.

Presently, it is now Polaris because the earth axis is fixed. That is why researchers have difficulty matching our constellations with the ancient bronze disc, not knowing that they could calculate it with computers to identify the star picture on the bronze disk. The gold sickle is a give-away, indicating a wobble like an Aztec-Antikythera clock. One was created 1000 years earlier from the other, therefore two sickles were placed 90° from each other on the outer periphery, as the earth axis declined from a 72°. The Astrolabe clock dial is directed toward our present position of 23.5° Polaris at 2000 AD star position.

On the bottom of the Himmels-Scheibe, a moon sickle indicates the later Antikythera clock with gears to measure calculations that are related to the gravitational moon position, which changed since the asteroid strike in 2287 BC, but still indirectly related to earth-gravity, which must be considered as the wobble fizzled out.

The Aztec serpent, Satan in Bible prophecy, is predominant in that religion. It was predicted in the Aztec calendar that he would come to earth 2012 AD, having been cast out from heaven, thus ending the 52,000 cycles of the Precessions of the Equinoxes and being doomed in a fire period that the Bible identified as the Apocalypse, ending with another asteroid predicted on 10-17 September 2015.

When we calculate data from ancient calendar clocks and HANS, it needs three witnesses in order to be accepted as facts. It is as sure as a train running on rails passing many train stations, and will arrive exactly where it was designed to. I could also estimate the expected time of arrival at a certain station by looking at my watch or ancient clocks. Mortals are surrounded with space and time, which defines us, but we also have intelligence, which is a recognized mystery embedded in our mind not yet defined with science.

It could be understood from the Bible rejected by those who can’t distinguish the metaphysical. Those educated with one-sided parameters always ignore the Bible and can only generate a faulty TV program series, mixed with the usual fairy tales that explain our world from a very narrow, unscientific perspective that does not even conform to the laws of physics.

An evolutionary religion does not even bother to consider the many scientific facts that they have totally ignored because mankind has become utterly rebellious towards God’s commandments to us. They created their own religion like the Aztecs who perished because they were in conflict with God’s commandment about killing and sacrificing their firstborn babies by the thousands.

We are doing the same thing. We have murdered 50 million babies in the USA in the last 20 years by abortion, which is in violation of the US Constitution and the Bible, which swore to honor the life of every citizen. That affected the fertility laws of the 2.3 ratio which is needed in order for a culture to continue, but if it is 1.8, it is irreversible and doomed to become extinct when it hits below that number. This has been proven throughout history. The USA has a fertility rate of 1.3, which is much lower; therefore it is destined to see our European ancestors linked to the US Constitution replaced with presidential security degrees in opposition to Christian heritage will shortly disappear in the very near future.

That is a scientific fact that is suppressed by the atheistic Supreme Court that is destroying America. God’s wrath is awaiting us, guaranteed will judge the USA killing more people then Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini in World War II! Jesus said to look to the days of Noah was totally evil and notice the consequences. When we murdered so many children and additionally genetically destroying our environment will make God very, very angry.

Check out science magazines to see what our society is causing uncontrolled extinction, destroying our environment followed by massive disappearance of honeybees and wildlife. The deforestation, wrecking the balance of nature by over-fishing the ocean, collapsing ecosystem, it will all be linked to an asteroid God’s wrath’s now announced and is waiting.

Once again, our earth will be visited by an asteroid already is in an 825-day orbit around the sun. Maybe ancient clocks will wake us up, but we should remember that these cycles must be converted to a Hebraic calendar, a 7000-year range to correlate with Bible prophecy of an apocalypse now dated with ancient clocks. Foremost, it must match the Plan for Mankind, which is linked to a climax in the Chet Age, identified with HANS. It ends with a seven year Apocalypse, from 2008-2015 and shall continue with the Teth Age, which lasts and runs a thousand years; an age of peace linked with the righteousness of God’s Kingdom on earth, which arrives after 2015 as prophesied.

Getting back on our journey following that path of contracting and expanding light tells me that even the infinite light = ∞E, the glue of all creation, is the result of the second law of thermodynamics, in relation to God the Almighty, who cannot be defined with our mortal intellect as He transcends space-time-mass-knowledge. Try to define my kid’s intelligence operating the pinball machine. Good luck! But God helped our ignorance and became visible in BC/AD.

I previously mentioned that the fulcrum of the time dimension has another fulcrum intersection predicted in Bible prophecy, which could broaden the exponential time curve that bottomed out across the 2000-year span. It is framed by two points on the graph, from 28 September BC/AD to 28 September 2015, solstice years that match Jesus’ birthday both ways, as Jesus is the fulcrum of the time dimension that is linked to His second coming upon the earth, which is predicted by many witnesses. Check out the New Research Pearls on my website. It establishes a time base for our mortality, with purpose.

The teeter-totter law of gravity to light defines a time dimension. From the time perspective, we can reason the other laws, but remember that we are as one in a closed elevator and can only perceive a change in velocity by sensing acceleration or deceleration. The end result is a time dimension. That is all that we can measure because we are mortals and for that reason, we invented clocks. Our tombstone just tells the dates of our caterpillar-butterfly existence, predicted at a certain point on the 7000-year Hebraic Calendar, much like the invisible Fraunhofer spectral line in the seven rainbow colors that requires instruments to indicate one element of the periodic table.

God gave you a name (like a unique element which has never been genetically duplicated) before you were born in the Heh dimension conceptive stage, when the Plan for Mankind was designed and fashioned, forming a single atom for a complex universe, embedded with divine intelligence. He recorded every name of every single being ever to be born upon the earth kept safe on the other side in books.

It is an analogy found in the Daleth dimension’s spectral Fraunhofer lines of elements, categorized in a periodic table collected in a schoolbook revealing all names that make up a cosmos. Just the same my and your name is recorded in the Heh dimension book of life that will be opened at the end of time Taw=400, the last Hebrew letter. Read Revelation.

