The Continuation of A Donut Atom Nuclear Story


When an apple fell from the sky, Sir Isaac Newton got a bump on his head that caused a new law in physics for everyone. In my case it caused a reaction of nine Babushka egg concept books dealing with new science discoveries.

Most universities will reject anything not approved by the management, so I will not be allowed in a university forum because I link science to the higher metaphysical level for a better understanding of nature.

Much confusion exists as the science world is embroiled in many controversies. Hi-technology is getting out of control causing large destruction globally in the environment, which will trigger much extinction. However a Babushka egg was designed with another one on the inside and could surprise you to discover a mystery to fill the need for those more intellectually inclined, who like Pilate, a Roman governor judging Jesus 2000 years ago, asked the eternal question, “What is Truth” (John 18:38).

Today, Jesus Christ is rejected again. Christians and others mistakenly think that he started a religion. Speaking of Him is forbidden in the halls of higher learning, but it will have consequences judging from history, which is repeated, if you have the education to understand. You have an unusual book in your hand; therefore, be forewarned, it may disturb your sleep pattern. Some think they found a treasure to answer the eternal question that Pilate wrestled with to the very end of his life.

The booklet headlines declare recent discoveries in science: An invisible Galactic-Atomic Force Connecting Gravity with Magnetism linked to the Strong-Weak Force. After 75 years, theoretical physics still lacks a unifying theory that describes four fundamental forces in the universe:

  1. Gravity;
  2. Electromagnetism;
  3. Strong Force; and
  4. The Weak Forces

If such a theory is not found, a great deal of the elegance and beauty of fundamental physics will be lost.

This book will answer Pilate’s question. Hi-technology has advanced, but it is just as difficult in our time to know what “the truth” is, as the makeup of mankind has not changed in 6000 years. Therefore, we must learn from history and not reject what 40 intelligent people wrote with a much higher IQ than our professors in our schools that are controlled by an atheistic priesthood of judges, lawyers and senators; being grossly ignorant of God’s oracles. The Bible, the oldest book of mankind’s history, supervised by divine oversight and translated into 430 languages is still a best seller. Why is it rejected globally and why has it become a crime to quote it in the public square?

Ignorance in the public square forced Galileo to be silent and put under house arrest because true science was in conflict with the establishment. Mankind has not progressed much further but is on a path of total destruction again, no longer able to think logically.

Why is mankind once more in rebellion to the Creator and rejecting truth? It will therefore experience a repeat of history and will be herded into the Apocalypse corral like mindless cattle at Armageddon, as God will not allow His creation to be destroyed by puny mortals for the next grandchildren generation.

Pay attention! This is very serious. Our civilization will end. It is now dated on 17 September 2015 with science discoveries collected in nine Babushka egg concept witnesses, testifying that prophecy is being fulfilled that is written in the Bible and it is linked to a new science breakthrough. For the first time we will know what is the Plan for Mankind and why we exist on this planet, the only place where life exists.

Is there an afterlife? What will it be like? Why is a superior mind only embedded in humankind driven to control nature, which is explained in physics and beyond the metaphysics like a paradox mystery? Is high-tech the answer for our existence?

Our 21st century civilization will be destroyed shortly by God, as mankind once more came to the point of violating His eternal covenant He made with Noah [21 December 2288 BC]. Mankind has forgotten and rejects the crossover juncture to make the Creator angry once more, so that He will again clean up His house and remove all the filth and corruption accumulated by evil tenants who never paid rent or honored the Owner.

When a tenant is bent on demolishing God’s property of the earth’s ecosystem and genetically screws up His original garden, which was established with billions of plants and animals to the point that even the occupant is now in danger of becoming extinct, it will have cosmic consequences. Guaranteed!

Investigating Noah’s time, or Sodom and Gomorrah, should give us an idea of why God has been adjusting His creation in such a drastic way, which is prophesied to last for another 1000 years. Ask any medical surgeon, who upon seeing a larger life-threatening cancerous growth will quickly use the knife to save life.

God is no different and must save a generation of atheistic mankind from utterly cancerous ruin and cut off the cancer once more, just like He did with the Atlantis civilization, which perished because they became totally evil in technology that was in the process of exterminating and genetically modifying all life on earth. Noah’s boat was God’s solution so that Satan could not boast that he was superior, forcing God to recreate what was genetically screwed up and obligated to follow Satan’s path leading toward extinction. Instead, God gave a gift to future mankind to eat food and domestic animals that was still original since Adam’s time.

