Preface - Dear Tim...


This Preface has been taken from a real letter from the author to an atheist/agnostic acquaintance who is professionally employed as a scientist.


Dear Tim,

Last night we talked a lot, and I always learn something new from you. As you know, I am a hard-boiled Christian - a little rough on the edges, and you are the opposite polarity - a dedicated atheist scientist who stands his ground. For some reason, I really like you, and perhaps it is something selfish in me to want you as a friend after we have departed from this earth and gathered on the other side. 

God gave us plenty illustrations of what it will be like on the other side. It is very similar to nature we can observe because we have a very complex mind, which is the control center of our being. God said in his word, ”Let us make mankind in our image”; therefore, your and my minds function like divine ∞ mind replicated but on a lower finite scale. If you believe it or not, it makes no difference.

In our previous conversation you responded from your perspective in detail on science, life and religion. I like your precise use of words, and I am a little jealous of your ability. I missed out going to school, as I had to survive the Russian occupation of East Germany after the Nazi government fell. Living behind the iron curtain I nearly starved to death, so survival was more important.

But now in my old age, I have learned about science from my life as a successful inventor who made many billionaires. In rubbing shoulders with professional people I learned a great deal. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to write seven Babushka egg concept books in English. In them I share what I learned on the street making them available for free on the Internet.

Combining physics with metaphysics is not often in science circles. Like Galileo, it seems to make theologians upset because my ideas are in conflict with established beliefs, although some people seem to have some praise for my efforts.

Most scientists do not agree with the way I think either because I take an unconventional approach to scientific problems. My inner talents as an inventor made me acceptable to the millionaires’ club. In my work I was surrounded by many PhDs who believed in evolution fairy tales, which caused them to lose the skill of thinking logically. Being a Christian by God’s grace prevented my thinking mind from becoming darkened to an atheistic mindset that is brainwashed to a third-point politically correct worldview. 

Many scientists are offended when they read an opinion that clashes with a monkey story painted on science museum walls to explain mankind’s beginning. So permit me to predict plainly that the evolutionary theory of origins will be deader than a doornail 10 years from now. Today’s new scientific observations are accelerating at a phenomenal speed. These new insights in the latest DNA research in genetic science will make the humanistic fairy tale of macroevolution obsolete.

Nevertheless, it may still be taught in our American school system regardless of scientific discoveries because textbooks still lie a lot and show the pictures of the faked embryological recapitulation theory. Their German author was convicted of this forgery over 100 years ago, but it is still taught in our schools.

History amply teaches that those who do not bother to remember history will repeat it to the detriment of the next generation. Today’s students are no longer taught how to think logically anymore and therefore become ignorant and easy targets that are regularly exploited by the many political agendas based on financial gain. About 2,000 years ago a Roman governor asked Jesus, “What is Truth?” His question is still not answered by our hi-tech society.

To sum up your philosophy as an educated scientist, it still boils down to only accepting answers to scientific dilemmas from within a closed system of data analysis when many observable facts defy such pat answers given and hint that the full answers lie somewhere outside the test tube. My contention is that some scientific problems can be resolved to solid hypothesis upon validation on a basis of faith until the Teth Age of Jesus’ future 1,000-year reign on earth comes when new avenues of testing and validation will become available to human beings. It is this aspect of my work that is taboo for science.

Remember, I believe that, when we deal with faith, it is still necessary to apply scientifically proven methods to find unknown answers. This is an essential step in testing the underlining purpose and claims made by a religion. Thus, biblical faith should not be treated differently even though I separate biblical faith from religion because most religions do not base their beliefs on a systems understanding of the full Bible – even if they call themselves “Christian.” That is, biblical faith should not be evaluated outside of our natural world and denigrated to being something inferior to science. It should not be classified as fanciful philosophy or “religious” - meaning it has no intellectual legitimacy because it is irrelevant.

Accordingly, I have come to conclude that biblical faith and science belong together like two separate rails still connected to a balanced railroad system, which than have purpose and become useful on our journey in life.