The speed of light was changed from ancient times, which is proven in ancient clocks and their mathematics, which when calculated must be overlaid with the 4000-year old ancient biblical concepts to make sense, and it does. It must match prophecy which is history written in advance.

Looking back over history, we can compare biblical prophecies that match hundreds of events that can be checked out for truthfulness. A flexible time dimension concept hangs on the walls of many museums; such as the beautiful Persian Astrolabe that weighs 125 pounds of pure gold, very expensive, as somebody thought it is very important for the future generation. It should be closely investigated in order to direct our thinking towards the consideration of a declining earth wobble, which would affect the teeter-totter gravity relationship.

There you will notice the same dial system of a very big dual-dialed clock duplicated on the tower in the inner city center of Prague, which was built by the European Emperor Charles V in the Middle Ages, and has now become a tourist attraction. For the first time tourist will know why it has a double dial similar to the most ancient Tzolkin calendar copied on the front page explained in the next section.

A declining earth wobble would influence ice melting in the polar region, which was originally three (3) miles thick. A mini ice age happened around 2287 BC, extending as far as the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, leaving only a narrow margin, a temperate zone for the cradle of our second civilization to re-emerge after the asteroid that violently shook the earth in Noah’s day.

The ice in the Polar Regions is now reduced, around 2010 AD, to one (1) mile thick when the ice is measured today. The rate of ice melting across 4300 years, affecting climate changes can be known by using computers applying trigonometric function across the earth curvature from the equator, but it needs intelligence to figure it out. Great earth changes were happening after the time of 2287 BC, which registered a climate change in the oceans and was preserved in ice. We notice the oxygen-18 isotope variation caused by the rise in sea salt, with elevated levels of C1 and C1/Na. There is an extreme spike in SO4 and H readings, suggesting widespread volcanic activity caused by an earth axis wobble.

That can be seen in ancient ruins and pyramids, and I pick Syria south of Turkey where Noah’s Ark must have landed. Snow and ice is not suitable when you get off the boat with hungry animals. That is also where skeletons of human beings where found over 24-36 ft tall copied in my 6th Babushka book - A DONUT ATOM NUCLEAR STORY.

But stupid rich people clime high mountains with an oxygen mask looking for a boat should visit a dairy farm in my neighborhood and investigate what cows need. Our education system looks like Swiss cheese too many holes only interested make a profit.

Looking at very small population curve around BC/AD makes a lot of sense comparing it with a faster earth wobble after Noah’s flood fizzing out indicated on ancient clocks that the growing season must therefore be very short. A shorter season of growing food is only possible within the narrow bandwidth below the polar ice-snow line 45° parallel toward the equator which historically was the cradle of an emerging second civilization.

Once more because nobody ever postulated such a crazy idea but have a closer look at the population curve printed from our universities. Logically a very small population around BC/AD is connected with a food supply of shorter seasons caused of a earth axis wobble position mostly historically always linked forest snow-line expanding a civilization along a border of colder climate, but need to add a reduced bio-photosynthetic conversion connected to a light speed reduction. Compare it to the population curve in our times. Why is it so small in BC/AD? Only the mystery clocks can give you the reason.

Concern about global warming is not allowed to be taught in universities. Neither is teaching us about an asteroid that caused an earth wobble which caused flooding that covered high mountains and tilled up and separated the earth into continents. It is not permitted to be dated 2287 BC, but only billions of years opinions are allowed, which have never been proven, yet are acceptable. A very young earth will be denied because we need ‘billions of years’ to cover up a lie that is aimed at getting lucrative grants from the government and making money for the media, while postulating fairy tales.

If you are wondering why we have 20 earthquakes per year on average that have never been recorded before, use your ancient clock knowledge and apply it to a polar ice plate melting and becoming lighter, which reduces weight that will stress relief, changing the earth crust and changing gravity. We now have GRACE satellite instruments in space. We should know by now how it works.

Great PyramidStill not convinced about Noah’s Flood, which started the mini ice age? Check out any picture of the three Giza Pyramids and look at the top and see smooth, white glazed stones that were leftover from the raging flood and are still covering the top. You can make a horizontal line to the next top of the smaller middle pyramid and notice a little leftover too. That could estimate the heights of the flood below where the top is washed out very visible. Below you see rough stones typical waterline washed out. Measure from to the bottom of the sphinx that had to be dugout from the sand-silt too.

Since the amount of water in the ocean measured today has not changed, logically only a shaking earth wobble could produce Noah’s flood. Otherwise where did the water go 4300 years later if it was several 100 feet higher? Maybe it run over the edge, as some believed the earth was flat enforced by an inquisition? Notice a little detail the front pyramid top is curved can only happen when the earth axis wobble is tilted and moves like a pendulum changing direction of a tidal wave. I counted 40 layers very visible from a carved out road on the northbound mountainside of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, a tourist lookout.

Population CurveOr examine the exponential population curve of the last 150 years, which has increased by a factor of 7 by growing more food, which could be connected to the increased speed of light thereby accelerating the photosynthetic conversion on the cell level, which is not perceptual, yet getting higher proven in my neighborhood greenhouse. Even Dr. Phil noticed this on his TV show without understanding why.

To sum up the above, the difference is linked to the speed of light since BC/AD, which could even be greater by the same factor. But all the evidence should be brought together; for example, light that is extended in a greenhouse, results in a shorter time period for growing food demonstrated by the teeter-totter, gravity-light energy laws.

Try to figure it out while riding in an elevator without windows, which is subject to gravity and ends up with a unifying theory, which makes more sense. Please, if you are better educated, throw some egg on my face if you disagree. That would make me happy because that would be a sign to me that the process has started you thinking logically and you are no longer comatose, which was caused by an atheistic priesthood controlling the mind or intelligence of each citizen by repeating the evolutionary religion a thousand times over. It is hoped that it will be accepted by worn-out people, all ending in a perfect politically correct mindset, but still teaching it without facts, as it goes through the revolving door in every university.