However, again mankind is in rebellion, genetically modifying what God has strictly forbidden. We are in gross violation of His covenant that He made with Noah’s descendants. If you are interested in our latest status in science technology, keep reading Part #4 of this book describing Satan’s latest technology challenging Elohim once more.

Our present global culture is totally ignorant and comatose, lulled in by unscientific fairy tales which were started a hundred years ago. Atheistic philosophy and the Christian religion, two opposing polarities, nevertheless, it has formed Western Civilization.

Like the duality in nature, which is explained in physics and the metaphysics; all is polarized by two entropy laws similar to the two thermodynamic laws of entropy. It is rationalized and contrasted like mortal-immortality, finite-infinite; the various mixture of left-right wing politics and metaphysical concepts dealing with religion and philosophy. It all started out and is linked to “good and evil”, since Adam and Eve, which is continued to our present times to be wrestled with.

However, a big global change started about a hundred years ago and directed our Western civilization onto a destructive path that was initiated by German philosophers Hegel and Marx, which fundamentally was different for 4000 years.

It created a gigantic conflict with the Creator, Who knew in advance, just like when a flywheel runs out of energy; a future time can be determined where mankind will totally become evil and needed correction once more, just like an Atlantis civilization that changed God’s eternal creation laws. It started with lies and wrong thinking, rejecting God’s 6000-year-old oracles.

The fundamental basis for our existence is governed by what is good, but when we no longer know what is evil, it will end a civilization for sure. Reading this booklet will remind us of history, which we should learn from, when repeated, will reveal why God must interfere with mankind again.

Notice a primary divide that Hegel postulated and was expanded later by Huxley, describing a new civilization emerging if those evil philosophies are implemented in our society such as Huxley described which seemed far out, yet now have become a reality in our days. And that my dear reader is why we will have an Apocalypse, which is now dated 2008-2015, as only God the Creator can save mankind again.

I am not that good in writing books and expressing fanciful concepts, but simply said for the first time in our civilization “evil and good” is merged into a “third point concept” to govern life on this planet, which will be enforced by a global One-World government belief system.

Thousand year old laws either in physics or the metaphysics, is now relegated to reflect the third point perspective. Politics and major world religion like Christianity and Islam will be unified in that third-point concept and enforced with no other option. Christianity, resisting being reformed, will be severely persecuted and rounded up in concentration camps like Hitler did with the Jews.

The third point concept where evil is no longer distinguished by good, tries to change the ancient conflict of mankind, and is determined to brainwash its future generation that evil and good is relative and subject to new scientific interpretation, which is linked to a politically correct world view. It becomes the global unifying regulation enforced by military, judicial and religious authorities in a New World Order without God’s oracles. It is Satan’s final rebellion to blind mankind for total destruction, forcing God’s hand once more, as he tries to prove his superior power coequal with the Creator.

The third point is morphed when evil merges with good. It no longer will be seen as different or opposite. It is now applied globally in our Western modern world culture, which will oppress any individual who is still thinking with old-fashioned logic, in an effort to erase any residue of our past civilization by rewriting and falsifying history, which is already done in America’s education system.

For an example, check out China, where the original Marxist-socialist-communist killed millions of people for an idea which now embraces capitalism with many millionaires. Communist Russians are the same, killing millions under Stalin, and now are adopting capitalism, but it is mixed with a third point Marxist-socialism powerbase, which is controlled by a polarized extreme wealthy class of a few individuals and is linked to political bureaucratic supremacy, oppressing the underprivileged masses who are mired in poverty, and ultimately destroying the middle class which is the backbone of a nation.

America, originally a Christian nation, merged with atheistic philosophies, putting aside truth while dovetailing into a third point belief system and believed the Bible cannot be literal, thereby replacing it with what is popular and feels good. They denigrated God to a Santa Claus figure. They have forgotten what made this America so special as to be a symbol of hope, a beacon for the world, but it is no longer shining. The 78% majority believing in a Creator started with a biblical Constitution, an experiment for creating freedom from government oppression.