However, humans have an inhered problem that the Bible calls a “sinful nature,” which is many times contrary to common sense. For example, one can lead a camel to water, but you cannot make him drink. The Bible talks about willful rebellion against God so that many who have accumulated knowledge also selectively reject what is uncomfortable or disagreeable to them. This attitude leads only to unproductive discussions that waste time.

Most people are not interested in discovering truths that humble their egos and force them to change how they live or what they believe. The selective acceptance of discoveries leads to scientific confusion and false premises. Many scientists will not risk their jobs by voicing their own opinion when it conflicts with the established institutional opinions of those who control their salaries.

When I use the term brainwashed, I mean that educated individuals are unable to follow the logic presented in the Bible because it requires God’s Spirit to translate it. Denying that spirit exists carries with it the consequence of being permanently outside the truth discovery trail.

Science, on the other hand, cannot answer so many of life’s important questions because of the inherently sinful program of the human being. A computer will not work satisfactorily with an imbedded virus.

The explanation for sin is that simple. Removing the virus called sin to fix the program can only be found in the Bible. People who recognize their spiritual bankruptcy have only one way to become free. That is why Jesus said, “Come to me, you who are heavy laden, and I will give you peace.” It works for thousands and many are true scientists, too.

Speaking of prophecy, I noticed that you avoided this subject in our last discussion. Allow me to make another analogy. I just collected some late harvest leftover grapes from my vineyard and got out my old German steam juicer from the barn. I bought it 40 years ago from the Sears catalog when I remembered how my grandmother used to bottle various fruit juices in harvest time for the coming winter.

While I was setting up this contraption and washing the bottles, a bottle with the bowl to catch the juice overflow fell off its little stool. It hit my stone floor and broke into pieces, demonstrating a physical law that a less dense or weaker media impacting a harder media, involving enough gravitational force, will loose every time. I had a thousand glass pieces on the floor at a crucial time when I needed to empty the pot full of boiling juice into bottles.

I recognized that there are many physical laws that can be demonstrated like my broken glass example above. These are commonly acceptable because they follow a predictable sequence of cause and effect.
So referring back to our previous discussion, the only true biblical religion was preserved by Jewish people and passed on through hundreds of generations until the destruction of the Temple in AD 70.

That ancient faith is imbedded with fundamental laws for humanity from the Creator. They can also be tested in order to give them a status equal to the physical laws confirmable within the closed system of the material dimension. Taking approaches similar to my own to faith should then establish a basis that even an educated skeptic can recognize as authentic and not speculation, fiction or imagination. Nor is it the product of some clever guru or deceptive TV evangelist.

Prophecy, therefore, is proof for the agnostic because it behaves the same way as physical laws we can test. We humans are always using knowledge to our advantage. But no matter how much our imagination works overtime, we still need proof if you want to compare your conclusions to the immutable, often hidden laws of the universe.

So allow me another example to attempt to remove what strikes me as being spiritual blindness. Yes, Tim, from my vantage point I find you very educated but blind. This is not an insult. It is the natural state of human beings from birth. As friends, we may need each other eventually to face some life situation or another, as we are both mortal. If I failed to warn you and let you go to a place of terror, then I would be bothered eternally.

In that spirit, please let me give you a scientific reason for your evaluation - to agree or disagree with me about life’s most important question. It will haunt you to your last breath on earth; believe me. I would like you to evaluate honestly and look at it from a historical perspective and only just one example, “Jesus.”

At today’s count, about four billion people (Christians, Jews, Moslems and many others) have no trouble believing that He lived, being born in Bethlehem, a little sheep village of no consequence within the mighty Roman Empire. Please examine the evidence, and evaluate its claims. My book on the Internet gives you a full page of collected prophecies from the Bible and the dates of their fulfillment.

Recognize a fact that there are more than 200 direct incidences predicted from dozens of different people from across the education spectrum, which lived in different countries and separated by hundreds of years in time. Yet, they all come together in one person at one point of history!