Scientists who have a tough time following my logic should not forget that the Antikythera clock, which was designed before BC, first had to measure their moon-earth relationship very accurately, at that time. From that knowledge, the gear ratio was determined around a declining flexible wobble calendar.

The moon’s original orbit was not hit with an asteroid, but is still affected by gravity, which needed to be known before the earth got hit with an asteroid which impacted on 5 February 2287 BC. It was previously synchronized with the earth’s axis orbiting the solstice at 360 days, still expanding on its way.

Then calculate the last remaining range toward the point when the earth’s axis finally came to rest (2012 AD) at 365.24 days solstice, which we measure today just like the Aztec calendar or like the Greeks had to do, as they kept looking to the sky, trying to figure it out and inventing their calendar. Therefore, the moon’s gravity is still trying to catch up by moving a few centimeters each year, which makes me a couple of potato chips heavier.

That is why we measure 13.368267 today, which is a little different from the ancient 13.368421 measurements. Check out the IPK Standard Kilogram in Sevres, near Paris, to verify it; or better explained in my third ‘Babushka egg’ clock concept book Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries and the 5TH concept book Reflections on Global Warming, free on the Internet.

I am impressed at what the ancient people invented with very sophisticated, highly advanced technology, which has been forgotten in our time, as we are misled by an atheistic evolutionary religion. The gravity-light, teeter-totter laws thus measured by the ancients could explain why the Standard Platinum Kilogram has changed recently, after 135 years and must adjust to the numerous gravity laws of Newton.

A meeting of scientists was scheduled in 2011 and hopefully, they would consider what I postulate for a better understanding of physics and avoid the atheistic-controlled viewpoints, which do not match science. I usually say to my students, ‘Think of the earth as being like a windowless train circling around the sun. It has only one passenger, who is the moon, but he does not sit on the bench. He walks in the same direction as the train and reverses when walking the full length of the train back.

From the velocity perspective, gravity would accelerate and then decrease around the earth, as that would cause an elliptical earth orbit around the sun to change. It would never come back to the same sun orbit position, which could be causing climate changes. Also seen from another perspective, it would cause a person to become a few potato chips heavier per year, as mentioned in my Babushka book, Reflections on Global Warming.

Once more the moon is on an elliptical, not circular, orbit around the earth. Its path takes it farther, then closer, to the earth. Ask the question why is it not circular?

Did an asteroid influence and jerked the moon too by zipping by too close? Now what happens when the moon is closer to the earth?

Its speed from horizon to horizon increases and conversely when it is farthest from the earth, its speed decreases. What happens, then, when you try to compute the molad with a fixed length of day? Jewish scholars miss the mark. Time variation of this mean molad versus the actual new moon can vary by as much as plus or minus 17 hours. God has specified an easy way to establish the beginning of each new month: New moon, new month.

The original Jewish calendar new moon calculation was superb for the technology they had in that day. The ancient clocks indicate around 1400 BC, which was Moses’ time; the earth’s axis still had a wobble motion; exactly one turn of a previous Aztec calendar meant 360 days, solstice to solstice. Then the earth axis wobble kept going and fizzled out at .83333, which is now 5.24 days longer for each year.

This was noticed by Julius Caesar who caused the Jewish calendar to be screwed up ever since. It has needed correction in the flexible addition of days and in the postponement because it distorted the Jewish calendar.

Now, modern day science (i.e. astronomy) has made the new moon date and time much easier to obtain and much more accurate. It is our responsibility to follow God’s biblical instructions with the tools we have available. You should consider this, especially if you are in the dating business and predicting an apocalypse in the future.

I discovered after writing my first book four years ago that New York did not end like 9/11, but prophecy would fall on the next date which is now corrected. Instead, New York caused a major financial meltdown and banks, insurance companies, the stock market and real estate were decimated, causing a global tsunami that has not ended yet. The Apocalypse will proceed exponentially just like the time-gravity-curve indicates ending with a Big Bang asteroid projected in science and the Bible. The population curve matches the same seven year apocalypse curve in type just convert 7 billions in 7 years will give us a picture illustration of the coming events.

Now let’s go back and examine a mystery force which only becomes visible when infinite energy is converted to a lower level, like a transformer, according to entropy thermo-dynamic laws. The universe is a good model of a transformer slowing down invisible gravity energy (steel ball analogy), which is converted on the inside of every atom of galaxies and our earth, which is now energized with a gigantic nuclear force such as our sun, but controlled by time dimension intelligence.

Think of the massive gravity force seen in space, as highlighted in beautiful Hubble telescopic pictures that photograph galaxies. It is also running my cuckoo clock, but in much smaller chunks of energy converted within a certain time dimension, however, being a little slower paced. It is also controlled by intelligence.

First, the clockmaker shapes metal into a contraption designed with purpose and a cuckoo intended on top for a tourist attraction. Then, according to the second entropy law, it needs intelligence every day to wind up that clock for another mortal cycle. Simply put, two entropy laws govern our earthly time existence while also controlling every individual atom, as if the inside of the sun has a pendulum, converting higher energy into smaller chunks, which measures 186,000 miles per sec, which is much safer for mortals. That would explain why the sun has not exploded like an atomic bomb yet, which shows us that nuclear conversion is a little slower when applying entropy laws.

In a nutshell, God caused a huge star on the end of the Milky Way to blow up in a ‘Big Bang’ about 4488 BC, ending with the remains of our sun being a little smaller and debris settling out, forming many planets that are now getting colder, which is explained by Kelvin, establishing a solar system for mortals. Check the Bible’s 4th day creation act for reference which later explains how it starts a time dimension for mortals. But even a time dimension must meet the entropy laws.

One is (∞) infinite, appearing on the first creation day, but becomes an exponential parabolic finite, perhaps with 80,000,000,000 miles/sec, but still ending in Taw. Look once more at the first page diagram, which is better explained by applying entropy laws. 

Recap of the Time Dimension Concept

A New Formula (∞C/–∞C)² = ∞E/m

Have a closer look again and think logically. It is really extraordinary and I am sure one notch higher, when we expand Einstein’s formula C²=E/m which has built-in ramifications. It is based on entropy of infinite light energy converted to visible light speed, like a transformer and linked to a time dimension.