It is now exchanged by a 1.7% minority atheistic Supreme Court and their demented lawyers and politicians, believing Hegel’s-Marx atheistic third point philosophies. Again like Hitler, Stalin and China’s leaders, have killed billions of people in so many wars in the last century. America, not to be outdone, has murdered 50 million babies controlled by a third point philosophy that does not know the difference between what is evil and good.

Check out the fertility laws based on physics: for any culture will irreversibly perish if it falls below the 1.8 ratio. America has 1.3 and will doom its Christian heritage in just a few years, as it is predestined by the laws of physics.

The Christian majority should have been the salt in society and fight for the freedom to hold on to their precious Constitution, which is lost forever for the next generation, as it is now superseded by atheistic judges and 10 presidential FEMA security degrees. They sold their birthright for a bowl of lentil soup, being tasteless salt and lost the rights to voice what was guarantied for two hundred years by the Constitution of America.

The 21st century civilization will be forced and driven like mindless cattle. This is linked to prophecy in Revelation, which is all to end in a global New World Order and will compel everybody to vote for corrupted atheists, senators, presidents, board of supervisors or school board to govern a nation following Hegel’s-Marx philosophies, which globally will enforce new laws by a third point philosophy, mixing good and evil for the next generation who will not know the difference.

Society finally will arrive at the point where they can no longer delineate that which is good and wholesome for a society; a society that has been living for hundreds of years under a Bible-controlled Constitution that has resulted in the highest living standard ever enjoyed in history and envied by the whole world. That is gone forever and is no more continued for our grandchildren.

Thousand year old established family values and tradition is forced to merge with a gay-homosexual lifestyle, which is forbidden in the Bible but is now the law of the country and is being taught to our children, even below the age of puberty down to kindergarten age, to make sure that a child grows up without knowing the difference of gender. All based on a third point worldview enforced to the next generation of grandchildren.

What is the result? Look around, it gives birth to corporate executives and bankers who are corrupted to the core and who are brazenly stealing billions in bonuses from the investors without any consciousness; doing much wrong and who are even rewarded for their crimes by the government with bonuses in the billions; a government who is just printing money from thin air, as everything has been relegated being relative, destroying everybody’s retirement, with the rest of the middle class unemployed.

In science the same third point exists, as true physics is replaced with evolution fairy tales that are no longer conforming to entropy laws but are replaced by opinions, without the three-witness requirement. Seemingly, it does not matter anymore, as all must now conform to the atheistic third point viewpoint controlled by handouts of grants from the government, which is masterminded by global business cartels and linked to the military establishment, which is all based on a third point philosophy. It will cause much extinction as our environment is collapsing and in danger of totally disappearing, unless God rescues His creation again in order for mankind to continue.

Please check the evidence trail in 6 Babushka egg concept books that are free on the Internet in order to educate you from a 360° perspective, which is not permitted in open forum. Our civilization has gone in the wrong direction and will incur God’s wrath once more, guaranteed! In this Forum Pearl, much Bible truth is revealed along with scientific facts and will expose new concepts of how the cosmos is fuelled from the metaphysical projection, how it got started and why we are born mortal but have an embedded eternal ∞ spirit in us. What a paradox!

My third Babushka concept book describes a number of ancient clock calculators exhibited in various museums that were unknown to science, but are now deciphered and which raised an interesting question. Since a previous, ancient moving wobble of our earth’s axis indicated that one day-night cycle in antiquity may not be 24 hours long  I asked, "What is the Time Dimension” really?

This new Babushka book will discuss the nature of time starting with the smallest atomic particles. My version from the metaphysical perspective is described in the sixth Babushka book called, A DONUT ATOM NUCLEAR STORY. Principles in atomic structure and force operations scale up to galaxies following physical laws that define the cosmos, so this book is an immediate sequel to the new atom model as time is a major factor, forming mass.

Looking from the metaphysical perspective, it surprised me that the Bible has a logical answer regarding what a Time Dimension is. It is linked to the speed of light in a wholesome new theory, which gets better as more scientific witnesses keep showing up.

A changing speed of light has become a hot button and should be investigated more closely, as I uncovered a number of witness discoveries, outlined with my interpretation, which is not allowed in open forum. For obvious reasons it turned into a rebuttal by simply applying the logic that the tenets of the atheistic evolution religion is not based upon science and only gets worse when linked to a Time Dimension, as they are not conforming to the laws of physics, but rather are denying the Thermodynamic Entropy Laws.