This is mind-boggling. If one does not want to believe in revealed spiritual knowledge and only wanted to accept what came from an evolved brain of some lower order of animal brain through some anthropoid life form to end up with people capable of going to the moon and outer limits of space. Then maybe we can find and discover God when we get there.

Since I do not want to wait that long, I stick to facts as recorded by some very special, spiritually gifted people in history with a much higher IQ who proclaimed and became eyewitnesses that God came and visited them. Check out what they wrote without a tape recorder impossible to duplicate today.

In our legal system, we need only two witnesses to establish truth, but in the Bible we have hundreds. It should therefore not prevent us using scientific methods of evaluation to checkout its accuracy that those testimonials proclaimed over a time span exceeding 1,600 years. It comes down to willful denial of historic facts or rejection of a person who said that He is the creator of the universe and King of kings. The learned establishment and Hebrew government of its time were grossly offended at His claims, being ignorant of the very scripture they proclaimed to know. Remember, the men in the Sanhedrin were very educated, but most of them willfully denied everything when Jesus pointed out their inconsistency of the law.

Jesus eventually got crucified for what He claimed to be. He even predicted many events of His own death and many episodes surrounding it, which where literally fulfilled when He and His disciples could do nothing about those prophecies. Many eyewitnesses recorded that He demonstrated to have power over life by resurrecting some people, healing hundreds of incurable diseases, feeding thousands, telling the storm to quit, and driving out demons.

There were almost endless miracles performed in the presence of hundreds of eyewitnesses, which is consistent when one proclaims that He is the invisible God that Moses talked to and proclaimed. Jesus was God made visible in the flesh born like a man for a purpose. However, our 21st century educated mindset cannot accept ancient writings. Our social bias would rather disqualify Jesus as a non-person who has never existed so that we metaphorically burry our heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich. Thus, the proclamation of His historical resurrection is not relevant to our modern civilization.

Before His crucifixion, Jesus said that He would rise again. His resurrected being was witnessed by over 500 people, which cannot be denied. About one third of the Jewish population believed His claim to be the Son of God in the decades just prior to the Temple’s destruction. Again, we are confronted with why He allowed himself to be treated so barbarously as the prophet said, “…led like a lamb for slaughter.”

Studying everything connected with His claims and Bible prophecy became my quest, and the result anyone can read on the Internet for free or buy the book virtually at cost as the publisher needs some profit to exist.

The reason why God rejected Israel’s prerogative to be the only timekeeper and custodian of God’s oracles the Torah can easily be followed in history. The scriptures also give us the reasons many Jewish people rejected their Messiah.

Originally, God had given to Moses and many other prophets’ blessings and curses that expanded upon His covenant given to Abraham. If Israel would reject its terms and violate His covenant, then consequences would follow according to prophecy. According to history, those prophecies were fulfilled and God scattered the Israelites from their country. Though Jews wrote the New Testament, it has been Gentiles who have preserved it. So Bibles in hundreds of languages are now printed by Gentiles, a business the Jews should have had.

We as Gentiles have difficulty relating our modern time to historical facts belonging to the Jewish people. Western civilization developed its own separate ways distinct from what was once Jewish. That separation was later developed to include scientific endeavor.

In the 20th century any faith in God has been treated as unscientific, which ultimately lead to the unscientific theories taught as fact, which must than be enforced by a legal oppressive system. One of the historical consequences of denying the Bible as God’s authoritative Word has been a century of increasing violence and bloodshed – including the scientifically planned annihilation of the Jewish people as being evolutionary defects, subhuman in comparison to the more highly evolved Arians. This most negative fruit of evolutionary thinking is something that I suffered through personally. I saw it firsthand, and I personally experienced what it did to thousands of people.

My friend, what happened in the 30s and 40s had nothing to do with the religious faith explained in the Bible even though many churches said nothing or cooperated with the Nazis. Many Christians continue to deny biblical truths today. They no longer permit the presentation of facts in open forum in the very educational institutions Christianity established.