Think! We are so used to our present time dimension of 24 hours a day, getting up in the morning and going back to bed in an unending cycle, but that cycle is determined by our earth axis of 23.5° spinning and going around on a yearly 365.24 days, solstice orbit rotation around the sun. That was not always so in ancient times.

However, when we link the Bible’s history of mankind to science, it helped me to decipher the many bronze-gold clocks exhibited in many museums, even one with 32 gears which is a famous Antikythera in Athens that shows us that in ancient times, the earth had a wobble, before 100 BC, which was caused by an asteroid in Noah’s time, 2287 BC.

That could change our habit of getting up and going to bed in a different time interval. If you want to find out how it would affect physics, just ask any scientist to explain those clocks to me or tell me why the IPK Platinum Kilogram Standard in the vault in Sevres, on the outskirts of Paris, along with the six sister copies, have become globally obese. It is still a great puzzle for many professors as to why the Standard Kilogram Weight has changed, messing up all the laws of Newton postulating gravity and dozens more. That causes a Schlimazel in the atheistic evolutionary religion camp, who are then forced to make many schoolbooks obsolete, if they are honest, but I doubt it, since too much money is floating around.

Schoolbooks contain many fairy tales that are no longer following true science and adding a few more unproven opinions from the atheistic establishment will not matter anymore, as our kids’ schoolteachers won’t know the difference. The exponential time dimension has atrocious ramifications that would challenge a ‘big bang’ theory that was invented 100 years ago. It was recently discovered that the speed of light was not constant or bending around a gravity field. If you check out Dr. Einstein or look through the Hubble telescope at the pictures, you will see an expanding–contracting universe; a paradox dressed up in dozens of pet theories, which are manipulated to match atheistic evolution opinions and are without proof.

But let’s check out the biblical science information. When infinite light energy is divided like a transformer to lower energy levels inside every atom, it creates mass. It is recognized forming elements seen in spectral Fraunhofer lines within a narrow bandwidth of visible light. When atoms crystallize, it can also be demonstrated in reverse by an atomic bomb with a spliced-out nuclear intelligence, changing a time dimension very, very fast.

When uranium oxide 238 filtered out an unstable enriched uranium 235, combined with a catalyst like plutonium, massive energy is released very quickly and is no longer controlled with intelligence. Natural uranium contains two isotopes. Uranium-235, the isotope that is useful for nuclear energy, is relatively rare and accounts for just 0.7% of all natural uranium. Its less-radioactive sibling, uranium-238, makes up the other 99.3%.

In nature we see a more balanced conversion of the same discharged energy, only a little slower, as it is controlled by an embedded intelligence that is even noticed in many of the smallest nuclear atom conversion exchanges, established in the Chemical–DNA-Bio Department.

This is not yet recognized by scientists who are only interested in more money rather than in science, as they build bigger cyclotrons in Switzerland and France to smash atoms with more power. Creating junk has lost its purpose, becoming denigrated and disguised as a modern moneymaking machine. Politicians footing the money will not know they are fooled.

Scientists do not know that in the interior of an atom’s nucleus, there is a strange parabolic time dimension embedded which is activated and manifested when invisible infinite energy is slowed down by gravity from space. The insides of the atom nucleus in the developing stage will eventually condense, forming and adding mass that is recognized as protons impacted by neutrinos coming from the infinite energy source. But while it forms during the transition stage some could happen very fast as in seconds, like an atomic bomb or it could be slowed to a hundred years, like iron rusting but all must follow the natural build in process.

The conversion is the same, but the controlling force is directed by intelligence, embedded in a parabolic time dimension that directs the equation of a certain amount of neutrinos the energy source added to form protons, become visible as mass in a nuclear conversion.

Check it out and verify the different nuclear power stations designed around the various and diverse processes splitting the atom, but everyone must have installed the same very important instrument, which is an expensive clock to measure time to a fraction of a second.

If you do not watch that clock, you will have a repeat of Chernobyl in Russia. This principle can be transferred by studying our sun. I wonder why it does not blow up like an atomic bomb since it is subject to the same process as an atom nuclear reaction. The sun, however, burns very controlled nuclear energy, so it must have built-in intelligence, which is demonstrated by experience in our 6000 years of human history, since it has not yet exploded.

It conforms to an energy conversion sequence spooning with every atom embedded by God the Creator and linked to a time dimension, which is the same force controlling my cuckoo clock; a gigantic gravity force holding galaxies together, but reduced in miniature chunks of energy to run my cuckoo clock a little slower.

Once more check out anything else on earth right down to the atom level must be controlled by two major mystery-forces not yet defined by science. This paired force runs on a dual track (gravity) – (infinite light with embedded intelligence) married to a Time Dimension controlling each and every atom and must be subject to a time dimension to give it Gestalt or existence according to entropy laws.

The infinite symbol [∞] explained later in Part #3 shows two energy circles side by side interconnected like a figure eight laying sideways representing two cosmic exchange laws not taught in universities. It will explain how the Strong force is linked to the Weak force not explained in schoolbooks.

This paired mystery concept will take some time for scientists to understand, but in this paper I want to define it a little more from the biblical perspective, as it is the fundament for all our existence. Even many fairy tales depend on it, like the Big Bang, which must have happened very fast, but the underlying substance causing it to explode is unknown or how it got there to explode. It would rely on more fairy tale opinions, fueled with more money that is the only motivator for mortals.

If we do not understand the blueprint of our existence, we will not understand the house we live in.

To understand the concept of time is really a problem for scientists, as we have no yardstick to measure it. Science assumes that the speed of light is and always was constant; therefore they postulate the speed of 186,000. But recently needed to be updated to 186,282 miles/second in some experiments becomes a second witness proving the Antikythera clock gravity teeter-totter light theory.