Therefore, the origin of the evolution model of mankind assumed to be 13.7 billion years called the Big Bang opinion is pure speculation, which is not possible from the scientific perspective. It mostly will end deeper into a Schlimazel imprisoned by a comatose brain-dead mindset that no longer questions why life is only found on earth or if it is worth defending it for our grandchildren?

Investigating metaphysical science is like the passengers of the Titanic, including the captain, who refused to acknowledge physics because they believed in an unsinkable boat religion, but a gaping hole, according to Newton, has consequences. Likewise, the relatives of Noah did not believe the old man’s story that an asteroid was heading their way that had consequences too. The names of Noah’s relatives are not recorded; therefore, they perished in the Atlantis civilization with millions on 5 February 2287 BC. God’s Wrath was poured out over a corrupt, totally evil, hi-tech society. Electricity was known in that early in antiquity, which will surprise most.

The prophesied Apocalypse - God’s Wrath - is no longer futuristic. It has started. Check out the Babushka egg concept books or just keep watching our daily TV NEWS about global destruction and corruption in high places.

This should force us to reexamine the many opinions postulated by atheistic brain-dead experts who mostly dress up their convictions with unproven speculation and call it science. Yet basically, such science is clothed in a web of lies printed in our schoolbooks. Our civilization has lost its moral compass; therefore, we cannot recognize the science embedded in the 6,000-year old history of mankind, the Bible, as documented by 40 brilliant ancient professionals demonstrating a much higher IQ as judged by what was written thousands of years ago.

Our scientists tell us now that we only use 5% of our brain’s capacity, which consequently should be linked to a lower IQ. No wonder they are painting evolutionary monkey pictures on every science museum wall, trying to convince our children where humans stopped evolving. I am rather persuaded to believe that our school system degenerated to a monkey intelligence level, as logic is no longer allowed when you get the urge to paint a monkey theory without evidence.

Our politicized hi-tech society suppresses new theories, philosophies or discoveries in science. If not first sanctioned by the establishment, they are strictly forbidden in every university forum. That is going back full circle in time, to what Galileo experienced and must consequently pass the inquisition of an atheistic “third point political correctness worldview filter” first, in order to be acceptable or qualify for another grant. The price for an enforced conformity in our schools is very high, and it destroys the skill level losing the ability of thinking logically, which is needed for scientific inquiry.

What follows is similar driving into a dark railroad tunnel that leads blindly and unavoidably, proving Newton’s action-reaction laws to witnesses globally now the massive destruction of our environment which is causing enormous extinction, and as a consequence will cause our civilization to end too, as they no longer care anymore for our next generation’s grandchildren.

Even our food is genetically assaulted by altering embedded intelligence within the cell level, thus destroying every original seed. Therefore, it no longer procreates its species and is headed for extinction. On the other end of that equation, watch God the Creator, Who has been denied His right of His existence. Will He continue to give us free energy fuel to live a little longer, having become atheistic and so evil, just like the Atlantis civilization, destroying His creation once more?

Globally, the world system is racing toward total atheism grounded in a third point evolution theory now enforced in every school. It is not based on science for it is denying entropy laws and is even at odds with Newton’s laws. They have forgotten how to think logically as mankind is corralled into a small circle (Chet) like comatose cattle shipped for slaughter forced to comply; to be escorted along an atheistic, politically correct mindset leading toward the total destruction of mankind on this earth. The consequence of atheistic, biased wrong thinking is obviously seeing the destruction of our environment.

For example, brain-dead high technologies, linked to greed and political corruption, have accelerated out of control as demonstrated in the Gulf of Mexico. Our civilization is massively destroying interdependent ecosystems of marine, bird and mammal life, which has already been grossly damaged for decades across large areas on this globe. Much of life will permanently disappear in over-fished oceans when the floating oil, altered by stupid scientists, is made worse and sprayed with dissolving chemicals that are changing the crude oil into a sludge-glue which is now floating submerged toward the equator and circling around wider oceans, destroying more life.

The oil problem could have been solved within 24 hours. All that we needed to do was to weld ½ inch thick steel plates together in a 80 ft. hollow pyramid, like an open bell with a round chimney on top and added to the existing pipes that would be linked to a ship, and pump oil and water that is separated by a centrifuge.