A matter of fact, a PhD degree was originally only given in theology. Today these universities have become secular institutions with outcomes completely opposite to their founding constitutions. They confer degrees based on the rejection or acceptance of history in alignment to an atheistic philosophy. Hence, society recognizes individuals with a higher degree when they embrace a knowledge founded on the systematic denial of truth. It is a rerun of blind people leading the blind as Jesus noted 2,000 years ago.

Nothing has changed in the human race. Even Christianity has succumbed to the pressures of our modern atheistic education system. It has lost it bearings as prophesied. God is so fed up with this that He pronounces, “I will spit you out” in a coming judgment announced by many ancient scripture references.
History testifies to many brilliantly educated people who were dead wrong to insist that there are no answers to the many questions about life and death that people have. Why are we here on this planet? Does life make any sense? Is it only an accident that we exist?

For most there is no hope, no purpose in a world full of rationally design features indicating to the contrary. How is it that the earth is the only place in the vast universe where life is possible, for example? Our planet is designed as a total, integrated system to support diverse forms of interdependent biological life. Which piece of it came first?

Knowledge today continues to accelerate exponentially. For many it is the opportunity to become more educated than ever possible beforehand in history. Just look at the discoveries in genetics and notice the specific affinity or interrelationship of elements to combine or reject each other as complex imbedded structures well balanced in a system. Alternatively, we observe the human immune system: it activates only when it recognizes a foreign intruder.

Thousands of imprints are stored in the memory banks of our bodies, but they must instantly be available and reproduced to counter life-threatening intrusions. Complex interacting chemical formulas, sequentially pre-recorded to be instantaneously assembled and activated in multiple or in parallel responses to neutralize a foreign invader at a thousand times per second.

Our atheistic scientists have stupidly spliced out the policeman checking the cell library to reject foreign genes. Bad science has opened the door for deadly Salmonella and E-coli bacteria to enter unhindered in every modified cell structure. Important protection information vital for procreation is now missing. The net result is genetically destroying our food because all seeds are affected becoming weakened or corrupted to extinction guaranteed in the next generation according to the law of physics.

Next, let us look at human blood. If for some reason, like an injury, it is found outside the thin membrane we call skin, it must solidify immediately to seal a wound, but inside the skin, it must be very fluid. Just the slightest coagulated particle, only a micro-millimeter in size, could obstruct a vessel in our brains causing life-threatening reactions followed by death.

Life has ended just because of a tiny mistake in the railroad system: one train out of thousands being directed the wrong way. How does the circulatory system keep its delicate balance perfect, in my case for 78 years my heart still pumping millions of time never missed beat? A machine like that cannot be duplicated using biotechnology.

On top of that, there are thousands of other biological functions that must function properly, simultaneously alongside it. All must have worked in harmony in order to pass on the complex genetic imprint for thousands of years so that I may live in this time and this place.

It takes a great leap of faith in science to answer these many questions. No wonder many scientists imitate what so many theologians, like popes, have done all along: through the power of their earthly position, they turn fallible human opinions into doctrines elevated to laws to make money regardless of truth. 
The wisdom of the Bible is a collection of thousands of years of experience recorded by 40 professional people across the total human spectrum dealing with life problems we commonly share even today in our modern world. The prophesied biblical Apocalypse will usher in a correction to the course of our human civilization.

God must save us from destroying our planet due to our greed corrupting everything as a generation of total evil causing massive extinctions. It is not just the threats of war, but He must stop us from creating ever more venomous chemical poisons, genetically modified plants, animals or viruses and otherwise creating havoc in the environment. Humanity has violated the Creation covenant contract originally given to us by God to be the caretakers. All around us the planet’s ecology is in flux with many animal and plant species becoming extinct in this generation will no longer be around for the next generation grandchildren. That could end all life on earth forever. 

A loving Creator will not stand idly by to have Satan win and destroy what He created, which must still last another thousand years according to prophecy. Bible prophecy provides a scientific opportunity to prove that God is divine and that He has spoken. His pronouncements become law. They apply evenly without discrimination, exactly like a clock, unchallengeable absolute, immutable, consistent and predict-table as nature amply teaches us.