Applying the speed of light on the second entropy level changes going through various filters like galaxies ignored, needs 20 billion light years to travel to the next galaxy. That assumes a lot since time without the light equation disregards the teeter-totter relationship on applying light with an expanded frequency spectrum to gamma rays. If you speed up your car, then time becomes shorter.

Light either slows down, as proven by Einstein, or speeds up to change time postulated in many examples. The Bible says God is surrounded with Infinite Light that showed up in the first day creation act. Therefore He is invisible to our eyes, without a time dimension, which is expressed perfectly with math and science in the teeter-totter energy-time equation. Infinite light consequently is zero time, which is consistent so that in the Heh dimension-heaven, time does not exist around God.

Zero E = ∞ Time
∞ E = Zero Time

To my kid I explain that math equation very simple while on the beach we build a big sandcastle. It takes intelligence and lots of energy to build SOMETHING and just before we go home we level it, the sandcastle gone and only the energy side with intelligence is left behind. There was nothing before on the beach except some intelligence full of energy, now reversed as time came to a close. That proves another entropy law SOMETHING can only come into existence in a Time Dimension.

The Big Bang fairy tale postulates that SOMETHING happened 13.7 billion years ago that we cannot define because entropy laws did not exist yet to tell the Big Bang where to go, so mathematics provides that it could also have been an implosion. Why not?

What was the fuel for atoms to become SOMETHING, to become visible in spectrum of our eyes? Where did the first atoms come from bathed in Kelvin cold to produce the Big Bang multiplied into billions x billions x billions creating huge galaxies which responds only to our very narrow frequency range of eyes defined by the seven rainbow colors visible spectrum.

Seeing what is glowing in space not yet crystallized into elements but radiating with spectral lines on the way to become elements still in the first stage development. The only evidence what is out there when we compare it what is collected on earth categorized in a periodic table of elements because that is what we can touch and see with our five senses linked with the lights on. When the lights are on we know that electrical energy is flowing.

But since intelligence must be the beginning to cause SOMETHING like an invention starts out first what is in the mind and when it became reality and became now a solid gismo sold in a Wal-Mart store it also came with a time dimension to give it Gestalt or existence. That process could also reverse in a Big Bang my sandcastle cosmos gone in seconds no longer around and that includes us living on earth another possibility. What remains is the previous invisible energy linked to intelligence still around poor atheists lacking common sense cannot define it? Check out this math formula above – it works.

Schoolbooks tell us we are only allowed to measure the vast immeasurable cosmos with the light speed coming from a match as a tiny yard stick which is preposterous silly. Why not use the gamma ray frequency we still can measure it with our instruments?

But if we could calculate the estimated 13.7 billion light years with an infinite light scale, then the billion year time scale measured with the teeter-totter law, which even a child can understand, would be very, very short.

To prove that, let’s check out ancient calendar clocks, which are exhibited in many museums and can give us a historic perspective of what a time scale for mortals should be. Unfortunately, scientists do not know what those clocks measure, but they are now enciphered and link to the Genesis, Bible creation story, which dated the beginning of Genesis 4488 BC. The ancient clock builders have therefore much higher intelligence unless you can figure it out what those clocks measure.

That date can be confirmed mathematically with a teeter-totter, light-speed-time-dimension model and could calculate how fast the light was from a different perspective, when God created the beginning for mortals to witness within a 6500-year range and know the mathematical equation. That will become our second witness, from the 80,000,000,000 miles/second speed of light and should be further investigated.

If you are a serious science researcher, read once more the three witnesses again but include a microscope and measure larger cell size in fossil bones, which is based on higher oxygen content and light calculated in ancient amber bubbles, that should guide us. Seeing human fossil bone skeletons from 10-39 ft tall photographed in the 6th Babushka book, check it out free on the Internet which are facts, but it requires some intelligence to sort it out. 

SkeletonsThe picture shown are actual human skeletons found in a Turkey grave with cloth on and are not a fake, like the Lucy monkey fraud painted on many museum walls for comatose scientists educating their children with fairy tales. They demonstrate that the light speed was higher in ancient times, as we have much evidence in checking out fossil bones on the cell level with bigger molecule DNA structures. Resin from larger, prehistoric trees tells us in amber air bubbles, that the oxygen fuel was twice as much as that measured today.

Having more fuel available with a higher speed of light, according to physics, would grow a bigger bio-environment with a faster energy conversion buried in geological and oil deposits proven by growing veggies bigger in a greenhouse by extending the light, or growing tomatoes in a shorter time, demonstrating the teeter-totter law of light linked to time entropy.

Originally, God gave humans a vast capacity for rational intelligence. Unfortunately, we only use 5% of our brain capability in a lifetime. Why is our leftover 95% brain capacity no longer utilized in our time what is the reason? That by itself should demonstrate a faulty evolution monkey story. Logically using more intelligence would change our IQ. A lower IQ could be the reason why we are easily misled to believe a stupid, unscientific evolutionary religion that was invented 100 years ago.

An atheistic religion does not allow logical thinking anymore. Compare that to ancient people who lived 2000 years ago who wrote every conversation exactly as spoken without a tape recorder. Check out the oldest literature Job much older, or read the Gospel accounts telling the story unerringly word for word not possible today with our genetically shriveled inferior IQ demonstrated in modern science reports based on fairy tales. A court reporter can still record all what was said but needs an instrument and a higher IQ making good money. I am amazed rather jealous how elegantly a Bible was written in ancient times, and I wish had the talent as good judgment is no longer allowed therefore will diminish unused.

To prove that, a high school teacher who was fired from his job for ignoring the rules of the political correctness system presenting natural science in his classroom and applying logic was interviewed on Larry King’s TV program in 2008. That interview gave the public how low a Chicago school system can fall; no wonder the crime is the highest in that town. You will not graduate from university questioning that the evolution religion is unscientific, as you are not allowed to challenge the many facts denied.

Teachers are indoctrinated and must know that the political correctness viewpoint is the first law of entropy for keeping your job with the government. The interview ends stating the fired teacher is now teaching high-tech in the military armed Forces what a loss for our children no longer motivated to learn about the world we live in, void of all hope. Compare science endeavors of the last century where the Bible was still in every classroom spanned most inventions we still benefit from.