That pyramid cover would concentrate and collect the oil, continually sucking it into the boat until it runs out of pressure. It works the same way as my fireplace at home. The inside of a fireplace is structured like a pyramid, a perfect shape to cause updraft for the smoke and excess heat. I tried to pass on this information to the major TV media outlet but was rebuffed with total apathy. They were not interested in passing on that information to CEO Tony Hayward of BP Oil Company and willfully ignored it. They make money with news and solving a problem for humanity is counter-productive, when your minds are programmed on the third point Hegel-Marx philosophy.

Add that to the New York corruption scandal with many banking and insurance CEO’s siphoning billions in bonuses which wiped out most retirement accounts, along with the housing stock market collapsing, which triggered a global recession of many nations and shall be accelerating shortly toward Armageddon, now dated from ancient clocks.
Notice the four apocalyptic riders on horses in Revelation have left the barn. If you really want to know why, keep reading. Part 4 will shock you and needs a strong stomach, since it is describing the latest high-technology designed to totally destroy all life on earth, which only evil deranged scientists could have invented.

Why is Mankind bent on destroying all life on our earth in the next five years? We will consequently meet the Creator Elohim once more at Armageddon (just like in Noah’s time 2288 BC) and will appear with signs in the sky, sun exploding heating up the environment, asteroids and horrendous earthquakes lasting 7 days, in order to save His planet with an Apocalypse.

All the details are prophesied and now even dated 2008-2015 by ancient clocks, matching the Hebrew Alphabet Number System code. God the Elohim will not allow an immoral, atheistic, sick society like the Atlantis civilization, which was totally evil, to destroy what He created. The answer will be the same because an asteroid is already in orbit. It has been published on the front page of various magazines in 2006 but now forgotten.

Asteroid EntryNotice the Apocalypse has started because you may not be around after the asteroid already projected and presently making an 825-day orbit in space around the sun. That will be ending God’s Wrath 17 September 2015, according to Bible prophecy and science, which is now dated.

Check out a number of witnesses that are linked to ancient clocks that have been deciphered with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS). Bible prophecy outlined 1000 more years for the earth to continue for the next generation, but without atheists, corrupted governments and cheating, lying scientists hiding in prominent universities and inventing false global warming data for another grant; or check out Noah’s story which Jesus mentioned and compare it to Revelation.

In this book, much Bible truth is revealed and is based upon scientific facts, as no literature exists to explain how the cosmos is fuelled either from physics or metaphysical projection, how it got started from NOTHING and why we are born mortal, but have an embedded eternal ∞ spirit in us; a paradox that is explained.

In these pages, we will focus on what a Time Dimension is because it is linked to our mortality which has a beginning and end. Why do we see two birth dates on every tombstone inside the range of a 7000-year Hebrew calendar that is individualized and similar to Fraunhofer spectral lines, which is embedded within the range of 7 colors of the rainbow?

Individual elements are categorized and have a name within the range of visible spectrum of light. All is intertwined and linked to consequences based on metaphysics, which is never preached in church and is not allowed in the halls of higher learning.

Is the cosmos structured by random chance or design? Learn and find out why you and I exist with a name recorded in the metaphysical Heh Dimension, which is linked to a Time Dimension with a date embossed on our grave. It is only a small speck in the vast universe, but very precious to God as He decided to become mortal too to save us for eternity, but needs our approval.

Read what I have discovered and have shared freely. Many new scientific discoveries will be mentioned that you will have never heard about, such as ancient bronze & gold clocks exhibited in many museums and are now deciphered. They have consequences in Global Warming, which is a hot button for the establishment. It is connected with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), which would educate theologians so they could hear the music on the other side of a stuck record groove.

The Apocalypse is now dated with detailed events that align with many science witnesses and is linked to Bible prophecy. You can check it out, provided you still can think logically, and hopefully not biased by fairy tales.

Check your education level in science with just a little fun test. My grandchildren like it; if a frog is kissed by a beautiful maiden, will he turn into a handsome prince? Can a monkey painted on most science museums evolve to become president of the USA? If your answer is “not possible”, then congratulations! Two Thermodynamic entropy laws still apply to physics.

Have fun getting exposed to the Time Dimension! It will open many doors of understanding.

World Cuckoo Clock

God’s Plan represented in a Hebrew clock across eons of time.

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