To discover that truth makes one a true scientist. It enables you to understand a factually balanced railroad system. For me it is the ultimate satisfaction to discover and learn more. It needs no recognition from my peers, or a PhD, because God is the last judge. He will say the last word to those who graduated from life’s journey, and hopefully I will hear the highest compliment a mortal can achieve, “Well done!”

An unbalanced monorail theologian or monorail scientist can never deliver a balanced viewpoint, in my opinion, because he or she is like a blind person who can never see a butterfly’s color and observe its dance in a beautiful meadow.

Check out my book and discover the mystery now revealed when, where, and why an Apocalypse will be on us soon. Just search Apocalypse Prophesied. You will find a never before preached plan for humanity. Hope you will have a change of heart.

Observing nature verifies many invisible principles in our world that cannot be measured with instruments: like, what is life, our mind? What is electricity, electro-magnetism, the Strong force and Weak force?

No theory yet exists to explain it as a whole story, but observing nature, we could postulate what the invisible nature could be on the other side: like a butterfly morphed from a caterpillar or a seed became a tree but must die first. Applied to us, God’s Word, the Bible, tells us in many places it will be the same.

One more principle you cannot get around. Newton defined it, and a child understands it. I refer to a light switch connected to electricity.  Our mind has a certain capacity like a control center room linked to a light switch. A computer is either turned “on” or “off”. When the switch is “off”, everything is dark. The computer intelligence is silenced and nothing can be seen inside the room. Nothing - a little kid can verify it.

Nothing, no kidding. It is like before the first Big Bang.  The light being “on” is an analog to entering an ancient Egyptian pharaoh's tomb for the first time and being shocked to witness an ancient culture and so many artifacts all connected with a person who lived 4,000 years ago. That discovery will make no sense to describe it to anyone outside the tomb. Now that the lights are on, many are not even interested that people lived on this earth 6,000 years ago leaving a record to tell us what was it like in their time.  Similarly, “educated” people laugh about Adam and Eve to hide their ignorance.

But understanding who is God, the after-life and many other concepts is impossible for an atheist because of an invisible force mortals have no control over.  The switch for light to be “on” or “off” is controlled by God, and I can understand why. He said in his word, that if we “deny” his existence as a person, then he will turn off the switch and we become an animal without understanding - just living day by day until death takes over with only so much limited awareness to feel around in a dark environment.

It is therefore impossible to tell even a friend what is there to see when the lights are on. Tim, think about that, as you have some understanding about physics, but the metaphysics can only be recognized with the lights “on”. Your mind was designed to be an image of God’s because God wanted someone to love, be surrounded with, have fun and can trust.

It required something that was not cheap, but was essential. We understand good and evil as Satan and his friends previously rebelled. We became the replacement, another being not cloned like the angels, but born again like a caterpillar-butterfly.

This means we needed first to be acquainted with evil and good so as to graduate from Satan’s school. Since we have choices, some will live in God’s house and have no trouble obeying his house rules, but others want out - would rather be dead. God is a gentleman and gives us what we want. The proof of the light switch is found in many verses, here is one for you, if you can stand what was recorded 2,000 years ago.

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of those who by their wickedness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.

Ever since the creation of the world his eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things he has made. So they are without excuse;

for though they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their senseless minds were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools. (Romans 1:18-23, NRSV)

When the lights are “OFF”, notice the mind becomes “senseless”, “darkened” and wise “became fools” rejecting eternal life freely offered. Tim, false religion burned you in your younger days. Today, brainwashed by atheism, you have stopped from further investigating the mysteries of life. There is still time to understand why we are here on this planet - the only place where life exists.  

This 7th Babushka egg concept book will teach how the Time Dimension is embedded inside an atom as a sequel to A Donut Atom Nuclear Story, the 6th Babushka book. 

Your friend,

God’s Wrath – 17 September 2015

False religion can be “Christian” in name, too.

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