To become better educated read my ‘Babushka’ books for more information that explains the relationship of light to a time dimension in ancient times, which will explain why dinosaurs and humans were bigger, with larger cell structures than what we have on earth today. This essay will only splice out a little from the Bible, so that you will be better informed and focus on what the time dimension really is. Expanding our science horizon should include investigating what the Bible has to say. It was fun for me.

Let’s begin in Genesis with only a few more verses analyzed in Part #2, defining energy from the metaphysical side. It informs us of how the universe was started from another perspective, with a time dimension conforming to entropy, and not starting first with a Big Bang fairy tale. It is not possible, if you understand true science linked to the teeter-totter laws of energy conversion. A 4000-year-old Bible is a much better science textbook that starts first with the creation story, perfectly demonstrating true knowledge. It launched the greatest story ever told to mankind, but with a very short, concise preface loaded with scientific principles:

Understanding Time from the Metaphysical Heh Dimension

(+∞C/–∞C)² = ∞E/m

The expression of ‘Time’ is a stranger to science and is not defined yet. It was only created to exist for mortals and has absolutely no other meaning when looking at nature or the universe. It begins at the conception of mortals, but from a scientific perspective, let’s figure out how it relates to eternity and our destiny in an expanded story. The strange time diagram math equation on the front cover was extracted from ancient bronze-gold clocks which have recently been deciphered and may be a problem for many professional scientists who are not yet informed that our earth tilt axis just now came to rest in 2012, from an exponentially, slowed-down wobble. That could also be the reason for an unexplainable climate change.

The last angular procession axis change for our earth, one day across 400 years, was measured years ago and should be measured again, if you want to understand climate change. A parabolic time dimension is connected to our earthly life from birth to old age and is moving relentlessly toward the end of all existence. I compare mankind’s journey to a railroad line with 14 stations.

Our population on earth is ever-increasing with declining resources that point to a climax similar to the Big Bang. Mankind has arrived at the 13th station of the Apocalypse 2008-2015, with one more station to go and Bible prophecy, aided by science, predicted the end of our civilization.

Take that seriously. It is your life! I will not have egg on my face checking out science magazines that are linked to prophecy and match a calamity that we would much rather ignore. Daniel (518 BC) questioned the timing of his prophecy, now dated with science. He did not understand it fully in his time and was told that when the time arrived for his prophecy to be fulfilled, some would become wise and understand the Plan for Mankind, which is linked to the whole creation groaning and longing for its redemption, the Saints. (Daniel 12:10). Now we can understand prophecy a little better by using science, revealing many mysteries buried in history and exhibited in museums.

Being an inventor, I think a lot about nature and what a time dimension really is; which is not even fully comprehended in science. Investigating a strange parabolic time dimension in physics displayed on the front page is not easy, as nobody clearly has defined it yet. Thinking about the consequences of my new parabolic time dimension model just keeps expanding in bigger circles, like waves created by throwing a stone in a pond. Our body is subject to time and ages in a downhill curve, which is explained in physics. That started my new Donut Atom theory, which demonstrates an internal atomic energy exchange in every atom, linked to laws with an embedded time factor compared to Sir Isaac Newton’s laws.

Everything that exists is racing toward obsolescence. It is even seen in pictures of galaxies – a paradox of an expanding and then contracting universe connected by a time dimension. An infinite (+/-∞) light-time downhill curve must have a cause, so I researched it by looking at the Bible as a source for answers. It recorded an extraordinary Big Bang event that must have happened in prehistory, before time existed because an infinite universe can exist without it, as some pictures from space prove.

Looking closer at nature, it always ends up observed that everything we investigate has a strange force embedded, that we call a time dimension in science, which is going downhill, a parabolic diminishing toward Taw (-∞). Therefore, I ask, "Why does it exist? Why do we dream about living forever" Such a paradox!

Do clocks exist in heaven to verify what we have done, linked to the White Throne at the end of time? The Bible gives us the answer about why a time dimension started, as embedded in all the laws of physics, or check out pictures of galaxies pointing to the metaphysical Heh dimension.

God tells us that, previously, the heavenly cosmic creation in the Heh dimension was in an expanding mode, without a time dimension. Then from nowhere, a horrendous rebellion started, instigated by Lucifer, the light bearer of the highest celestial government. Ancient bronze-gold clocks recently deciphered and dated that event to be 4488 BC. That stopped the cosmic train of the universe from any further expansion, due to the war in heaven, which has not ended yet. Satan (formerly Lucifer) and his rebellious bunch of angels opposed the establishment.

God acted immediately and expelled the rebellious angels from His government and made preparation for replacement, which became the Plan for Mankind. This time He designed a different life form, unlike cloned immortal angels. Human beings are born to become immortal in an expanded two stage system much like a caterpillar – (cocoon) – butterfly in nature. Prior to being born into immortality (butterfly) people must be inoculated during the mortal caterpillar stage with a good dose of evil to become immune to rebellion and corruption. Death – the cocoon – divides these stages.

That system is even indicated on most tombstones, which record two birth dates – one for the Daleth and the other for the Heh dimension. I graphically capture what each life will be in a time dimension table, at the beginning of this paper. It shows two parabolic time directions where our lifeboat will end at the time of our tombstone BC/AD crossover; the cocoon will be embossed with two dates, past and future. When past and future merges is a timeless event meaning the “time-dimension” is “zero” like a DOT. When a time dimension is Zero has tremendous consequences in physics and mathematics but only makes sense seeing it from the metaphysical perspective explained in Part #2. That was totally new as a concept for me, which surprised me greatly.

We have an example when I bought a lap top computer the manufacturer advised me about saving modified information and how to make it permanent. I should shut everything down and turn my computer off and on again, which will make all past information permanent, so that it can no longer be changed. That same design feature works when the human computer is turned off and on again, now resurrected with improved features, as God wanted to permanently embed a new immune system, to detect evil and to snuff it out in the bud, which will prevent another rebellion in the universe from happening again ever.

However, implementing that system emerging from within was not cheap and cost a lot, such as the Logos the infinite energy source for the cosmos is continued on the Daleth dimension. God created an earth and decided to be born upon it and even to die for us, yet not changing the mortal Daleth dimension system, circumventing sufferings, but rather He joined in to feel the pain, growing up very poor, despised, forsaken by His friends, only to be executed on the cross, in order to experience the worse case scenarios that mankind is subjected too. Check out history. Even the eternal Logos, Jesus (computer), needed to be shut down for three days to make the resurrection principle permanent.

These events which were designed for mortals, centered on a time dimension previously embedded in every atom, causing the ‘big bang’ universe. Being dual in nature, (explained later), it was interrupted and divided into half like entropy laws demonstrate it at BC/AD when the invisible God decided to become visible on the mortal Daleth dimension stage, which better portrayed what a time dimension really is better explained in the metaphysical domain read next Part #2.

Jesus is now introducing God’s Plan for Mankind, and I compare it with a railroad schedule: it is framed from Point A to point B and in-between, everything runs like gears in a cuckoo clock, which turn around and around. Reaching the 12 o’clock position, everybody will notice a cuckoo bird that was created in the black forest. The bird will tell you the End-time to start a new cycle over.

As you may have noticed, our world is in turmoil, and prophesied events have now arrived at the 13th station. The Apocalypse has started. Check out various New Research Pearls, but watch the cuckoo bird in 2012 AD and especially 28 September 2015 and watch the sky if you are still alive which corresponds to a sun eclipse (matching with Hebraic holidays), which has never been seen on earth before, followed by a 52 km rock in space astrologers knew about.

Most people are unaware that Bible prophecy conforms to a schedule with embedded stations, which can be dated by combining Bible knowledge with science, which many theologians are not familiar with, since they are still steeped in Middle Age controversies, caused by denominational confusions.

Be not surprised that many Christians are mostly blinded too, by falsely applying one verse of the Bible “No one knows the time”, which makes them comatose to the timing of the Apocalypse, when they should have been educated in God’s Plan for Mankind. Yet, by ignoring and avoiding the many warning signs, they may not survive God’s wrath, being unprepared. Jesus said that the Apocalypse will arrive suddenly like in Noah’s day.

No wonder a lot of people do not know about history, having been only educated in an atheistic university system controlled by a powerful minority priesthood that only allows their atheistic evolutionary religion to be taught. They will not permit other science viewpoints to be discussed in open forum, rejecting the Bible, which is a 6000-year-old history book. Therefore, this generation became ignorant and chooses a path of evil with fearful prospects now capable of totally destroying all life on earth.

Is the NASA Calendar Correct?

The Aztec cycles ends 21. December 2012. Julius Cesar corrected a calendar by 62 days and Pope Gregorian redefined it once more added 14 days. Now ancient clocks tell us another correction is needed? We learned that light is in a titter-totter to time and could change again. I discovered in ancient clocks establishing a 7000-year history of mankind calendar from the Hebrew HANS perspective, which later will prove in Part 2 that the NASA calendar should start at 35 AD. However my dating math is still correct as I anticipated a 35-year correction addition that was put in my previous 7000-year history table you can check out published 4 years ago.

Recently, I discovered why we need to add 35 years to our calendar revealed in ancient mystery clock years later. Than in addition my dating the Apocalypse had inserted a fudge factor of 4 days at the very end of the Apocalypse linked to the asteroid 52 Km orbiting around 825 days to collide with the earth dated 10-17 September 2015. My math is not very good dealing with fractions of an exponential declining wobble. Theologian and my friends all think that I may have flipped dating God's Wrath to save his earth from total destruction with another asteroid like Noah’s days.

My science friends in Princeton measuring light speed that has tremendous consequences to be 300% higher explain the 4 days fudge factor mystery. When I checked that information, it makes differences since Pope Gregorian needs to add four more days. Originally, I was told that our calendar needs correction by one more day every 400 years. That assumption needs to be recalculated with modern gravity satellites (GRACE) and linked to NEC Research Institute where Princeton scientists measured light 280,282 miles/second - much higher.

The problem with our universities they are mostly staffed with atheists believing in evolution religion fairy tales that screwed up a logical thinking path and needs the metaphysical overlay to give us a proper interpretation what you see in nature.

I give you an example how stupid and dangerous our scientist have become destroying massively our environment causing vast extinction in wild life and many seeds permanently modified our food no longer procreating. Look what greedy brain-dead scientists did on a large scale in the Gulf of Mexico. For the next decades all life will disappear because our evil atheistic engineers only profit motivated cannot fix the problem of a massive oil leak and the Media not interested to pass on information to tell the big Oil company how to fix it within 24 hours.

I wrote to many TV station ABC, FOX, KRON, KVTU, WLOW not interested to help Obama our President to force somebody to stop this madness to no avail. All what we had to do weld ½ inch thick steel plates together in a 80 ft pyramid like an open bell with a round chimney on top connected with pipes to the boat above and suck out water and oil raising inside collecting in the chimney linked to a 10,000 ft pipe where the oil-water runs through a centrifuge with oil separated in a nearby barge.

Now the food chain is damaged beyond repair causing more global starvation prophesied in the Bible. It made worse by spraying chemicals from the airplane dissolving oil to thick glue submerged floating in 100-mile long islands toward the oceans circling around in the ocean currents. It will accelerate the extinction killing more fish and sea life already in a fishless ocean. The food chain will be no more for our grandchildren only God's Wrath can save such insanity.

God will save mankind shortly from the total destruction that has been prophesied to end it all in God’s Wrath, which now is dated. Check it out and join Daniel’s ‘Wise Club" (Daniel 12:10), you could become better educated and possibly survive God’s wrath.

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of those, who by their wickedness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.

Ever since the creation of the world His eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things He has made. So they are without excuse; for though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks to Him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their senseless minds were darkened.

Claiming to be wise, they became fools; and they exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling a mortal human being or birds or four-footed animals or reptiles. (Romans 1:18-23 NRSV)

Recognize an unscientific evolution fairy tale sequence which is not a new invention but was recorded 2000 years ago described in the Bible [reptiles-bird-four footed animals] evolved into mortals is now taught in every school as fact.

That modern impossible unscientific monkey folktale is usually painted on every science building wall for those not educated believing in fairy tales void of any fossil proof and not even conforming rather ignoring the laws of physics. The establishment is only enforcing an obsolete evolution theory violating entropy laws plainly seen in embedded in nature. For lack of understanding only needs a painter’s imagination and paint and a lot of plastics to make so many models believable for children.

A Middle Ages education level is repeated again similar to Galileo’s time, when a powerful religious priesthood controlled the education department. They forbade Galileo’s strange concepts of earth and heaven that conflicted with the establishment. It will take some time to crystallize out these new discoveries, too.

On the other hand, Babushka concept books evolved by inspiration being surrounded with so many lies, gained a new understanding of science by studying specific Bible verses and linked it to technology I was involved with. As a prolific inventor gained a lot of knowledge in science and applying my science experience created thousands of jobs and dozens billionaires being one of the many founders of Silicon Valley Technology Center, had my own million Dollar Company for 20 years.

Why am I not allowed to have voice in the university being a Christian with a different world view when the establishment benefited from my invention and made a lot of money therefore is rejecting exposed clock mysteries exhibited in many museums without proving to me if I am wrong by the evolution religion priesthood?

Why is Global Warming information messed up with lies recently exposed on the Internet and could have an answer very simple reading a little Babushka book and ask the question why it so dangerous for those lining up for another grand fleecing comatose Taxpayers controlled by a corrupted government. We really to not want to know the truth read the Bible verse above once more.

But nevertheless my Bible understanding answers many of science’s mysteries that have never been preached in church or the halls of higher learning. If you want to have an intellectual challenge in order to understand more about the relationship of physics linked to the metaphysical, you need a good attitude in logical thinking, which is not an easy task for the average person who is educated and surrounded in an atheistic evolution religion. Universities 50 years ago still taught science which is now changed by atheistic judges and lawyers controlling the education of our children.

A little biblical familiarity is necessary, as it is the foundation of all our collective knowledge, accumulated and recorded for us for 4000 years, by dedicated scribes who cared for the next generation. We are living at the very end of our civilization, according to the Bible, as our society has become thoroughly atheistic and closed many science books in every university, no longer having understanding of how nature came into existence, having totally expunged the Bible from every class room.

We have collectively forgotten how the universes and mankind got started. We denied that there is a Creator and we now believe in unscientific fairy tales, ignoring the Creator and replacing Him with a monkey story. God’s wrath will be experienced again, as in Noah’s time demonstrated it with an asteroid and will end with another one. Check out Popular Science magazine’s front page from 2006, which matches Bible prophecy.

Now hopefully we are ready for Part #2, which describes what the Time Dimension is from the metaphysical perspective. It will, guaranteed, open up our horizon about how God managed to create a universe and our earth, by what force and how they integrated in entropy laws. This is poorly understood by the atheistic evolutionary religion that denies entropy, which postulated that in an energy conversion over 100% is possible. It will be a lesson by what method matter came into existence from a scientific perspective never preached in any church or university based on a 6000-year-old embedded ancient manuscript by using a recent discovered Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) code.

That can be compared to a modern science that preaches a Big Bang of NOTHING coming from Kelvin cold and rising usually ending with a monkey painted on every science museum, which is a good fairy tale, but it does not match with reality. It is only meant for children who are not yet educated.

Yet, many children never outgrow what they were told and are quick to reject new ideas such as religion, which must be a bad word to be avoided. A Christian Hebraic religion is too dangerous for our public schools therefore they tailored our educational system so that children would be trained to avoid thinking logically anymore. Therefore, they can no longer delineate facts from fiction and solve the problem for the sake of compliance.

A global atheistic religion does not have to abide by the laws of physics either, so they make up their own rules like dark energy, which is but a fantasy in opposition to the 6000 year old book of Genesis, which plainly stated, “In the beginning was [∞] Light”, which fuels the cosmos. Maybe it means the same because “dark” and “∞” is invisible to our eyes. The ancients were highly educated, closer to the beginning and remembered what their grandparents told them.

We pride ourselves in high technology, but we do not realize that we are cutting off the very branch that we are sitting on, repeating the humpty dumpty story, according to the laws of physics. We no longer understand physics anymore, forgetting that Newton formulated and defined that, "every action has an equal or opposite reaction." We should apply it to our civilization. For example, when you vacuum out the ocean with 60-mile long nets, scraping all the way to the bottom and sucking out everything, it will produce a fishless ocean, accompanied with entropy collapsing and bringing about extinction. That was proven five years ago.

Salmon used to cost $5.00/lb; now it costs $28.00 in my deli. But even salmon is now dangerous to eat, because they are raised in one mile, upside-down, pyramid nets and fed pellets made from antibiotic chemicals and byproducts, which cannot be sold otherwise.

You do not want to know what the pellets are made of. Salmon now cost more because it is the first Franken-fish genetic modified as you must pay now a lawyer fee and get E-coli or salmonella for free, do not eat it uncooked in Japanese restaurants.

Read my 4th Babushka book, Genetic Modificaltion Exposed to become educated on a fast track and take it along to your local food market to tell how to avoid salmonella and E-coli bacteria, as well as many other diseases, just by looking at a numbered sticker that fruits and vegetables are labeled with. This also describes food from the metaphysical domain, which is not allowed to be mentioned by our government, the FDA – labeled ‘dangerous religion! 

Have fun reading Part #2. It’s forbidden in our schools, but all you need is the ability to think logically to have a better understanding of physics linked to the metaphysics embedded in the oldest manuscript of mankind.


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